The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 20 part2

Scholar He and scholar Qiao stayed at last.

Taking advantage of the chaos in the hall, Xue Qingshan took Xue Juncai and Mrs. Yang to sneak into the crowd.

No more bustle, the villagers were also scattered. They went back home, while talking with the people about today's matter.

In fact, they don't know anything, as long as they know that the winner is Gouzi who is the children in the second son’s room of Xue Lianxing's family. It can be expected that after this event, many people in the village will change their views on Xue Tingxiang. They will even enjoy talking about a good young man in the village. He won the praise of two scholar masters, and he must have a bright future in the future.

And Xue Juncai's reputation in the village is destined to be replaced by Xue Tingxiang.

Xue Tingxiang came out of chieftain Zheng's house while many people were in disorder.

Zhao'er has been waiting outside for a long time. When she saw him, she said happily, "Gou’er, you really won. You won Xue Juncai! I'm so happy."

She was so happy that she didn't know how to do it. Xue Tingxiang couldn't say anything to condemn her. He just looked at her with a smile.

After a happy session, Zhao'er hesitated a little and said, "By the way, do you really want to go to the Qinghe School later?"

Xue Tingxaing pondered, "I'm not going to Qinghe School. Uncle Chen said that he could recommend me to Qingyuan School."

"Qingyuan School? This name is similar to Qinghe School. How about this school?" Immediately, Zhao'er chuckles and says, "it's also true that uncle Chen is well-informed and we can make sure what he says is not bad."

Xue Tingxiang nodded, "I am planning to go to the town these two days and talk to uncle Chen about this."

"What are you waiting for? Go now."

Xue Tingxiang didn't expect that Zhao’er would be so urgent, so he hesitated.

"At the moment, the family must be in disorder. Let's avoid them first."

He immediately understood the meaning of her words. With the instincts of the eldest couple, and Mrs. Zhao who had always been partial, he did not know what would happen in the house.

Two people avoided the crowd out of the village, Because they did not meet the mule car, they took the bullock-cart to the town.

When he arrived at Dongliju bookstore, uncle Chen was in a the room. Xue Tingxiang said something about it. Uncle Chen promised that he would go to see his classmate tomorrow. After that, they didn't go back either. Xue Tingxiang continued to copy his unfinished books, while Zhao’er was to continue to clean up her unfinished clothes.

Until evening, the two returned to Yuqing village.

The Xue family's yard was quiet, with cooking smoke floating out of the chimney, and it seemed like that someone was cooking in the kitchen.

Mrs. Zhao stood in the yard and saw them coming in from the outside. She was cold with an old face and didn't call their names. She scolded: "People say that we can enjoy the blessings of our children and grandchildren. But we became the old slaves. Being disappear for a whole day, and if going home, just open mouths and eat at home. I owe you in the last life!"

Mrs. Yang came out of the East house and said, "Mother, the meal of the third son’s wife has been prepared. Let's set the table for dinner."

Mrs. Zhao snorted coldly and turned into the front door of the house. Mrs. Yang didn't even look at them and went in after Mrs. Zhao.

Zhao’er looked at Xue Tingxiang.

Xue Tingxiang looked at her, "What are you looking at?"

Zhao’er smiled, murmur in a low voice, "You don't pay attention to grandma, she is too partial."

"Well, I know."


When they were cleaning up the house, there was a loud noise in the courtyard. Not only was there the voice of Mr. Xue and Xue Qingshan, but also a familiar voice.

Zhao'er looked out the window and it was Mrs. Yang's father Yang Zhong.

Yang Zhong is from nearby Niujiao Ridge. Because he is a Tong Sheng, he is also a celebrity in Niujiao Ridge. Like his son-in-law, he opened a private school to make ends meet. However, this person is pompous, and good at assuming airs of importance and taking advantage of his seniority, which is the most hate for Zhao’er.

Yang Zhong seems to have drunk somewhere, his footsteps are a little hobbled, and his fat face is also flushed.

The eldest couple welcomed him with Grandpa Xue.

Mr. Xue looked a little embarrassed, "My relatives, for my family's thing, I'd like to thank you for running several times. You are too much to eat and drink, come into the house quickly."

Mrs. Young also complained, "Dad, you too, how did you drink so much wine."

"That’s because chieftain Zheng is too hospitable. This is a big dinner which stayed for a long time, your father is still not drunk?" Yang Zhong was proud, and said to Grandpa Xue, "It's nothing, Jun Cai is my grandson. As a grandpa, how can I not help him?"

These words made Mr. Xue more embarrassed, and it is also a matter of the morning in his heart. It must not be so simple. He said with a smile, "Allow you to ridicule. If it wasn't for the family's money, it wouldn't have happened... "

The voices of the two men were gradually muffled and they came into the room together.

Zhao’er took a look at Xue Tingxiang, "Fortunately, I bought some steamed buns when I came back. Well, we will have nothing to eat for this dinner."

In fact, no one called them to eat, because Yang Zhong suddenly came, the whole Xue family was tossed around.

Yang Zhongyong is a man who likes to make people toss. He is also haughty. The key is the identity of Tong Sheng. Mr. Xue also respects him. Every time he comes, he should be greeted with good wine and good dishes.

The Xue family didn't expect to Yang Zhonghui's coming at this time. They just cooked some meals casually. This kind of meal can't be used to entertain people. It has to be redone.

Zhao’er didn't take care of the things outside. After pouring some hot water in the kitchen, she went back to the house and to eat steamed buns with Xue Tingxiang.

After eating the buns, it's dark outside.

Zhao'er stood in front of the door and saw the bright lights on the other side of the eldest couple’s room. Obviously, they were eating.

She was about to go to the kitchen to boil water and wash feet. Xue Tao’er hurried out of the eldest couple’s room and said, "Sister Zhao'er, Grandpa asked the Gou’er to come."

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