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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 45 Second to None (7)

Lin Dan can see things in the dark without torches, so she has long seen the situation around her. This is not so much a dungeon as an animal farm, and the women with big bellies are the child-bearing animals that are kept. They are all given drugs to soften tendons and to weaken strength. They have no strength and can only cry or shout to relieve their pain. They can’t even kill themselves.

Obviously, they have suffered a lot of devastation. Their clothes have already been disrepair. A random number of pregnant women account for most of them. Fighters dressed in black clothes patrol back and forth in the dungeon, labeling their bellies to note the month, treating them like goods.

Such a miserable situation, compared with the bustling and noisy outside, is tantamount to hell on earth.

Lin Dan withdraws her sights and looks at her empty arms where the Asura Broadsword should have been lying in. But now it is no longer there, should be taken away by these fighters. Because it has become a part of her own body, Lin Dan can clearly perceive the existence of the Asura Broadsword, which is here and not far away.

"Who are you, what do you want to do? Where is my master? Where have you taken my master? “He Yufei jumps to the door and questions.

The fighters in black laugh and say, "Your master has a fair and beautiful face, and has been possessed by our city master. He will definitely enjoy hot drinks and live a better life than us. You can just stay here and have a baby for us. Come on, eat this bear-more-children pill and comfort us. "

"What the hell!" He Yufei wants to abort the pills, only to find that her hands and feet are getting softer and she has no strength. Only then does she find out that the candle lamps on the wall are emitting a strange fragrance, being covered by the strong scent of blood. It should be a kind of drug making people dizzied.

The fighters see that she finally collapses. And Lin Dan, who has been sitting in the corner all along, looks like giving up her struggle. They open the door and come in. Pointing to He Yufei, they say, "I haven't seen such a beautiful one for a long time. Try this first."

"In fact, that is also good." Another fighter says, pointing to Lin Dan.

Although Lin Dan's appearance is not as good as He Yufei's, it is also gorgeous and dazzling. Now she has a pale face, and her lips are as red as blood, giving a rare feeling. Originally she is sitting in the dark and dressed in black, so she was inconspicuous. Now when she is illuminated by the light, she looks like a firefly at night, which can’t be ignored.

The leading fighter looks at her and then at He Yufei, hesitating, "Zhou Er said when this woman entered the city, she was covered in blood and was holding a steel knife. She must be a ruthless guy."

"It doesn’t matter how ruthless she is. She eats our drug to dissipate her power, smells the aroma to soften her strength, even a half-step master will fall. I like to play this kind of ruthless role, and it is very exciting! "

"Well, then, give her bear-more-children pills and we'll take care of her slowly." Before the leading fighter's words are finished, there is a shrill howl from the cage next to him. Then all the women become agitated, crying and shouting like they are in hell.

"Someone is going to give birth. Get her out of here!" A line of people immediately run out of the cage and even forget to close the door.

He Yufei’s eyes suddenly and violently become bright, only to find that she can't even move her little finger, how to escape. She turns her head hard and stares at the open cage door with her heart filled with resentment and anger. But soon, the sight of the tragedy makes her forget anger, only deep fear remains.

Those people tie a woman with a huge belly to the scaffold and keep rolling her abdomen with a stick. A stream of blood shoots out and is caught in a basin below. Then there is a splash of sound. A small fetus falls out, and her hands and feet move slightly. However, her mouth and nose are blocked by the amniotic fluid, making no noise. These people continue to crush the woman's belly with the stick, regardless of whether the fetus is alive or dead. As a result, three or four more fetuses fall into the blood basin with a long umbilical cord attached to the belly.

"Is there more?" The leading fighter asks.

"It should be so." One of them replies.

They continue to crush the woman, causing her to cry miserably and bleed profusely. Two minutes later, she is already dizzy to death. Blood streams from below and the breath gradually becomes weak. Fighters in black don't care about the woman's life; just grope for her belly, making sure there is no fetus inside. And then they use a hook to hook out the placenta, taking away it with a basin of blood together.

He Yufei opens eyes wide and she is terrified. It is not until now that she understands why these fighters call those women bearing animals. They are imprisoned for the constant production of fetuses, no different from those hens that lay eggs. To think further, maybe the fetuses, like eggs, are eaten by the fighters.

He Yufei is frightened by her imagination, turns her head to retch continuously, and begins to cry silently after retching. Too bad, these women are really too bad! They are poisoned, trampled upon, humiliated, etc. When the last vitality is squeezed clean, they are discarded like garbage. Is this a dungeon? It's definitely a hell, and those fighters are demons!

Meanwhile, the woman's body is dragged away to be thrown away. There is a faint conversation, "How many times has she produced?"

"It is the second time."

"Only twice, she dies. She is really not durable. In the future, we still need to find strong bearing animals, preferably those who have practiced martial arts. "

"The two came today are what we need. You go to mate later. Seven months later they can give birth..."

The voice of conversation fades away, but the terrible news frightens He Yufei. She cries out of breath and her face is covered with tears. She knows that in a short time her fate will be the same with those of the women, but she can’t escape. She is now a lamb to be slaughtered.

"Master, where are you? Come and save me!" In despair, Bai Yan is her only hope.

But Bai Yan never comes, but the fighters come after disposing of the body. Grinning grimly, they enter the cage, pour a pill into He Yufei's mouth and begin to take off their pants. The other two fighters walk to Lin Dan. They are preparing to pinch Lin Dan's jaw and force her to take pills. Then they feel a sharp pain in their hearts. Looking down, they find jade-like white hands insert into their hearts and slow take out, dropping blood all over the floor.

"You, how do you..." They continue saying, but Lin Dan has gently pushed away their gradually frozen body, walks to He Yufei, and kills with a palm the man who is on her and preparing to commit a crime. Her palm wind is filled with oppressive vigorous Qi, which instantly shatters the internal organs of these people. Seemingly dying silently, but in fact the bones and flesh in the bodies have melted and are slowly sinking down, like a deflated bag.

He Yufei looks at her dumbfounded and can’t believe her eyes and says, "You, you are not poisoned?"

Lin Dan doesn’t answer, turns around and goes out. Her body is full of Qi of life and death--the most poisonous poison in the world. Drugs are useless to her.

"Lin Dan, the custodian. Please help me and my master!" He Yufei anxiously shouts.

Lin Dan turns a deaf ear and continues to move forward. However, she claps out all the candle lights burning on the wall and smashes all the padlocks on the cages door. She walks to an air hole and pushes her palm forward, pushing out a big hole which is half a zhang wide. Several beams of light and fresh air come in, but the huge noise also attracts fighters around.

Lin Dan keeps going out. Behind her is He Yufei who is desperate and angrily crying. She knows Lin Dan is heartless, but she doesn't expect her to be so heartless. So many poor women, she unexpectedly leaves without looking. Isn't she a woman? Does she have no sympathy at all?

Lin Dan follows her intuition and goes to a dark room. She pushes open the brick door with palms and walks in unimpeded. This is an arsenal full of swords and spears, while her Asura Broadsword is lying quietly in the corner. Aware of the host's coming. It moves with slightly invisible tremor, a very light goes across the blade, quickly disappears.

"Let's go." Lin Dan slightly stretches her fingers, and she takes her broadsword into her palm from a distance. As soon as she turns her head, she sees Bai Yan standing at the other end of the deep dungeon, silently looking at her.

His white robe swells and his appearance is beautiful. In this dark dungeon, he looks like a bright moon, shining everywhere. Lin Dan only gives him a slight hubris and walks to the ground at a glance. When she meets fighters in the way, she solves them one by one cleanly. The fighters can’t even hold up for half a round of attack in her hand, and almost lose their lives as soon as they meet. As a result, Lin Dan goes out with almost no obstruction and leaves a trail of blood.

This is supposed to be a ghastly sight and the most disgusted scene by Bai Yan, but he doesn't show a look of disgust. He follows in her steps. These people do all the bad things, even if Lin Dan didn't do it, he would clean up the situation. Only two steps slow, when on the ground, Bai Yan can’t find a living creature. The ground is full of bodies of fighters in black which were cut in half. Lin Dan's trick is always as simple as that. If she can kill a person with one strike, she will never waste her energy to cut down the second one. It's only a quarter of an hour. She has already killed all the fighters in the underground palace, without even disturbing the fighters in several nearby underground palaces.

Her figure is ethereal, stepping on the shadow to chase the light, sneaking into the largest underground palace unnoticed, and following the extremely strong blood smell into a chamber of secrets, leaping onto the beams carved by stone, and observing quietly on it. The level of Bai Yan's martial arts is still superior to hers, so he sneaks in quietly and stands on the beam opposite her.

Lin Dan keeps a close eye on the movement below, while Bai Yan looks at her with deep eyes. There is no doubt that the killing just now made her feels particularly satisfied. Therefore, her pale face is flushed; cold eyes also have some brilliant color. This makes Bai Yan feel a little strange and worried.

Once she has tasted the wanton killing, it will be difficult for her to turn back. He doesn't want Lin Dan to take the road that she will never turn back, but he wants to see how long she can keep herself away from it.

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