The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

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Chapter 15

When Zhao'er came out of the street of the bookstore, she remembered that she had no place to go.

Today, she came to the bookstore with the little man. She can't work for embroidery workshop anymore. She hasn't collected the vegetables for many days. And it's too difficult to return to the village and come back until afternoon.

She calculated the day in her mind and decided to visit her second sister.

Zhao'er's second sister Wang Zhaodi is not in Huyang Town. She is a maid of Shen's family in Xia Town. From Huyang Town to Xia Town, it's only an hour's journey by mule car, but it's a bit expensive to take a ride: 15 cents.

When zhao'er gets to the county, it's about three quarters past nine. It's a good time to meet someone. Her second sister doesn't necessarily have time to meet her too early or too late. She has to wait a long time.

Zhao'er went all the way to the south of the city. Before entering the memorial archway where Shen's family is located, she saw the two flags standing at the door of Shen's mansion, which are more than fifteen meters high.

This flag indicates that someone in this mansion passed the highest imperial examination.

This flagpole is divided into two structures, flagpole with stone and flagpole.

The flags on the flagpole are also exquisite. If this person passed the highest imperial examination, he could set up two flags on the flagpole. If he ranked first in the exam, he could set up three flags and if there were important officials in this family, he could set up four flags.

There are two big flagpoles in front of Shen's gate, one has three flags and the other has four. That is to say, someone ranked first in the imperial examination and there is an important official in Shen's family.

Zhao'er, a country girl as she is, knows this from her second sister when she came to see her.

With her identity, she couldn't enter from the front door, the side door or the corner door. She went around a lot and came to the back door of Shen's mansion.

The door of the back door was half open. Zhao'er didn't dare to break in. She knocked on the door respectfully.

The door opened with a squeak, and out of it came a round woman who asked her, "who are you looking for?"

A gatekeeper as she is, she wore clothes made of satin, and she had jewelry on her ears and hands, which is enough to show the wealth of Shen's family.

The Shen’s family is really rich. In this Xia Town, if they are stamping their feet, the whole county is going to shake three times. The Shen mansion here is the ancestral residence of the Shen’s family. In addition to the first and second masters of the Shen’s family who are officials out of town, the whole family lives here.

"Grandma. I'm looking for Sulan. I'm her brother. I'm here to see her."

This woman's attitude is not so warm, but at least she is not inferior to others. From this way, we can see that the rules of the Shen's family must be very strict. She let Zhao'er wait and shut the door and went inside.

After waiting for a long time, the back door opened again, and a beautiful looking woman came out of it. Her skin is smooth like snow, with a pair of phoenix eyes red lips. She wears a water red jacket and a white pleated skirt. Her long and dark hair is simply tied in a bun, and a gold hairpin is inserted on it.

Her clothes and hair ornaments are just ordinary, but they look more beautiful on her than on others. She has a perfect body, with a bulging chest and a thin waist.

This is Zhao'er's second sister Wang Zhaodi, but her name was changed into Sulan when she arrived at Shen's mansion.

Zhao'er can't help frowning. Since she saw her second sister last time, she has changed a lot. It is not only the material of clothes, but also the jewelry, her appearance and even her body shape have changed a lot.

She was a little flustered. She grabbed Sulan and went to the corner where there was no one.

"Sister, did you really do it?"

Seeing Zhao'er crumpling her sleeve, Sulan said impatiently: "What are you talking about?"

"The... The..." After hesitating for a long time, Zhao'er said with a red face: "Did you agree to be the mistress of the sixth young master?"

Sulan rolled her eyes and lifted her mouth: "It's none of your business."

"Sister!" Zhao'er can't help stamping her feet.

Looking at her sister, Sulan remembered that when she was sold by her family, only Zhao'er asked about where she was from the trafficker and walked all day and all night to see her. At that time, she was full of panic. The appearance of Zhao'er reminded her that she was not alone and would not die in this house. She immediately softened her heart.

She sighed: "I told you before, I won't go out to live such a hard time anymore. Although I'm a mistress room now, the sixth young master promised me that when he married a wife, I'll be his concubine. "

Zhao'er was shocked. Although she predicted it, but it's still unbelievable hearing from her sister.

For the first time in her life, she didn't know what to say. After a while, she hesitated and said, "That's it? You will be bullied by the principal wife."

Zhao'er's cognition tells her that no concubines can live comfortably.

Sister's words make Sulan feel bad. She waves her hands carelessly. Her white slender finger wears a gold ring of cat's eye stone, emitting a faint light and shines brightly in the sun.

"You don't understand. You don't need to worry about me. As long as the sixth young master is on my side, his wife won't dare to bully me."


"OK, stop talking about me. Is your little husband well?" I say it's better for you to come to the mansion and be a maid by my side. At least it's better than working so hard in that family. Other women are looking for a man to protect them, and you, you earn money to support your husband."

"He's still young. Besides, sister, if it wasn't for my mother and my father, I would have been sold. You are lucky enough to be sold into Shen's mansion. Those unlucky ones were sold to dirty places. "

Sulan tightly pursed her red lips and did not speak.

It wasn't because she's lucky that she was sold here.

In her phoenix eyes, all kinds of light return to silence. She took a light breath and scolded, "That's why I don't want to see you. Every time you come, you make me angry."

"I haven't seen you for a long time. I just came here to see you." Zhao'er kicked the stones on the ground.

"How are you doing? The Xue’s family did not embarrass you, did they? You wait. When I become the concubine of the sixth master, I will punish whoever bullies you. "

Zhao'er can't help leaning over and hugging Sulan's slender waist in a coquettish way: "Sister, don't worry, I'm so fierce, who dares to bully me. You don't know how many strange things there are in the Xue’s family... "

She told her about what happened recently to Xue's family.

After hearing this, Sulan's mouth turned straight and sneered: "So this is the human heart. Don't test it. You will be disappointed. Don't rely on others. Rely only on yourself."

Sulan was a little extreme, but Zhao'er knew why. In fact, occasionally she would be extreme, but she rarely expressed it.

"Then what do you do now? If your little husband really loses, he will no longer go to school? Have you ever thought about it? It's OK if you win, but if you lose, it's hard for you two to stay in Xue's family. "

Of course, Zhao'er understood this. She stood up straight and smiled: "sister, I know that. Don't worry. I'm going to find another way to do business. It's no big deal. We can just move out. If Gou’er likes learning, I will support him until I can't help him. "

Sulan's poked her forehead: "You're still young! Now you are thinking about you can't support him? The good days are waiting for you! Never mind, don't say I don't care about you. I knew the third manager of He Rong Sheng. Go meet him, and he will find you some way to get money."

He Rong Sheng is a pawnshop. They have many branches in Pingyang, and there is one in Huyang Town. Zhao'er usually comes and goes in town. Naturally, she has heard the name.

"Is this the Shen family's business? How do you know him?"

There was a subtle complexity in Sulan's eyes. She turned impatient: "Don't worry about it, just go find a person named Shen Ping. Well, I can stay here. The sixth master is going to have lunch later. I have to wait for him, so that those bitches won't steal my man. "

After a pause, she took something out of her sleeve and thrust it into Zhao'er's hand: "take it, it doesn't matter if he really lost. You can support him. The family school of Shen's family is famous in Pingyang. When I married the sixth master, I will ask him to let your little husband be a study companion here. I owe you so much in my last life that I have to worry about everything. "

Sulan soon disappeared in the door.

Zhao'er stood in place and looked down at the silver ingot in her hand. For a long time, she squeezed it and left.

Zhao'er didn't know where He Rong Sheng was in the county. She asked many people about the way.

It's a coincidence that the third manager named Shen Ping was here.

Shen Ping was a good-looking and mature young man. He was dressed in a dark blue upright. He looked about twenty years old, but unexpectedly he was the manager of a pawnshop.

As soon as he heard about the intention of Zhao'er, his eyes flashed: "You are Zhao'er. Your sister mentioned you."

Zhao'er didn't expect that sister would tell him her name. She smelled something unusual. As they spoke, Shen Ping had led her in.

"When your sister told me about you, I was thinking about what kind of business you could do for a long time. Through repeated consideration, I think it's quite suitable for you to sell old clothes. "

Her surprise didn't last long, and Zhao'er's attention was attracted by Shen Ping's words.

"What is selling old clothes?"

"You should know what the pawnshop is for. The pawnshop accepts everything, and the pawns are divided into dead pawn and live pawn. The live pawn means that he will redeem it later, and dead pawn means he doesn't want it back. Of course, if he do not redeem them when they are overdue, they naturally turns into dead pawns.

The shop accepts this and gives the owner money. Naturally, they need to be resold for money. Like some old clothes, we would directly transfer them to embroidery shop or garment shop. If you want to do this business, you can take some old clothes to sell. "

Along with Shen Ping's statement, Zhao’er’s eyes flashed again and again, asking, "what's the price? By piece, or what? Since they are old clothes, they won't cost as much as new ones, will they? "

Shen Ping looked at her and said, "You are very smart." He turned around, "Follow me, I'll show you."

Zhao'er followed him all the way back. The yard behind the pawnshop is very big. All of the houses looked like warehouses.

The workers they met on their way were all respectful to Shen Ping. Zhao'er followed him to a warehouse. They didn't go in. A guy pulled a big bag of things out of the warehouse and opened it in front of the door.

This big bag was full of clothes, some of which were worn-out, or 80 to 90% new, and some were even brand-new. There are many kinds of clothes, including cotton, satin and silk, but all of them are of good quality. At least they are better than the coarse cloth on Zhao'er.

"These are usually mixed together. Since they are all received at a low price, they are not expensive. You can have them for two taels of silver."

There's too many clothes that Zhao'er couldn't count. In order to make sure that she could do the business, she went up to look at it.

Such a pack of clothes, at least 100 pieces.

Even twenty cents for a dress was enough for her to earn some money. And some clothes could sell more than 20 cents depending on her visual inspection. What can twenty cents do? Making a suit will at least cost six or seven feet of cloth, and the worst cotton cloth will cost seven or eight cents per foot.

And there were even good fabrics or cotton clothes. If they were not sold, it won't hurt to wear them yourself.

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