The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 18

"Uncle Chen knows the owner of Qingyuan School?" Seeing Mr.Chen so indignant, Xue Tingxiang asked curiously.

Mr. Chen stroked his beard and answered, "I'm ashamed to say that we were classmates when I was young, but I didn't do well in my studies and only take Tong Sheng as my score in the exam, but he was a scholar, even Lin Sheng. Unfortunately, he has not been able to pass the examination of scholar. He has wasted many years, and he had no intention of doing so. Then he returned to his hometown to teach and educate students to inherit his father's career."

"It won't always be bad luck," Xue Tingxiang said.

If he remembers correctly, the owner of the Qingyuan School, headmaster Lin finally became Ju Ren three years later. At that time, the whole village was in a sensation. Gao Youzhi, the owner of the Qinghe School, was so angry and jealous that he almost spit  out blood. At that time, he was about to leave the Qinghe School and go to study in the Shen family. He happened to hear something.

Mr. Chen thought that the young man was just comforting him, and smiled, "I'll take your good advice."

Xue Tingxiang was not vague either. He bowed to his hands and said, "Thanks for uncle Chen's mention, but there are still some trifles at home that have not been dealt with. When everything is in order, I will go to the Qingyuan School to study."

"You are simply. But you are not afraid of being involved, which will hinder your reputation?" Mr. Chen asked curiously.

"I haven't entered the school yet. What's my reputation? Besides, the imperial court has always attached great importance to the selection and admission of talents. If I am really talented people, surely the county magistrate Hu dare not block me too much."

"I haven’t thought that you are so ambitious. Well, since you dare to go, I will introduce you at the proper time. Although my classmate is inflexible and speechless, his knowledge is first-class. Don't dare to teach a scholar, but a scholar is no problem."

"Thanks for your attention an care first."

For several days, Xue Tingxiang and Zhao'er left early and returned home late.

Xue's family has been asked twice. Zhao’er said that she should take Xue Tingxiang out to breathe, so as not so much pressure for him. The people in the biggest son’ room are disdainful, while Mr. Xue can't help shaking his head. After that, no one asked more questions. Most of them knew Xue Tingxiang was doomed to lose. Maybe the two children in the second son’s room know that they will not win, so they abandoned themselves. Instead of reading, they ran around for fun.

Even if he is qualified as Xue Juncai, he has to read books for many days at home to prepare.

Time flies, the appointed date arrived.

This day is no different from ordinary days.

The early morning of the farmer's family is always busy. After a night, all the livestock in the family have to feed, and a large number of family have to eat. After breakfast, the men would go to the ground and the women would do housework at home.

If there is any difference, it is that Xue Juncai has two more poached eggs in the bowl than others at breakfast.

Because of the order of Mr. Xue some time ago, Mrs. Zhao dare not to cook secretly for the people in her room. But today is unusual, so she can't help it.

Originally, Xue Tingxiang didn't have one. Mrs. Yang saw that the father-in-law’s face was not good, so she took the initiative to ask Mrs. Zhao for two eggs to add to his bowl.

Xue Tingxiang wanted to give one to Zhao’er. Unfortunately, he couldn’t persuade her.

For two eggs, the two people whispered in a low voice. But Mr. Xue’s face was a little serious.

However, this is the life of the villagers. No matter how how heavy the mood is, their livelihood cannot be left behind. Especially just in time for spring ploughing. Mr. Xue took his two sons to work in the field for a while, and didn't come back until almost noon.

About the competition between the two children of Xue's family, it has been widely spread in Yuqing village.

People kicked up a dust, but most people can understand Mr. Xue's practice. It's not easy for rural people to earn money. No one's money comes from the river. If he has enough money, he will not let them complete.

Knowing that today is the date, villagers let the children at home watch in the village. Seeing that some strangers have gone to chieftain Zheng’s house, these children ran to the ground and shout, "Someone has come to chieftain Zheng’s." Then the grown-ups didn't plant any land, and picked up the hoe to return back.

Soon, the courtyard of chieftain Zheng’s house was full of people, and more villagers were pouring here.

The yard was full of shouts and gossips, talking about today.

In the room, chieftain Zheng’s was talking with a middle-aged man in a scholar's shirt and a flat turban.

This man has a long, thin face, some blue and white complexion, slightly puffy under the eyes. His appearance is not so good, but identity seems to be different, which sitting on the throne.

Chieftain Zheng could only sit beside him.

There is quite a different temperament between his looks. He is the scholar Qiao who is famous in the nearby village.

As early as before, chieftain Zheng was thinking about it. Xue Qingshan came over to invite people from the Xue family. If he didn't expect it, the perrson is his father-in-law, Yang Zhong, and he is just a Tong Sheng, so he invited a scholar.

One is to show his selflessness, and the other is to show his prestige.

"Mr. Qiao, please drink tea, I'll send someone to rush them."

Scholar Qiao waved carelessly, "Don't worry."

Just then, there was a lot of noise outside, it was that clan leader Xue came with people.

However, the leader was not Xue, but an old man over half a hundred years old. This old man is medium-sized and dressed the same as scholar Qiao. He is also in a scholar's shirt and wears a flat turban. Obviously, even if he is not a scholar, he is also a Tong Sheng.

Sure enough, scholar Qiao saw the old man and hurriedly stood up from the chair and bowed to him.

"I didn't expect you will come here. I'm paying respects to you."

"Don't be so polite. Sit down."

Scholar He is the one who was invited by clan leader Xue to preside over the contest.

Chieftain Zheng was right. At first, Xue Qingshan did plan to invite his father-in-law. Unfortunately this matter was rejected by the clan leader Xue.

It's only then that the clan leader Xue knew that Xue Qingshan was so stupid. They all said that it was not the way to select talents and avoid relatives, but it's not his way to do it. It's clear that he will be judged. Since he thought that he could win, why did he make a mistake, so he took it all over.

He knew that Zheng would not miss the opportunity to show himself. If he invited people, it must be a scholar. He had planned to invite this scholar Qiao, but he was a little late, so he had to use social relationship and invited scholar He.

After showing some courtesies, the two scholars sat down on the throne.

Chieftain Zheng and clan leader Xue were sitting on the side.

"It bothers you too much, chieftain Zheng."

"Never mind, I'm chieftain here. How can I stay away from anything in the village?"

During the conversation, it seemed that everyone had a pleasant face, but in the words, there was no peace. During this period, several old people went into the house from the outside, They were some old people in Yuqing village, including Mr. Xue and Xue Qingshan, etc.

Another unexpected guest was Yang Zhong, Xue Qingshan's father-in-law.

In his fifties, Yang Zhong was fat. He didn't look like a learned man, but rather like a fat landlord. As soon as he came in, he got close to scholar Qiao and scholar He. Unfortunately, these two were not willing to talk to him. They accompanied him and said a few words, then went to sit down.

Xue Qingshan sat at the end of seat. 

The father-in-law and son-in-law were also pride, and those who can sit here were the most respected people in the village, or because of Tong Sheng’s identity, and even Mr. Xue had no seat, he could only stand aside.

"I don't know if the major roles are here?" Seeing that almost everyone has come, scholar He asked. 

The clan leader Xue looked at Mr. Xue, and Xue Qinghuai answered immediately, "Here they are."

As he was saying, the villagers who were trapped in front of the door gave way to the two young men out of the crowd.

These two young men were worn out, and at first glance, they knew that they were born in the humble family.

The first one is graceful and handsome in appearance, slender in stature and simple in clothes, but quite elegant in appearance.

The later one is shorter than the first one. His body bone seems to be weak, and he seems to be introverted, The eyes have been half hung, it seems that he is afraid of strangers.

But when they came to the hall and were examined by all, they had some clues.

The elder's standing is not bad, that is, he always pulls his sleeves intentionally or unintentionally. It seems that his clothes don't fit well. However, the younger one has been standing humbly. The half drooping eyes not only do not make people despise, but also feel that the younger generation should be respectful to the elder.

Therefore, it seems that the older one is looking at people's eyes directly, which is too abrupt. It is good to have self-confidence, but when facing the elders, the attitude of modesty and respect is indispensable.

All this happened in an instant. Scholar Qiao and scholar He, who are sitting on the throne, had the initial judgment on these two young boys.

"Student Xue Juncai and student Xue Tingxiang. We are here to greet every honorific elders."

Scholar He and scholar Qiao nodded, and at the same time, he asked curiously, "Tinfxiang? Does this name have any meaning?"

Xue Tingxiang was stunned, and he made a bow and said, "Xiang, there is the meaning of following the lineage. My grandfather is also a student. The biggest regret in his life is that he failed to pass the imperial examinations at the provincial level. Although the Xue family is poor, they have never forgotten their ancestors' wishes for generations. While striving to settle down, they have always been committed to making their children read and understand the truth of life.

"It's important to know that if you read more, you'll have a broader mind. If one is well-educated,he will scintillate with it. The younger generation adheres to the wishes of their ancestors. Although they are not proficient in learning, they have great aspirations and hope to continue the road they have gone through and keep going."

It's an excellent way of saying this. It will be suspected of deliberately showing off and people will laugh if he said something too literary, or to study for serving the nation, to make a living for the people, and to make peace for the world. After all, they are still young, not even a Tong Sheng.

And Xue Tingxiang's words are just in line with his age, even because of the ancestor's wishes, there is a little more meaning of filial piety.

Scholar Qiao finished listening, and stroked his beard and said, "Good! What a big ambition!"

This praise made everyone's eyes on Xue Tingxiang.

Most people can't understand the meaning, but they know the scholar Qiao is praising the Gouzi of the Xue family's second son. They can understand but has different thoughts.

The clan leader Xue was shocked. Looking at Xue Tingxiang, there was a faint emotion and appreciation in his eyes. He is the chief of the clan. He always takes the glory of the clan as his major duty. Xue Tingxiang's words not only praised the ancestors, but also inadvertently showed the unusual spirit of the Xue family, which makes him  prideful and more confident.

But some people scolded him secretly for being crafty and even make a fuss on occasion.

Upholding the wishes of the ancestors? Who let him uphold, but bragging! Why didn't he say these earlier? He just flattered with artful speech and flashy manners

“The elders of your family have placed great hopes on you to give this name for you."

When scholar Qiao said this, it was another embarrassment, but it was the Xue family who was embarrassed.

When clan leader Xue and others were afraid that Xue Tingxiang would not understand the meaning of it and say something improper. However, he was polite and said, "I will study hard and live up to my family's expectations."

Xue Qingshan couldn't sit down.

Today, this is for the purpose of examining Xue Juncai and Xue Tingxiang, who are qualified to go to school. Before the real test, scholar Qiao's words had the intention of encouraging and approving Xue Tingxiang. This is so-called "The image of defeat has been revealed before the battle." is nothing more than that.

He could not help but interpose, "Two predecessors, can we start?"

Scholar Qiao just responded that he had talked a lot, but if he said it, he would not take it back in his identity, and Xue Qingshan's words obviously embarrassed him. He was slightly displeased in his heart, so instead of avoiding words, he nodded appreciatively to Xue Tingxiang, and then he took the tea on the table.

During the actions, Xue Qingshan was regarded as nothing by scholar Qiao, which made his face suddenly gloomy. But he didn't dare to have any questions at all. He just sat back with a smile.

Scholar Qiao put down the tea cup and said to scholar He, "Predecessor He, what do you think?"

"Let's start."

"You are the predecessor. It is up to you.”

Scholar Qiao is polite. He is no more than 30. He is a scholar. Maybe he will become a Ju Ren or Jin Shi in the future. However, scholar He is an old man and has little chance of passing the imperial examinations at the provincial level. Therefore, scholar He is the main one. But when scholar Qiao talks, scholar He didn't interrupt or even blame him for taking the lead.

This is the manner of the imperial examination. It pays attention to seniority and seniority, but also potential.

In the whole life, someone can't be a scholar like Yang Zhong. When he gets old, He is also an old Tong Sheng. But the situation is different for scholars, even if an elder who over half a hundred years old and a young man with a weak crown, they can also sit on the same place and get along with each other like peers.

Just like Xue Qingshan would call himself a younger generation in front of scholar Qiao. Scholar Qiao gave him no self - esteem, and he could only bear it. Although scholar Qiao is  polite to scholar He, scholar He takes Qiao as the most important one between his words and deeds.

Few of the people on the scene understood these principles, but Xue Tingxiang understood them, which strengthened to his mind that he wanted to be a scholar in the exam.

"How is your study going on?"

"Four Books have been learned, and now I am reading “The Book of Songs”  in the Five Classics," Xue Juncai replied first.

Scholar He put his eyes on Xue Tingxiang.

He pondered a little and said, "I have learned Four Books, but I can only read not understand them."

Scholar He didn't say anything, but chieftain Zheng seemed to doubt and said, "If I remember correctly, you and Juncai kid kaimeng are enlightened one after another, how can you behind so much in your studies?"

Xue Tingxiang was silent, but Xue Qingshan's eyebrows jumped which seemed like something would happen.

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