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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 46 Second to None (8)

Lin Dan stands on the beam to look down, her brows wrinkle up severely. This is not so much a secret chamber as a blood pool. The bright red blood is bubbling and it seems to have been heated. The extreme smell of blood is disgusting. Next to the blood pool is a huge stone mill. Several fighters in red with shovels pound in the mill. Later on, they dig out many bones and hair.

After cleaning up the grinding trough, one of the fighters says, "Has the guiding medicine arrived? The city master can't wait! "

"Yes, yes, I'll get it." Two fighters quickly run out, after a while they carry a wooden basin to come in. Lin Dan looks carefully with her eyes brightened. The wooden basin is full of fetuses, and it looks like a mass of wriggling worms.

The leading fighter goes to the basin and frowns. "Are there only these? Today's guiding medicine is not enough. What if the city master blames us?"

"Bearing animals in the palace are all old. Their production capacity is getting worse. That’s what they can do. Do you want to ask the Black-clad Palace to capture some bearing animals back, and then inform the people in the city to hand in more guiding medicine, from one per year to three a year?"

"It is not enough to ask three for a year. The city master is undertaking breakthrough, so he needs more and more guiding medicine. Pick out the dead guiding medicine so as not to pollute the blood pool. If they clean all up, you can put the medicine into it. “The leading fighter says, pointing to the huge stone mill.

"Well, if you have something to do, go first. I'll watch."

The dialogue between the two contains a huge amount of information. Even Lin Dan, who has been careless and heartless, is furious. It turns out that the children born by those women in the dungeon are sent here, and then put into the stone mill to grind into blood plasma, which is introduced into the blood pool, so that the master of the city can practice evil power. How crazy is this?

She clenches the Asura Broadsword and bends down slowly, like a beast that chooses who to be eaten. Standing opposite her, Bai Yan frowns with cold eyes. But those fighters in red are not aware of them. They are picking out the dead babies in the wooden basin and throwing them aside.

The rest of the babies are still breathing shortly after they are born. Their hands and feet are trembling slightly, and they are crying at their last gasp. Lin Dan has kept her body the lowest. As long as the tiptoe gently touch the ground, she can fly down to kill these frenzied demons. But at this time, a stone door on the edge of the blood pool suddenly opens. Two maids lift gauze shade, holding a beautiful woman, slowly walk in.

"Meet master." Fighters in red have knelt down.

"Get up; have you get today's guiding medicine ready?" The woman takes off her clothes and walks into the blood pool.

"Report to the master, there is still some work to be done, and I will prepare immediately." A fighter says gingerly.

"What are you waiting for? Go, now!" The woman's expression of enjoyment is immediately replaced by a ferocious one. Stretching her fingers, she puts a baby in the wooden basin into her palm and places it on her lips, as if she wants to eat the meat and drink the blood.

At the sight of this scene, Lin Dan can no longer contain herself. With a sharp push on her toes, Lin Dan attacks the woman. The Asura Broadsword in her hand shines with harsh light.

Bai Yan wanted to probe the level and details of the woman, so when the woman took the baby into the palm of her hand, he did not move after all although his heart could not bear it. But he never expected Lin Dan could not wait for a moment and rushed out in the blink of an eye.

The woman's level of martial arts is not low. She quickly jumps out of the blood pool after perceiving the abnormal sound. She claps her hands on the scalding blood and sets off a wave of blood in an attempt to stop Lin Dan's attack. Lin Dan splits the blood wave, goes straight forward and makes a fake cut-and-kill move, forcing the woman to throw away the baby in her hand. Lin Dan jumps, holds the baby that has been thrown up high into her arms, and pulls off a piece of gauze curtain to protect the baby.

"Who are you?" The woman attacks continuously with her palms, but Lin Dan avoids them. Only then does she realize that the other side is a half-step master. Her skill is almost the same with hers. She hurriedly puts on her clothes, and pulls out a pill from the inside pocket to swallow. Her originally strong momentum suddenly soars, and her palms are also faintly radiant with black light.

"Be careful of her poisonous palms." Standing on the beam watching the fight, Bai Yan warns.

The woman discovers that there is another person here, so her heart is shocked and horrified. And her moves become even sharper. She is good at making poison. The fighters in red swept by her palm wind turn into a pool of black blood, and even the bones are lost in an instant. Although Lin Dan is not afraid of poison, if she is eroded by poison and breaks an arm or leg, the Qi of life can heal wounds and eliminate toxins, but it is impossible for her to grow new hands and feet. What's more, she still holds a newborn baby with weak breath in her arms. She is completely unable to use her knife technique and can only move and jump in the secret chamber to avoid the palm wind. She looks very embarrassed.

Bai Yan stands on the beam all the time and never takes part in the fight.

Lin Dan once again avoids a gust of her palm wind, holding the baby in her arms, and then chops against the ceiling. Only with a loud bang, granite chamber is split a big hole, white light falls down to disperse the strong blood smell. The woman has not seen sunlight for a long time and can’t help blocking her eyes with her arms. Lin Dan immediately seizes the opportunity to leap onto the ground and says coldly, "Come and fight!"

The woman flows up gnashing her teeth and continues to fight with her. One of them is good at making poison and difficult to be approached. Another has knife skill which is strong and fierce, and it can be used to attack close combat. At that time, they fight tightly. The battle between the two half-step masters is by no means something ordinary people can take part in. The fighters in red who rush here want to support their master, but they are all made into meat foam by poisonous palms or split into two halves by knife power. Over time, they dare not to approach.

Bai Yan leaps onto the ground and looks for a high ground to watch.

The woman's power is still soaring, while Lin Dan's skill is gradually dwarfed to protect the baby. Fortunately, her skill is special, even if she is shot with poison palm, it doesn't matter. The woman can do nothing about her for a while. The woman can't kill her, so she swallows another pill and disappears.

Lin Dan misses the strike but she doesn’t feel flustered. She immediately turns back to block the attack with her weapon. The woman does appear behind her, but fails to sneak attack successfully. Instead, her palms attack on the Asura Broadsword. She smiles coldly and disappears. Lin Dan doesn’t know where she will appear in the next moment. Her poisonous palm is already difficult, coupled with this ghostly pace, it is simply adding strength.

Lin Dan misses several attacks and is ambushed several times. Black blood gushes from her mouth. Obviously, she has suffered heavy internal injuries, but there is no panic or fear on her face. She stares at the woman's feet and then settles down to follow her steps. The woman steps to Kun position (Kun, one of the Eight Diagrams, denoting the earth), and she also steps to Kun's position. The woman turns to Li position (Li, one of the Eight Diagrams), and she also turns to it. Gradually, a figure of the Eight Diagrams (eight combinations of three whole or broken lines formerly used in divination) automatically appears in her mind, contrasting with the woman's steps and finding out the rules.

In fact, the woman's posture is very simple. It is just to use the change of the Eight Diagrams to hide her body shape. After understanding the rules, the woman only needs to take one step and Lin Dan can figure out where she will appear next.

After the woman disappears again, Lin Dan unexpectedly lurches suddenly and swings the most violent strike into the air. The sharp knife breaks the air, but there is no target ahead and it only hits one wall.

At the sight of this, Bai Yan can't help raising his eyebrows.

However, the strike that exhausts Lin Dan's power doesn’t fail. The woman unexpectedly appears in front of the wall. When she sees the sudden attack, her triumphant expression suddenly turns into a despair one. It is too late to hide. She lets out a short shriek. Then her head flows high and falls with a thud. A blood column splashes on the rear wall, slowly emitting white smoke, which erodes through a large hole. Even the blood in the woman's body is highly toxic, which shows how difficult an opponent she is. However, when she meets Lin Dan, who is immune to all kinds of poisons, she can only be counted as unlucky.

Lin Dan jumps straight out of the underground palace without looking at her broken body.

Bai Yan follows.

Lin Dan falls into the blood pool and stands firm. Bai Yan, with a wave of his sleeve, leaps onto the beam of the room from a distance and looks at the people soaked in the blood pool.

Lin Dan inserts her broadsword into the bottom of the pool and lets it suck blood to its heart's content, while she sits in the blood to practice. Her eyes are closed, her face is serene, and her arms are still holding the newborn baby. Before settling in, she doesn’t forget to draw out a little Qi of life and injects it into the baby to prevent him from dying. But at the same time, her life Qi decreases slightly, so she suffers fiercer tearing from the Qi of death.

Bai Yan always stands on the beam and looks at her with his hands behind his back, seemingly unhurried. But in fact his eyes are flashing. Lin Dan killed more than thousands of people today and now she is soaked in thick blood. Can she still keep her former sobriety and restraint? After today, will there be another Asura in the world?

Meanwhile, He Yufei carrying a bloody sword runs in and finds Lin Dan sitting in the blood pool. She gets a fright at first, and then shows the look of hatred, and she is going to chop her off without thinking.

"What are you doing?" Bai Yan jumps off the beam and clamps her sword point with his two fingers.

"Master, can't you see she is practicing evil power? She saves no people in need, also kills many people. You go out and have a look, the blood is flowing out!" He Yufei flusters and shouts with a frustrated voice.

"Who she kills is the people should be killed. Besides, if she saves no one, how could you stand here now? “Bai Yan naturally won't leave his disciple behind. In the process of searching for Lin Dan, he had already visited the dungeon and found that Lin Dan beat out the poison lamp, smashed the chain and opened a vent to let the women recover. She did all these before she left.

With Lin Dan attracting attacks outside, women with no control could naturally escape after recovering their strength. Even if they didn't escape, it was safe to stay in the dungeon temporarily. They could still go out aboveboard when Lin Dan cleaned up here.

He Yufei was indeed saved by Lin Dan; otherwise she has now been spoiled by the two animals. He Yufei can't find words to refute Bai Yan. She just doesn't like Lin Dan; she even deeply fears her with no reason.

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