The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 16(edited)
Zhao’er's mood was agitated, and it took a while to return to calm.

After calming down, she asked Shen Ping, "manager Shen, these clothes only need two yuan. Will the pawnshop lose money? Are you just showing consideration for me... "

Zhao'er did not finish her words, and Shen Ping also understood all.

He smiled, but admired the frankness of Zhao’er's unwillingness to take advantage of people. He said, "These will be changed hands to the clothing store or the embroidery workshop, and it is also the same price. Although the quantity is large, there are not many good ones. Those that can sell have already been selected."

Zhao’er was agree with that after thinking. The people in the county have different views from the countrymen, not to mention this kind of big pawnshop. What they don't see well, in fact, is very good for the country people.

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I want the bag of clothes, manager Shen, I will give you the money."

"You have money now?"

Of course, she has money. Now the money that Zhao'er has more than 2 yuan. However, Su Lan just gave her another 5 yuan, which is enough.

At the same time, Shen Ping chuckled, "Well, I forgot you went to see her before you came here. She won't take advantage of me." The voice of this word is very small. It's similar to the exhortation. Zhao’er only focused on clothes, but didn't hear it clearly.

"I'll find a person to call a car for you. You can't carry these things."

"Thank you, manager Shen."

After seeing her off, Shen Ping turned and entered the pawnshop.

Although he is called the third manager, he is not the third manager of this shop, but the third manager of the whole "He Rong Sheng". Only at his deliberate request, he will stay in Xia Town.

Shen Ping is the son of Shen family. His father is the chief house steward of the Shen family. He has been with third young master Shen Fu since he was a little boy. It was not until adulthood that he was released and became a shopkeeper.

"If she comes next time, do as I told you."

"OK, manager."
Just after noon, Acai came to deliver food to Xue Tignxiang.

Mr. Chen said that the food was not good. But meat, vegetable and soup were all included. Xue Tingxiang knew that Mr. Chen was taking care of him on purpose. No one asked someone to copy books, manage tea and rice, and the salary was not low.

It's because he understood that he didn't say a refusal. In this case,  the refusal retained his strength, but he seemed too petty and hypocritical.

Can only be rewarded in the future, Xue Tingyan thought lightly.

When the meal was over, the waiter came to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, and he said Xue could rest for an hour. There is a chaise couch available in this room. And he can also go to the front to read books.

In fact, the latter sentence is the key point. Xue Tingxiang did not show any hypocrisy either. He went to the front after washing his hands.

This shop seems to be small, but there are all kinds of books, from different rural fantasy to the  imperial examination. Among them, the most books are about imperial examination.

From the beginning of the previous dynasty, the imperial examination took the eight part essay as the standard style, which was strict and even limited in sentence length, word number, rhyme and topic range.

The eight part essay comes from the Four Books and the Five Classics. It consists of eight parts: addressing  theme, explaining theme, introduction of opinion, beginning of discussion, start, middle, second half and conclusion. It seems rigid, but in fact, it is not easy to do a good eight part essay. If you really think that reading the Four Books and the Five Classics is enough, you are wrong. You need to know the earth, and at least you should get involved in all aspects before you can make an amazing and meaningful essay.

In that dream, Xue Tingxiang scored the 21st place in the second division, and became Jinshi. Then he passed Sanguan exam and was admitted to the Hanlin Academy. He should have been launch his careers into the stratosphere since then. However, because he offended someone, as a Hanlin bachelor, finally he was appointed as an official in a poor place.

Xue Tingxiang sipped the corner of his mouth slightly, and realized that he thought too much. After all, he is not even Tong Sheng. It is better to think about the current situation.

Then, no longer thinking about it, he took a book out of the bookcase and read it quietly.

During this period, some guest came to the bookstore to sold some ink, paper and inkstone, or buy books. Xue Tingxiang was always interrupted to read.

Mr. Chen said, "Mr. Xue, you can take the book to the back to read."

Xue Tingxiang looked at him in surprise and said, "This... "

"Never mind. That will be fine."

Xue Tingxiang was silent and deeply bowed to him, and he went to the back of house.

He forgot the time when he read. When Xue Tingxiang realized that, he heard Mr. Chen talking outside, and at the same time, he heard the voice of Zhao'er.

"Where did you get this bag of things?" Mr. Chen looked at Zhao’er in surprise and the bag which was bigger than her.

Zhao'er was sweating and said, "Uncle Chen, I got it from the county. So did the people in the car shop. They just helped me to get off at the intersection and left me. I wanted to  go the horse shop, but I thought my brother was still here... "

Mr. Chen chuckled and called out to the waiter, "Acai, come and help Zhao’er to bring things in." Then he said to Zhao'er, "Come in and have a tea break before you leave."

"Uncle Chen, it would be so much bother for you."

"When you first negotiated with me, I didn't see that you were so polite. Now you are polite," Mr. Chen pretended to stare and said.

On the whole, Mr. Chen is elegant and humorous.

Xue Tingxiang also came out to help and asked, "What's in it? Why is it so heavy? Where did you get it?"

It's really heavy. Acai tried several times but didn't lift it up. Only three people can lift it.

"I got it from the pawnbroker. If I could sell this package, I would have enough money to send you to the Qinghe school."

Zhao’er didn't find out that she had missed her words, but Xue Tingxiang found it. He took a look at Mr. Chen, and Zhao'er understood what she said at this time. She looked at Mr. Chen with some guilty conscience and said, "Uncle Chen, I'll explain to you later."
She was a little anxious, and didn't let others help her. She lifted the big bag and carried it on her shoulder. The big bag crushed her crookedly, In the end, she still kept balance and she quickly carried bags into it.

Acai praised, "She is not strong from appearance, but she is so powerful indeed."

Then Xue Tingxiang looked at the back and tightened the corner of his mouth. Mr. Chen's eyes were dark.

Xue Tingxiang looked up at Mr. Chen and walked up to him.

Zhao’er found a place to put down the big bag, went to clean her hands and face, and cleaned her body before she was led by Acai to meet Mr. Chen.

Seeing Mr. Chen, Zhao'er felt a little guilty. But she did not intend to continue to deceive hhim, because Mr. Chen is a good person. Not to mention the benefits previously given to her, only because he asked her little man to copy books at such a high salary, and he could also be allowed to read here, even including the meal at noon. Therefore, Zaho’er could not continue to deceive.

In fact, it's not a lie. It's just that she conceals her gender. Then the so-called workmanship is just to collect some vegetables and sell them to make some handmade purses.

"Uncle Chen... "

Mr. Chen sighed and waved, "Well, you don't have to say anything. You are a gir land it's really hard for you."

Zhao'er's face was surprised and her round eyes were wide.

Mr. Chen chuckled, "Your little husband has told me everything."

"What did he say... " Zaho’er stuttered, but she still can't believe it. Because she knows that the little man always pays attention to self-respect and has a lot of thoughts. He doesn't like to mention that she is his child bride in front of outsiders and the bad stories of Xue's family.

"That's all I have to say," after a pause, Mr. Chen asked, "look at your surprise. Is this a secret?"

Zhao'er smiled awkwardly, and she said, "It's not like that, it's just that he is young, and then people in our village are particularly annoying. Some people always take me to be bigger than him and “the wife coaxes the man” this kind of words to joke him."

In the same sentence, listening to different people has different feelings.

Mr. Chen couldn't help but want to laugh, but Xue Tingxiang outside was full of complex mood.

That's why she always claims to be elder sister, so in the dream, when he is old enough, she doesn't want to marry him. And he ignored her will and forced to marry him with the orders of his parents.

In fact, he understood his awkward mentality. He told himself not to be bothered by people's words, but he cared about it in his heart. So even if they became couple, they could not  love and respect each other for life.

She actually knows everything, but everything depends on him! Follow him!

Between the tumultuous mood, there is a change of topic.

"I just heard that you are going to save money to send him to Qinghe school?"

Zhao'er nodded and saw that Chen's face was different. She couldn't help asking, "Isn't that school good?"

"It's a road of opportunism, not for long."

Although Zhao’er can't understand the  very well, she know it's not a good meaning.

"If you want to help him find a good school, I have one to recommend. Just... " Mr. Chen suddenly sighed, "well, even if I tell you, you don't understand. Let's talk about it later."

Zhao’er nodded in a daze.

Then, time is late and the two planned to return to Yuqing Village.

Because that large bag of clothes was too much, and brought back to attract people's attention, Mr. Chen asked Zhao'er to put things in his shop temporarily. Anyway, there are several vacant rooms in the back of the shop, which can be put anywhere.

The two went back to the village by car, because missed time, only the bullock-cart could take, so they sat on the bullock-cart to return home.

On the halfway, there was a mule cart heading towards them.

The driver was a man with dark skin and a tall figure. When getting closer, it could see his appearance clearly. He was born with a strong eyebrow and a tall nose, and he was very heroic. His sleeves were half-pulled on his elbows, which makes his arm look like a muscular knot. At first sight, he is very strong and powerful.

Xue Tingyan saw the person at a glance, and his pupils shrank immediately.

He glanced at Zhao'er next to him and saw that her head was half hanging, then he was relieved.

But that man still saw them, his eyes lit up, and he shouted, "Zhaoer."

Zhao’er looked at him and smiled suddenly, "Brother Jiang Wu, where are you going?"

Jiang Wu tightened the reins and stopped the mule cart.

"I'm going to town, are you going back? Get off, I'll send you."

Zhao’er hesitated and said, "Aren't you going to town? Anyway, we're already in the car, so you'd better  be busy yourself."

"What I'm busy with is to go to see Lao Li. My father said that he would go tomorrow and buy something to go back. It’ll be OK if I don't go this time. This car is slow and bumpy. My car is faster.” Jiang Wu said to Zhao’er with a smile, without realizing that the owner's face is black.

Seeing this, Zhao’er jumped from above without letting the owner of the bullock-cart stop. After taking two steps over there, she remembered that she forgot someone.

As she asked the owner of the bullock-cart to stop, she said to Xue Tingxiang, "Come down, let's take brother Jiang Wu's car back." From the look of dancing eyebrows, he can tell that she is so happy.

Xue Tingxiang's face was a little ugly. He took a look at Zaho’er and got off the car slowly.

They got on the mule cart, and Jiang Wu drove the cart to Yuqing village.

"If I know you would come to the county today, I will ask you to help me get things back. Brother Jiang Wu, I'll tell you that I found a business to do. It can make a lot of money. I'm sure I can't do it alone. Why don't we work together and share money equally?"

Jiang Wu was not the first to do business with Zhao'er. Seriously speaking, Zhao'er used to collect vegetables and sell them in the town. Jiang Wu helped her a lot.

How many dishes can she collect when she runs alone in another village? Besides, she has no car, and it is not convenient to go back and forth. But the Jiang family has a car. The Jiang family was born as a hunter. With this unique skill, the life of the Jiang family is very nourishing.

At ordinary times, the men of the Jiang family don't grow land, and more than 20 acres of land in the family are sold out. They only earn money by renting and hunting with men in the family. But hunting is not what they go every day, so Jiang Wu is not busy when he is not in the mountain. Then he helps Zhao’er to collect the vegetables and other things. What's more, he said he was half of the two people, but Jiang Wu refused to take money every time.

"But I'll tell you first, if you don't divide the money, I won't ask you to do this sale."
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