The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 3

Because Xue Gouzi suddenly fainted, the Xue family were in a mess.

For this situation, the third uncle Xue Qingbai even borrowed a bullock-cart from the uncle's house and invited the doctor to come back from the town. The doctor came to check the pulse, Xue Gouzi did not have any symptoms, and the previous disease was almost cured. Although it is a little weak now, but as long as it will be well slowly.

As for the headache, even the doctor couldn't explain why.

After sending the doctor away, the grandmother Zhao’s face shrank on the spot. In her fifties, her gray hair was neatly neglected behind her head. The face was long, the eyelids were a little sloughing. When the face was pulled, it became a triangular eye, which looked very intolerant. 

Without Zhao’s words, Sun said, “Zhao’er, it ’s not fourth aunt wants to criticize you on purpose, you just like to make a fuss. Isn’t it that you deliberately toss us all, even if you are not happy...”

Before she finished speaking, she was pulled by her man Xue Qinghuai.

"Come on, just say a few words. I don't think Zhao’er is a thoughtless girl. Besides, Gouzi is ill. It's good to find a doctor to have a look. Then everyone in the family can rest assured."

“I didn't say much, I didn't say anything..."

"You also said...?"

As the couple spoke, they went out. The eldest aunt, Yang, smiled at Zhao'er and said to her mother-in-law, "Mom, let's go and let the Gou’er have a good rest."

Zhao took a look at the dog on the bed, snorted coldly, turned around and left. It can be seen from her posture that she is very angry.

In fact, this is indeed the case. The Xue family can't be described as a wealthy family. Ask the doctor to come back from the town once, and it will cost one or two hundred yuan. How many times can the Xue family now toss up? In particular, the doctor ’s words made it clear that Zhao's guess that may be Xue Gouzi was pretending to be ill, so how can the Zhao be happy? In Zhao's point of view, these two children of the second wife deliberately toss the family, but since the eldest wife came forward to persuade, naturally Zhao will not say more.

Generally speaking, the Xue family now has three daughters in law, and the Yang is the best in the mother-in-law Zhao's heart. The eldest son’s identity is unusual, and Zhao is willing to give the eldest daughter-in-law some face.

After Zhao and Yang left, there were only third uncle Xue Qingbai and third aunt Zhou. These two people are used to speaking little. Without staying long, Zhao’er thought that the third uncle was so busy before, then she sent them out with a smile.

When she turned around, she saw Xue Gouzi lying on the bed with his eyes open, as if he had lost his mind.

She didn't think much. She came to the bed and touched his head and said, “Gou’er, don't think of too much. They don't believe that you are sick or have a headache. I believe you. You are very sick. Don't think about it again. "

Xue Gouzi gave her a glance. His mouth was dry and his throat was tight, "Zhao’er..."

"What? Is it still uncomfortable?"

Feeling this pair of hands that are not delicate but very warm, and touching  his head and face, Xue Gouzi has a sense of reality and happiness that has never been seen before.

She did not die, nor did he die.

Although he did not like what she did in the daily life, and even disgusted her as a child bride, he never thought about letting her die. How could he be the one who killed his wife and son.

But Xue Gouzi was still very flustered, because the dream was too real. After more than 70 years of dream, it seemed that he had also experienced that life. But when he wakes up, I doesn’t dare to look back.


“I am here!”




A heat flow suddenly came out of the dry eyes, unconsciously.

This really scared Zhao’er, and she was unable to take care of thinking that the little man never called her like this, or let her be close to him. She just held his head in her arms, and asked him what happened anxiously.

Seeing him not talking, but just crying in her arms, Zhao’er could not help but misunderstand whether it was just those people who made him think of  too much again. In Zhao’er’s opinion, the little man just has a lot of annoyance in his heart and never tells anyone. Otherwise, he won't get this serious illness. 

She patted him on the back, holding him in her arms like when he was a child, and comforted him, "don't be afraid, Gou’er, even if they don't send you to go yo school, I will send you, with all available means.”

Because Xue Gouzi was recovering from a serious illness and went through another incident, he drank some porridge for dinner and fell asleep. 

Zhao’er covered him with a quilt, and then went to sort out the basket he had brought back.

The basket is filled with things such as needle, thread, cloth, etc. This is the rag that Zhao’er bought in the town's embroidery workshop. The reason why she did this was that she had helped the village woman brought the  handmade purses to the embroidery workshop to sell.

There are no grown-ups in the second wife’s room. Although they are eating at Xue family, Xue Gouzi's pen, ink and paper for studying, and their daily necessities like clothes, bedding and some odds, all of which need money.

Getting money from Zhao is very hard. Although Xue Qingshan, the eldest uncle, is determined to treat his nephew as if his own son, Zhao’er can only see how rich life of the kids of the first wife. Xue Juncai never lacks such things as pen, ink, paper and inkstone. By contrast, the little man is as thin as a bamboo pole. A bald pen is also the Xue Qingshan's old one.

Zaho’er is always independent. She was reluctant to hurt the little man, so she had to try her best to look for money everywhere. There was no chance to make money in the countryside, so she went to the town and looked around. As long as she could and didn't need capital, she would try to do it.

In the past few years, she has worked to collect vegetables from the village and sell them in the town. She has worked for the embroidery workshop. At ordinary times, she also goes to the mountains to find mountain products and sell them.

And now the business has been done several times. The boss of the embroidery shop can't rely on her good words, so he sold her the broken cloth he didn’t want. She took them back to arrange and cut it. Then she asked the women in the village to help make a purse to sell for the embroidery shop, she could earn a lot of money by changing hands in the embroidery workshop. Compared to just receiving the purses from others, it can make more money.

If she didn't make some money in this business, she wouldn’t know when Xue Gouzi will get better this time. Zhao would not have taken the medicine for the money for a long time. The latter drugs are all collected by means of her own money and have to be hidden for fear that they will be known to the rest of the Xue family.

At the thought of these, the corners of Zhao'er's mouth tighten.

She's always sharp. When she picked some rags that could be used, she didn't do other things. Choose the clean place and spread them out on the square table. Take the scissors and cut these strange rags into a uniform shape.

This is how Zhao’er calculates herself based on how much cloth it takes to make a purse, no more and no less. She won't show these rags to others. It is not easy for the villagers to make a penny. If it is known to others, it will be robbed in a few days.

Zhao’er also wanted to rely on this to make money for the little man to go to town to study. In her opinion, Xue Juncai could go, then her little man could go, too. Zhao’er was always prepared with two hands. How could the first wife not let the good things occur to the little man?

It's better to ask for yourself than to ask for others. 

Since she was seven years old, she had to be given money by her grandma and father. She understood that.

After finishing the work in her hands, Zhao'er saw that the little man was sleeping soundly and saw that it was dark outside, so she wrapped up the cloth and went out in a hurry.

Under the night, Yuqing village is very peaceful. The light silver moonlight falls on the path between the villages. Although the road is still unclear, it is not black.

Zhao’er came all the way and even a dog was not surprised.

This is not a skill that ordinary people can have. You need to know that almost every household in this country has dogs. The dogs were particularly alert at night, and anyone who walked by the door was barking. Even if a thief came to the door, he was already stunned by the dog.

Zhao’er also walked a lot at night, only to develop this ability.

Of course, it was also related to the dog that followed her legs, Heizi.

Heizi is a rural native dog, but it is bigger than the average native dogs. Yuqing village has few dogs to beat Heizi. But it is also because of the Heizi, Zhao’er dares to go alone at night.

She went all the way easily to a family's house, which was strange. The people knew that she would come at this time and kept the door for her. As soon as she entered the door, the family's dog rushed over. Before she arrived, Heizi rushed over and threw the dog to the ground. The dog was so scared that it stopped barking.

Zhao’er gloated aside, "Not a long memory!"

At this time, a person came out of the house, and smiled as he stepped forward, "Heizi has come to bully Wangcai again, and Zhao’er hurry in to sit."

"I won't go in, aunt Guihua, cause I have to go back soon."

Zhao’er gave the things in her hands to the person, took some things from the other, wrapped them in cloth, and then went to the next house.

Zhao'er went to five families.

She is anxious to make money, but there are also few women with good needlework in the village. In addition, the people she is looking for should be tight lipped. Otherwise, if the money hasn't been earned yet, it will be known by the people in the village who publicize that. Then she will earn nothing. 

The reason for this is that when she collected vegetables from the village and sold them in the town, she was publicized by people who couldn’t maintain the secret, causing her to be pointed out all day long. She was not afraid of that, but these things finally reached the ears of the little man. Some villagers teased him about it, so they caused a lot of contradictions between her and the little man. After that, she could not receive any vegetables in the village. Even if someone was willing to sell to her, it would be a very high price.

In the end, she could only go to other villages to collect vegetables. It was not a easy job. Since then, she has remembered that deeply, and she must make money secretly, and to make a fortune by sneaking.

Zhao’er returned home, Xue Gouzi on the bed was still asleep.

She went to wash her face and wipe her hands before she wen to bed. In the second wife’s room, there is only one bed. She has been accustomed to sleeping with Xue Gouzi when she was a child.

Heizi slept under the bed. When Zhao’er went into the house before, He slipped in at her feet and chose to lie down. It seemed that the dog's eyes have been closed, but in fact both ears are upright, and they move from time to time.

Before Zhao’er lay down, she turned herself and looked at the little man, and then touched his forehead before she fell asleep at ease.

Compared with the second wife’s room, which has only two rooms and one bed, the treatment of the eldest wife’s room is obviously much better. The whole three east rooms are occupied by the eldest wife’s room. At this time, Yang was talking with Xue Qingshan in the east room.

Yang said the story of today, and Xue Qingshan frowned immediately after hearing it.

He is not at home in the daytime, so naturally he doesn't know what happened at home. Nowadays, some decent families invite scholars to preside over their weddings and funerals. However, how can the rural families afford to invite scholars, some will invite Tong Sheng to make up for it. They are all learned man, not ordinary people.

Today, Xue Qingshan was invited to a wedding ceremony by a family in a nearby village. He didn't need to give a present in return for the ceremony. After eating and drinking, he could still get a piece of celebrating money.

However, all the people in the countryside are poor, so the celebrating money will not be too much, at most dozens of pennies.

Xue Qingshan likes this kind of work the most. At this time, he will randomly assign homework to the students in private school to recite, and then when he goes out, it will be a whole day. He likes not only having money to take, but also he is most proud of himself at this time.

Sitting in the position of guest of honor, the men who came for the wedding were proud to talk to him.

He is the master of Yong Sheng!

Of course, it would be better to replace the Tong Sheng with the scholar master, Xue Qingshan dreamed. But over the years, there has been more or less self-knowledge, and he can't help but place his hope on his son.

It's a pity that someone is blocking this way now.

Xue Qingshan drank a lot of wine, his white face was red, and his heart was choking with breath. He spat and scolded, "What's the matter with this stupid kid? It's really not to know chalk from cheese.”

Yang sighed quietly and said, "It should blame you to agree to your second little brother so easily at the beginning? Now we have no way to back down. And our son Juncai suffered losses."

“At that situation, my little brother seemed to be so honest. And I had to be calculated something before he died. If I knew his true thought, I must find a way to let him shut up, but so many people were at the scene, and he also injured because of me. If I didn’t agree to this, how would I stand in front of people? ”

Of course, Yang knows this truth, but in the end, it's hard to forget it. Just for that promise of bullshit, she has been doing noting just bearing. Her son wants to go to school, but he has to hide this thought and beg Xue Gouzi to be generous.

She was arrogant. Naturally, the more she thought about it, the more angry she was. Her eyes flashed with fire, but her face sneered, "Because he was suddenly ill, my father was going to make the decision for us, so we could only bear it. But he's been sick these days, and now mother is already upset. Before that, I asked my fourth daughter-in-law to tell mother that Gouzi may be afraid of pretending to be ill. I think my mother has now determined that truth."

Xue Qingshan's eyes lit up and said, “It's so good, I'll talk my father and mother to let them carry it out tomorrow." He smiled at Yang and wrapped her arms and said, "You are so smart. It's already ready."

Yang's glanced at him, and they rested together. No words for a night.

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