The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 25

The bed table rolled down from the bed and hit the ground with a loud noise.

Fortunately, the bed table was made by Xue Qingsong several years ago. The wood that he went to the mountain to find himself was all solid, so it was not smashed.

Everyone was startled.

"What are you talking about! What are you talking about! Shut up!"

Mr. Xue's face became red, and his lips trembled. He was not so excited even when he just said that he was going to separate family, which proved how angry he was at this time.

He looked at those people with deep pain. Suddenly he sat back on the bed and waved feebly, "Go back to the house, let's talk about these messes tomorrow."

"Dad, what about the title deed?" Mrs. Sun hesitated to say.

Before Mr. Xue talked. Xue Qinghuai pulls her out and said, "That’s enough! If you have anything to say tomorrow, can you be less?"

All of people left.

No one thought it would be such an end. Everyone has a strange sense in their hearts. It's clear that something that has been thought for a long time has finally become, but no one is happy.

Xue Tingxianf was very silent. When Zhao'er saw him like this, she didn't know what to say. After returning to the room, they rested and were speechless overnight.


In the early morning light, the sky breaks.

Everyone in the Xue family got up, but the yard was a little quiet strangely.

No one speaks.

It is clear that all kinds of things are going on, but no one speaks.

As always, someone is cooking and someone is feeding livestock. After breakfast, Mr. Xue called all the  family members together and asked Mrs. Zhao to take out the box containing the title deed.

The land of Xue's family was bought little by little. The title deeds had been divided into several parts. Fortunately, this is the case. Otherwise, it is necessary to go to the county government to divide the land. Naturally, it is necessary to be known by chieftain when going to the county government. Now this matter cannot be concealed.

Mr. Xue divided the title deed of the land into six acres of land for each family, and two more acres for the second son’s house.

Each room went up to take the title deed.

When it was Xue Tingxiang's turn, Mr. Xue suddenly said, "It's reasonable to support you go to the school and the family will give you money, but yesterday you said that each destiny is destined, and you can never complain at home."

Sounds like thay Mr. Xue is not complaining, but his voice is a little angry. After all, if Xue Tingxiang had not made this trouble, how could the family have become like this.

In fact, he knew that he could not blame his second grandson for this, but suddenly a good family became like this, which completely subverted his family's desire to share happiness and sufferings together. Under extreme pain, it was normal for him to be angry.

"I won’t complain."

Looking at this skinny grandson, Mr. Xue flashed a bit of complexity in his eyes. His lips twitched several times, and he reached out to find a worn wallet from the box.

"Don’t say that I ’m a inclined grandfather. Since I was promised in front of chieftain and the patriarch, I have to meet commitments. This is the money that was saved long time ago and the only money left in the family. Now it's all for you, and it's enough for a while. As for the future... " he paused and sighed, " it depends on your destiny."

Xue Tingxiang took the purse.

People in a room looked at the purse with their eyes.

Especially the eldest couple seem to be calm, but in fact their eyes are like needles. They wish they could get into the purse and see how much money  in it.

Xue Tingxiang gave a wee smile, as if unconsciously opening the purse, took a piece of silver from the inside. It looked like two silvers.

He took the silver in his hand and put the purse back intact.

"What are you doing?" Mr. Xuewas shocked and puzzled.

Not just him, but everyone else.

In addition to Zhao’er, she understands why the little man did this. She had always thought that the little man was blaming about these people. She was worried but powerless. Now it seems that she thinks too much.

Of course, Zhao'er is not without complaining, but she always feels that she put all her thoughts on complaining about others, which is too unworthy and sorry for herself.

So she obviously has many ways to deal with the eldest family, to make them feel bad, and even makes everyone in the Xue family feel bad temerariously, but she did not choose to do so, but chose to rely on herself to earn what she wanted.

She hoped that the little man could do the same thing.

Although she doesn't understand the great truth, she knows very well that a good man should fear nothing on earth, instead of becoming a blood-sucking leech like Xue Qingshan, who always thinking of getting money from others to support himself.

"I am fortunate to be helped by an elder, and I have already found a school to enroll. The school is very cheap, and the money is enough."

His words froze everyone in the room.

Mr. Xue couldn't help but ask, "What kind of school? How can a good school be cheap?"

These people are all blinded by Xue Qingshan's experience, and they all think that a good school is necessarily expensive. In fact, this is indeed the case. The Qinghe School is the best school in Huyang Town, even more famous in Xia County, but this so-called ‘good’ is a matter of opinion.

In his dream, he studied in that school for three years, and he knew the secret.

If you are willing to spend money, you can be taught by a good teacher in it, or the scholar with outstanding knowledge, and you are easy to be successful. As long as you go the right way, you will be a Tong Sheng. Not going the right way, but those with ‘great perseverance’ can also be lucky to try their luck.

For example, Xue Qingshan, a real farmer's son, has spent much money for five years to the school. Qinghe School also wants to collect more children from the countryside, so Xue Qingshan has become a Tong Sheng.

But it is only limited to this. When he comes to the exam of scholar, he has to rely on his true ability.

Xue Tingxiang pressed the complex mood in his heart and said the name of Qingyuan School.

Xue Qingshan beside couldn't help laughing.

Mr. Xue asked him, "Qingshan, but this school is not good?" He also faintly heard the sneer.

Xue Qingshan hurriedly held back his expression and said, "It is good, why not? This school is one of the best schools in Huyang village." But it was once.

"Then why is it so cheap?"

It's not easy to answer. Xue Qingshan thought for a moment and said, "This Qingyuan School is too small to be famous. Even if the county magistrate and the county educators come inspect, they can't get to this place. But the Qinghe School is different. It is also famous in our county. The county magistrate and county educators often come to the school. Dad, do you forget the relationship between principal and county magistrate that I told you, so can it be cheap?"

Mr. Xue nodded and looked at Xue Tingxiang, then he said, "Since it's not so good, you should go to the Qinghe School. After all, your eldest uncle has studied there, which is more or less beneficial."

Xue Tingxiang is in a complicated mood.

Seriously, his grandfather still cares about him.

Of course, compared with Xue Juncai, it is not enough.

In fact, Mr. Xue is very good to his family. He has rules and methods in his daily life. Occasionally, Mrs. Zhao is in charge of his affairs, but he is easy to be confused on fairness.

But seriously speaking, this is not to be confused. Parents of a large family should consider the overall situation. For Mr Xue, the eldest family has the eldest son, the eldest grandson and the most promising person in the family, which is naturally gains more benefit.

This is the case for the humble family. If they want to live a rich life, they can only make every effort to support in the familly. Once it successes, it's the whole family’s honor.

The truth is no false, but people are  not truth. Who is willing to live for others forever? Who is willing to be manipulated forever?

Especially one year after another, it seems that they will never see the end, and people's hearts are not firm.

They are all right in their own positions. What is wrong is that people are different.

Xue Tingxiang did not realize these principles until he experienced the dream. In fact, he did not understand all these things in his dream until many years later.


Xue Tingxiang was about to speak, but was interrupted by Xue Qingshan,

"Dad, don't worry about it. Gou’er is not good at learning. Even if he goes to Qinghe School, he will waste his money. It's better to find a school to learn first."

"But... "

Xue Tingxiang took a little sip of his mouth, but his eyebrows didn't move. He said, "Grandpa, I went to the school and saw it. It's very good. I decided to study there."

"Look, even he said it himself."

Xue Tingxiang nodded and suggested, "The eldest uncle, in fact, I think elder brother can also go to this school. The family is not well-off, so there is no need to go to such an expensive school."

"What do you know!" Xue Qingshan's face was full of contempt. He wanted to say something else, but he was silent under the warning eyes of Mr. Xue.

In fact, Xue Tingxiang didn't plan to say this before. He also knew what the eldest uncle would react to, but Mr. Xue's words of dissuasion made him change his mind. As expected, this is their response. That's fine, he simply has a clear conscience.

"Since you have decided, I won't say more. I hope you can make great achievements in the future. Don't let your father down."

Xue Tingxiang nodded, "I will study hard."

After that, Mr. Xue made some explanations about the separation of the family, and all the people left.

When everyone left, Mr. Xue sat alone on the bed and smoked his dry cigarettes with a lonely face. The smoke hovered in the air, behind which was his old face with vicissitudes and a pair of disappointing eyes.


Xue's land was not worried about selling. When there was a rumor, several people came to ask.

Mr. Xue chose the highest bidder and sold two acres of land to get 24 silvers.

Now the land price is just like this. If you want to sell it at a high place, you can sell it at most one or two silver more per acre. Xue's family is needing money hurriedly, and naturally they can't wait for long time.

When he got the money, Xue Qingshan hurriedly took Xue Juncai to the town.

Unlike the Qingyuan School, the Qinghe School has a large number of students who come here every year to study. If you go late, you may be afraid of not enrolling, so the earlier you go, the better.

In the evening, Xue Qingshan brought his son back with a smile on his face.

Xue Juncai couldn't conceal his happiness. He had an unfamiliar book bag with the words Qinghe School embroidered on it. There were bulging inside, and it seemed to contain something.

The father and son entered the room, and after a while, Xue Juncai changed into new clothes.

It turned out that Qinghe School had dispensed a student shirt. Unlike ordinary student shirts, the clothes were unique. The pale blue background, the style of wide robe and big sleeves, the placket and cuffs have more soapy wide piping, and  the same color belt. It looks like officers' uniforms, but they are not.  

But it has to be said that this shirt can improve people's temperament, Xue Juncai has more elegant feeling. He was born to be handsome, which made it even more eye-catching.

“It looks good!” Mrs. Yang's eyes narrowed and said.

Mrs. Zhao nodded again and again, saying that the clothes were good. Xue Qingshan stood with a special pride on his face, and he asked the others with a smile. Even Mr. Xue sitting in front of the door couldn't help but smile.

In this case, other people in the courtyard naturally have to say a few good words, after all, it is also a good thing.

Everyone took turns to praise, Xue Juncai held his head up, but still had to be a little humble.

He glanced at Xue Tingxiang and asked, "Tingxiang, did Qingyuan School have a shirt?"

Xue Tingxiang shook his head slightly and said, "Congratulations, the eldest brother. The school has not yet opened, but its remuneration to teachers is so cheap, maybe it won’t be handed out."

"That's also true. You don't know that the school has not only issued shirts, but also books and pens. As for the pen, it's no worse than what I usually use. One in the shop costs hundreds of cents."

He was showing off obviously.

Zhao’er was so angry in her heart. If she disputes, she feels like it’s a joke about kids. But if she doesn’t, she still feel uncomfortable!

She has never been a character of being shown off and not fighting back. She immediately laughed falsely and said, "The fee is so expensive, it is only you who thinks it's taking advantage of others."

Xue Juncai's eyes moved and looked at her, "Zhao'er, do you think it's good, too? How about letting Gou’er come to Qinghe School, I'll take care of him as the eldest brother."

Who cares for your care!

But this word certainly can't be said face to face. Zhao’er stared at him and said, "No, we can't bear to sell the land!"

Xue Juncai's face and ears were red  immediately. If he wanted to say anything, he could only stare at Xue Tingxiang with his eyes.

Xue Tingxiang was stared at inexplicably. He was thinking about why Xue Juncai would like this, Zhao’er said, "Let's go back to the room and make a list. In two days, you will go to the school. There are many things to buy. Don't leave them out."

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