The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 6

Xue Gouzi's voice was very soft and light, and it seemed that the wind would dissipate it.

Xue Cuiping was scared and shook her head, "It's not your uncle who asked me to come, it's me, I thought..."

She wanted continued her words but were interrupted by Xue Gouzi again.

He showed a shy smile and seemed to be at ease. He said, "It's fine that not the eldest uncle asked you to come. Aunt, you almost scared me to death. I thought uncle only loves dearly Juncai but me. Uncle has said he loves me most."

Since then, Xue Cuiping's words could not continue, and she had to hurriedly say a few unimportant words, and then lifted the door curtain to go out.

The room was very quiet, the eyes of the young boy on the bed darkened, and a trace of vicissitudes that did not match his age flashed.

Looking at such a little man, Zhao'er didn't dare to step forward. After a while, she came over and sat on the bed edge, hesitantly said, "Gou’er, are you okay?"

Looking at Zhao’er's worried face, Xue Gouzi smiled and said, "I'm fine."

Zhao’er squeezed her mouth tightly and touched his head, "You believe me, one day we won't ask for anyone."

Xue Cuiping left without eating lunch, and took a bag of wheat seeds that Zhao gave her.

No one knew what she said to Zhao, and Zhao told her what. All in all, when eating lunch at noon, Zhao and Yang faces were not good-looking, so that Sun and Zhou were cautious.

Zhao’er has never cared about it. After the rice was put on the table, she took two bowls to hold the rice first, and then took the dishes. Lunch was not sumptuous, it was just millet, and the dishes were braise Chinese cabbage and radish, as well as some pickles. There were also meats, all of which were fat, and a small dish was placed in front of the men.

Men have to work on the ground to eat meat to be strong.

Zhao’er didn't want to eat meat either. The meat burned by Zhou was white and greasy. She put some hot dishes and pickles in the bowl as before, but not too much, but Zhao suddenly fell her chopsticks.

"It's just a little bit of dishes, you two can eat all of these? Are you the hungry ghost or what?"

These words are very hurtful and face-slapping, but those with some self-esteem can't stand it, but Zhao’er can get used to it. This is Zhao. Whoever makes her unsatisfactory, she can go back in nausea in various ways.

She was not annoyed. She continued to pick up the dishes. Originally, she planned to pick only those, because Zhao's words, she deliberately put two more chopsticks.

"There is no way, grandma, the dog has to support himself, and he has no good supplements. The food always has to be full." Then, she suddenly turned her head and said to Zhou, "Auntie, if washing the vegetables next time, you can call me to help you, and our family is not the family that is too poor to eat, but there are learned men at home, and a Tong Sheng. Although grandma is very careful in her daily life, she is not a person who does not let people eat."

Speaking of pointing at one but abuse another, Zhao’er confessed that she would not lose anyone, especially she held anger in her heart.

Sure enough, Zhao was immediately annoyed and said, "The rich people can't stand you eating so much like this. You don’t work every day, but you eat more than anyone else. Like you, this kind of stupid girl, if not in our family, you were pushed out long ago."

Zhao’er immediately put her smile away, "Grandma, you're wrong if you said that. I came home at the age of seven, but I haven't done anything in or out? When my father died, I wore a filial piety, When the mother died, I waited for half a year in front of the bed day and night. I was the daughter-in-law of the second son, and I gave it to the second old man. I've sent the second couple to the end, and no one will drive me away.

"But grandma, don't dismiss my talkative manner as a granddaughter-in-law. Eating divided some diverse kinds is OK, but how can we divide people into different grades? Some people eat very well, the oil on their mouths don't know to wipe it. But for others, I ate some rotten Chinese cabbage then became a sinner? I raise a dozen chickens in this family, and I haven’t seen too many eggs. Tao’er and I feed them each day, and we don’t know where the eggs are. Since Gouzi has been ill, he just have eaten one egg until now. Don’t let me raise these chickens next time. I can’t eat it anyway. Whoever eats will raise it.”

Zhao’er made it difficult for everyone's face to look. Among them, the eldest family are the palest, red and white, just like a dyeing workshop.

“Eating on the sly without rubbing it with oil” just means people in the eldest family. Zhao is stingy, but she doesn't stingy to her husband and eldest son. And Yang and her are naturally covered. The seven-year-old boy's face was violent, and he seemed to want to say something, but he was pulled by Yang.

Mao Dan in the fourth family is still small, and the mouth is greedy. He were tired of eating Chinese cabbage for a long time. When he heard the eggs, he couldn't help it and shouted to the Sun, "Mother, I want to eat eggs, I want to eat eggs..." 

In the quiet hall, the shrill cry of children made the human brain hurt.

Sun was so upset that she couldn't help but slap him and said. "Be quiet, what is egg to eat, and how can there be eggs for you to eat!" There's also a bit of a rush

To put it bluntly, who doesn't complain, but has been enduring.

Mao Dan was slapped and cried louder. Zhao's feelings of anger and anxiety turned to him. When she saw this, she suddenly shifted her goal but said, "Sun, you are so powerful now. How dare you to hit my grandson!"

Sun have always been afraid of the Zhao, and immediately smiled awkwardly, "Mother, Mao Dan is so naughty and he wants to eat eggs, don't you have eggs for him?" The latter sentence is mumbled out, saying that subconsciously she looked at the third wife and her son.

Grandpa Xue has always been indifferent to the affairs of  daughter-in-law, and at this moment, he couldn't help it.

He blacked his face and patted the table, "Noisy, everyone be quiet!" The square table was shaking, and the dishes jumped up and down with a crisp sound.

Zhao’er did not pretend to be quiet, and grieved at him, "Grandpa,  Granny dislikes me and Gouzi for eating Hess."

She put the bowl on the table and cried with her face covered, "I just ate a little rice, and even a little bit of oil disappeared, so I was treated unjustly and if someone knows, they will laugh at me. If Grandma really despise me and Gouzi, why not give us a separate room, we will never eat at home and drink again."

Hearing the word "separation", Mr. Xue took a subconscious slap from his brow and scolded, "No one is allowed to mention the separation!" It seemed that his tone is too severe, he slowed down the tone and said, "your grandma is upset because of your aunt 's family, so she was angry with you, but you are the younger generation, how can you reply defiantly to the older generation?"

He turned around and scolded Zhao, “You don't have a long memory all the time. You have lived a lifetime to live in the dog's belly. What are those eggs doing there? Stink is reluctant to eat! The third daughter-in-law, you go to get some to fry and add a dish to everyone."

Just like this, the words of Mr. Xue made everyone stop talking.

Zhao'er's eyes flashed. She didn't cheat when she wanted to separate her family, but she failed at the first time. However, it's also true that how can Mr. Xue allow them to separate? When it's spread out, it will become the whole family bullying the two children. Besides, Mr. Xue also wants to twist the whole family into a rope so as to provide another scholar for the Xue family.

Although there was a scene, the whole family started a meat meal.

Zhou fried a large bowl of eggs and specially reserved a bowl for Zhao'er.

This move is a bit interesting. You should know that the third wife is usually very reticent. She belongs to the old ox in the Xue family, and rarely helps the two children of the second wife.

However, Zhao’er didn't think much about it. Everyone has their own thoughts in this family, and she couldn't control anyone's thoughts. Don't make her anxious is fine.

She returned to the house carrying the food, and when she entered the door, she smiled at Xue Gouzi and said, "Gou’er, look, there will be eggs at noon."

Looking at the bright smile on the girl's face, Xue Gouzi had a complex flash in his eyes.

Although he was in the house, he heard everything before.

This is the case with Zhao'er, which is bold and vigorous., and never cares what other people think. Once he cared a lot, and always feels that she is embarrassing to herself, finding troubles for herself. He repeatedly failing to persuade her, and because of something else, he dislikes her.

But he found that he was hypocritical and inferior and he was stupid, but it was a pity that when he understood it, it was too late.

“Just for an egg, you chose to argue with grandma.” Speaking of words, he only realized that he hadn't changed the awkward mode of speaking before, she would have misunderstood. Sure enough, a dark color flashed on Zhao’er's face, and then she smiled and said, "Xue Juncai can eat, and my Gou’er can also eat. Come and eat, and eat more nourishing food, you will soon be better off."

Look, she is like this, always take him as a child, and “Gou’er” is always in her mouth, in fact, he is no longer a child. The young man’s mentality was sensitive, and he didn’t like this, but he didn’t know how to express it, so he slowly grew to disgust and subconsciousness.

Xue Gouzi didn't know why he thought about this. He just felt that he had become very strange now. He seemed to have become two different people, one is Xue Gouzi and the other is Xue Tingxiang. And whenever he encountered something about Zhao’er, a voice murmured in his mind, as if telling him the real thoughts deep in his heart.

During the time of his thinking, something was feeding his mouth, and he looked down at it, a crispy and soft egg.

"The third auntie’s egg was well fried. My Gou’er takes a big bite and  will be tall and strong."

As soon as this word was spoken, Zhao’er regretted it.

This is also because the little man is so obedient today, she could not help but remember the scene when the little man was still young when she coaxed him to eat. She used to coax Gou’er when she was a child, but suddenly she didn't know when he started to resist her, and he hated her most.

When she felt uneasy in her heart, she smiled and tried to take back the spoon she had handed.

Suddenly, he came together, took a big bite, and ate a spoonful of rice.


Looking at him chewing on the food with his eyes closed, she smiled suddenly and said, “Eat more if you like. Later, I will work hard to make money and scramble eggs for Gou’er every day."

After that, she secretly glanced at Xue Gouzi from under her eyelids. Seeing that he didn't show any displeasure, she couldn't help but feel relieved.

In fact, Zhao'er said this deliberately. The little man has always hated her running around most or learned to do business with people. For this matter, the two were unhappy many times, but she could not always stops going out to make money just because he was not happy.

She wanted to be rich, she wanted to have money for the little man to study, and not to compete with this group of stupid people. She thought a lot, and all of this required his support. After all, they are family, and now two of them are left in the second wife’s room.

But Zhao’er thought about it too. Even if he objected, she would do it.

Of course agreement is the best.

In this case, she couldn't help but say a few more words, “I just talked to grandma about the separation and was objected by the grandfather." Seeing what the little man wanted to say, she interrupted, "You listen to my me, I didn’t want to talk to you too much about some things. I always thought you are still young and I didn’t want to disturb you in studying. But what happened today, I can see that you have your own ideas. At home, if we can strive for, we should do. It should have been ours. We can't just give it to others so innocently. Even if we want to give, we have to be given a reason, and we don't have to be bullied by others like this! I’m not afraid of it. I found a business recently, and I can also put together the money that sent you to study. Having said so much, in fact, it ’s just to let you relax and don’t be afraid. If the sky is falling, and I will hold it for you. We don’t have the only solution. We have a lot of ways to go. It ’s a fool ’s job to have a contest with ourselves."

In fact, Zhao’er wanted to talk to Xue Gouzi long ago, but she also knew that the little man was a thoughtful man. She was afraid that he would think more. But she ever thought he still had thought more, and even had a disease. Today such a good opportunity, she made it clear.

Xue Gouzi looked at her.

This was not the same scene in his dream, because of his sudden outbreak, the Xue family was in chaos, and everyone in the family rebuked him, saying that he was not sensible, not thinking about his family, saying that he was not filial, and stunned Grandma. In order to protect him, Zhao’er quarreled with the whole Xue family, and finally the clan leader was involved.

Zhao’er disrespected his elders and made a mistake in speaking. She was beaten in public in the Xue family ancestral hall with five whips, and to warn others against following a bad example. And this matter was also suppressed by the clan leader. She didn't even have the ability to resist, so she was robbed of her own things.

Later, Xue Juncai went to the school in the town and was very proud. Everyone in the second wife’s room was completely disgusted by the whole family because of this incident, especially the eldest wife added fuel to the flames, so their life at the Xue family was not good.

No one at home helped them, even in the village. He couldn't even go to the private school because his uncle said that he was terrible and could not teach him. He also said that he had beaten his aunt. He didn't want to find anything to trouble his family.

At that time he was only fourteen. Even if he knew that some people were not good, he could not understand the maliciousness. Perhaps it is understandable, but the inferior root of human nature made him push the responsibility out subconsciously. He blamed Zhao'er on all his dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction, and even fate’s unfairness.

Even if later he knew that he was wrong to blame her, and he knew that he was wrong, but the misunderstanding was too deep. The two were moving away, and he had no face to explain it to her.

The author has something to say:

There are still some readers who are entangled with Xue Tingxiang’s story in the play.

First of all, Xue Tingxiang in the book did not die, and later he was reconciled with his son. Xue Tingxiang in this book is dead. Since Xue Tingxaing in the play was able to reconcile with Wang Mingsheng later, it shows that the so-called wife-killing and child-killing have other secrets.

Besides, how is Xue Tingxiang in the play hypocritical? He is not a good guy. He was able to stand for three dynasties, and he brought a group of official servants to fight against the Emperor, and ruled out dissidents. Only then did he have a grade in the official residence. The forces behind it were intertwined. he got stuck in everything, including river, rich businessmen in Jiangnan, smuggling by sea. He couldn't be a good person. But he is not a bad guy, and he has done many things that contribute to the society, otherwise his reputation outside will not be so good.

As for someone who thinks that he is an honest civil servant leader, it is funny. It must be your illusion. But if you can climb to the position of the first assistant and participate in the party battle, there is no pure and flawless. Especially as for the background of the Dachang Dynasty, its setting is that after Ming dynasty’s death and Qing people did not enter the border. The small civil service groups, the rich businessmen in Jiangnan, and the small family groups around the world jointly elected the most powerful and bravest Dachang Tai Zu ascended the throne at that time. Pros and cons all followed the last dynasty, so the civil service system can refer to the Donglin Party, but the Donglin Party has been suffered many crackdowns

Some things about Xue Tingxiang's last life will be interspersed to tell everyone. Don't worry. And the framework of this book’s background will slowly unfold with the advancement of Xue Tingxiang.

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