The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 27

There are a boy and a man on the bed.

The young man is thin and white, but the man is tall and strong, with bronze complexion and heroic facial features.

The boy is Xue Tingxiang, and the man is Jiang Wu.

Jiang Wu is two years older than Zhao'er. This year, he is 18 years old, which in the year of marriage, so he can also be called a man.

"Tingxiang, you should go to the school and study hard. Don't let your sister down. If someone bullies you, come back and tell to me, I will help you fight him! "

Since he came in, Jiang Wu has been talking to Xue Tingxiang and he could tell that that this young boy didn't like him very much. But it doesn't matter whether he likes it or not, as long as the people he likes like it is enough.

Zhao'er cares about the young man in front of her. If he marries with Zhao'er in the future, the young man will become his younger brother, so Jiang Wu doesn't mind Xue’s tepidness and his own enthusiasm.

Especially in his eyes, GouI in the Xue family is still a child, and it's normal for children to have a temper.

Xue Tingxiang stared at Jiang Wu, and tried his best a rest to resist the jealousy in his heart. He didn't want to look childish in the eyes of Jiang Wu, and he didn't want to in the lower class, but he couldn't help it.

"Do you like Zhao’er?"

Jiang Wu was stunned and nodded his head.

Xue Tingxiang's face was even worse. "She's my child bride."

"She is not your child bride. You should know that uncle Xue and Aunt Xue used to accept her as their daughter. She was your elder sister. Only when there was an accident would they entrust you to her."

Xue Tingxiang knew of course, so the appearance of Jiang Wu would make him angry.

"If you love your sister, you should find her a man who can care for her. You know the situation in your family. How hard does your sister work for you. But you can rest assured that if I marry your elder sister, I will support you to go to school with her and treat you as my own younger brother. "

Jiang Wuxiao's reasoning and persuasion made Xue Tingxiang's face darker and darker.

"Don't be paranoid. I won't give her up to you."

Jiang Wu looked at him smilingly with a careless look. He didn't put what he said in the mind. Just then, Zhao'er came in with a wooden tray on which there were three bowls.

One is a big bowl, the other two are smaller.

"Come and have some noodles."

"Such a big bowl, you're going to feed me like a pig." Jiang Wu said with a smile.

"What do you say, brother Jiang Wu? It is because I'm afraid you don't have enough." She said as she pushed the bowl of vinegar into front of Xue Tingxiang and said, "Eat quickly, and let's go after we have eaten, time is a little late."

As she said that, she also went to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed. On the left side was Xue Tingxiang, and on the right side was Jiang Wu.

Jiang Wu gave the face very much and ate it in a huff, and said repeatedly that the noodles made by Zhao'er were delicious.

Does it mean that it is not the first time to eat it? Another time, or several times, when? Why doesn't he know?

Xue Tingxiang thought crazily. The noodles were so delicious, and ii is his favorite. But he had no appetite at all.

Until Zhao'er asked him doubtfully, his face stiffened for a while and said, "no vinegar."

"No vinegar?"

Zhao'er took the bowl and smelled it. She clearly remembered putting vinegar before bringing it. But she is not sure, because if she put a little vinegar, she can't smell it.

"Then I'll go and add some more for you." With that, she went out with a bowl under the bed.

Xue Tingxiang looks at Jiang Wu viciously. He eats so fast, he is not afraid of choking!

Jiang Wu felt that he looked up at himself and said, "Your sister's noodles are delicious. They taste good without vinegar."

Xue Tingxiang didn't pay attention to him, and Zhao'er came in and put the bowl in front of him. He picked some chopsticks and ate. It was still tasteless, but he didn't say anything more. He ate in silence.

"You need to eat more. It's better to look as strong as your brother Jiang Wu in the future."

She thinks that he is not strong and thinks that Jiang Wu is very good.

For a meal, he has different thoughts. Jiang Wu and Zhao’er talk and laugh, but Xue Tingxiang is very silent.

After eating, Zhao'er went to wash the dishes and packed up his things to leave.

Jiang Wu carried the bag that Zhao’er had prepared for Xue Tingxiang, and the three went out together. Just walked to the gate of the courtyard, and was suddenly stopped by Mr. Xue.

"Jiang Wu, are you going to take Gouzi to town?"

Jiang Wu stopped and nodded.

"Can you take Juncai with you? Juncai also wants to go to the town, but it's Qinghe School. I heard from your uncle Shanzi. It seems that he's on your way. "

"This --" Jiang Wu looked at the Zhao’er.

Zhao'er said yesterday that the eldest wife had borrowed her own car, but she and Xue Tingxiang didn't want to take a ride. Jiang Wu knew the heart knot of Zhao’er, so he didn't ask more questions.

Xue Qingshan came out of the east house and said, "Dad, why did you say to others about this? We have a car and it will come soon."

"Coming? What time is it now? From the village to the town, even the mule cart will take two quarters. Juncai went to the school the first day. If he is late, he will surely be reprimanded." Mr. Xue was so angry.

Although Xue Qingshan said that, in fact, he felt anxious. Yesterday, he borrowed a car from a person who had made a good relationship to the next village. He didn't know that he had breakfast and everything was ready. No one came.

He knew that the second family also borrowed a car, which was from the Jiang family. There are only two families in the village with mule carts, but they can't borrow from chieftain Zheng. There is a gap between Jiang's family and him. He hasn't forgotten how Jiang Hai scolded himself when the second brother died. When he saw Jiang family, they are always not friendly.

So he knew that there was a car here. His wife and son were all in a hurry. He could not to be subservient to ask them for help.

"Jiang Wu, give them a ride."

It's said that, of course, Jiang Wu can't refuse.

"OK, Mr. Xue, it's nothing."

Seeing that Xue Qingshan hasn't moved, Mr. Xue turned around and scolded him, "What are you waiting for! Mrs. Yang, take out Juncai's things quickly. "

"OK, here we are."

After a while, four people got on the car.

Xue Qingshan was going to send his son by himself. Now this car can’t contain one more person. Therefore, he can only give up this idea.

Seeing the mule cart goes far away, Xue Qingshan was quite upset. Originally he wanted to show off, but now he didn't do it. And he lost his face in front of the second room and the Jiang family.

Because there was another Xue Juncai in the car, and no one spoke on the road. The mule cart soon arrived in Huyang town. It went all the way to the east of the town. At the Qinghe School, Jiang Wu stopped and got off.

Jiang Wusu doesn’t like the eldest family all the time, so he didn't offer to help.

There are many things Mrs. Yang prepared for Xue Juncai, including two big bags in total. Xue Juncai went to pick up one, which is already too heavy for him, and he can't take the second one with his exhaustion.

He blushed and didn't ask for help.

Zhao’er couldn't watch this any more. She jumped out of the car, picked up two big bags one by one, and went to the gate.

She put two big bags in front of the door and said to the following Xue Juncai, "I won't send you in, you find the people inside to help. Ting'er is waiting. It's too late to leave. "

Xue Juncai's heart is full of complex feelings. Looking at her, he said, "I will be a scholar."

"Well, you work hard."

She quickly turned around and left, naturally missing Xue Juncai's eyes at her back.


The mule cart stopped at the gate of Qingyuan School.

Different from Xue Juncai, Jiang Wu carries a big bag and a small bag to send Xue Tingxiang in.

All the way, he was led to the house by a managerial staff.

The furnishings in the dormitory are extremely simple, just a big bed. It is divided into four positions,  along with tables, and there are four simple wooden cabinets next to the wall, which is just enough for four people to sleep.

Because Xue Tingxiang was the first one to come, managerial staff said he could choose any places and then he left. Let Zhao'er and Jiang Wu not stay long before leaving.

Zhao’er chose for Xue Tingxiang a place close to the wall in the innermost place, just next to the window, which has good ventilation and light.

She opened the big bag and mde the bed for Xue Tingxiang.

Jiang Wu wanted to help, but was robbed by Xue Tingxiang.

The two people made the bed together. It can be seen that they did not do this for the first time.

Jiang Wu was jealous aside.

Xue Tingxiang took a look at him and went to help Zhao’er sort out other things.

Zhao’er opened the wooden cabinet, reached out and touched it. It was very clean. When she closed the door, she saw that there was a lock on it. She said, "I'll buy you a lock later. So you can lock the cabinet when you are gone."

After all things were finished, Zhao'er and Jiang Wu should go.

At the door, Xue Tingxiang pulled Zhao’er aside and said, "Don't forget that you have a boyfriend!"

"Why are you talking about this again?"

"Don't worry, you just need to remember." Xue Tingxiang wanted to tell Zhao'er to stay away from Jiang Wu, but suddenly changed his mind. He could tell that Zhao'er didn't know Jiang Wu's mind for her.

Since she doesn't know, it is good. it is best not to know all the time.

"Well, I see. You can study at ease."

Xue Tingxiang sipped his lips, "I will tell teachers to go back home frequently when I am free. You stay at home and take care of house. Don't go out at night. "

"You're afraid that someone will eat me even if there's Heizi?" Besides, she can do Kung Fu. She learned it from the Jiang family when she was a child. In addition, she is stronger than other ordinary people. Anyway, one or two ordinary hefty fellows are not her opponents.

"I said it anyway, you can remember it."

"Well, I see."

Zhao'er soon left, and Xue Tingxinag was left alone in the house.

He paced back and forth in the dormitory for a while. When his mood calmed down, he went to the bed. He took out the book and rice paper he had not finished to copy from the cabinet, spread them on the table on the table, and copied them.

After copying for a while, someone pushed the door and came in.

"Why, someone is earlier than me!"

He is a little fat man, about sixteen or seventeen years old, with a bigger bag on his back than himself.

The weather is not hot yet, but the man is sweaty. He breathlessly put the bag on the big bed, and then he laid on the bed.

"Hey, new man, what's your name?"

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