The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 5

After breakfast, the men of Xue family wen to the farm land.

Xue Qingshan went outside, too. However, the destination was not farm land, but the town. It is said that the elders of a classmate's family in the town celebrate birthday.

Now it's busy with the farm, and there are not many schoolchildren in the school. This is the case with private schools in the countryside. Every two seasons when the farmers are busy, the school children will be on holiday, so Xue Qingshan has also been quite relaxed recently. But no matter where he goes, no one cares about him. When the school is on vacation, he just often disappears a few days.

Zhao’er washed the dishes and chopsticks used by the little man and took them back to the kitchen. Zhou is cooking pig’s food, and Tao'er is sweeping the yard. Seeing that she had nothing to do, she recruited Heizi's food bowl and scooped a bowl out of the leftovers that she was going to mix with pig grass. Then she walked out the door.

Zhou looked at her back and said nothing.

The leftovers are for Heizi. This is how the country dogs. The host eats good food, and the dogs just can eat leftovers. When the host eats not well, the dogs usually go hungry. The dogs in the country are used to starving. However, it's rare for Heizi in normal times. Whatever is good or bad, Zhao’er should always give him a bite of food.

Occasionally there are extra meals, of course, these are not visible in front of others.

Anyway, Zhao saw Zhao’er picking food from her pig's mouth and giving it for her dog!

She saw this scene when she lifted her foot out of room. Her old face was pulled down immediately, but she didn't criticize her. She stood in front of the door and shouted in the direction of the kitchen, "Let you feed the pig. You ’re good. Take the food to the mouth of dog. Such a big person  but useless. You just eat in vain.”

This clearly means that point at one but abuse another.

Zhou did not speak. And Tao'er, who was sweeping the yard, looked up at the grandma and just born everything. Zhao did not point out the full name. Who knew who she was scolding, if she stepped in to intervene, she would only be transferred to be scolded.

These are all lessons learned.

As soon as Zhao’er walked to the door of the courtyard, she heard such a scolding, and she did not show any weakness. She turned and looked at Zhao with a smile, "Grandma, are you scolding the third aunt? But it was too wrong. You should scold me. This leftover is mine. I plan to give it to Heizi. I don’t think he is not easy either. He always goes back home with a rabbit. You can’t do something that you want to do with the cattle, but do not graze the cattle, am I right?”

Zhao stared at Zhao’er angrily, and she knew that this girl was not easy, so she would scold Zhou, but she didn't expect her to be forward. Before she wanted to say something, at this time, several women who passed by in front of the hospital, smiled and said, "I saw the people of the Lianxing family are so energetic early in the morning."

Someone interrupted, "Don't talk, Zhao’er was right, how can you let cattle work but not graze?"

"Yes, Mrs. Zhao, it's almost enough. The big black dog in your family, whoever doesn't like it in the village. At this time there is almost no rabbits in the wilderness,  but he can also pick up rabbits. How clever he is! Usually In the summer and autumn, there are not many voles, wild rabbits or pheasants, but he also pick up them to the house by himself. If you don’t like Heizi, just give him to me, because your uncle Shouxin has long been in love with this dog."

This woman is an aunt of Mr. Xue, who is known as aunt Shouxin. Although she was ten years younger than Zhao, she has a high reputation.

There are more than 200 households in Yuqing Village, with Xue and Zheng as the big surnames, and another dozen households are various surnames. So all of them are so inevitable that all households are affixed with relatives. But relatives are relatives, and when it comes to being younger than others, you have to respect him or her, so when the aunt Shouxin talks about it, she tells in the tone of the elder.

Zhao was speechless by this remark, not to mention that she was scolded, but it really made her reluctant to give Heizi to others. As these people have said, Heizi usually takes some wild animals to his home. Regardless of the size, he is a meat anyway. It is not easy for the country people to eat  meat.

She didn't speak with a unhappy face, but Zhao’er was in front of the door and said, "Seventh grandma, this is not possible. Heizi is my lifeblood. You're going to run my lifeblood. I can't live."

As soon as she said it, she smiled and said some witty words. She immediately made Auntie Shouxin laugh. She pointed at her and said to the people nearby, "Look at the naughty girl, you are not polite at all. OK, fine, I don’t want want your dog, or it will take the lifeblood of my Zhao’er."

All in all, Zhao’er sent these women away with a smile, and then turned back to feed Heizi.

Zhao stared at her, turned to enter the room, just raised her feet, heard someone behind her call her.

"Mom, why are you standing here?"

She was Xue Cuiping, Zhao's eldest daughter. She came back.

Xue Cuiping looks like Zhao, but she has a pair of big apricot eyes. In her twenties, she was dressed in a blue and white jacket, with a pair of wide leg pants in marmalade red underneath. Holding a bamboo basket in her hand, she covered it with cloth and couldn't see what was in it. She was looking at Zhao in confusion.

This really means that speaking of the devil and he is sure to appear. The old man explained before, Zhao is planning to send a letter to Shangshui Village, which saves a lot of trouble.

The mother and daughter walked into the room while talking, and soon disappeared behind the curtain of the front door.

Zhao’er squatted there to watch Heizi eating, touching his head, but she was a little curious about how the first aunt came back when it is busy with the farm.


"That's not okay, mother, you make me poke my backbone!" Xue Cuiping stood in the first wife’s room after listening to Zhao's words.

Zhao's hand stretched out to pull her, and at the same time, she gestured to keep her quiet, so as not to be heard.

"Why? How it can’t work? You are Gouzi’s aunt, and you and you second brother were so close when you were a little girl. If the family says that the child is willing to listen to someone, it is estimated that it will listen to you.”

Zhao's remarks are actually true. Xue Cuiping was good with her second big brother Xue Qingsong when she was a child. She got along well with Qiu when she was not married. When Xue Gouzi was born, she hugged him a lot.

Xue Gouzi has been shy and restrained since he was a child, and since his parents went away, he was silent and gloomy. He often didn't say a word for ten days and a half month. He liked his aunt Xue Cuiping than other members in Xue family.

“But...” Xue Cuiping's face was full of embarrassment, and she secretly said in her heart that she shouldn't come back this time. She never thought that she had not finished the task of going back to her mother's house, but she had such a mission.

"Don't forget that your son Xingzi came to our private school. Your eldest brother didn't care about your money. Now that your big brother needs your help, why do you want to ignore it? If Juncai is good, then your brother will be OK. His son is promising. Can you still suffer?"

"Why don't you tell Gouzi yourself?"

Zhao has never been a patient person. To be able to speak in such a gentle tone is to see Xue Cuiping is her daughter. Seeing her daughter's unwillingness, she said to her again, and then burst out, "If I can tell him directly, still needs you? Your mother can say this kind of words? If we let outsiders know, what is it?"

Xue Cuiping was already upset by her mother-in-law's relationship. Seeing that her mother scolded herself, she immediately became annoyed, "So you want me to do that just because I'm the outsider and asked me to be the villain? Even if it's known by outsiders, it's my fault. My second brother and his wife are all dead. How can you go and force a child!"

Seeing her daughter's voice grow louder, Zhao was afraid of being heard, and she pulled her fiercely, scolding, "Are you afraid that people will not hear?"

Naturally, Xue Cuiping did not want to argue with her mother, and she grumbled unwillingly, "In my opinion, this matter shouldn't be the you and the father’s business, let the eldest brother or sister-in-law handle this. The bad things are done by others, but their family is clean. How could this be done!”

"Why do you want to involve your elder brother in this mess? Your elder brother is a earned man and needs a decent reputation. Besides, he is ashamed of his second little brother and can't do such a thing.”

Xue Cuiping's lip flicked, and she held back her words that she wanted to say.

If he is really ashamed of the second brother, will he still make trouble? In fact, in the past few years, Xue Cuiping has also seen through the heart of this big brother. If the eldest sister-in-law is an insincere person, the big brother is also not good. The bad things aren’t belong to them but let others do it. It is obvious that their family has benefited, but they are still pretending to be innocent.

But knowing what to do is useless, she is a married woman after all, she can't shake the eldest brother’s deep-rooted importance of her father and mother. As long as this value is not broken in one day, the family will always give priority to the eldest brother’s family. In particular, she also has her own selfishness and her own last resort, so even if she knows something happening in her family in the past two years, she can only ignore her conscience as invisible.

She pursed the hair that had fallen on her cheek and said, "Mom, let's not talk about it. I'm here to borrow some wheat seeds. You know my mother-in-law's disease. Last year, because she was in a hurry to raise money for medicine, she didn't leave any seeds..."

Before she had finished sentences, she was interrupted by Zhao.

Zhao clapped her twice, "Again? Do you think your mother's family is so rich or something? The Liu family  just let you come back as a daughter-in-law and dig for your mother's house? What about the men  his family?"


Zhao scolded, "Liu family's morons, they all bring ill luck, and they are a group of incompetent cowards, even the mother-in-law can't raise well...” Seeing Xue Cuiping crying, she beat her twice again angrily. The she said, "go and do that thing, or I will not give you wheat seeds."


“Just do it! Hurry up!”

When he heard the aunt came back, Xue Gouzi felt a sense of destiny.

Later, when Xue Cuiping opened the curtain with a smile and walked in, he had no feelings of sadness.

When Xue Cuiping was talking, Xue Gouzi was not actually listening. He was just thinking about the strange things in dream and reality.

Xue Tingxiang also experienced such an scene at that time, after his father and mother died, he felt resentful to the Xue family in his heart. And these complaints accumulate a little under the hypocrisy of the eldest aunt and the acquiescence of the family. Until this time, he had the last hope in his heart, but even the closest aunt was on the opposite side. He was completely desperate and collapsed. He changed his silence earlier and chose to burst out.

In fact, for the eldest aunt, and even the whole Xue family, have been always waiting for him to burst out. As long as he begins, then all the wrong things will belong to him. He has no ability to resist, and these people are all his elders, so his anger and unwillingness are all strangled in the swaddle.

This time, what happened in his dream happened again? What should he do?

Xue Cuiping was still talking. She could see that she has a little guilty in front of the pale and weak nephew. But these feelings were hidden behind her opening and closing mouth. Xue Gouzi's eyes were indifferent, but there was someone beside her who couldn't help it.

Zhao'er's face was very ugly, but she still forced a smile and said, "Auntie, you can see Gouzi has been ill for many days, and he is just getting better. He's off color. If there's anything, we'd better talk about it later."

In fact, Zhao'er knows that this day will come sooner or later, or she wouldn't work hard to earn money recently. But when the malice between the relatives is approaching slowly, and this poor man is her own little man, so Zhao’er can't ignore.

She knew that it was relatives who hurt the most. She suffered this kind of pain. When her mother died, she promised her that she would take good care of the little man. She swore.

At this moment, Zhao'er's eyes are sharp. It's a sign that the mother beast is close to madness.

Xue Cuiping was frightened by the things in Zhao'er's eyes. She subconsciously shook her head and smiled uncomfortably. She didn't believe that a girl's eyes can bee so scary.

“Zhao’er, the auntie is enlightening Gou’er, and she is just for Gouzi and this family...”

“Auntie.” Suddenly, Xue Gouzi said something.

He interrupted Xue Cuiping's words also interrupted the outbreak of Zhao'er at a critical point.

Xue Cuiping turned to look at him quickly and said, "Gou’er, I tell you..."

"Auntie, I haven't understood what you said for a long time. What is family first? How does Kongrong share the pears? What do my elder brother need me to do? Auntie, you don't know what the elder brother has---Everything. Grandparents, the eldest uncle ant aunt also love him. The pen, ink, paper, and inkstone were all bought the good ones. Every time he practices writing on paper, I could only use branches to write on the sand. The paper I use occasionally was still the most inferior in quality. The ink on the paper is printed immediately."

“Big brother has a lot of books. I only have one—Instructions for Preschool Education. I still bought it after my father did a few months of carpentry. I know that I am not as good as my eldest brother in studying. So I dare not ask for the same as him. I have nothing, I really don’t know what I have can give him."

Xue Gouzi's eyes were radiant, with a kind of incomprehension and doubts that were not familiar with world affairs. The envy in his expression implied inferiority complex, and there was some sorrow in his inferiority complex.

In particular, he was recovering from a serious illness, and his was pale and  so thin. Such words really made other people sad.

These words made Xue Cuiping speechless, distressed and guilty. She felt that she had no dignity to meet second brother and second sister-in-law, even if she is dead. But the situation at home is urgent. There is no seed during spring cultivation, and wheat seedlings are not cultivated in time. If she misses this season, the whole family will be hungry this year.

She immediately hardened her heart and licked her lips and said, "Aunt is talking about going to the academy in town. You see your brother Juncai is better than you at school. He is at the critical moment. You should give away. Anyway, you are one year younger than him, and it is not too late to go next year."

Zhao’er suddenly turned around and picked up the stick behind the door.

At this moment, Xue Gouzi said again, "Why should I give this quota away for him? Shouldn't I have to go? The uncle asked you to come? Did he forget my father's words before he died? I understand. Treating me as his own son is fake... "

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