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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 2 Meet again

Shattered by the loud voice, the dregs of closed corridor was almost falling off to the ground. The unlock king’s ears were still buzzing when an old lady tramped down the stairs. She was running to the "Scene" while wearing a red armband on her arm.

The only remaining doubt was also suppressed by this indisputable righteousness. After Aunt Li repeatedly explained that Xu Wang was indeed a promising young man living here, the unlock king took out a tin bar and stabbed it into the lock hole. Click, the lock was open and the speed made Xu Wang wonder if he didn't lock the door at all.

He entered the house quickly, closed the door efficiently, wore the T-shirt very fast, then opened the door calmly and paid the money.

Finally, he sat down on the sofa in the living room, and the sun was already high in the sky. 

Xu Wang first called the company to ask for leave, then took the mobile phone, key, wallet and medical insurance card to the hospital to see the doctor. Till the time when the doctor asked him how he was injured, he was still very confused.

He forgot what he answered the doctor. Anyway, it couldn’t be the version that "a promising young man was slapped on the shoulder by a bear saying hi in the Third Ring Road of the capital", which was an insult to  the doctor's IQ.

It was at noon when he came back from the hospital. Sitting on the sofa of the rooming house again, Xu Wang could finally clear his head and combed that all happened.

He came home from work and went to bed when the time was up. At midnight. He had a dream. He dreamed of the snowy forest and his first love in high school or just he had a crush on her. He expressed his true feelings to her ten years later and has completed the intimate behaviors. Then he was knocked down by a hefty slap of black bear on his shoulder. When he woke up from the dream, he was at the crossroads.

If there was no shoulder injury, we could just use "sleepwalking" to explain where he woke up. But if everything was true, where was Wu Sheng? Where's the bear? What's more, although he was slapped by a bear for the first time, a bear's paw only caused a flesh wound, without any fracture. That’s really ridiculous according to the common sense.?

Xu Wang spent the whole afternoon crashing in the sofa of the living room and kept thinking  about the inconceivable experiences of last night. However, until night fell, the living room without lights fell into the silent darkness and he still didn't figure out why and wherefore come.

Forget it. Stop thinking about it.

Xu Wang shook his head and stood up. As a result, he moved so much that it affected the shoulder wound. Immediately, he did not dare to move again. He came around for a while and carefully went to the bathroom to wash face and brush teeth. Therefore, he could sweep away the dust and haze in washing of the cold water, which was really refreshing.

As bright as sun and moon, we lived in a harmonious society and built a relatively comfortable society. If he had sleepwalking, he went to see the doctor. If there was a bad guy, he called the police. We have the powerful country with democracy and I was patriotic and dedicated. Who could harm me?

With the determination, Xu Wang didn’t feel upset again. He took off shoes and went to bed. Went to sleep with the quilt covering his head. Yes, tomorrow would be a brand new day.  






Well! He wasn’t able to sleep at all.

The shoulder was hurting and there was still on explanation for the strange affair. Unless he was very heartless, he could fall asleep in such conditions.

Turned on the flashlight of mobile phone and looked around the bedroom. Everything was all right. And he lighted himself to check it out:  down jacket, warm pants and sneakers. No problem! Touched his trouser pockets and found that the key and wallet was all there. It's perfect.

Whether it’s sleepwalking or not, he didn’t want to experience it again: after freezing to death and then borrowing Aunt Li's cell phone upstairs to find the unlock king.

[Cluck Cluck]

It sounded like the voice coming out of the ears again. 

As soon as Xu Wang’s body was stiff, the fuzzy memory fragments came back. Last night, before falling into the snow field, he met Wu Sheng, and he also heard the sound! 

At that time, he thought it was the hallucinated voice in the dream, but now he was awake and came around totally, even more refreshing than at work with an unprecedented calmness. It was the song of some kind of bird, which Xu Wang could not describe. He only felt that the sound was very consistent with the night, which flew with the night wind and went through the eardrum of the people with fear. The killing power was increased.

There was not just the song of birds in the memory fragments.

Xu Wang got up immediately. No matter whether he pulled the wound or not, he got out of bed and ran out at the first time.

Xu Wang ran to the living room at a stretch and heard the second sound.

[Cluck Cluck]

Then there was a rustle in the bedroom.

Xu Wang stood two meters away from the bedroom door and stretched his neck to look inside. He saw that the head of the bed was still against the wall, but the bed had become a rectangular quicksand pit covered with halo. There was no figure of mattress and bed sheets, but there was just a stream of quicksand sinking into the pit.

Thanks to the bird’s call made him remember all the vague fragments of last night. Otherwise, now he would go to that horrible place again. Although it's a good thing to meet Wu Sheng, it's all false after all. Wu Sheng went abroad to settle down with his parents eight hundred years ago, but it's absolutely true that he was hurt by a hefty slap of a bear.


When Xu Wang was thankful to get a lucky escape, he felt that there was a force pulling him to the bedroom! In the blink of an eye he was dragged to the bedroom door!

Xu Wang clang to the the door with even greater effort, never letting go of his hold. But the strength is getting stronger and stronger. At last, he was pulled and soars horizontally like a  flag of the shape of a man in the gale!

Seeing that he would be torn into two parts if he kept holding out on it. Xu Wang stopped putting up a fight and let go desperately.

When he was inhaled into the quicksand pit, Xu Wang thought about two things: first, it was so fucking magical that he had to call the police, even if he was regarded as a psychopath! Second, if Wu Sheng was still there, he would find a place where there was no bear to kiss her.

Last time, he fell into that weird place in his deep sleep. Xu Wang felt like falling into the fog from the beginning to the end. When he saw Wu Sheng, he was refreshed and his mind slowly became clear. So before that, how did he come here? How long did he grope blankly and  vaguely in the snow filed? His memory was totally blurred.

But this time he was awoke and clearly experienced the weightlessness of falling from a high altitude, like sitting in the abyss as if falling at an endless speed, making people have a kind of suffocation that the whole body is broken.

I didn’t know how many hours it passed. I had the cold feel on my cheeks. First it was ice, then it was a little bit wet.

Xu Wang was froze for a long time. He then realized that he had landed on the ground face down and headed into the snow.

With a effusion of relief, he felt that his heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney finally returned to their original positions. That was not important whether the posture of crossing the finish line. At least, he was still alive and felt the reassuring gravity of the earth again.

The snow and the skin were shameless enough. He picked himself up and fluttered himself, which make him another decent young man. Xu Wang looked around and stared out at the snow field, the forest sea, the vast sky and mountains. There was no mistake about that it was the place yesterday.

This was a dream?

Even if Xu Wang was willing to believe in it, his ten red fingers couldn’t hide the fact - just now he scratched the door frame too hard and had throbbing pain in his finger belly.

Standing still in the ice and snow was the coldest. Soon Xu Wang's feet were numb. Instantly, he started to walk up. Because he didn't know the direction and where he was going, he just walked on blankly, trying to maintain the heat of his body.

For a timeless time, suddenly a short and clear sound was heard without warning.

Xu Wang was frightened like a twinge in his heart.

It sounded like a bell on the kitchen window of some restaurants. As soon as the dishes come out, the kitchen will pull the button of "ding" to remind the waiter. But soon, he remembered that it was not right. It was different from the strange sounds that seemed to come from the deep part of his eardrum. Was the "ding" just come from his left arm?

Xu Wang stopped at once and checked his arm immediately. How could he know that he had to take a lot of trouble to roll up the sleeves of his impenetrable down jacket. He patted the arm through clothing, as if everything was fine. But he was still uneasy about that. He simply took off half of his coat and left his arm with warm underwear. Finally, he rolled it to his elbow, revealing his whole forearm.

He didn’t know when a diamond-shaped pattern appeared on the forearm, like a light-colored tattoo. In the middle of the pattern was an owl's face, and below it was an owl, which looked like the logo of a smartphone app. 

As a property consultant who has been fighting for years at the sales office of pre-selling flats, a delicate young man who just needed to show the purchasers the sand table to circle the map for them, he almost insulated from the wind and the sun. Xu Wang swore that his arm was white as lotus knuckle before being dragged into quicksand. What's more subtle is that there was a small "1" hanging on the top right of the owl's face.

No youth in the era of smart phones was able to  resisting pointing it.

Absolutely not.

At last, despite he was fearful, nervous and was driven by the great curiosity,he touched the owl's face with his fingertips and the diamond-shaped pattern disappeared instantly. Instead, there was four options - < roster >, < pencil case >, < paper for cheating in exams >, and .

The forearm was the horizontal mobile screen , the icon was App and the option was the system menu - this mode was so cosying up to the community that Xu Wang almost seamlessly connects with it. And it's natural to click the source of new information, < transcript >.

Interface switch, a top message scrolled from left to right: < Su Mingzhan, Tao A’nan, Wei Tianhang, Yue Shuai, hand in the paper on March 23. >

Obviously, the "ding" just now was the incoming message sound.

But what was 3 / 23? What did it mean to hand in the paper?

Below the endless scrolling message are two lists: [Total Grade List] and [Paper Handing Speed List].

Xu Wang wanted to continue pointing. Suddenly, he felt the wind in the back of his head!

He was not the kind of person who fell twice in a pit. Instantly he fell forward and fell into the snow like a dead body!

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds...

"When the bear comes, you must pretend to be dead. When I come, you don't have to do that." There was a voice trying not to laugh over his head. "Last night, all of us were here for the first time and we would be in different degrees of panic. Your behavior was indeed the most bizarre of these panic reactions, but you don't have to feel ashamed to see me."

It's Wu Sheng.

He didn’t need to use eyes. With ears, he could distinguish her voice exactly.

Everything was true, including the bizarre world, Wu Sheng of ten years later, and the stupid confession of my love for her. Right now Xu Wang's only wish was to cave in the cracked slit and the world came to an end.

Of course, such frustrated thoughts only lasted for a moment.

In Xu Wang's dictionary, there was no dead end. Instead, he always survived in the adverse environment. Even if he had lost the first chance, he would set his own pacing and then made everyone follow with his pace and  swayed with him——

"Wu Sheng?!" With the cry of true feelings, Xu Wang jumped up and held his old friend's hands excitedly. His face was full of surprises of long-time reunion. "Is it really you?!"

Wu Sheng's smile was hidden in her eyes, and then slowly she seemed that it was a long story and said: "Are you sure it should be today's lines instead of that of yesterday?"

Xu Wang didn’t respond to her and  maintained in the the emotion. He continued “the journey of winning actor" and said: "Aren't you abroad?"

"Come back to start a business?"

"In Beijing?"

"In Beijing."

Xu Wang was stunned for a few seconds. The joy in his eyes which coming from the good news of "Wu Sheng's return to China"was just gradually replaced with the great doubt. There was no joke in his voice, only a little confusion left: "Well, here, where is it? "

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