The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 26

They went back to the room and sat down on the bed.

In order to show that there is indeed a list to be listed, Zhao'er also brought the ink specially. She said that Xue Tingxiang should write it.

She reported one, and Xue Tingxiang wrote the same on the paper.

Afraid of missing it, she still confirmed with him again and again. The last two spent so much time. In the end, they spent so much effort, but they only wrote seven or eight items, and six of which were the six rites of worship.

It's a little awkward to make her take a pen and paper.

However, she never exposed her own shortcomings. Naturally, she said that let Xue Tingxiang think about it again, and there must be something missing

Xue Tingxiang was helpless. After a lot of thinking, he added two more items, and Zhao’er nodded satisfactorily.

Sun made dinner and asked everyone to have dinner.

Now the Xue family still eat together, just like before. However, when cooking every day, the rations are provided by each room. If someone eats at home, he needs to take it to the kitchen. If not, it is not necessary to do that.

If someone wants to eat vegetables,  the garden or pickle tank are free. They are cheap anyway.

Now the atmosphere at the dinner table is much better than before. Most of them have no worries. Mr. Xue has been also not very happy after the separation. Everyone is trying to please him.

Others always deliberately look for some topics, only the people in the first room are a little weird, but everyone didn't care them.

After eating, Zhao'er helped to wash the bowl, then she got water and planned to take a bath.

It was Xue Tingxiang who washed first. Zhao'er helped to carry two buckets of water to the bathroom in the back vegetable field, and then found his changed clothes, so she took his dirty clothes to the front yard for washing.

It was dusk, and the farmyard was peaceful.

Zhao’er was to throw the bucket into the well and draw water up.

The bucket came out of the deep well. She grabbed the handle and picked it up. He was just about to pour it into the nearby wooden basin. She was shocked by the person who suddenly appeared behind her.

She turned around and saw Xue Juncai standing behind her, looking strange.

"What are you doing here!"

Xue Juncai's eyes flashed, "I'll find some water to wash my hands."

After taking a look at him, Zhao'er took a bucket and poured some water into a wooden basin at the corner of the wall.

This is to wash his hands, Xue Juncai just walked over.

Zhao’er didn't look at him anymore. She took saponin and washed the clothes.

She lowered her head, felt that there was one more figure in front of her, and raised her head angrily, "What are you doing standing in front of me?"

Xue Juncai's face was a little red and said, "Thank you."

Zhao’er yelled, and then hang head to continue to wash the clothes in the basin.

Xue Juncai looked at her half drooped face and hesitated for a moment, "I know you look down on me, but I'll show you how good I am to be a scholar in the exam."

"It is none of my business. Only can you not make grandparents be disappointed!"

This made Xue Juncai not say anything. After a while, he said, "Anyway, I will show you. I will let you know that Gouzi is not as good as me!"

Show off again! The most annoying Zhao’er is Xue Juncai always likes to show off his ability by stepping on the little man!

She was trying to say something, but Xue Juncai left.

What a mystery!


Qinghe School and Qingyuan School opened on the same day. Xue Qingshan went out the first day to borrow a mule cart, and planned to send Xue Juncai to the town the next morning.

Although the family spent a lot of money to send Xue Juncai to Qinghe School, and even sold the land, it was really at this time that Mr. Xue was very happy.

He even told Xue Tingxiang that he would walk with Xue Juncai in the morning. It was too slow by bullock cart to get to town.

Mrs. Yang didn't speak, but her expression was very unhappy. Zhao'er and Xue Tingxiang didn't look at their faces, so they refused.

Back in the house, Zhao'er said to Xue Tingxiang, "If we have money in the future, we will build a house and move away."

It was for this reason that she did not want a house but land. However, Xue Tingxiang was not surprised.

"You don't have to worry about this kind of thing, you just get angry with yourself."

Zhao'er looked at him up and down, and made him nervous that he guessed if she had known something. Only then did she took back her eyes and said, "Actually, I don’t care, but it's just a little annoyed."

After that, Xue Tingxiang took out the book he had taken back from Dongliju bookstore and copied it. However, Zhao’er went out of the door.

He didn't think much about it. He just thought that she had something to do, and she came back soon. During dinner, the dishes on the table were very full. Mr. Xue asked Mrs. Zhao to take the money to buy a piece of meat, bring a pot of tofu and kill a chicken. And Mrs. Zhou and her three daughters-in-law cooked a meal together.

A family sat around two tables. The little ones like Maodan, Shuanzi and Youcai were all ready to eat, but the adults had to wait for Mr. Xue to talk.

Mr. Xue seems to have a lot to say, but it is hard to start.

For a long time, he sighed, "I've neglected all the previous matters. From now on, I hope your three brothers can live in harmony and make concerted efforts to make your lives better and make the Xue family better and better. Even if I'm dead now, I can be satisfactory."

"What are you talking about, old man? It's too unlucky!"

"That's it, Dad. Don’t say something like that!"

"Don't worry, Dad. Although we are separated, we are still brothers and family. What's the brothers? It's an inseparable relationship . We'll be fine in the future. "

Mr. Xue nodded with some relief and said, "If you can have this idea, I will be satisfied." As for the others, he can't manage them. He also has mo ways. That's the only way.

"Tomorrow is the day to go to school for Juncai and Tingxiang. We Xue's family have been farmers for a lifetime. I hope you can be successful and gain a lot of honors for the Xue family!"

Although it was said to two people, when Mr. Xue spoke, he was facing the direction of Xue Juncai. It was obvious who he valued more.

Under the dim yellow light, Xue Juncai's face was red with excitement. He stood up and said, "Don't worry, grandpa, I will not let you down!"

"Good, good!" Mr. Xue nodded and picked up the chopsticks. "Let’s eat, have a good meal, and give two little kids cheers."

This meal was especially harmonious. The laughter was everywhere on the table, Everyone avoided the unpleasant topics, and only picked up the pleasant ones.

Mr. Xue was drunk again. His face is red. But he is very happy. It's full of hope and gratification. No one can bear to break it.

After the meal, people were scattered. Everyone in the room left. Mr. Xue smiled and chatted with Mrs. Zhao. In this case, she couldn't appear the bad temper. She patted him several times and Mr. Xue said he didn't know what he was laughing.

What's the fun? In fact, he didn't know. Anyway, he was happy.


In the early morning, the Xue family got up.

The third and fourth sister-in-law didn't want to get up so early, but due to the eldest wife. Before dawn, the movement in the east house continued, and people kept coming in and out.

Mrs. Yang's voice rang all over the yard. After a while, she asked Xue Qingshan when the car arrived, and for a while she said that she had forgotten something to pack, so she had to pack it in hurry.

So they all got up.

Zhao'er and Xue Tingxiang also got up.

Unlike Mrs. Yang, it's quiet here. Zhao’er packed everything last night.

It's such a big bag. It's filled with matting, clothes for changing, and some sundries Xue Tingxiang usually uses.

"Don't wash your clothes when they are dirty. I'll go to school to get them when I have time. I'll send them to you when I finish washing. Anyway, You'll be back in ten days, and I'll bring you enough clothes.

Keep the money close to your body. There are many people in the school. When you go out, you should watch out. Sometimes, the gentleman is even worse than the villain, so you have to be ahead of yourself in everything, so that you won't bother yourself. Don't treat yourself too harshly. Buy whatever you need. Tell me if you don't have enough money. "

Zhao’er is like an old lady to talk to Xue Tingxiang ceaselessly.

Xue Tingxiang stood beside her, looking at her to check what he was going to take to the school. Her nagging voice was all over her ears, and he felt a little upset.

In fact, he thought about whether chooses to live in the school for a long time, and finally he decided to stay in school.

After all, dream is a dream. Even though it's magical, it's not his real experience. Next, he should put all his mind on his studies, so he can only be temporarily separated from Zhao'er.

"Don't worry, I will take care of myself. As for your business, do it if you can, even if you can't, then you should quit. There are still some lands in the family. The food except for the third uncle and the fourth uncle is enough for us to eat and drink.

If it's not enough. I usually copy more books and earn enough money for both of us. "

"Yes, it's all up to you."

At the sight of Zhao'er saying this, Xue Tingxiang knew that she didn't hear it at all.

He said it to her several times since the separate family. He didn't want her to work so hard to do business again. But Zaho’er always doesn’t care. It seems that she didn't pay attention to his words. She usually says and works conscientiously, but she learned to perfunctory in this matter.

To this end, Xue Tingxiang is helpless.

But who is to blame? He can only complain that he was not sensible at that time and felt that it is a shame for woman to go out and make money, which hurt a man’s dignity. He has made trouble with her several times.

Because of this, Zhao'er always avoids talking about this problem with him, but also has a very clear attitude. She will not follow him when doing business.

Xue Tingxiang wanted to say something more. Suddenly there was a voice in the yard.

One of the voices was Jiang Wu's.

"Wuzi, why are you here at this time?"

Jiang Wu was dressed in a dark blue clothes, tall and strong and very heroic. His hair and eyebrows were still foggy. In March, it was still a little cold in Yuqing village, especially when the morning fog was still there.

"I come to send Tingxiang to the school in the town. Isn't it his first time to go to school today? Yesterday Zhao'er went home and said this. My father asked me to come earlier. Don't delay."

The person who spoke to Jiang Wu was Mrs. Zhou. She knew what was going on as soon as he heard this.

Zhao’er is really ambitious. Yesterday she was bullied by the eldest wife face to face. Today she fought back. Yuqing village There were Jiang family and chieftain have mule carts in the Yuqing village. Chieftain Zheng needs to run from the county to town. As for Jiang family, it's really rich.

And they don’t show off.

The couple of Jiang family humble, and their two sons have a good reputation in the village. Among the young generation in Yuqing village, there are two young people who are the most popular. One is Xue Juncai, a man of elegant appearance, who studies well. The other is Jiang Wu.

Jiang Wu is one of the most outstanding young generations in the village in terms of appearance and family. And he also has a good hunting skill. There are so many girls in the village want to marry him.

Jiang's and the second son of Xue family had a close relationship before. Jiang Hai, Jiang Wu's father, and Xue Qingsong, the second son of Xue's family, have a deep friendship. However, since Jiang Hai and Xue Qingshan had a fight when Xue Qingsong died, the Jiang family seldom go to the Xue family. However, everyone in the Xue family knows this.

So Mrs. Zhou didn't think much about it. She just thought Zaho’er asked Jiang Wu for help.

Zhao'er came out of the room, "Brother Jiang Wu, why do you come so early? Have you had breakfast?"

"No, I'm afraid I'll be late, so I came early."

"This really troubles you. Let's stay at home for breakfast. I'll cook it."

Zhao'er turned around and entered the room. Xue Tingxiang was still standing at the door, looking at Jiang Wu.

Jiang Wu came over with a smile and said, "Tingxiang, don't let your brother Jiang Wu in?"

Xue Tingxiang could only get out of the way.


Zhao'er went back to the room to get flour and went to the kitchen.

At the beginning of the separation, they were also divided a bag of flour. Zhao’er was to make something for Xue Tignxiang. Jiang Wu arrived just in time to eat together.

Zhao'er cooks well, but she seldom does it. Before, she couldn't do it in turn. Later, she put all her mind on where to get money. So she didn't have time to do it. After making up the noodles and then she went to the vegetable garden at the back.

It is just at the time of spring. In Yuqing village, because of the cold weather, the land is so hard that iet can’t be plowed. So spring ploughing comes late. However, the vegetables in the land have been planted for a long time, and the others have not grown. But the green garlic seedlings are tender and attractive.

Zhao’er pulled out some and went to the well to wash it.

Mrs. Zhou is cooking in another stove. She takes a handful of dry firewood and lights it up. She sets the stove on fire. The big pot is cleaned and heated. During this time, she adds a few eggs, which are also divided when separated.

Mr. Xue said that when he divided the rations, and he did. He divided all the things he could eat at home, including pickles, eggs and bacon.

Break up the eggs and foam them, so that the fried eggs are fluffy and tender. Put the oil in the oil pan and pour in the foaming egg liquid, but in a blink of an eye, it swells.

Zhao'er stirred the eggs with a shovel and set them aside.

Because there was a lot of oil on the bottom of the pot before, she took out the tofu bought by a tofu maker in the village last night, cut it into small pieces and put it into the pot.

The tofu was soon fried slightly yellow. Zhao'er put some oil in the pot, and poured the cut ginger and red pepper into it to fry. With a puff of white smoke pouring up, the tempting aroma rushed to her face. She quickly fried eggs and tofu for several times, put seasonings, and put some water into it, and then covered the pot.

The pot was bubbling, and the aroma is getting stronger and stronger. Before leaving the pot, Zhao’er threw the chopped garlic seedlings in, and a large bowl of delicious and fragrant noodle soup was ready.

She took it out, and put water into the pot, And then she started rolling noodles.

Her hands were fast. Mrs. Zhou saw her hands flying up and down, and soon a row of noodles with the same width appeared on the chopping board.

"You are such a fast girl. Compared with you, I am so old."

Zhao'er opened the lid with a smile, and the smoke filled her face, but the sound was crisp and pleasant.

"Don't praise me, the third aunt. I have only one advantage that I'm quick. I can't compare with you in cooking."

"You just know to be humble!"

At the same time, Xue Tingxiang and Jiang Wu are sitting face to face in the room.

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