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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 1 Snowfield

Xu Wang never thought that he would meet Wu Sheng in his life, even in a dream.

But he met.

In the vast snowfield and forest sea, he was only wearing a pair of shorts, holding his arm and shivering with cold. Not having ordinary talkative and handsome, he met his high school white moonlight under the worst state he would imagine.

Probably in order to match his dream, Wu Sheng also wore a set of pajamas which was not harmonious with the surrounding environment. The long sleeves with flax stripes were stronger than his shirtless in the aspect of cold resistance, but they were just a little bit stronger. His nose was also red with cold, but he was able to stand still and never frown. Except for the removal of the childishness of those year in his facial features, and a few more mature and steady between the eyebrows, the rest is the same as Xu Wang's memory of him, who raised the flag on behalf of the grade, but when the national flag is half raised, the flag line was entangled and stuck, in all sophomoric students' bad laugh, he quickly climbed up the flagpole and untied the line himself, then slid down like Mario, continued to raise the flag as if nothing had happened, and finally became a proud boy.

The most unforgettable thing about this guy was his unshakable NO.1 from senior one to senior three, and the increasingly fronting.

However, Xu Wang liked his fronting and liked to secretly imitate him to climb the flagpole several times, but the result was… Stop, don't recall such unhappy things in such a rare reunion moment.

"Wu Sheng." Xu Wang thought the name that he hadn't called in ten years would be unfamiliar, but it didn't. The name seemed to turn back thousands of times in his heart, and he spoke very smoothly. At that moment, it brought him back to the past time, and a slight warmth appeared in his heart.

The surprise in Wu Sheng's eyes was even greater. When he met him in the ice and snow a moment ago, he was already surprised. Now his name was called. That surprise spread from the bottom of his eyes to the whole face. Even the man who didn't frown when walking in the forest sea and snow plain with striped pajamas, could not organize the complete sentence: "you..."

In three years of high school, Xu Wang never met Wu Sheng got tongue-tie. If he goes back to the past, he can joke about it for a semester. But now, he had no time to laugh at it. His face and heart were full of expectations. His eyes were reluctant to blink and stared at him, hoping to "lure confession": "yes, me..."

"High school..."


"My lower bunk..."


Wu Sheng must have remembered. Because the surprise faded away, the brow gradually extended, and the smile in his eyes was still that boy who was proud in the whole grade, which made people teeth tickle with anger, but also heart itchy with fascinating.

Xu Wang looked at him with unbridled eyes, his mouth grinned and heart burst with joy.

Finally, Wu Sheng took the lead in extending the hand of friendship: "Long time no see, Zhang Wang."

Xu Wang: "..."

Was it illegal to beat people in my dream?

Xu Wang is so angry that his liver aches, he can't relieve the heartache by covering his chest. The other side Wu Sheng is happier, although he conceals it well. But who is Xu Wang? He is the young idiot who lies on the lower bunk and YY Wu Sheng through the bed-plate in his whole second and third year of high school. He can't be more familiar with Wu Sheng's micro-expression.

This guy was definitely intentional. He enjoyed running on me in high school. Of course, I was not a cowardly lion. If you stabbed me, I would return it to you. Although the result of the study was hopeless, the talk had never lost.

I just didn't expect that in my own dream, Wu Sheng, the fictional person by my head, whose character had not been "beautified" at all, nor had he become a little gentle.

Come on, Xu Wang slapped his face twice. Don’t be so greedy. It was rare to have a dream that Wu Sheng still had a familiar formula and flavor that last ten years. It was rare to wear thin in the cold. So giving a warm hug became natural--

"Long time no see!"

Ignoring Wu Sheng’s outstretched hand, Xu Wang pounced on him and hugged him, as if to eliminate all the regrets left by the past in this pounce.

Wu Sheng was caught by surprise and stepped back half a step under the huge impact, then stood still and froze.

Xu Wang, regardless of Wu Sheng's adaptability, rubbed his head on Wu Sheng's chest despite his height of 1.81 meters, sighing: "This dream is worth sleeping to death... "

It began to snow.

Very thin snow, one by one fell to Xu Wang's nose tip, fell to where his cheek was rubbing against the neckline of Wu Sheng's Striped Pajamas. Just touched, it melted, he couldn't bear to see this beautiful scenery more.

Saying in all honesty, Xu Wang at first really felt that he would be satisfied with a hug. But that’s the way people are. Once they taste the sweetness, they always want more honey. Therefore, they slide into the abyss of sin step by step. No one plunges into the river of sin.

"I like you. I like you since the second year of high school. Up to now, no matter how many properties I have developed in my heart, only you, only you, Wu Sheng, take the only homestead in my heart!"

Countless midnight memories of his youth, countless fantasies about what would happen if he expressed his love in those years, and countless times to comfort himself with "fortunately, I didn't say it or I'll hurt you and myself", but only Xu Wang knew it clearly, which was the deepest regret in his heart.

Now he finally got what he wanted, even if it was just an empty dream, he also hoped to do so.

Finishing in one breath, and no matter how much Wu Sheng received and digested, Xu Wang gave a big bear hug again, which is tighter and harder than before.

Wu Sheng didn't hide. Of course, maybe he was shocked by the fresh and refined confession. So he was still in the muddle of "who are you? What do you say? What do you want to do?"

Xu Wang fished in troubled waters. He hugged tightly with full enjoyment. He could really die without regret.


There was a sharp cold wind behind him. With the roar of the wild animals, Xu Wang was shivering with fine hair. Heedless of hug, he "Shua" looked back suddenly!

The black bear's paw swished faster than he did, and it was firmly hit on his shoulder blade.

Death without regret was just a metaphor, don't need to be so serious!!!

Xu Wang often bumped in his 29 years of life, but only in this claw can he understand what the real pain is.

The brain crashed, the body was numb, and the whole body fell forward with the bear's paw. Wu Sheng wanted to hold him, but he didn't hold and fell down with him. When Xu Wang hit into the thick snow, he heard the roar of the black bear again. This time, it was closer and fiercer than last time.

He was going to die, and it was likely that Wu Sheng would die together.

Began with the fairy tale, and end with the horror movie, this dream, too failed.

Ridicule is just an idea in a flash, "hearing" is round and clear, just like a little man standing in his ear, talk even with a little strange mischievous tone.

[owl: honey, let's have a holiday earlier and see you home. ]

Xu Wang's eyes suddenly turned white, like countless searchlights shining brightly on this side. Instinctively, he closed his eyes. Then Wu Sheng disappeared just in a moment. He fell down on the ground with a firm knock. The sound of "Baji" was clear and sweet.

It was dark when the snow stopped. Wu Sheng was gone, and he took the killing bear by the way.

Xu Wang got up and looked around. There was no snow and mountains. This was the hard asphalt floor under his rented house at four o'clock in the dark. The numerous shops were all closed. Even if the breakfast shop, someone was busy and ready to open the shop.


The car whistled so fast that Xu Wang looked back to himself. He found that he was standing in the middle of the intersection. Took a few quick steps to the pedestrian street. The familiar owner of the breakfast shop bent down from the half-open rolling shutter door to take out the garbage. Seeing Xu Wang with surprise, he said with Shaanxi dialect, "why today so..."

What the shop owner wanted to say was why he was so early, but in the middle of the conversation, he could see the dress of the "acquaintance" - stripped to the waist, only a pair of black baggy shorts. To be fair, he usually wore suits and ties, which make him look thin. This kind of bare chest was showing his figure, which was pleasing to the eye. But you couldn't rely on your handsome face and good figure to stroll in the late autumn naked.

However, what you have said is just like the poured-out-water can not be taken back, the shop owner could only be stubborn and say: "why today so cool?"

Xu Wang looked down at himself, and then looked up at the shop owner. For a moment, he couldn't distinguish between dream and reality. If it was a dream, it brought a TV series like this? If it was a reality, he fell asleep in his own bed, but stood on the street when he opened his eyes, unexpectedly he sleepwalked in his 29 years old?


The sudden pain made Xu Wang take a breath of cold air, subconsciously lifting his hand to touch his back shoulder, which was wet.

Xu Wang was stunned, hurt and flustered, so he didn't dare to take his hand back. He really would rather be a sleepwalker now.

The gesture of reaching out to touch his back was a bit distorted. The shop owner couldn’t tolerate it anymore. He asked with concern: "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing." Xu Wang reluctantly pulled out a smile, prevaricated with a few words and rushed into the building.

Fortunately, it was still before the dawn, Xu Wang, who ran into the corridor, thought fearfully, otherwise, he would absolutely frighten people.

The shop owner escaped, so the only person who was scared was Xu Wang himself--under the bright sound control light, he unfolded his palm, seeing a scarlet red.

He couldn't get into the house with his underwear, so he had to wait in the corridor. At daybreak, he finally got Aunt Li to go downstairs and walk around.

Aunt Li's eyes were not good, and her heart was warm. When she heard that he had forgotten the key at home, she didn't think much about the reason why this young man usually dressed in a suit is so "casual" today. She lent him her mobile phone without saying anything.

Xu Wang found a simple ad with less fancy layout design, having a title "police station record unlock king" in the dense small ads of the corridor, and then thanked Aunt Li and politely declined her invitation "go to sit in my house for resting a while". Holding the posture of his back clinging to the anti-theft door, he watched her downstairs.

The wound on the back had been coagulated with blood. Even if it touched the black anti-theft door a little, it couldn't be seen.

Unlock king was a very young boy, who came very slowly and arrived when Aunt Li strolled back. Even though, the boy still yawned with sleepy eyes and seeming tired face for "earlier work". But when he saw Xu Wang's cool wearing, his eyes became alert.

Xu Wang felt guilty and clenched his bloody hand, but he was not sure. He hid it behind him subconsciously.

The young man's eyes were shining. Just about to open his mouth, Xu Wang was faster than him. He howled, "Aunt Li--"

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