The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 10

Hearing this, Zhao'er stopped immediately and said with a smile, "Grandpa Xue, what can't we know. Since Gou’er has stayed, I will also stay and listen. "

Grandpa Xue took a look at her, changed his usual disposition, and his tone was a bit bad, "What can you do here, you are a woman, and men are talking, you don’t have right to be here."

Zhao’er was not upset, but a little aggrieved, she said, "The eldest aunt also stayed? She is not a woman? Besides, Gou’er doesn’t know what to say. If I don't look at him, I'm afraid he will say something bad to annoy you."

In fact, her implied meaning was just to say that she was afraid that Xue Tingxiang would be bullied by others, which was understood by everyone here.

Grandpa Xue stared at her, and now he really doubted that this thing was all made by her. Gou’er knew that but he was a speechless man. He didn't go to the grave to cry before or after, but just did at this moment.

Thinking of all kinds of disobedience that the girl had done before, Grandpa Xue gradually felt disgusted. But he also knew that this was not the time to be angry, but to solve it.

"If you want to listen, just stay." The tone was the same as before, but anyone could hear the dissatisfaction in his voice.

But Zhao’er couldn’t hear it, only standing by the side.

Seeing this, Mrs. Sun also dragged Xue Qinghuai not to leave.

"Since Zhao’er has been here, let's stay and listen, too." she smiled.

Grandpa Xue was immediately angry, "Since you all want to listen, just stay.”

So everyone stayed, including the four-year-old Maodan, and even Mrs. Zhou who was busy in the kitchen, also stayed in the name of cleaning the table.

There was only an oil lamp on the square table in the huge central room. The wick leaped, and everyone looked at Grandpa Xue. But all of a sudden, he did not know where to start. He looked around everyone's faces, and finally fell on Xue Tingxiang.

"In fact, it's not a big deal. I just want to talk about what the eldest brother said a few days ago that he would send his children to the School hall in town."

Zhao'er was a little nervous. She couldn’t help but looked at Xue Tingxiang and then looked at Grandpa Xue.

The couple of the eldest wife were happy, because they knew it would be the case, and their silence for such a long time in this family was not in vain.

Xue Qingshan couldn't hide his happy face. He looked at Xue Tingxiang sadly and pitifully, and then looked at other people. Finally, he fell on Xue Tingxiang.

"Gou’er, don't be discouraged. You are still a lot worse than your brother, Juncai. Study with me for another two years, and then you will be sent to study in town, too."

This kind of tone was really harsh at this time. There was a sneer on Zhao’er face, and she just wanted to say something while Xue Tingxiang pulled her back.

Xue Qingshan took all this into his eyes, and he was satirized in his heart. No matter how difficult it was to deal with Zhao’er, she could only embarrass people on small things, she didn’t play any role in any big event. He said to Zhao'er with a cold smile, "Zhao'er, don't be angry. I know that you are proud and arrogant, but these are useless. Don't you think?"

No one said anything in the room.

At this time, Grandpa Xue suddenly burst with anger and said, "Xue Qingshan, what do you say?"

Xue Qingshan said disapprovingly, "Dad, I'm trying to persuade Gou’er not to lose heart..."

Grandpa Xue's beard was shaking. He pointed to him with a pipe bowl and said, "it's not Juncai who will go to the town to study. It's Gou’er!"

Everyone was shocked.

There was a moment of silence in the room. Soon Mrs. Zhao's sharp voice broke the silence.

"Grandpa Xue, what’s your meaning that it's not Juncai who will study in the town?"

Xue Qingshan also said, "Dad, are you confused and said wrongly?"

"I didn't get confused or say anything wrong. It was Gou’er who will study in the town, not Juncai!"

After saying this, Grandpa Xue stopped talking and became spiritless. All people’s eyes were keeping looking on the faces of Xue Tingxiang and Xue Juncai back and forth surprisingly.

Xue Qingshan's smile disappeared, and Mrs. Yang was shocked.

Xue Juncai’s handsome face flushed and said, "Grandpa..."

"Well, go back to room," said Grandpa Xue, waving tiredly.

Therefore, everyone went back to room except but the family members of the eldest wife.

As soon as everyone came out of the central room, the people in it quarreled.

"Grandpa Xue, you should say it clearly. What’s the meaning that it's Gou’er who will be sent to study in the town, not my Juncai?"

It was Mrs. Zhao voice.

There were also Xue Qingshan’s voice, which was mixed with Mrs. Yang's aggrieved and sharp cry, and Grandpa Xue's tired explanation.

There was no secret could be hidden under the same roof, so everyone knew what was going on.

In the morning of the next day, everyone got up.

But they were all spiritless, because they didn't sleep well last night. Especially Mrs. Yang, her eyes were a little red and swollen. She must have cried.

Xue Qingshan's eyes were also full of red blood streak. From time to time, he looked at Zhao'er and Xue Tingxiang grimly. But he didn’t say anything with no reason.

The atmosphere was very depressing, no one spoke, clearly everyone was there, and they were doing their work in an orderly way, but the yard was surprisingly quiet.

After breakfast, Grandpa Xue took a hoe and planned to go to the ground. Xue Qingbai and Xue Qinghuai did not dare to delay. One went to lead the cattle out, the other picked up the iron plow and followed him to go out.

Xue Qingshan didn't stay at home, either. He also went out, but he didn't know where to go.

Unlike the other people of Xue’s family, Zhao'er was very happy.

Since last night she knew the story from Xue Tingxiang's mouth, she fell into an uncontrollable excitement. It was not because She took pleasure in other people's misfortune, it was because she used to worry about her lack of money and she regarded Gou’er as a little boy. But this news was like great joy to her.

Knowing that all the schoolchildren who went to study in the School hall all dress well, she found the blue cloth that had been put in the bottom of the box for a long time. This was the dowry of Mrs. Qiu, who gave Zhao’er and asked her to make clothes for herself. But she was reluctant to use it. Now it was just the right time to use it to make a school bag for Xue Tingxiang.

When she cut the cloth, she began to sew it with a needle and thread. She didn’t say anything to Xue Tingxiang. Just then, the curtain was suddenly lifted.

It was Xue Youcai, the second child of the eldest wife.

Xue Youcai was only seven years old, but he was born fat. It could be seen that he was spoiled. When he came in, he scolded Xue Tingxiang, "How dare you rob things with my eldest brother. You have the same name as a dog, and you are no smarter than a dog."

This child's words were really malicious, which was spoiled by his parents. He was always the bully at home, which made everyone angry. Earlier years ago, he was a little naughty. Unfortunately, Mrs. Yang had been protecting him, saying that he was still young. In the past two years, he had grown up, but he was naughtier.

Nobody in this family had beaten Xue Youcai except Zhao’er. Xue Youcai was afraid of her, but he also hated her. She stood up immediately but Xue Youcai didn’t wait for her to talk, he suddenly smashed a bag of things in his hand to her. It just hit her on her head heavily, which made Zhao’er quite painful, this thing also exuded a strange smell.

Zhao’er was hit twice, so she subconsciously tried to hide, but thinking of Xue Tingxiang on the bed, she turned her back to protect him. Xue Tingxiang was suddenly held in her arms. It was obviously not the appropriate time, but he felt flushed and his heart beat so fast again.

After Xue Youcai stopped smashing, Zhao’er let go of Xue Tingxiang. But Xue Youcai had already run away, and the thing he used to smash them was dried cow dung.

Zhao’er was so disgusted that she went out of the room to chase Xue Youcai.

She stopped Xue Youcai at the gate of the courtyard. Without saying anything, she grabbed the collar of his clothes and picked up a branch at the corner of the wall, then lashed him.

"If I don't hit you for three days, you dare to go to the house and uncover tiles..."

Xue Youcai tried to escape, but he didn’t succeed. He was lashed by Zhao'er painfully. He cried, and then he sat down on the ground and then lay on the ground.

This was the way that young children were used to playing tricks.

The sound was so loud that everyone in the room was shocked and came out.

As soon as Mrs. Zhao saw Xue Youcai being lashed by Zhao’er, she burst into anger and said, "How dare you hit my grandson? Stop it!"

Zhao'er ignored her and scolded, "Dare you do this again? You didn’t learn anything good but learn how to throw cow dung on others! And your words were really malicious. Who taught you? If you don’t tell me, I will not only hit you today but also take you to the river to wash your mouth later..."

Mrs. Yang also came out, she screamed, "Wang Zhao’er, you are crazy, you dare to hit Juncai!"

"Eldest aunt, why don’t you figure out what he did? He doesn’t learn well at his young age, but learn how to say obscene words like some women. He also threw cow dung on people. I'll tell you now that your second brother has a name, Xue Tingxiang. If you dare to say something with dogs to your second brother, I'll beat you whenever I see you! "

Xue Youcai's tears and snivels came out, but no one came up to save him. Mrs. Zhao was so angry that she stamped her foot and Mrs. Yang tried to stop Zhao’er, but she was stopped by Heizi.

Heizi was always a man with drooping head and he was never energetic. But at that time, he stood in front of people, his voice gave a low roar warning, and sharp teeth were also exposed. Mrs. Yang didn’t doubt that if she dared to go forward, this man who would jump and bit her like a dog.

At this time, a surprising voice suddenly came out of the courtyard, "What are you doing?"

It was Xue Qingshan who came back, together with clan leader Xue, village head Zheng, and five or six villagers over fifty years old.

Seeing the mess at home, Xue Qingshan was surprised at first, and then he smiled bitterly and said to the others beside him, "Nobody can be so mean to Gouzi in this family. This girl is always so vixenish, who likes to create a disturbance at home. If someone is really so mean, she would have made a lot of trouble already. "

This made Zhao’er feel uncomfortable, but she was not so easy to be slandered. She immediately retorted, "The eldest uncle, you're slandering me. I always respect my elders at home, and I am never meant to make some trouble. There's a reason why I beat this child today. He even scolded..."

Then, she was interrupted by Mrs. Yang.

She came over in a worried and distressed manner, snatched Xue Youcai from Zhao'er's hand and cried, "He is so young, but you are older than him. His age is just the time when he doesn't understand anything, you shouldn’t fussy about it with him..."

Mrs. Yang was crying wrongly, Xue Qingshan also sighed beside her. Zhao'er didn't know what this couple were acting. It was over.

She was anxious with her red face and she wanted to explain it again. But at that time, Xue Tingxiang came out of the room and drew her back.

He stepped forward two steps, stood in front of Zhao'er, and respectfully called clan leader Xue, village head Zheng and the villagers. They were from the same village, and it was easy for them to meet. As a junior, these are his elders.

After finished his etiquette, he explained to Mrs. Yang: "I hope you don't get angry. Zhao’er was impulsive. She hit Youcai because he scolded me as the dog and threw a lot of cow dung on me, which made Zhao’er so angry.”

Xue Tingxiang made a good impression at first. A scholar should be gentle and polite. Then clarified the whole story in a short sentence in the name of apology.

Zhao’er was not silly. She was wrong because she was eager to explain everything, which was needless to say. But Xue Tingxiang only talked about the key points without mentioning others.

What’s more, Xue Tingxiang has an appropriate way to speak. It was normal for a child to be naughty, but it was worth reconsidering if he insulted a person as a dog, let alone threw cow dung on Xue Tingxiang, who was the elder brother. At the same time, he also explained why Zhao’er was so impulsive to hit Youcai.

As a result, after hearing this and looking at Xue Tingxiang’s thin face with a tolerant expression, clan leader Xue was inclined to Xue Tingxiang’s side.
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