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The Midnight Owl

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Chapter 9 Start on a Journey

The four received new tips as soon as Sun Jiang quit.

The three who were still in team  received: <roster>—<insufficient team members(3/4), whether to add?>

What Sun Jiang received was: <roster>—<a lonely ship can never reach the shore.>

Poetic messages were cursed results.

Sun Jiang disappeared.

Xu Wang, Wu Sheng and Kuang Jinxin watched as his figure became shallower and shallower, and finally disappeared. The place where he had sat was empty, as if there was no such person.

The air in the cave solidified, it was totally cold as if it had been frozen rapidly.

"Is he back to reality or..." Kuang Jinxin stammered. He didn't dare to go on and say the word.

Return to reality means liberation. If people are completely gone, it is another kind of death. Two guesses, a heaven, a hell.

A lonely ship can never reach the shore.

Xu Wang silently recall the words he had just seen on Sun Jiang's arm. His heart slowly went down, which was not like the good news of sending people home.

"He didn't come back to reality, but he didn't disappear from the world." Said Wu Sheng suddenly.

Xu Wang instinctively didn't believe it, giving him a sidelong glance: "How do you know?"

"I don't rely on guessing like you, I rely on logical reasoning." Wu Sheng shrugged, his face was cloudless in contrast to his teammates' worries.

"Then what have you reasoned?" Xu Wang's eyes rolled up to the sky, but it was strange that the dark clouds in his heart were scattered suddenly.

Wu Sheng didn’t keep them guessing: "choose ‘add members’ "

Xu Wang was unwilling and moved slowly, while Kuang Jinxin, who listened carefully, did so without hesitation.

Soon, the same roster of candidates appeared on both arms——

1/23 Sun Jiang [invite]

1/23 An Peng [invite]

1/23 Bai Haichuan [invite]


Here was a list of names, at least twenty or thirty, and their scores are all 1 / 23 the same as them. Except for Sun Jiang, who used to be on their team, the order of the rest was arranged according to the first letter of their first name.

"So many people are in the owl?" Kuang Jinxin was unprepared for it, "Why haven’t we met one of them before? And why are they all single, and not in teams? "

Xu Wang was relieved to confirm that Sun Jiang was still safe, and he felt laughable and patted Kuang Jinxin's head: "Since it's an alternative list, the people listed are all single. If people with teams in it, it's not an invitation, it's a poaching."

Kuang Jinxin: " But we haven't met any of these guys, whether they're team or single?"

"Er, those who quit the team may disappear like Sun Jiang for a while. Other teams..." Xu Wang thought about it, and suddenly understood, " It must be fate. We happened to miss them all!"

Kuang Jinxin frowned, as if he wanted to believe it, but he couldn't convince himself: "so coincidentally..."

Wu Sheng couldn't bear to glance at Xu Wang: "if you don't know, say you don't know. Don't run on the crooked road with this child."

The three didn’t invite any teammates in the end. The attitude of the invitees about going to northern Shaanxi was unknown. Even the three of them had not reached an agreement.

At five o'clock, the bad voice that bubbled from time to time sounded in the ears——

[owl: honey, it's dawn, see you home. ]

Three people popped up, but four people got together.

Sun Jiang was surprised.

After a brief exchange, the three knew that after Sun Jiang disappeared, he appeared in another same place, the same cave, the same ice waterfall, but no one else. Later, he returned to the cave and sat dully there until five o'clock.

It was like four people on a mahjong table were divided into two tables. The mahjong on each table was still that same pair of mahjong, but one table was three players looking for one more player, another table was one player, shorting of three, and two tables were in different rooms, so they couldn't see each other.

Kuang Jinxin's question of "why can't we meet any other team or other people" seems to be explained by applying this mahjong theory. It was true that everyone was in the "Owl" and may even faced the same bear and guessing idioms, but the room was different, so it was independent.

This time, they were met by Liuyin Park, which is only four or five hundred meters away from the Youth Lake Park of the last time. It is exactly the same as the location and distance of the ice waterfall and cave in the owl, which also confirms the inference of Wu Sheng about the geographical location of "correspondence inside and outside".

Sun Jiang waved and stopped a taxi. He didn't say goodbye, and just smiled at them through the window when he sat in the car, as if he wanted to wave, but he only nodded.

The taxi drove away and finally disappeared at the end of the street and in the darkness before sunrise.

Under the street lamp at the gate of the park, three young people with cool wind were speechless for a while.

A broad leaf swept by the wind came to Xu Wang's back head. Xu Wang didn't know what it was, so he raised his hand and clapped it conditionally. The dry leaf gave out a cry of cracking under his hand.

Xu Wang silently grabbed the dead leaf and was even more upset: "well, don't stand foolishly, let’s go home!"

"All go back to my home" has been omitted as "go home". The speaker didn't mean to, but let the listener have a kind of "go home" cordiality. It was wonderful that like a little warm wind in the cold early morning.

It was Xu Wang's living room, the sofa and the chair.

As soon as Kuang Jinxin was seated, he began to shout: "Brother Xu, I think I'll go to northern Shaanxi with you!"

Xu Wang almost fell from his chair and looked at Wu Sheng again, who saw Kuang Jinxin's face was not much better than his own. Wu Sheng who was always brisk even confirmed it once again: "Have you really decided?"

Kuang Jinxin was determined to look at Wu Sheng and nodded with force without hesitation: "I decided. If I don't figure it out, I'm not in the mood for the internship. No, it should be said that there is such a thing in suspense. I can't settle down on anything."

Wu Sheng is unmoved: "how is your internship appraisal?"

Xu Wang silently praised his classmate in his heart.

Brain fever is the patent of young people, but as adults, even if they can't be positive role models, don't promote it, Otherwise, it's a sin to make the life of any young person a misery.

Kuang Jinxin obviously didn't expect Wu Sheng to think so comprehensively. Staying stunned for a while, he felt embarrassed and touched his head: "Don't worry about the internship appraisal. Actually... that... well, to be honestly, the owner of the tea-house is a distant relative of my family. He has to call me uncle in the family hierarchy. "

The unexpected "relationship" made Wu Sheng and Xu Wang both stupefied.

"In fact, I have to go home to help after graduation, so I don't need to find a job. And our school doesn't force every graduate to have an internship appraisal. But there is no class in senior year, my classmates are trying to find a job or take part in postgraduate entrance examination. I don't want to hang around idly every day. I casually said that I wanted to find a part-time job to experience the society when I called my family. As a result, my uncle and my aunt each found an internship unit for me the next day... "

The shame of "get in by the back door" made Kuang's voice and head lower and lower.

Xu Wang was more concerned about another thing. What he said was to call "home", but who responded to him were "uncle and aunt"

"Brother Xu," Kuang Jinxin's suddenly loud voice interrupted Xu Wang's thoughts, only to see him raise his head again, with the youth's unique simplicity and determination, and repeated his decision, "I'll go with you!"

"OK." this time, Wu Sheng replied without hesitation

After enrolling Kuang Jinxin, Wu Sheng naturally looked to Xu Wang: "how about you?"

Xu Wang turned away and looked at the stars out of the window.

Wu Sheng got up and went around the tea table to the direction where Xu looked up, blocking his sight with his height advantage: "why don't you talk?"

Xu Wang had no choice but to look at his handsome face, slowly and solemnly like a wise man: "I am meditating."

A gulp of blood choked on Wu Sheng's chest: "What do you have to think about? You don't need an internship appraisal, and you don't have a family. "

Two mouthfuls of blood hit Xu Wang's heart: "a bachelor don't need to be respected?"

"What does it have to do with respect and disrespect?" Wu Sheng couldn't understand Xu Wang's brain circuit. "Being single means less care. You and I are the same. The so-called "no house, no car, be single, let's go and roar."

Xu Wang: " Do Americans speak Chinese? "

Wu Sheng: "hmm?"

Xu Wang: "Otherwise, where did you learn so many witticisms!!!"

Except for "fronting", Wu Sheng's second biggest roast point was "take it for granted". which tortured many classmates at that time. To put it mildly, it was called "I think we should all think in this way." But actually it was, "how can you think differently from me? You are so strange."

It turned out that Wu Sheng's thinking was the best solution most of the time, but this kind of simple and crude pure rational thinking really makes people want to beat him.

Even if to be a little empathy, to say something nice!

The moon was falling and the sun was rising, and the sky outside the window was gradually brightening.

Kuang Jinxin looked at Wu Sheng, who was "taken for granted", and Xu Wang, who was "lost in thought". Intuition told him that it was better to be a spectator at this time.

Any decision was made by many factors. Heedless of Kuang, Xu was now concentrating on calculating the score of each factor in his mind.

Go or not?

5 points for work.

3 points for safety.

Spend (money) 1 point.

Wu Sheng...

Xu Wang glanced at the guy.

91 points.


He had already made up his mind, but he didn't say it: "Let me try to ask for leave," he raised his eyebrows at Wu Sheng and added, "don't hope too much."

"I'm not very satisfied with you" showing on Wu Sheng's face: "You just don't have enough determination. Please resign if the leave is not approved...Oh, kick lightly! "

"King kicked" drew a line under the discussion of whether to go or not.

The missing fruit knife was finally found on the ground beside Xu Wang's bed.

At that time, Kuang Jinxin had left. Wu Sheng held a notebook in the living room to find out the exact location of the coordinates. Xu Wang came to the bedroom to change into a suit for work, but when he was wearing a tie, he found it.

Finally, Wu Sheng, who was allowed to enter the bedroom, took the fruit knife, played with it twice, and analyzed: "Maybe it didn’t dropped. If you're sure you put it in your pocket, it's likely that owl won't allow us to carry lethal weapons. "

Xu Wang's silence was a low-key acknowledgment of his inference.

After the question of knife came to an end, Xu Wang looked down at his tie wearing in half, looked up at Wu Sheng, and then his chin pointed to the door, the meaning is obvious

After watching him for a while, Wu Sheng turned around and left.

Xu Wang wondered how this man was so obedient today. Suddenly, a head appeared at the door of the bedroom where there was no figure: "you look good in a suit."

Xu Wang was stunned here for a long time, and just like a fool replied, "Em."

It was not until he got on the subway that Xu Wang got back to his mind completely. He screamed at the bottom of his heart——Why flirted with me if you didn't want to marry me!

Arriving at the company, the "Northern Shaanxi tourism plan" would naturally be put on the agenda——

"Leave again?" the manager’s face suddenly clouded over, "Why do you have so many things every day?"

Xu Wang was low and humble and his attitude couldn’t be better.

The manager seemed to be suffocating because he didn't let out his anger. Looking at the number of days on the leave slip, his face turned completely black, and his voice went through the office door to the sales hall: "One week?! Why don't you just get out of here -- "

Xu Wang raised his eyes slightly and nodded his head smoothly: "OK, I'll quit my job. Please pay this month's salary."

The manager was stunned. He didn't expect Xu Wang to be so decisive.

Xu Wang said nothing and went straight to the finance department to collect the money.

After a phone call, the financial staff wrote only 1900 yuan on his payslip.

Xu Wang pressed the fire and reminded the financial staff, "I just sold a large apartment two days ago."

"Resignation should be proposed one month in advance, otherwise no commission will be paid. The basic salary is 3000 yuan, deducting the absence and the social security that the company has paid for you. That's all. " What the finance said was sound, and it was clear that there were instructions on the phone.

Xu Wang stared at her for a long time, suddenly smiled, and his voice was very gentle: "I repented, and I will not resign."

Smelling that the unusual employees were whispering, Xu Wang came out of the financial room with empty hand, not only didn't leave, but also stood in the hall with a normal working appearance, and he was looked at askance by astounded colleagues.

A few minutes later, the door of the manager's office was knocked and opened by the staff in a hurry: "Manager, come out and have a look!"

In the hall, Xu Wang, dressed in suits, was telling a customer about the house type——

"It's very insightful for you to choose this pattern of three rooms and one hall, which has been changed forcefully to four rooms and two halls. The room is a little too small to turn away, but you'll get used to it if  you’re living in the crowded room. The most important thing is its practicality,  the sun will never come in the living room. You will not afraid of any summer or sunset, it can keep you cool... "

He was in the most smiling and had a loud voice. From head to toe, he exuded a striking energy field. Even the customers next to other real estate consultants were hard not to be attracted by him. They listened to him consciously or unconsciously.

"Greening? Don't worry about greening. The area is surrounded by wasteland. The nearest bus station has to walk for half an hour. You can plant whatever you want and enjoy the harvest as much as you like. Supporting facilities? There will be, I promise, in the slowest three, five, seven or eight years will be built... "

"Xu Wang," the manager who came out to check the situation, with endless gnashing of teeth under the gentle voice, "Come! With! Me!"

The door is closed and the blinds are covered.

The manager didn't talk nonsense. He gave an ultimatum: "You're fired."

Xu Wang nodded his head and said, "I won't take a cent if it's not mine. I can't take a cent less if it's mine. I'll leave when I'm paid."

Manager sneered:" Either you get out, or I let the security guard throw you out." 

"OK," Xu Wang also smiled, warmly and gently, "if you throw me out, I will go to the labor bureau to sue you for dismissal without any reason, which violates the labor law. And I'd like to remind you that when employees sue the company, it doesn’t depend on who is right, but who is happy to make things bigger. I'll pull a banner in front of your sales office the day after tomorrow's announcement. Do you think it's better to write "pay back my hard-earned money" or "black hearted developers steal work and cut materials, and hard-working owners have no way to protect their rights"

The manager was so angry that his cheeks were shaking and his face turned into purplish red. He couldn't say a word more.

In late autumn, the air was fresh and the sun was shining brightly.

Xu Wang, with 29, 000yuan cash, found the nearest ATM and deposited it all.

When he walked out of the self-service bank, Xu Wang stretched out his arms, like saying goodbye to the tired past and greeting the unknown tomorrow.

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