The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 13

Since Xue Tingxiang has made up his mind to copy books, Zhao'er has no reason to object.

However, she made a great ambition to earn a lot of money in the future, so that she would no longer let him worry about a book, not to mention here.

After Zhao'er helped him spread the paper, she went to find a suitable needle and thread and planned to bind it for him after he had finished writing it.

Xue Tingxiang laughed involuntarily, but said nothing. He picked up his brush and wrote it carefully on the paper.

He planned to copy all the books he had memorized, because he had found a problem. Since he had that dream, “Xue Tingxiang” has exerted more and more influence on him, including on his own memory.

Especially all the books he has learned since kindergarten. He had looked through the memory of the dream before, and he had memories of some books in elementary school and even college, but the memory was so vague that many of the more detailed things were forgotten.

He thought about the next reason and felt that “he” seemed to be very disgusted with the memory of that studying hard, so he always adopted an evasive attitude. Coupled with the fact that Xue Tingxiang in the dream has lived for more than 70 years, he has been addicted to officialdom since he passed the highest imperial examination, and he did not care about his own knowledge.

Many years have passed in a trance, and his memory is more about the ups and downs of officialdom, the forces of the party struggle, and the speculation of the hearts of the people than the original nature of a scholar.

Seriously, “Xue Tingxiang” is not a real scholar, he is just a politician.

But it is obvious that he does not need these things now, as if a young child has a precious blade, and he knows what these things mean to his future. But now all young children need is a piece of clothes, or just food and clothing.

But these memories have begun to affect his own memory, that is, he does not want to forget what he has learned, and what he needs to do now is to consolidate his memory and combine Xue Tingxiang's advanced understanding of many things.

And the best way to master it is to copy books.

It is obvious that the yellow bamboo paper is of poor quality, and the writing strength is not too light to be serious. if it is light, the ink is uneven, and if it is heavy, it will faint away, but Xue Tingxiang wrote on it with freely flowing style. The handwriting on it is full, round and majestic.

Zhao'er held her breath and dared not even make a sound, staring at Xue Tingxiang, who was writing smoothly, and suddenly had the illusion that a little man had grown up.

Xue Tingxiang soon finished one, and he was about to take it away to dry when Zhao'er hurriedly took it and spread it carefully on the bed. Her eyes were attracted by the words, and though she didn't know how to appreciate them, she thought that the words were like pictures.

During this period, Xue Tingxiang wrote another one.

In this way, Xue Tingxiang wrote, Zhao'er put it to dry, and soon the bed was covered with paper.

A Three-Character Classic was no more than a thousand words, and Xue Tingxiang soon finished it.

He put down his pen, took a deep breath, and moved his wrist several times. He hadn't written in such high density for a long time, which was a challenge to his wrist strength.

"In fact, I can copy books to subsidize my family." He said suddenly.

He has been thinking about this for a long time. In his dream, he only reads books. He really “does not listen to anything outside the window, but only reads the books of saints and sages”. But it is Zhao'er who has been working hard to support this family.

Once “he” was helpless and sighed about this situation, but she was willing but powerless, coupled with the fact that Zhao'er was really capable, had a talent that no one else had in business, and was very careful, and never let him worry about money, so he stopped thinking about it.

Looking back, he realized that ‘he’ cared more about it than he thought. since he could earn some taels of silvers to support his family now, why not give it a try.

How can a man be supported by a woman? he should be the one to protect her from the wind and rain. He didn't understand at this time in the dream, but fortunately he does now.

"copy books to make money?" Zhao'er shook her head : "How can that work? It's not only a hard work, but also hurts your eyes."

"It's not as exaggerated as you say. Look, I just copied a copy in a moment." He arranged all the pages into a pile and took them to Zhao'er for binding.

"Copying books can not only make money, but also read books, so why not do it? I remember that there is a bookshop in town that will ask some poor scholars to help copy books and sell them. Go to town tomorrow and show this book to the bookstore owner. If it is feasible, you can help me to get a job and try it out first. "

At this point, he paused: "Forget it. I'll go with you. We'll go to town tomorrow."

"Is this really going to work?" When it comes to little men, Zhao'er always hesitates to counts all costs.

"There's nothing wrong with it."

Now that the matter was settled, they got up early the next day and went out without even having breakfast at home.

Yuqing Village is located in the next small village of Huyang Town. In fact, Huyang Town is also Huyang Township, just named after the town. There are dozens of villages like this under the town of Huyang, among which Yuqing Village is one of the larger villages.

It takes nearly two hours to walk from Yuqing village to the town. It is faster to take an ox cart or a mule cart. Every day there is a cart from the village to the town. The ox cart is slow and cheap, so you can take a ride for two cents. Mule carts are expensive, four cents per person, but the speed is not comparable to that of an ox cart.

After walking out of Yuqing Village, we came to a fork in the road and walked west for a while. Zhao'er and Xue Tingxiang stopped and stood under the big tree by the side of the road waiting for cart.

Their clothes were simple but neat, especially  Zhao'er, was dressed in men's clothes.

"It turns out that every time you go out, you have to walk through the vegetable field behind you, just to change your clothes?"

Zhao'er nodded, feeling guilty. But now that she has made a decision, she is prepared for the worst. Fortunately, Xue Tingxiang only showed a trace of surprise on his face, but he didn't show much dislike.

"It's more convenient to go out in this way, so I won't be considered as a girl."

Xue Tingxiang pursed the corners of his mouth and glanced at her.

The young man in front of him looks handsome, but from a man's point of view, he is a little thin, but he really can't see that he is a girl. After careful observation, he found that Zhao'er had thickened her eyebrows, and her chest had become flat without knowing how to do it.

It also seemed to find that the little man's eyes stayed on her chest for too long. Zhao'er explained: "This is too inconvenient, so I wrapped it with a cloth."

She spoke very casually, as if she were talking about what we had for lunch, but Xue Tingxiang had a sense of dissipation.

He recalled the dream in which the pair in front of Zhao'er 's chest was so plump that he suddenly had a feeling that she would be crushed. He couldn't help saying, "it won't be squashed?"

Zhao'er was a little surprised. She didn't think about it so much, so she said, "well, it's no use anyway."

As she said this, she saw a mule cart coming not far away, so she waved over there and naturally did not notice that Xue Tingxiang's expression was very strange.

Xue Tingxiang was surprised to see that he was riding a mule cart instead of an ox cart. He only knew that the mule cart was much more valuable than the ox cart. Zhao'er paid the money and put him on cart:. "This cart is faster. We'll be there in a minute." In fact, Zhao'er was afraid that he could not stand the bumps of the ox cart, because he had just recovered and would ride a mule cart if he had a mule cart.

The middle-aged man driving cart smiled and said, "bro has insight, this cart is not only fast, but also stable, but it is not comparable to an ox cart." By the way, is this your brother? "

Xue Tingxiang, who was called her younger brother, suddenly turned gloomy.

It is not strange to say that he is Zhao'er 's younger brother, is also dressed as a man, he obviously looks thinner than Zhao'er, and he is also half a head shorter.

Zhao'er froze for a moment, smiled and nodded: "Yes, he's my younger brother."

While speaking, the middle-aged man had already driven the mule cart forward.

It is true that the cart is much faster than the ox cart and does not run bumpy. Cart stops at intervals to pick up one or two people. This special extended car can seat 12 persons. The top of the car is specially tailor-made, and it can put something not too heavy on it.

By the way, the biggest advantage of riding this mule cart is that carriage can block the dust, so you don't have to find a place to clean yourself up when you get to town.

"When I get rich, I'll buy this cart, too." Zhao'er couldn't help saying to Xue Tingxiang, finally showing a sense of childishness.

"Can you drive the cart?"

She was stupefied for a moment and then said, "I can't drive, I can learn."

The problem is that you have done everything, even driving, so why do you need a man? Xue Tingxiang thought silently in his heart, and it immediately occurred to him that he seemed to be of no use as a man in his dream.

It seems that he will learn to drive a cart in the future. Xue Tingxiang secretly decided.

After the mule cart was full of people, it finally stopped to pick up people on the way.

After almost a quarter of an hour, the city wall of Huyang Town could be seen in the distance.

The mule cart stopped not far from the gate, and all the people on cart got off the cart, Zhao'er took Xue Tingxiang to the town.

The Huyang Town is neither big nor small. Zhao'er used to go to the eastern bazaar, and the eastern bazaar sold the most groceries, but this time they mainly went to the bookstore and were going to the southward bazaar.

In the former dynasty, civil culture was more important than martial arts. After the war at the end of the previous dynasty, this kind of folklore did not die out, but became more and more popular. The reason is that the emperor of Daxi Dynasty ascended to the throne because of the support of a number of civil service organizations in the previous dynasty.

Even illiterate people can say that all professions are humble, and only studying to become an official is the right way, which is proof.

Even in a small place like Huyang Town, any family with some spare money will send their children to study in old-style private school for two years. It's best to get an official rank, and if you can't, it's cheaper to work if you can read a few words.

As a result of this folk custom, there are several bookshops in the town, such as southward bazaar, there is a street full of writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones, and there are other supporting ones, all of which are engaged in the business of scholars.

Although Zhao'er is not a scholar, she has bought bamboo paper for Xue Tingxiang several times, so she is also familiar with the place. But instead of taking Xue Tingxiang right away, she went around to a place with a lot of snack stalls, found a noodle stall, and planned to go after breakfast.

"Breakfast is the most important thing, and we even missed it in order to be in a hurry. Sharpen the knife without mistakenly chopping firewood, and when you are full, let's go. "

Zhao'er asked the owner of the noodle stand for two bowls of noodles.

This kind of noodle is a unique food in Pingyang. The noodles made of soba and sorghum are black and red, with the toppings of tofu, agaric and mushroom, which are so fragrant that they almost make people salivate.

"The noodles are very delicious, try it."

Xue Tingxiang tasted it, and it was really delicious.

Not to mention the craftsmanship, at least there are many noodles and enough ingredients, unlike the food cooked by Xue's family, the oil house is reluctant to put salt, and it is tasteless.

But the price is also high. Xue Tingxiang finished a large bowl of noodles, and Zhao'er paid eight cents, that is to say, this bowl of noodles is four cents, and eight cents is almost enough to buy more than half one catty of meat.

"Is it delicious?" On his way to southward bazaar, Zhao'er was still asking him.

"It's just a little expensive."

It's really expensive for Xue Tingxiang. He hasn't had any pocket money since he was a child, and the only chance he can have a few cents is the lucky money given by Grandpa Xue every year.

In his dream, these few cents were really not worth mentioning, but it was these two strange thoughts that made Xue Tingxiang feel very strange.

"Why is it expensive? it's not expensive. You seldom come to town, and since you are here, of course I will take you to a good meal. "

This is really a good meal, although Zhao'er was very calm when she paid for it, in fact, when she came to town alone, she would buy a steamed bread at most when she was hungry.

She was never reluctant to spend money on herself and always wanted to save more, but she was very willing to spend money on Xue Tingxiang. So whenever I think of all that happened in my dream, Xue Tingxiang couldn't believe that he would be a murderer of his wife and children.

"When I make money by copying books, I'll bring you to eat every day." He couldn't help saying.

The sun has come out, the light golden sun shined on the teenager's slightly childish face, and the white face was like the finest white jade, with fine fluff on it. Slightly white lips, at this time cramped gently, it seemed that the teenager is a little uncomfortable. He dared not look directly at her, but looked aside.

Zhao'er smiled so happily that she could not help reaching out and rubbing his head: "Gou’er, you don't make a lot of money by copying books, so you can't eat that every day." She had a doting look on her face.

Her voice was silenced in his dark eyes, and Zhao'er realized what she had said and done.

She was a little guilty and strange. She had never been afraid of this little man before, but since he recovered from his illness, she was occasionally afraid of him.

It must be her delusion!

She withdrew her hand, looked left and right, suddenly her eyes lit up and said, "look, here we are." With that, she took the lead in entering the bookstore.

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