The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 22

In the second couple’s house, Zhao’er got some hot water. After washing their feet, they went to bed.

Two quilts in the big bed were owned by each other. 

But Zhao'er couldn't sleep today. When she came back from the eldest couple’s room, her emotions became a little bit overwhelming.

She turned over and over again.

"You don't sleep?"

Originally it was said that it wouldn't be so early to go to bed, but both of them had been busy for the whole day, so after they put out the light,  they got on the bed. But there was moon outside, and the room was still vaguely visible.

Zhao'er sat up and leaned beside Xue Tingxiang's side.

"Gou’er, what do you mean when you scolded that old murderer just now?"

Zhao'er can and has scolded people, but she has never seen such a way of scolding. He just scolded Yang Zhong and made him angry. The whole Xue family didn't even know how to persuade him. In terms of Zhao’er, this is a great success of swearing. Does anyone can scold others without swearing?

She wants to learn this method. It's always useful.

Xue Tingxiang turned over and gave her a backbone.

Zhao'er poked his shoulder with his fingertips and asked, "What's the matter? Why are you angry again?"

He didn't move. Zhao’er moved a little further.

The two were separated by only one person apart and were thinly dressed when sleeping. Zhao’er leaned over, even though Xue Tingxiang gave her a backbone, he felt a stream of heat coming towards him, which was also mixed with a wisp of faint fragrance.

There was a strange soft touch on his shoulder, Xue Tingxiang stiffened his spine, and he listened to her words on his head, "Don't put that old man's words into your heart. The eldest aunt and the uncle are too sly to make  such a mess. Do they really think that Grandpa will regret it because of their trick? Even if the family doesn’t say anything, there are so many people watching outside, so don’t worry, you can still go to school.”

She was very close to Xue Tingxiang, and the heat of speech sprayed on the tip of his ear, making him shivering again and again. At the same time, a tingling sensation ran straight up his ears to his neck, causing a burst of unconscious trembling.

His breathing was tense, and he couldn't help turning over.

Zhao'er was still talking, but she didn't expect him to turn over suddenly, his face crashed into her arms.

Xue Tingxiang's brain was blank for a moment, and he fell back subconsciously. Obviously it is just a touch, but it clearly feels an amazing softness, and there are some protrusions faintly.

He thought of some situations in his dream, only felt that his nose was hot, and something seemed to flow out. 

"Are you okay?" Zhao'er heard a thud and saw him motionless. She thought he was hit by something. She was worried and came to see his face.

"You can stop panicking! Really. Come on, I will rub it for you."

He covered his nose with one hand and pushed her with the other hand, "I'm fine, it doesn't hurt." He quickly turned over and said, "It's not early, we should go to sleep."

"You haven't said that meaning to me yet!" 

"It means nothing, just let him look out himself!"

"Ah?" Zhao’er froze for a moment, and then said, "So that's what it meant. You can tell him directly, but why did you say too much."

He didn't answer, and Zhao’er lay down after sitting for a while.

"Okay, go to sleep quickly, I won't disturb you."


Yang Zhong stayed with the Xue family for one night and left the next day.

Because of the busy farming period, the Xue family recovered their previous work, and no one mentioned the previous matter. It seems that nothing happened at that night. 

Everything is so busy and full of peace.

One day, Xue Tingxiang and Zhao’er went to town early in the morning.

Unlike in the past, Xue Tingxiang wore a new dress today.

The clothes were made by Zhao’er overnight, because Mr. Chen said he would take Xue Tingxiang to Qingyuan School. This trip is very meaningful, so he cannot be as casual as it used to be.

The gray and blue cotton robe is made by Zaho’er imitating the town's students' shirts. Although the style is simple, it looks particularly straight and kimono after starched laundry.  Xue Tingxiang's body is thin and weak, but his shoulders are flat and his back is straight. Wearing this robe, he has a handsome temperament.

When he got to the place, Mr. Chen took Xue Tingxiang out, and Zhao'er stayed in Dongliju bookstore.

They went all the way to the east of the town. The longer they walked, the quieter the environment was. After a while, they saw a building with white walls and black tiles standing at the end of their sight.

Seeing Xue Tingxiang's eyes on the building, Mr. Chen said, "That's the Qinghe School." After a pause, he raised his hand and pointed to a building not far behind the Qinghe School, "That's the Qingyuan School."

Two people walked forward, and walked through Qinghe School, see this school is really unusual. The whole building has a magnificent temperament. The gate tower is tall with several gold characters on the plaque: "Qinghe School". Two black painted gates are closed tightly, and it seems like to express spirit of rejection.

"It is not late if you are changing your mind now," Mr. Chen said.

As they spoke, they crossed the Qinghe School and saw the courtyard which was obviously much worn. The courtyard is rigorous and simple, with clear white walls and gray black tiles. Even the door plaque is smaller. There are some old and simple words on it——Qingyuan School.

No matter where people looked from, It  was not as good as the Qinghe School. Standing under the gate plaque and looking at the words on it, Xue Tingxiang felt a peaceful atmosphere.

"Since I have come, I have no intention of regretting it."

Mr. Chen looked at him admiringly and went to knock the door.

Soon, an old man opened the door from inside.

He seemed to know Mr. Chen, and without asking too much, he led them in.

It seems that the school is not big, but it has everything that it should have. And it is the same as other schools.  After passing the wall, there is a lecture hall in the center, with two rooms on the left and right sides. On the left side, there is a shrine to worship the sage Confucius. On the right side, the room is the place where the teacher rests and stores books.

Behind the lecture room, there must be a sporting field, a test room, a kitchen, etc. Xue Tingxiang knows the pattern without looking at it. Because in his dream, he studied in the Qinghe School for several years, but the Qinghe School should be much more spacious than the Qingyuan School.

Mr. Chen led Xue Tingxiang to the right of the study, and went to a wing-room. He took Xue Tingxiang.

This wing-room is simple and elegant in layout. There is a big character hanging on the painting of the facing nave, on which there are several big characters of "peace and distance". In front of the words stood a thin middle-aged man in a dark blue scholar's shirt and a square scarf.

When he heard the sound, he turned around and saw that his eyebrows were like willows, his face was thin, and he had several locks of beard. He is a very serious and rigid person in appearance, but his eyes are quiet and deep, obviously he is a man with great wisdom.

This is Lin Miao, the master of Qingyuan School.

"Brother Anqi, I've come to harass you again," Mr. Chen said with a smile.

“Brother Mozhi.”

Lin Miao smiled, obviously he has a good relationship with Mr. Chen. They greeted to each other. Mr. Chen pointed to Xue Tingxiang and said, "This is the young boy I told you."

Lin Miao looked over.

Xue Tingxiang had a wide range of knowledge. He had seen all kinds of people in that dream. Even the noble men, but he felt a sense of respect.

"Master, it is my pleasure to meet you," he closed his hands and bowed to Mr. Lin.

Lin Miao nodded, "Since you are here, just stay. The school will open ten days later, and you can come here at that time."

"Thank you, sir."

Mr. Chen took a look at Lin Miao. He seemed to have something to say. Seeing that, Xue Tingxiang said that he was going out for a walk. And he avoided going out.

After Xue Tingxiang went out, Mr. Chen said, "Brother Anqi, don't you believe in my vision? I have watched these days. He has a calm mind, and he is diligent and hardworking. Besides, he has a lot of talent in studying. He is only short of a good teacher now. If he has a good teacher to instruct him, he will have an bright future."

The reason why Mr. Chen said that is  Lin Miao's performance was too dull. He thought that Lin Miao loves good calligraphy. As for Xue Tingxiang's calligraphy and his advice, he had to be Xue’s teacher.

This student is different from other students in the school. He is capable of achieving profound knowledge or technical attainments. As the saying goes, one day as a teacher and a father for life. A young child has more than one teacher from the beginning of primary school to the end.

At the time of enlightenment, it is called Meng Shi, which means that the teacher of enlightenment. Ye Shi is the teacher of teaching, also known as Jing Shi. Teaching someone must teach him or her the real knowledge and other learning. It is very important for a student to teach his or her knowledge. In addition, there are other teachers, such as Ren Shi and Zuo Shi 

As Mr. Chen said, "To be your student", a teacher is more like a combination of a Zuo Shi and Ren Shi for students. He should teach them not only knowledge on the books, but also how to be a human being. Different from treating ordinary students, teachers should cultivate them carefully, which is regarded as inheriting their everything.

Of course, students have to pay relatively, to obey “one day as a teacher and a father for life”. This is better than the father-son relationship. Nowadays, it is very popular in scholars. However, the complex relationship among scholars has gradually developed into a towering tree that it is hard to move.

Lin Miao chuckled, "You really value him."

Mr. Chen smiled, "If I am not concerned about you, how do I have the leisure to mind your business? Don't forget the October competition. If Qingyuan School loses again this year... "

Mr. Chen didn't say the next words, and Lin Miao understood what it meant.

He sighed: "Everything is determined by the destiny. If it is so, it is impossible to force it."

Mr. Chen shook his head and stamped his feet, "Oh, how can you be so annoying? Your character is almost your biggest disadvantage. You talk about the way of a gentleman with others, but they never follow you. It's been defeated by that villain year after year. Now there are no good young people willing to come here to study. What should you do in the future?"

"You don't understand, brother Mozhi.”

"Yes, I don't understand. I only know that if it goes on like this, the good reputation of Qingyuan School will be ruined by you."

After speaking, both of them were silent.

Lin Miao's was tired. Mr. Chen seemed to know that he had spoken the wrong words. He slowed down his tone and said, "I can't change you. Anyway, I brought you this good student. I really look forward to this child. As for the rest, you can do it yourself."

Lin Miao nodded and said, "Brother Mozhi, thank you. But the matter of accepting students will be discussed later. You don’t have to worry about it. Since he entered the Qingyuan School, I would teach him carefully."

Mr. Chen also understood what is his annoyance, but he didn't force him to do something. After the two talked for a while, Mr. Chen left.

When boss Chen came out of the wing-room, Xue Tingxiang had just returned.

He was led by managerial staff to stroll around the school hall. It can be seen that the school hall has a long history. Many of the paint on the buildings have peeled off, but the flowers, plants and trees can be seen as elegant.

It's like a place of studying, unlike the Qinghe School, which has a copper smell everywhere.

They left together. Xue Tingxiang asked Mr. Chen about remuneration to teachers on the way.

After asking, he learned that the remuneration to teachers of Qingyuan school is very cheap. Apart from the traditional six manners of worship, only one grain of silver are needed a year.

As for the ceremony of filial piety for teachers at ordinary times, it only depends on the family background and mind, it doesn’t matter whether to send it or not. In addition, you can choose to live in dormitory or not, but you have to join the morning reading every day. As for the meal, you can choose to bring your own meal, or you can choose to pay a certain amount of money every month, which can be supplied by the school. It is negotiable.

Unlike the Qinghe School, which forces students to live in the dormitory, and it is only for charging  the fees of accommodation and meals.

According to Mr. Chen, in the past, when Qingyuan School was subsidized by the imperial court, one  grain of silver were not charged every year. But the subsidy was lost later, and several scholars and workers in the school had to support their families before they could charge the money.

Mr. Chen said in exclamation, and Xue Tingxiang also exclaimed.

In his dream, Xue Tingxiang had been studying in Qinghe School for three years. If he had known that there was Qingyuan School, Zhao'er would not be busy for his tuition fee. At that time, he would not be so desperate when he was abandoned by his family, and he would not have spent three years in Qinghe School meaninglessly.

Fortunately, the reality and the dream finally deviated. Inexplicably, Xue Tingxiang felt relieved.

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