The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 21

What's benefit for going at this time?

There is vigilance in the eyes of Zhao’er.

Xue Tao’er ran over and whispered, "It is the father of the eldest aunt that  wants to talk to the Gou’er."

Xue Tingxiang also heard the movement outside in the room and came out.

"Don't go, I'll refuse the order." It's not good for Yang Zhong to find the little man. Because of his old age, he likes to order others to do something. And Xue Juncai is his grandson. That must be a pitfall when he goes, especially an unhappy thing happened before.

"It doesn't matter."

After hearing this, Zhao’er froze for a moment, and Xue Tingxiang just remembered that he would never talk like this at ordinary times.

He smiled and said, "It's OK. Are you afraid that he will eat me?"


At this time, Xue Tingxiang had already crossed her to the principle room, and she could only follow him hurriedly.


Here in the room, they were drinking. Yang Zhong's white, chubby face was flushed. He was slightly drunk. Mr. Xue's face was black and red. It's red in the light. Xue Qingshan also sat beside him. There were Xue Juncai, Xue Qingbai and Xue Qinghuai.

Women are not on the table.

Seeing Xue Tingxiang coming in, Yang Zhong said, "Our little talent is here. Come and let me have a look."

He beckoned, but didn't take himself as an outsider. When Xue Tingxiang came near, he looked up and down with a pair of drunken eyes. He said, "I don't see anything changed. How can you become so promising?"

The words were sarcasm, and when they heard them, they calmed down immediately.

Xue Qingshan focused on eating food, and seemed to not hear it. Xue Juncai seemed to be sitting on the edge, but he looked here intentionally or unintentionally.

The rest of the Xue family were a little embarrassed, especially Mr. Xue, his face was a little stiff, but he bit his tongue. 

When Zhao’er was about to speak, Xue Qinghuai suddenly stood up and and picked up the wine bowl with a smile, " Senior Yang, I have to propose a toast to you. This wine was made by my father, and most people cannot drink it. This is specially prepared for you."

Yang Zhong looked at Xue Qinghuai with a smile but without any ambiguity. He picked up the bowl and drank it  all and ate a few dishes. Taking advantage of the moment, Xue Qinghuai gave Zhao'er and Xue Tingxiang a quick look and asked them to leave quickly.

Xue Tingyan, with a slight sigh with a slight smile, planned to leave with Zhao’er, and heard from Yang Zhong before stepping forward.

"What's wrong with this? Why are you going to leave before the elders have finished speaking? Although I am not your grandfather, but also your elder. Are you not taking me seriously, or what?”

That was too wrong. When Zhao’er was about to say something, Xue Tingxiang pulled her.

He stepped forward and put on a respectful appearance and said, "Since elder Yang has some instructions, I will listen," he paused,  said, "it's just that you are also an intellectual. I think you must know the reason why we should not talk about anything offensive."

"According to the meaning of you, as an elder, I can't comment you, a junior?"

The mouthful of wine rushed toward Xue Tingxiang's face, which was also mixed with a strange smell and various dishes.

Xue Tingxiang couldn't avoid it, and calmly nodded, “Of course."

“Hey! Look! This is really different."

Yang Zhong pointed Xue Tingxiang a few times with his finger, and looked at the rest of Xue family with a smile, the wicked first complained: "Mr. Xue, is this your family's tutor?"

It is clearly that Yang Zhong is here to make trouble, naturally, for Xue Juncai. Before returning from chieftain Zheng’s home, Mr. Xue estimated that the eldest wife must be in trouble, but he didn't expect that Yang Zhong would come.

In fact, how could the eldest couple quarrel with Mr. Xue? After all, before that, they had vowed to say who won and who lost, and don't complain about it. At this time, if they break their words, it will embarrass themselves. And Yang Zhong, as the grandfather of Xue Juncai, is the most suitable person who helps him to turn the tables. It will be good if it is successful, but if it is not, it will not damage the relationship.

"Mr. Yang... “

Grandpa Xue was about to speak when he was interrupted by his voice.

"Although my parents died, there are also grandfathers, uncles and other elders of the Xue family. Even if there's something wrong with me, it's impossible for outsiders to give directions here. Although you are closely related to my family, you are not the real member of the Xue family. So maybe you don’t have some rights to scold anyone in the Xue family.”

Because there are guests in the room, it's rare to light a candle, which makes the room bright.

The young man standing in the middle was thin and thin, but tall and tall. He was dressed in a shabby suit, and his sleeves and lapels were a little white, but he made people feel an inviolable momentum.

"Is this your way to be a guest? If Xue family go to your house to be a guest someday, and also criticize the Yang family. I am sure that you will not be angry. After all, it is impolite not to reciprocate. Grandpa always tells the younger generation about Mr. Yang’s good reputation. I always think you are a scholar who is respected by the younger generation. But now, it seems that I am wrong!"

“You... ”

There was a silence in the room. No one expected that Xue Tingxiang would criticize Yang on the spot regardless of manners of politeness.

Xue Qingshan didn't eat any food either. Suddenly, he felt awkward.

But he didn't stand up to speak for his father-in-law. Xue Tingxiang's words implicated too much, which pulled on the dignity of Xue's family and even the forefathers of Xue's family. If he spoke for it, it would be in accordance with the fact that the Xue family's dignity could be trodden on the ground by the Yang family.

In particular, it was not in line with his plan.

Yang Zhong's face turned red and his lips trembled with anger, "You little boy, you how do you dare to teach your elders a lesson."

"No! The superior man is harmonious but different, while the mean man is not. I was just telling the truth. Yuo’d better be careful in your words and deeds, which is a gentleman's watch."

This is to teach Mr. Yang by the words of sages!

Yang Zhong laughed angrily and pointed at him with his finger, "Good, it's amazing. After studying for several days, you are different. You really think it's Do you think you are terrific after winning Juncai today? You're crazy."

"The gentleman has no quarrel with others. If it must be said that the gentleman has a dispute, then it is probably about archery."

This sentence comes from the chapter Ba Yi of “the Analects of Confucius”. It roughly means that a gentleman is indisputable about anything. If there is any dispute, he must uphold the principle of a gentleman. It is a gentleman's dispute to be humble and peaceful. Rather than having to scramble to be red-faced, like a black-eyed chicken, there is a loss of grace.

It is not only talking about being a person, but also about handling issues by using saints to ridicule Yang Zhong for not having the elder’s demeanor and metric. in order to protect his grandchildren, he would make trouble for the younger.

There were only four scholars, the others were all confused, only to see that Xue Tingxiang did not fall behind, but Yang Zhong was so angry.

Even if Yang Zhong was in desperation, Xue Qingshan and his son couldn't help but wonder.

Although Xue Tingxiang has studied the Four Books, he only knows a little and doesn't understand the meaning of it. But just now he said two sentences, all of which are from the the Four Books. If he didn't know the meaning and righteousness, how could he bring them out to criticize others.

Is there anyone who taught him secretly? No wonder his performance today was so unexpected.

At this moment, there are other changes in the room.

It was Yang Zhong who stood up in anger that wanted to teach Xue Tingxiang a lesson, but was stopped by Mr. Xue, Xue Qinghuai and Xue Qingbai.

"Well, you little boy, you are so young but to learn how to scold."

"A gentleman does not use water as a mirror, but uses others as a mirror. When using water as a mirror, you can see the appearance, while when using people as a mirror, you can know the right and wrong. Maybe Mr. Yang can not get the meaning of this sentence."

Xue Tingxiang smiled. It was clear that there was nothing wrong with that smile, even a little shy. He was polite when he spoke, but it made others feel a little ironic.

"I know you are scolding. I have to teach you a lesson today!" Yang Zhong struggled to raise his hand, and at this moment, a loud rumbling sounded in vain.

"Mr. Yang!"

It was Mr. Xue.

"Mr. Yang, I respect you, but this is the Xue family!"

Mr. Xue's face was very unfriendly. He just tolerated Yang because of the identity of him. But what Xue Tingxiang said was right. There was a large number of people in the room, all of whom were surnamed Xue. There was no reason for Mr. Yang to criticize them.

It doesn't matter how the family makes trouble, but outsiders shouldn't intervene.

There was silence in the room, only the gasping voice of Yang Zhong.

Xue Qingshan stood up when a stool fell to the ground.

At this time, Mrs. Yang, who had been hiding in the room, ran out and said angrily, "Dad, what are you doing! How can you drink some wine and start to create trouble? "

She explained to the angry Mr. Xue, "Dad, please don't blame him. My dad is this kind of person. Especially when he starts drinking. Alas, Dad, what are you making trouble with?" Seh went to complain about Xue Qingshan, "Juncai's father, you too, why don't you stop him? Now it becomes this bad ending."

Yang Zhong said, "I make trouble, what did I make? Xue Lianxing, don't forget what you promised me. Juncai is your eldest grandson, so you are going to give up his future?"

"Dad, please don't say anything. I'll help you to rest."

One on the left and the other on the right, the couple helped Yang Zhong out. Yang Zhong seemed to be really drunk, and shouted something about really giving up and so on. He stumbled and was helped out by the couple.


Because of this, the whole family was very quiet.

Mrs. Zhou originally called Zhao'er and Tingxiang to eat dinner. But they said they had eaten, and then they went back to the house.

At the table, only half of the food was eaten, and Mr. Xue sat alone eating food and drinking wine, which no one dared to disturb him.

Mrs. Zhao hided in the inner room. She usually yells at Mr. Xue. But when he is really angry, she doesn’t dare to be involved in.

Xue Qinghuai went to the table and sat down, saying, "Dad, time is late. You should have a rest earlier."

Mr. Xue nodded, but when he put down his chopsticks, he sighed again.

Xue Qinghuai couldn't help persuading, "Dad, don't think too much about it."

"Look at the eldest couple. Why don't they remember to be grateful? The second one has only died for a few years. Even if the child is not sensible, it's not necessary for them to do that."

Xue Qinghuai understood what his father meant, but he was not easy to persuade him, so he could only say, "Maybe elder brother and elder sister-in-law didn't know that Mr. Yang would make such a fuss."

Grandpa Xue groaned and said nothing.

"But Gouzi didn't suffer any losses. You see, he gave the eldest wife annoyance."

Hearing this, Mr. Xue couldn't help but frown and say, "He has followed his father."

Xue Qingsong is such a man. He is usually silent. Don't make him anxious. Or he can surprise everyone.

"It's getting more and more difficult for all of us to have a good and peaceful life." Mr. Xue lamented that maybe he  drank some wine, and his mood was extraordinarily leaked.

Xue Qinghuai didn't speak.

After a long time, Mr. Xue sighed, "Let your wife clean up this table, and you should go to rest earlier."

"Well, I'll let her clean up now."

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