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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 10 An Old Classmate

"Leave wasn’t approved?"

"Well, so I resigned."



"OK, I'll book the ticket now."

"Can you react more coldly..."

"Xu Wang."


"I want to support you, but I don't have enough money at present, so I can't promise easily..."

"Stop it"

Xu Wang hung up angrily and regretted that he immediately informed Wu Sheng of his resignation as soon as he had saved the money.

No, what he regretted more was the confession he made when his brain had become addled in the first day entering the owl! It was a good thing that Wu Sheng didn't believe it. But it didn't mean he won't be teased due to this thing. Wu Sheng catch his tripping!

It was 11 o'clock in the morning when he came back to the rental house. Unexpectedly, when the door opened, the room was full of tea fragrance.

Kuang Jinxin sat in the living room, Wu Sheng sat opposite across the tea table, both of them enjoyed tea leisurely. The picture is very Buddhist—simple and peaceful.

"Brother Xu, you’re back!" Seeing him coming back, Kuang Jinxin immediately said, "Come here and have a taste. No matter what troubles I meet, just have a sip of tea and my heart will be calm. You can also try it."

Xu Wang knew that Kuang Jinxin's major is tea science. It was the first time to see him make tea and drink tea, although listened to him talk about tea constantly. He approached with interest, took over the cup and had a sip.

With full of expectation, Kuang Jinxin was still waiting for his feeling after taste.

Xu Wang felt that his restlessness and miscellaneous thoughts were all scattered in the fragrance of tea, and unconsciously his mouth turned up: "Taste good"

He didn't know tea, so he couldn't tell anything about tea ceremony, but he also got a clear distinction between the good and the bad.

Kuang Jinxin smiled, between the simple honest eyebrows and eyes was full of contentment.

Xu Wang suddenly envied him. It's a blessing that people can devote their time and energy to the things they like. 

"The ticket is booked," Wu Sheng put down his tea cup and informed him of the latest progress. "It's at five this afternoon."

Xu Wang did not expect him to move so fast: "to Yulin?"

"Well," said Wu Sheng, "Yuyang airport."

Xu Wang nodded, drank the tea until saw the bottom of cup, got up and went back to the bedroom to pack his bags.

Wu Sheng's backpack is as light as going to work in Zhongguancun; Kuang Jinxin's is a huge backpack with more than half a person height and full of loads, which is as heavy as going to escape; Neither as unrestrained as Wu Sheng, nor as thoughtful as Kuang Jinxin, Xu Wang finally packed out a slightly larger leisure backpack.

Wu Sheng appeared at the door of the bedroom just after packed and asked suddenly, "Is the salary paid?"

Xu Wang didn't even think about it and replied, "Well, every penny is paid."

Wu Sheng nodded and left cleanly.

Xu Wang is puzzled. After thinking for a long time, there was only an explanation that "Wu Sheng asked with a little conscience if he had got the hard-earned money". But he can recall the other side's unsmooth face. He feels that he thinks too much about it and is being amorous.

After packing their backpacks, the three simply ate lunch and rushed to Nanyuan Airport together.

In the evening, the flight left on time.

The new coordinates (109.7395, 38.3437) were exactly the same as Wu Sheng's judgment in positioning on the satellite map, which was, in the north of Shaanxi Province, four kilometers north of Yulin City, Zhenbeitai fortress.

It’s not an unknown place, but one of the most magnificent landscapes in the Great Wall. Known as "the first fortress of Great Wall", it’s as famous as Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan.

At ordinary times, Xu Wang would definitely be excited to have a wonderful imagination about this trip. But after being tortured for three consecutive nights, he now only hoped to end this strange "night life" as soon as possible and sleep with a pillow till the end of time.

In fact, he did so. He went to meet his dream as soon as he got on the plane.

The partner who went off to dreamland with him was Kuang.

Wu Sheng also wanted to sleep. However, the head of someone sitting next to him had been pressing on his shoulder, which was really kept him awake. Just as he was wondering whether to remove his shoulders or push people up, the plane suddenly bumped.

It's a common thing to encounter air flow in flight. Wu Sheng was used to it, and the plane was really calming down again soon.

But this jolt woke Xu Wang up, he looked up with bleary eyes, and asked blankly, "What's the matter? It's twelve o'clock? "

Wu Sheng: "It's still early. Go on sleeping."

The tone of voice is disgusting, but there is also tenderness in the voice that wasn’t perceived by himself.

Xu Wang didn't wake up completely. When he heard "early", he was relieved, and put his head back on Wu Sheng's shoulder to sleep again.

Wu Sheng is stunned by this whole series of natural actions done by Xu. 

After a while, Wu Sheng also closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He gently tilted his head and put it on Xu Wang's head.

You pressed my shoulder, I pressed your head, and finally feeling that he was not losing, Wu Sheng slept until get Yulin.

Just after 6:30, the plane arrived at Yuyang Airport on time. Instead of going to the city centre of Yulin, the three took a taxi to Beiyuemiao village, which was the closest to Zhenbeitai. As a national scenic spot, it was closed at night. They wanted to sneak in and wait directly at the coordinate point, but they didn't have the courage to do it. Because they are worried that if the coordinates are not fixed and they are caught by security guards, the situation will be worse.

It was almost dark by the time they got off the taxi. The wind is obviously colder, with the unique strength and ruggedness of the northwest, while the temperature displayed on the mobile phone is almost the same as that in Beijing

This was a typical developing northern village. On both sides of the flat and wide asphalt road, there were not only neat buildings, but also bungalows of different heights and ages. There are not only rush cars, but also villagers chatting in front of and behind the houses.

"A standard room and a single room?" the hotel's check in staff said in some embarrassment, "We don't have a single room." 

Xu Wang also thought about this situation, and immediately changed to plan B: "Then two standard rooms." He looked back at Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin. "Is that ok?"

Wu Sheng had no problem.

Kuang also nodded, but there was a little question: "So...who lives with whom? "

Xu Wang touched his nose, and his eyes drifted unconsciously: "Well, it's all right. Let's decide later, whoever lives with whom is not different."

"Well, at will, it won't last long." Pretending to be a phubber, Wu Sheng looked at his mobile phone as if there was the whole world in it.

Kuang Jinxin always felt that there was a delicate atmosphere in the lobby of the hotel, but he couldn't tell the meaning of it. He was struggling when he heard the front aunt's voice: "Oh, boys, we have standard rooms for 3 people!"

When the problem was solved, Kuang Jinxin was overjoyed: "That’s great!"

Wu Sheng put his mobile phone back in his pocket and looked away silently.

Xu Wang took the key from the aunt and praised it sincerely: "Miss, there are so many apartment layout in your hotel."

After simply putting their luggage in room, the three had a meal in the near, which is not delicious at all, because they were worried about the task of tonight.

It was only 8:40pm when they went back to the hotel. Anyway, there was nothing to do but wait. Just set the alarm clock and got another sleep. After all, what they lacked most these days was sleep.

This time, there were pillows and beds. It was much more comfortable to sleep here than on the plane. Let alone Xu Wang and Kuang Jinxin, who have good sleep quality, even Wu Sheng fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow.

Soon, the three breaths fluctuated evenly in the room, and the exhausted partners slowly recovered their energy in this rare peace and comfort.

As time went by, the sleep became more and more well.

"This Huntanghele, a minced noodles with pure mutton, is made of vegetable sauce and meat soup. It smells delicious before eat..."

"Huo, this soup is excellent!"



"The noodles is also overbearing! In Shaanxi, it's called "liao za lie(means great)"! When I just bought noodles, the boss told me that the noodles he sold were still made by ancient methods, and they would pay ten for one fake! "

"Ah? ‘When I eat meat, I hate lack of it.’ How do i know whether is it made in ancient way when i eat it? I don't know. It is also the first time i eat it today, hahaha... "

"Next is the oil cake. It's fried golden. I'll try it -"

"Kaz -"

"Kaz -"

"Fuck! Is he crazy! Who the fuck is that! " Xu Wang beat bed and rose up. It was the first time he was awakened by greedy guts for 29 years.

Turned around and found next bed's Wu schoolmate had already sat up, crossed the arms, frown and stared at the wall where the sound came from, which seemed every cell in his whole body was worried.

Instead, Kuang Jinxin, who is nearest to the wall, slept happily and completely shielded from external interference.

"Xiaokuang's sleep quality can be called as high-tech." Xu Wang sighed with envy, then winked at Wu Sheng and whispered, "Let’s go?"

It was just two words, but Wu Sheng could understand it in one second.


It was rare for Xu Wang and Wu Sheng to share a common hatred. They got up and went out rapidly and knocked on the next door without hesitation after gently closing their door from outside.

The bustle in the door stopped abruptly, and the corridor was quiet. Soon, a warning came across the door and asked, "who is it?"

Xu Wang and Wu Sheng looked at each other and said, "Next door."

The voices of the two men outside seemed to make the men inside more alert. After the rustle of chain lock, the door slowly opened a narrow gap, revealing half a man's face: "What's the matter?"

From half a face, it was the owner with a strong body and a big waist. Xu Wang decided to try fair means before resorting to force: "Hello, we are from the next door. We are very tired from traveling all day. It's half past ten in the deep night. Can you keep your voice down when you’re eating and talking?"

Xu Wang said in a slow voice, in a very polite and deliberative tone. The man in the door obviously didn't expect such a gentle opening speech. He was stunned, and after a while reacted. "Sorry, buddy, we didn't pay attention to it just now. We must be quiet from now on!" He was embarrassed to scratch his head. 

Xu Wang didn't expect that the man was so easy-going. He immediately gave a friendly smile: "It's not easy when away from home, understand each other is better."

The man nodded repeatedly, and saw that a dispute was about to turn into spring breeze and drizzle. Wu Sheng, who didn't speak from the beginning to the end, suddenly said, "Qian Ai?"

The man in the door was stunned. He started to looked at Wu Sheng carefully. After a while, his eyes widened unbelievably said: "Monitor?!"

"No, wait, what's going on?" Xu Wang was a little confused. He moved his eyes back and forth on the faces of Wu Sheng and the man in the door. Suddenly, he settled on the face behind the chain lock. "You’re Ai Qian (nickname, it means love money)?!"

They made eye contact, and the memories of schoolhood came to the shore in the man's mind: "The leader of sports?!"

"..." Xu Wang was understand, his old classmate marked his youth by the position of class committee.

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