The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 20 part1

The clear voice of the young man made everyone in the hall look at him, including Qiao and He who were flattering each other.

Xue Juncai raised his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe that he didn't even think of it. How could Xue Tingxiang do it?

The young and thin boy with a mature hand behind him, pacing back and forth in the hall for a few steps. He said, "The upper hook is for the old. The lower hook is for the test. Dreaming to be successful in exams. And Tong Sheng will never pass the exams."

In fact, Xue Tingxiang is not good at reciting poems. But the man in his dream lives a long life and has a wide range of experience. Once among the scholars, there was a long-standing joke——

There was a white haired man who took the exam. When the examiner looked at him, he knew that the man was an old Tong Sheng who had failed in the exam many times, so he deliberately made trouble for him, "If you can match up my couplet, I will let you enrol."

That old Tong Sheng felt bad, but he had to follow the examiner.

Examiner said, “ The upper hook is for the old. The lower hook is for the test. Dreaming to be successful in exams. And Tong Sheng will never pass the exams.”

The old Tong Sheng answered that, “One person is big. Two people are heaven. The human relationship is bigger than the heaven.”

This flattery was excellent, so the examiner was embarrassed to go back on his words and could only let him be a scholar.

In fact, as soon as we heard the story, we knew it was made up. If you have ever participated in the college test, you should know what it will be like. How can the examiner take the initiative to test an old Tong Sheng? The examiner and the examinee will not talk, but also to avoid avoid arousing suspicion.

Obviously, it was compiled by the scholars who had failed in the exam. It was used to talk for comfort. Because it made people laugh, it spread among scholars. Even extended to which officials in the court were released as a promotion officer, or preside over the New Section Trial, and the officials who made good friends with them could not help but admonishing them not to "have too much human relationship".

It's not only a joke, but also a reminder. Cheating in the imperial examination has always involved in a lot of things. Once there is a mistake, it will inevitably be in a big trouble.

Xue Tingxiang didn't expect to hear the couplet here.

He didn't feel uneasy because the second couplet was borrowed, because winning Xue Juncai was the biggest wish in his heart all the time.

Now it is. It used to be in his dream.

In the dream, he was stuck for a long time because of this, and then he finally had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment after all kinds of efforts. It is experience that he knows that this obsession will affect one's mind. He has a bigger goal, and there are many things to do. Xue Juncai is just an obstacle for him now. It is necessary for him to cross him now.

As for why he would abandon the couplet he came up with by himself and choose to borrow it. Xue Tingxiang looked at Xue Qingshan and Yang Zhong, and it was as if he was so petty, and mocked them.

It's obvious that Xue Qingshan and Yang Zhong are the only two Tong Sheng here. Although the second line of couplet is well matched, it is also  ironic obviously. Old Tong Sheng comes to nothing all the time. This is undoubtedly the biggest ridicule and curse for a person who has failed in the examination for many years.

The faces of the two immediately rose purple, but they could not help but suppress it. At this time, Scholar He and scholar Qiao have clapped their hands on their seats.

"Well done, amazing!"

It seemed that everyone forgot Xue Juncai. He and Qiao whispered a few times, and He Xiucai announced, "Through the unanimous resolution of the two of us, the winner is junior Xue, Xue Tinxiang."

" Junior Xue, I hope you will do your best and gain fame as soon as possible," he said to Xue Tingxiang with a pleasant face.

"Thank you for your encouragement. I will try my best." Xue Tingxiang bowed to them.

At the same time that He and Qiao were talking with Xue Tingxiang, the villagers standing outside and in the hall began to talk. Most of them were admiration, of course, there were also disbelief and doubt.

Among them, the Xue family is the most incredible, especially Xue Qingshan, who was forced to restrain himself before. At this time, he couldn't help it any more. He stood up and said, "Just depend on these to reach a result. Don;t you think you are too hasty?"

Seeing that scholar He and scholar Qiao have both looked over, he shrunk a little, and then he became upright again, "My son hasn’t made his couplet and you are settled down the result... "

Scholar He's face showed displeasure. Instead of paying attention to him, he asked the patriarch Xue with blue face, "Does patriarch Xue have any objection to the conclusion of the two of us?"

Clan leader Xue did not dare to offend scholars. In addition, in his view, Xue Tingxiang's performance is indeed a little unexpected, and much better than Xue Juncai. He is an outsider. Naturally, he can see clearly. He scolded Xue Qingshan immediately and apologized to the two scholars.

Xue Juncai's face was also full of dissatisfaction, "I don't agree with you, he's never better than me, I'm just not prepared properly, two predecessors can come up with questions again, this time I can definitely beat him."

At this time, a woman came in from the crowd outside.

Her clothes are not neat and her hair is messy. It's Mrs. Yang.

Mrs. Yang stumbled in and cried, "My son can't lose. You two must have been bribed to intentionally harm my son."

This is a big mess. Especially on this occasion, a woman rushed in and made a lot of noise. Not only did He and Qiao showed their anger, but even some of the villagers here scolded her for being out of line.

"Ridiculous, it's ridiculous! Do chieftain and the patriarch also think we had been bribed? "

"Don't be angry. This woman has a long hair but short knowledge. She is full of nonsense."

"Lianxing, come and get your bitch back!"

Mr. Xue was so anxious that he didn't know how to deal with it. But he was a father-in-law. He couldn't help but ask his eldest son Xue Qingshan to take her away.

But Xue Qingshan still wants a statement at this time. How can he care about it?

There was a lot of trouble on the field. Schoalr He was about to leave. Qiao also didn't want to stay. Clan leader Xue and chieftain Zheng have made a series of speeches to keep them. Meanwhile, they were furious and scolded that they should get rid of these people as soon as possible.

Scholar Qiao sneered and didn't scold Xue Juncai. Instead, he sneered at Xue Qingshan and said, "You are Tong Sheng? And you’ve taken the exam several times, but you can't see the implication of brother He's exam. No wonder you've been a Tong Sheng for many years!"

The words of Qiao were so heavy that Xue Qingshan's face turned green and white. In fact, scholar Qiao is not so sour at ordinary times, but only to see that this father and son lost their accounts and wanted to be entangled, so he said something vicious.

"He is inferior to him in terms of contingency and stability of mind." He pointed to Xue Tingxiang. Then he pointed to Xue Juncai and said, "do you think you have time in the examination room to give you a chance to do everything slowly? And come again? Besides the paper, the stain is mottled. I'm afraid we don't need to read what you wrote. It's an established end! "

At this time, Xue Juncai had already been scared to look like dirt. How could he react? Xue Qingshan was struck by the words, and then he stopped talking.

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