The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 23

After lunch, Xue family went to rest. Mrs. Zhou cleaned up and went back to the room.

When she entered the room, she saw the man leaning on the bed. Xue Qingbai had been working in the farm field all morning. He was really tired.

Seeing his wife coming in, Xue Qingbai said, "You must feel tired. Come and have a rest."

"No,  have been used to everything." As Mrs. Zhou said this, she took off her shoes and was on the bed. She sat with the crossing knee beside Xue Qingbai and pressed his calf like stone. She felt bad and said: "Just take care of yourself. If you can't do it, you can have a rest and nobody is pushing you to do it. By the way, what's going on about asking for help with farm work? Dad didn't mention it"

Xue's family has 30 acres of land, which is a huge load for the men of Xue's family. Even when Xue Qingsong was still alive, they also  needed to hire several helpers in the village every year during the busy farming.

All of them are neighbors in the village. They can't help them all the time. Helping ones in urgent need, rather than the poor. This principle makes sense everywhere. So the Xue family has always paid for the workers. It's an old tradition. It's supposed to happen a long time ago, but this year it's strange. It's going to sow soon, but Mr. Xue hasn't said about this.

When he mentioned this, Xue Qingbai was worried.

He hesitated for a moment and said, "I guess father won’t hire others this time."

"He won’t? Then how to handle this?" Mrs. Zhou's face looked worried, "exhaust us?"

Xue Qingbai thought for a while and said, "I think it's because the family can't afford the money."

Hearing this, Mrs. Zhou's face became more complex.

Xue Tao’er was in the inner room. She had heard from her father and mother for a long time. She couldn't help coming out of the room and said, "Dad, how can we not afford the money? A worker who needs 30 pennies a day and no meals, and  if we hire five workers at a time, then doing five or six days is less than one or two silver. Is money more important than people? Maybe it's because the eldest aunt made trouble before and grandpa wants to send Xue Juncai to school."

"Thirty acres of land, and three people do planting. All of this is because  Dad wants you to work all the time until you are dead!" Zhou's voice was filled with tears.

Although Xue Qinghuai, the fourth son, also helps with farming, he has a peddler's job. It's easier to be a peddler than to earn money from farming. How can the shrewd couple stop this business.

However, Mr. Xue's body is not as strong as it used to be. That is to say, Xue Qingbai is the one who plants the most of the 30 acres’ land.

"You are talking nonsense. Dad also plants. Maybe it's all my imagination. Dad is going to do it. "

Mrs. Zhou's mouth was filled with a sneer and she didn't speak.

Xue Tao’er's face was full of anger.

Xue Qingbai toughed his head uneasily, "OK, don't worry. I'll talk to dad about it later."

"Anyway, you're so tired of doing it yourself. If you are dead, leaving us lonely, how it will be? Think about after second brother and the second sister-in-law have gone, and what's the life of the Gou’er! Don't forget, Xue Qingbai, you also have a son! "

With that, Mrs. Zhou took his daughter into the inner room

This is the first time for virtuous Mrs. Zhou to say such cruel words in front of Xue Qingbai. At that time, he couldn't react immediately. It took a long time for his face to show some bitterness.


On the way back from the field in the afternoon, Xue Qingbai asked Mr. Xue to hire a short-term worker.

Xue Qingbai is used to being reticent in his family. He always works but doesn't talk. For the first time, he said this kind of offensive words in front of him. He was quite aware of his ideas, but he is especially uncomfortable.

Mr. Xue looked at his third son.

Compared with the eldest son and the fourth son, the third son is much older from the appearance. Although he was born tall and upright, he has many wrinkles on his face that don't match his age.

This is the result of long exposure to the sun in the farm land. The skin has been dried one layer after another. Only the lack of water all the year round can produce this kind of wrinkle, as long as it is the people who farm in the land all the year round.

His whole body is black and thin, because he had just come back from the farm land, his clothes are wet, and his face also has oil. Obviously, it's not march the season now, it’s March, and ordinary people need to wear lined clothes.

Mr. Xue's eyes are dark, and his back is bent down. He smiled bitterly, "I am so naive. I always think that our family is not well-off, and I can do some things by myself, but I forgot that people are not machine. I will ask if there are any people have time to hire."

Hearing Mr. Xue's words, Xue Qingbai was even more embarrassed. He put on his sandals, stepped on the ground and rubbed his hands, "Dad, if it doesn’t work, we'll do it first, and if we can’t handle, then we can hire others at that time."

Mr. Xue straightened up and said in a loud voice, "Hire. You take the cattle back. I will ask in the village immediately.”

When the sun was about to set, Xue Qinghuai came back from the outside with a shoulder pole.

As soon as He entered the gate, he ran into a few men in the village and said to Mr. Xue that they would come in the morning and come at the same time. After greeting each other, he put the shoulder pole in the warehouse and went back to the room.

When Mrs. Sun saw him coming back, he went to fetch water for him to wash body.

During Xue Qinghuai's washing, she pressed her voice and said, “Father came back from the land in the afternoon, and he went to the village to hire people. I guess it's the third daughter-in-law that can't help talking to him about this."

Xue Qinghuai rubbed his body and said, "We should have hired someone, if the third brother didn't say anything about it I would say, or we will be exhausted."

Mrs. Sun spat and said, "Don't have a hand in this matter. Just wait for it to be done. The third sister-in-law doesn't have some comments on something at ordinary times. But she has an idea in her mind. I have expected that she could not hold her thought to take the lead. Sure it is! "

"Look at what you said. Don't you love your man? Don't I have to work in the field?"

Mrs. Sun immediately stopped talking.

Xue Qinghuai glanced at her and said, "It's not that I am mean to you, but you should put your mind on the real things. The whole family should respect and love each other. Aren’t you tired?"

Mrs. Sun was angry immediately and said, "I want to be so tired? I don't want to offend your elder brother. I'm going to wait for Maodan to be two years older and beg him to teach him. Maybe Maodan has the ability to be a Tong Sheng or something. Naturally, I don't want to offend him

Xue Qinghuai didn't think so. "As for Maodan's study, you don't need to beg. When he is old enough, he can naturally go to the elder brother's private school."

Sun gave him a supercilious look and said, "Are you stupid or something? Is it the same with teaching with heart and not with heart?

Look at Juncai, and then look at Gouzi. They are also taught by the elder brother. Why does Gouzi learn less than Juncai?

Every teacher does not teach everything to common students. Is he not afraid to teach Gouzi to win Jncai?”

"But this time, Gouzi is the winner."

Mrs. Sun sneered, "Who knows what kind of luck he has gotten? He has been unlucky for many years, and he  won that day with good luck. Besides, even if Gouzi, if it's not the second brother and the second sister-in-law are not alive, the eldest brother will teach him seriously? And Shuanzi, who is the son of the third couple is enough old. Your elder brother always says he's stupid. In my opinion, in a few years, Shuanzi will also come back to help the family to farm. I don't want to see that Maodan comes back to work early and sell labor to others all his life. What’s more, others will also hate his stink of sweat."

Hearing this, Xue Qinghuai's face darkened immediately.

Mrs. Sun's words hit his mind. In fact, several brothers of the Xue family, except for the third brother Xue Qingbai, who is a little more dull, are all clever.

Xue Qinghuai is more than ten years younger than Xue Qingshan. When he knew the ways of people, his eldest brother was his father and mother's favorite son. He only read books in the house everyday and did no housework.

No one knows that Xue Qinghuai once wanted to go to school. When he was a child, he helped his family herd cattle. He took the opportunity to go to the private school in the neighboring village to overhear the teacher giving lectures to the schoolchildren more than once, but he knew that he could not be a student in the private school. His family had already provided one student, and could not afford another.

The second elder brother learned the craftsmanship of a carpenter early. The third elder brother concentrated on the farm land. But he didn't want to farm, so he chose to be a pick-and-go man. In fact, it's also good to own a skill, and it's a skill to live.

Many years have gone soon, he has a family. Will he let his son set foot on his own?

"I didn't mean to say that the eldest brother and sister-in-law are too crafty. That day, with the help of the Mr. Yang that he made trouble in the family and Juncai’s illness. Maybe your father might want to send Juncai to school, too. Otherwise, he would hire several workers. "

Xue Qinghuai suddenly came to her and said with a smile, "We don’t have so much money."

Xue's family is in the hands of the old couple, but as for food they get every year, rest food they can get after paying taxes, and the salary of his job, Xue Qinghuai knows in details.

In fact, if it's only to spend money for two children to study, it's enough for the Xue family, but there's also Xue Qingshan. Xue Qingshan went to Qinghe school for five years. After that, he always asked for some money from home, saying that he was going out to socialize. Every rich family could not keep the good condition because of his behavior.

"Without any spare money? Why can’t we sel the land. Land is also money! " Mrs. Sun replied at once.

Xue Qinghuai scolded her, "Don't talk nonsense, my father can't sell the land."

For farmers, the land is the dependence of the old generations. No one will not sell the land until someone is starving.

Sun sneered, "It is hard to say. I've known your sister-in-law and brother clearly in recent years. They are so sly. Do you think Mr. Yang made trouble for nothing? Just wait to see the big play. There are other tricks in the future."

Xue Qinghuai was a little fidgety, and he could not bear to say, "You are so annoying, and you can tell me something about the unseen."

Mrs. Sun glared at him with her eyes and said, "It's your family have so many thoughts and tricks. Do you think I'm willing to be so tired?!

What am I doing for? Not for you, but for our son! When can we be separated from this family? I am free, and you are free.

However, according to the present situation, I still have to endure. Since I am suffering, why am I not allowed to  say it. I talk, and you listen. Whether you like it or not.”

Outside, Mrs. Zhou called everyone to have meals, Mrs. Sun glanced sideways at her husband and went out, then Xue Qinghuai sighed.

Although Mrs. Sun has some defects, she is also a sensible woman. If she is also sly and petty, it's estimated that the family will be out of shape for a long time.

When eating, the atmosphere on the table is very dull. They just eat with their heads buried and don't talk.

Mrs. Zhao took a few bites, and suddenly put down her chopsticks and stood up.

"What are you doing? No more food? " asked Mr. Xue.

"I'll go to see Juncai. He's strong when he's small. This time, he's so ill that he can't eat in a few days. I'll cook him a bowl of egg noodles. You don't care about this grandson, I do!"

In the end, Zhao's voice could not hide her indignation. She felt the key at her waist and went to the inner room to get the flour.

Flour is the rare food in Xue's family. Mrs. Zhao usually locks it in the cabinet in the inner room.


Mrs. Yang hurriedly stood up and said, "Mom, please don't bother. What kind of egg noodles do you want to cook for him. This white flour is fine food. We haven't eaten it yet, so we don't have a reason to cook for him." She said to Mrs. Zhao in the inner room, looking at the others in embarrassment.

"I'll do it. Juncai is so ill. Eating a bowl of noodles with eggs makes sense. Who is disagree with it? Just tell me!"

Soon, Mrs. Zhao came out with a bowl in her hands. Mrs. Yang smiled awkwardly and hurriedly followed.

Dinner was soon over. Mrs. Zhou took Xue Tao'er to clean up the table. The others went back to their rooms.

In the kitchen, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law made a bowl of egg noodles, and Mrs. Zhao took it to the east room.

In the east room, Xue Juncai lives alone in the West of the room.

This was Xue Qingshan's study. Later, when Xue Juncai grew up, he set up a place for bed.

There is a room with a big bed beside the window. Next to the wall, there are bookcases, a writing desk and two chairs.

There are some calligraphy and paintings on the wall which were bought from the outside for hanging on to the lips of men of letters

On the bed, Xue Juncai was lying there with a pale face, and his lips dried up. Seeing Mrs. Zhao's coming, he hurriedly sat up on the bed and called “grandma”.

The cry of "grandma" made Mra. Zhao's tears come out immediately, stroking his head and saying, "Get up and eat the noodles. If you don't want to eat, you still have to eat some. Only when you are healthy can you have the strength to study."

Xue Juncai's face showed a trace of pain and whispered, "Even if I keep fit, I can't go to school any more."

Mrs. Zhao clapped him and said, "Nonsense, what are you talking about? And you have your father, how can you not go to school in the future? Hurry up and eat noodles. This is made by myself. It's very delicious with eggs inside. "

"Grandma, I am not filial piety, because I can't eat anything. As soon as I think about that I could have studied hard for a year, and then I'll become a scholar. And at that time, you, grandpa and father can be proud of me, but... "

Mrs. Yang stood aside and sobbed. Mrs. Zhao's was stabbed to the heart by this.

Xue Juncai is her first grandson and the grandson she brought up with her own hands from baby. She loves Xue Juncai so much all the time. The whole Xue family all know that Xue Juncai is Mrs. Zhao's sweetheart and treasure. Anyone will get in trouble if he or she makes trouble with Xue Juncai. If it has not happened the big trouble that she can’t take apart as a woman this time, no one knows the ending.

"You don't have to worry. There's always a way, and you should eat noodles first."


When Mrs. Zhao came back, Mr. Xue was sitting cross legged on the bed, smoking dry cigarettes. There was a water basin on the bed table, in which a bowl of rice is heated.

"Eat fast. What have you been doing for such a long time?"

Mrs. Zhao went to the edge of the bed and sat down, without any words. Seeing that she was still, Mr. Xue said, "What's wrong with you? Don’t eat any food??"

"What is wrong with me? You don't even care about Juncai. He's not your grandson, isn't he?"

She roared twice. Mrs. Zhao raised her corner and wiped her eyes. She cried and said, "You are so cruel.  You even prevent me to talk with Gouzi. But you think about Juncai. How filial he is. He is so sick that he still has a wish to be the home pride. You just live for your face. We can't decide who to spend our own money?

Juncai is good at learning. Everyone praises his success. The eldest son said that he has been studying in the school for about one year. It's no problem to be a scholar next time. Now it's all ruined by the little boy! I think that the two scholars are deliberately suppressing Juncai. The old scholar was invited by chieftain Zheng. Who knows who they're looking for... "

This made Mr. Xue worry.

He also talked with the patriarch about it, but the patriarch told him not to think much about it. But compared with Xue Tingxiang, who seems to have his ideas straightened out suddenly, Mr. Xue must prefers Xue Juncai.

This is a deep-rooted thought for many years. It is also because Xue Juncai is the eldest grandson and the person who will carry forward Xue family. Is it true that he will not go to school if he loses this time?

But it costs money to go to school. How does money come from?

Mrs. Zhao cried and complained, but Mr. Xue didn't speak, just smoked dry cigarettes more and more fiercely.

When he finished smoking a bag of tobacco leaves, he suddenly came to his senses. He threw the bag of tobacco at the foot of the bed, took off his shoes, and leaned sideways on the bed, "Go to bed!"

Mrs. Zhao was shocked by his actions, and she did not dare to speak again.


Dongliju bookstore, Mr. Chen turned over the stack of rice paper in his hand, feeling like a treasure.

"It's good. The words are better than before."

"Xue Tingxiang said modestly, “It's also because of too much writing. "

Mr. Chen told a Cai to go to the counter and take one silver for him.

"In a few days, the school will open. Don't forget the time. Don't forget six rites of worship. As for remuneration to teachers, if you don't have enough money, you can make up later."

Xue Tingxiang hasn't spoken yet. Zhao’er spoke already on the side, "Uncle Chen, don't worry. Qingyuan School is not Qinghe School that only wants money. We have enough money for remuneration to teachers."

Mr. Chen nodded and said to Xue Tingxiang, "As for me, there are many books copying jobs, and the price is good to you. You can take books back and copy it, or copy it in the shop. Of course, if you have free time, you can read the books here. "

"Thank you, uncle Chen."

"It’s no a big deal. I have to hire someone to copy anyway. Your writing is good. I've taken advantage of you." 

Mr. Chen is a sensible person. Only when he knows that all knowledgeable people have their own pride can he say that.

However, Xue Tingxiang actually remembered the kindness in his heart.

After that, he took a job of copying from Mr. Chen, and then stepped out Dongliju bookstore with a move.

As they walked along and out of the southward bazaar, he suddenly changed his way.

"What's the matter? Where are we going? "

Xue Tingxiang didn't speak either, just pulling Zhao'er away, until he got to the noodle stand where they had noodles last time, then Zhao'er understood.

"Boss, I'll take two bowls of Jiupian and more soup."

He chose a clean and empty table to sit down, seeing Zhao’er still standing, and pulled her to sit down.

"What else do you want to eat? I'll take you to eat. "

His expression is very serious, and Zhao’er was moved. She smiled and said, "You are a rich man now? So generous for me."

Xue Tingxiang's eyes darkened, but Zhao’er still said to him that he should save the money for studying to buy something.

After saying this for a long time, She didn't see any reactions from the little man, so Zhao’er just looked up to see him. As expected, she saw the little man was angry.

In fact, it is not clear for Xue Tingxiang to be angry. It may be a kind of expressionless face for outsiders to see. It's just that Zhao’er understands him so much that she reacts at once.

Looking at hi,. his lips were slightly pursed. His cheeks were puffed up a little bit unconsciously. He looked at her with a pair of swarthy eyes. It is true that he is angry!

"Why are you angry again?" Her voice was full of frustration.

He still didn't speak, and she could only come near and said, "What did I say to make you angry? Well, I am wrong. Are we alright?"

He chuckled, "I said I would earne money to bring you to eat something."

Is it because of this?

Zhao’er was still in a daze, he said again, "I am your man, It is nothing wrong for me to take you out to eat should."

After hearing that, Zhao’er almost  choked by her own saliva, and after a while, she continued to say, "Gou’er, what’s wrong? How can you talk about it?"

Xue Tingxiang narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at her, "Am I not your man?"


"Don't you think I'm your man?"

"Don't you really want to be my wife, anf that’s because there are other men in your heart?"

This series of questions directly let Zhao’er not know how to answer, and her mind was in a mess.

"Stop, what are you talking about!" She made great efforts to organize the language, and then said, "It's just  eating a bowl of Qiupian. How can we pull out so many things. Look, here comes Qiupian."

As soon as the voice dropped, the boss brought two bowls of hot and fragrant Qiupian.

"Don't move, don't move. Be careful. Please eat it slowly." The boss put down the noodles and said that there was garlic and vinegar on the table for adding and left.

"Eat it quickly. It's not delicious when it's pasted." As Zhao’er said this, she put some vinegar in one of the bowls and pushed it to Xue Tingxiang's front.

Xue Tingxiang likes to put some vinegar in his noodles, but not too much. He is afraid of acid, but not too little. It will not taste like vinegar. When Mrs. Qiu was still alive, she couldn't control his son's taste, but Zhao’er could make it right.

Xue Tingxiang likes this style for a long time, but when she died, he was not eat vinegar any more.

Because without the person who can help him put vinegar, he tried to finish it by himself, but every time he ended up with a sour ending.

Thinking about this, Xue Tingxiang suddenly calmed down.

She is not dead, in fact, it's not bad now. He will have a lot of time to let her understand that he is her man, not her little brother.

"You eat it, too." Xue Tingxiang took out two pairs of chopsticks from the bamboo tube and handed them to Zhao'er.

Zhao'er looked at him secretly and finally took a breath of relief. This strange temper is exactly the same as when he was a kid, and he did not change even he is an adult!

She thought helplessly and picked up the chopsticks and ate noodles.

After eating the noodles, Xue Tingxiang called the boss to account.

He handed one silver to the boss, who was embarrassed. It turned out that little silver was received from the small noodle stall. They used copper money to pay the bill. The boss had no change.

Xue Tingxiang was stunned, cause he forgot this.

Just when Zhao'er wanted to take out the copper coin and pay for it, he suddenly said, “Wait.” He took out a few eight copper coins from his belt.

It was on that day that he went to Dongliju bookstore for the first time, and Zhao’er gave him the copper coins before she left. He wanted to stand treat with the money he earned. But he finally used her money.

After leaving the noodle stand, Xue Tingxiang asked, "What else do you want to eat? Let's buy it."

Zhao'er took a surprise look at him and said, "Enough. I can't eat more."

He didn't speak, and he just went all the way to the eastern bazaar.

He bought some fruit in this shop,  and some oil cakes in that shop, in addition, they also bought some peanuts, kidney beans and so on. There were six or seven paper bags tied together, all of which were f,Zhao’er’s avorite.

With previous experience, Zhao'er is afraid to say that he spends money recklessly.

Zhao’er followed him with carrying these paper bags. It seems that the mood is strange, and an indescribable feeling spreads in my heart. 

For a while, she shook her head helplessly. 

What a child's temper! 

After supper, Mr. Xue talked to the three brothers of Xue family.

Mrs. Sun could tell that something would   happen, she found an excuse to stay. And Mrs. Zhou did not leave either. Mrs. Yang's sitting beside Xue Qingshan has not moved. 

As for the younger generation, they have all been back to the house. 

It's the custom of Mr. Xue to smoke a pot of cigarettes before he tells us something about it. 

"Dad, what did you say? Land for sale? " 

It's Xue Qingbai's voice. 

In the room, Zhao'er couldn't help but take a look at Xue Tingxiang when hearing the voice. Without speaking, they listened quietly in the room. 

In the principle room, Xue Qingbai said excitedly, "Dad, why are we giong  to sell the land. The land is the livelihood of farmers for the whole life, which is the support of generations. If the land is sold. How can we live? " 

Mr. Xue raised his hand and interrupted him, "Don't get excited, the third child. Let me finish my words. Here is my opinion." 

However, he didn’t continue speaking, instead of putting tobacco in the pipe again. After lighting ad smoking, he said, "I think Juncai is so hard. After learning for so many years, it's a pity that he stops. I want to send him to the school for one year, no matter how good or bad he has been for one year. Your eldest brother said that one year's study will bring him to the way of scholar. If Juncai is successes, we will have a better life in the future."

“What about Gouzi?”

“Of course he also goes to school.” From the beginning to the end, Mr. Xue had no idea that he would not let Xue Tingxiang go. The whole village are watching him, and he doesn’t dare  to contradict.

 "That's why I want to sell the land. Your know the situation of our family. It's hard to send one child. There's not so much money to send two."

After a while, he continued, "Not all of land will be sold, but only two acres can be sold, which is enough for Gouzi and Juncai to go to school for one year. We have so much land. It's not a big deal to sell two acres."

"But whether it's one or two acres, it i selling land. Dad, what should the villagers think of us then? " Xue Qingbai said.

"I sell the land for my grandsons to study, and I don’t care others." Actually, although Mr. Xue's words are so firm, he really cares for saying out of mouth.

In the country, selling land is a disgrace.

"Anyway, I told you about it. I'll find the sellers soon."

Seeing that Mr. Xue was so resolute, Xue Qingbai asked angrily, "We have ploughed the land. Now we are going to sell it. Our previous efforts are in vain."

"That's right, big brother. Father has to sell the land to send Juncai to study. Don't you say something?" Mrs. Sun pinched Xue Qinghuai a few times in the back but he didn't speak. Now he couldn't help making a sound.

Xue Qingshan said evasively, "However, isn't that father's idea?"

"Sister-in-law, don't you speak? The land is sold now, but we can't buy it back later. "

The land near Yuqing village has fixed quantity. These years, there are so many wastelands that were be reclaimed. However, the population is growing year by year. Whoever has land in his own house is reluctant to sell. Now when Mr. Xue said he would sell the land and let out the news, someone would come to buy it.

It's easy to sell but not for buying back.

Mrs. Yang lacked the power to reply, "The land is dead, but the people are alive. When Juncai becomes scholar, he can buy all land. Besides, it's my father's idea. I'm a woman and I can't comment at home."

Seeing that the eldest couple are sitting aside, they are speechless as if dumb chicken. Mrs. Sun's anger is blocked in her heart.

She sneered and said, "The eldest brother said that Juncai would become scholar only after one year's study. But he also said that he would. I haven't seen him did for so many years. If Juncai don't get one year's study, will he continue studying? If he will, do we need to sell more land?"

Xue Qinghuai pulled her and said, "What are you talking about?"

"What? Everyone in the family has to fall back to the eldest couple. Why? The third brother and our family are planting the land. You have to go out to sell goods every day. In a word, the eldest family doesn't have to do anything. When you need money, you can get effortlessly. If the Xue family don't have money, you will sell the land. This Xue family is more than the the eldest family!"

"The fourth daughter-in-law!" Mr. Xue patted the bed table.

Mrs. Sun waved Xue Qinghuai’s hand that held her away. She said in a sharp voice, "I'm fed up with it. I can be agree to sell land. Dad, however, let's talk clearly today. Not ro mention Gouzi. Although I'm petty, I also heard from my husband. At that time, the second brother earned money for his family by carpentry. Several acres of land in our family were bought by the second brother at that time. After the second brother and second sister-in-law died, Gouzi didn't spend much money at home.

"I don't argue against it if Gouzi goes to school, because that’s the whole family owed him. But let's talk about the eldest family. It is the old story that how much the eldest brother spent on studying. Now let's talk about Juncai. If Juncai doesn't have money to study today, we can sell land to support. Does it mean that if Maodan doesn't have money to go to school, we will also sell land to support!"

She didn't wait for Mr. Xue to speak, and then said, "By the way, not only  Maodan, but also the three brother's son, Shuanzi. All of them are grandchildren. They are equal. As long as today dad that he will support Maodan to go to school by selling land  in the future. I have nothing to oppose."

Mr. Xue was surprised to find that all the dry cigarettes had fallen out. The dark tobacco in the pipe rolled out, which made him clap his trouser legs.

He was so angry that he trembled and stared at Xue Qinghuai, "Qinghuai, Are you just standing there but no more words for you wife?"

Xue Qinghuai dragged Mrs. Sun to the their own room. But she struggled to stay. She sat down on the ground and said, "I'm waiting for my father to reply the answer today. Dad, you just say it clearly."

"What are you doing? Come back with me!" Xue Qinghuai roared and dragged her again.

Mrs. Sun clapped his hand, "You are coward, but I am not. Xue Qinghuai, are you a man? You work for your family as an old scalper. But you haven’t gain anything good. You can compare the clothes of me and the first sister-in-law. I am so regretful that I married you!"

As she scolded, she began to cry and shouted to Mrs. Zhou, "The third sister-in-law, would you like to go on living like this? I admit that it's not right that I usually bully you to work more. That’s because I'm so angry. Someone is the honorable young granny? But we are the old slaves. It's not fair! If she doesn't do it, I won't do it. But it's a matter of you and I today. Say something!"

Mrs. Zhou squeezed her lips tightly, and Xue Qingbai pulled her subconsciously, but he still didn't hold it.

She took two steps forward, squeezed the broken hair at the corner of her temples, and said with a low vision, "The eldest brother said that my son, Shuanzi was stupid, and I don't expect that he will be a successful man. I have only one demand. The fourth sister-in-law said that you should be fair for every child. If you really want to send a Juncai to go to school and sell land, father, you owe us a statement."

"What do you want? The land is all mine!" Mr. Xue's face flushed red.

"This is true, but it is Shuanzi’s father to plant. Shuanzi’s father has no skill, unlike the eldest brother who can read, unlike the fourth brother who sells goods. All he does well is using his strength to plant in the farm land, which is like a mother taking care of her baby. Dad said he would send Juncai to go to school, and he said that land would be sold, so don’t you consider the feeling of Shuanzi’s father?"

Xue Qingbai squatted down, grieved like a child. He said, "Daddy, the land can not be sold!"


"Of course, if you still want to sell, we can't stop it, but let's make it clear in advance. If you want to sell, you can just sell the land of the eldest brother. You can't sell the other three land."

Unlike Mrs. Sun, Mrs. Zhou's emotions are not excited, even extremely calm. She was able to say this, obviously thinking for a long time in her heart.

In fact, it is also true. In Zhou's mind, she knows that her son has no talent of studying. Since he can't go to school, he can only farm at home. The son will get a wife later, and the daughter will get married later, all of which need money, but the Xue family's money has never been spent on the other three rooms, all of which have gone to the eldest brother’s family.

As Mrs. Sun said, no one wants to be an old slave to serve others all her life, but after all, Mrs. Zhou is a daughter-in-law. She can't comment at all in the Xue family. But she is not a jelly fish. She also has her own ideas and thoughts. After so many years, she has endured too much and she's had enough. So she takes the opportunity to make things clear.

"What do you mean by that?"

Mrs. Zhou still hung his head, "I don’t  mean much. A family has so many members that should be broken up, and the trees are so high that should be trimmed. If the parents are alive, then the children should live together. We all know these principles. But sooner or later, this family has to be divided, even if it is not divided now, it will also be divided in the future. Since it is necessary to break up the four rooms, there is no one room for exclusive use.

"Since the fourth younger sister-in-law have said so much, I will not repeat it. Each room has its own children, and each of them is a small family. Besides, every small family has to support their families and establish their own businesses. Dad, if you want to support the eldest brother, even for Juncai, we have nothing to say for using the eldest brother’s family resource. The other three rooms are better not to move."

Mr. Xue laughed angrily, "You are trying to be the owner of this family. Your mother and I haven't died yet!"

Xue Qingshan stood out with a look of rage: "Third younger brother, why are still letting your wife fool around! What she's doing is being rebellious!"

Mrs. Yang also changed his character before, scolding Mrs. Zhou seriously, saying that she had instigated discord at home.

Mrs. Sun helped Zhou and said, "I agree with the third sister-in-law. I have no problem selling the land. If you want to sell the land, you can sell the eldest brother’s land. We won’t have other thoughts about how it."

"That's what you think, the third and fourth son!" As for the mess, it's hard to make anyone quiet. Mr. Xue seemed to be ten years older and asked Xue Qingbai and Xue Qinghuai.

"I... "

The two brothers looked at each other, but mumbled.

At this time, two people came in.

They are Xue Tingxiang and Zhao'er.

It's such a mess here in the principle room. They have been standing outside for a long time.

"Gou’er... "

Zhao’er didn't know what the little man wanted to do, so she couldn’t help pulling him. Xue Tingxiang gave her a soothing look, and then stepped forward and said, "Grandpa, I have something to say."

All of a sudden, his words attracted everyone’s attention.


"I just heard a few words outside. The third and the fourth aunt were right."

Not to wait for Mr. Xue to talk to Xue Qingshan, he said, "I am also studying, and later I will spend money at home. If there is enough money at home, it will be OK. But there is no money in the family. It's always a pity that eldest brother can;t continue after  many years; studying. But I also want to go to school, and I can't give up this place for someone else.”

"Shuanzi is eight years old and Maodan is four years old. You can't send the two old ones to study, but two young ones won't go to school. My aunt will be married soon. In another two years, sister Tao’er will be someone’s wife. They are all eager to use money. How can you tell who can use it or not? It's hard to avoid being unfair to those who can't use it. It's better to divide the family early than to have conflicts at home because of these things."

Hearing this, Zhao'er immediately stopped pulling Xue Tingxiang and stood behind him to listen.

Mr. Xue was about to say something when he was interrupted by Xue Tingxiang, "Grandpa, listen to me. There is a saying that there are parents in the village who don't separate their families. It's inevitable that outsiders will laugh at this time. But we can only separate family, but we still live together. Each room is in charge of its own money. As for others, it's just like usual."

"Who will plant the land, you?" Xue Qingshan looked at him with a sneer.

Xue Tingxiang smiled and said, "You can farm by yourself or rent. It can also be planted by grandpa, the third uncle and the fourth uncle as before. Those who do not work will give food or money to others who work. We also run at the price standard outside. No one will suffer any loss."

"Do you still want to go to the school in town? If we are separated, who will support you to study on money?"

This did not frighten Xue Tingxiang. He said with a light look, "Since we are all separated, naturally, we can't blame and bother each other!"

"You are so glib. And I don't agree with you!” Xue Qingshan scolded and said, showing his true nature.

He never thought that he was going to put pressure on Mr. Xue to find a way to send Juncai to school, which would turn into family separation.

Xue Qingshan has self-knowledge. He has never been farmed since he was a child. So did Mrs. Yang. She is is a woman. His son has to study. Who does the work belongs to them after family separation? What's more, he also casts greedy eyes on the money from the fourth brother. Otherwise, the small amount of money from the farm land is not enough for his own small family.

According to Xue Tingxiang, the eyes of Zhou and Sun are bright. Before that, they only wanted to sell land of the eldest family, but they never thought of this.

Zhou thought that she would be able to run his own family in the future. Sun thought that she would live a happy life by selling goods farming land.

Mrs. Sun clapped her hands and said, "Gouzi came up with a good idea. It's all inclusive. Nobody can say anything."

"Third and fourth son, do you think so?" In the same way, Mr. Xue has asked for the second time.

His two old eyes pressed on the following two sons. As long as Xue Qingbai and Xue Qinghuai did not agree, the women of the two families would not be able to decide anything.

"Qingbai!" Zhou looked at Xue Qingbai.

"Brother Huai! We are in charge of our own family. When we want to send Maodan to school, we will send him there. "

Both men were struggling.

For a long time, Xue Qinghuai wiped his face and stepped forward, "I think this method is not bad."

"The third son, how about you?" Mr. Xue  consciously clenched the pipe, clearly that pipe is very hot, he did not feel.

Xue Qingbai didn't dare to lift his head. His voice was like a mosquito chanting, "How about... I follow my wife this time."

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