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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 44 Second to None (6)

Lin Dan feels herself like a criminal and Bai Yan like a prison guard responsible for guarding the prisoners. However, she has always been in a good state of mind. She just waves her hand to mean that she is okay with that. Bai Yan sees that she is really okay, so he pours a glass of hard liquor and enjoys it.

The two return to their rooms respectively after the meal. For the convenience of guiding, Bai Yan also asks for a VIP room, just next door to Lin Dan. He can immediately detect any movement she makes. Lin Dan doesn’t feel okay with that. She takes a bath and begins to meditate. Because of the pain in her body all the time, she has no way to have a good sleep and can only settle down and meditate. Fortunately, at her level, it doesn't matter whether she sleeps or not. She only needs to meditate for two hours a day to keep her spirits up.

Bai Yan walks to the window when Lin Dan is meditating. It seems he is looking at the distance, but in fact he is feeling the movement next door. The breathing becomes shallower and slower until it disappears completely. This is the highest state of meditation. It can only be achieved by eminent monks or people with a very clear mind.

However, Lin Dan is suffering from the pain of being cut into thousands of pieces all the time. How can she completely ignore the pain and enter the realm without thinking herself? Bai Yan frowns with a puzzled expression. Later on, showing an awe-inspiring expression, he immediately jumps out of the window, stepping on the leaves to fly to the window of Lin Dan, and then freezes.

Lin Dan doesn't make a false impression of meditation to run out to kill people as he thinks. She is still sitting on the bed with her hands on her knees in a fixed position, eyes closed, face calmed. She has completely forgotten everything. The Asura Broadsword is also placed on her lap with faint reddish and cold flashing.

There are only one broadsword and her in the room and nothing happens.

His awe-inspiring expression holds stiff for a moment, and then is replaced by slight embarrassment. This is the first time he makes a mistake and misunderstands a person. This is really...He shakes his head and smiles at himself, but he doesn’t leave. Instead, he sits cross-legged on the tree trunk and begins to meditate three zhangs away from Lin Dan.

But his mind keeps flashing today's pictures. No matter how he can't get as usual quickly into meditation. Lin Dan broke He Chongling's heart with one strike. She was invincible by her own, and she stuck to the bottom line and never crossed the line...Her resolute face, firm and unyielding but clear and transparent eyes always haunt Bai Yan's mind, making him unable to let go.

He can hardly believe that this is the legendary descendant of Asura Blade. She doesn’t go mad, doesn’t kill indiscriminately, and doesn’t behave differently from ordinary people. If he were in her place, he would not be sure that he could achieve Lin Dan's level. The endless pain of cutting into thousands of pieces, that kind of feeling is chilling as long as one thinks about it. If he can make himself a little better, Bai Yan will not only kill enemies, he will kill all the people in the Eastern Tang Mainland.

He has already stood on the top of mountains and is so powerful that he cannot guarantee to do better than Lin Dan. Lin Dan's mind is more firm than he imagined, but he doesn't know how long she can insist.

Think of this, Bai Yan opens his eyes and looks at Lin Dan, seeing her face is still peaceful. His eyes can’t help but show a bit of appreciation--

The next day, Lin Dan casually eats a little breakfast and goes out with her broadsword. She is now alone, homeless and can only wander around. The sharp pain of the body is really hard to endure, and the feeling of killing is really carefree, but so what? She can't let herself lose her humanity just for a moment's pleasure. Without human nature, is she still Lin Dan?

Bai Yan follows her not far away. Seeing that she just walks around at will, she will pick up interesting things and look at them carefully. She looks like a little girl who seldom leaves home and doesn’t know the world. Smiling can be felt in her eyes. Speaking of which, Lin Dan is only 17 years old this year, one year younger than his disciple He Yufei, but she has seen the fickleness of the world.

Who can be heartless without experiencing the deepest despair and the most painful struggle? But Lin Dan did it. She dug her heart out abruptly...Considering this, the smile can be seen in Bai Yan's eyes slowly recedes. And his heart, which has not been caused waves for a long time, is slightly painful.

Just then, there is a loud noise from a drugstore on the street. After a while, a young man is thrown out by two strong men and he struggles up the steps again. He cries out shrilly, "Please give me one! I really can't find the right guiding medicine. Nearby people have moved away, Young Forever City is full of barren hills, no one..."

Lin Dan puts down the cloth tiger in her hands and looks at the young man with deep thoughts in her eyes. Thanks to this person’s mentioning, she starts to think of it. This city is really deserted. She didn't even see a small village along the way. However, in theory, many small towns will be built around large cities because people are social animals and like to live together. On the other hand, it covers such a vast area and is so prosperous in the city. But it is like an isolated island. There is not even a family near it for thousands of miles. This is very strange.

Moreover, what is the leading medicine? Just thinking about this, Lin Dan is startled to find that the young man's black hair is quickly infected with frost, and in the blink of an eye it is completely white, and after a while unexpectedly he is totally dead. His exposed skin is full of wrinkles and spots, like an old man in his seventies or eighties.

Lin Dan steps forward to see what is going on. But a line of officers come and carry the man's body away. The onlookers do not show any horror on their faces, but gloat and point out, "Look, that's what happens when you can't find the guiding medicine! Let's try our best to find a place further away. If we don't finish this year's task, we won't get the pills. "

Lin Dan silently remembers these words and then walks away. Back at the inn, the enthusiastic bartender has already prepared lunch for her and recommended her to go to the east district for a visit. It is the most prosperous area in Young Forever City. There are restaurants and food establishments everywhere and people are busy.

Lin Dan nods inexorably. After eating lunch and sitting for a while, she goes to the east district. As soon as she comes out of the inn, she sees He Yufei running breathlessly and shouting, "Master, I have finally found you!"

Lin Dan leans over and lets her pounce on Bai Yan. The people whom the original owner hates the most and loves the most are now with Lin Dan, but they have not affected her at all. Just passing by, she notices that people around her look at He Yufei with some strange sights, as if they are very coveted for her. The same is true when looking at herself, but due to the weapon in her hand, they are slightly restrained.

Lin Dan's eyes are dim, but her face is not showing anything, and she continues to walk towards the east district.

From that day on, He Yufei has tried her best to catch up with the two, but she is still far away. She is exhausted and can’t even stand. She hangs on Bai Yan and complains with a delicate voice, "Master, I am so sad that you left me alone!" When saying this, she acts like a spoiled child in a quick-witted way.

Bai Yan looks down at her and says in a low voice, "This place is dangerous. You must leave first."

"What is the danger, where is the danger?" He Yufei hurriedly stands up straight and looks around. Her black and white eyes are full of sly spirits.

"Forget about it. Just follow me if you like." Seeing Lin Dan walking far away, Bai Yan can do nothing but to let He Yufei stay.

The east district is indeed very prosperous. The streets are crowded with people, jostling each other, shouting, singing songs and making noises, which bring together a scene of prosperity. Lin Dan walks in the flashy with cold eyes and an indifferent expression. She is observing the people and the scenery around her. The more she looks at it, the weirder she feels. There are no old people or children in the street. All young and middle-aged men come and go. Few women, only a few of them, and all of them show interest and curiosity. They are obviously new comers. It seems very strange.

Bai Yan frowns and slowly walks.

He Yufei feels nothing, seeing everything fresh and playing with everything interesting. She tugs at Bai Yan's sleeve and lingers among vendors, begging him to help her buy delicate and small items. Bai Yan just pays with his eyes locked on Lin Dan. He knows that there is something strange about the city, but his most important task is to watch Lin Dan and everything else should be left behind.

Seeing Lin Dan walking into a cloth workshop, he immediately pushes He Yufei in, saying lightly, "Go and pick some clothes."

He Yufei mistakenly thinks he is going to buy clothes for her. Her smile becomes sweeter and sweeter. She replies yes and runs inside. When she sees Lin Dan, who is also picking clothes, she shows a bit of timidity, but she also knows that master must have his reasons for following Lin Dan, so she doesn’t think much about it.

"Lin Dan, can I help you?" She braces herself to ask.

"No." Lin Dan walks into the fitting room with a black dress.

The shopkeeper serves Bai Yan a pot of hot tea and picks out some beautiful dresses for He Yufei, pushing her into another fitting room. This is the largest cloth shop in the east district. It makes woman's clothing and sells fancy woman's clothing. It does not do man's business.

Lin Dan stares at the thick black dress in her arms, and raises her brows slightly. On the other side, He Yufei spreads out her skirt joyfully and is preparing to put it on her body. The next moment she passes out. Hearing the splash of her fall on the ground, Lin Dan is also readily "dizzied". Thirty minutes later, He Yufei wakes up and Lin Dan also opens her eyes. The two have been detained in a dungeon, surrounded by a strong foul smell and intermittent cries. The atmosphere is very horrible.

"Where is this, my master?" He Yufei rubs his temple which is in great pain, and later cries out in horror, "My, my power is gone. What have you done to me?"

"Shut up. What the use of your power if we can’t get into the city. Being obedient, give birth to a baby for me. Ha, ha, ha..." Two fighters wearing black cloth and carrying torches walk to the front of the dungeon. Through the fire, He Yufei finally sees the scene in the dungeon.

There are many cells in rows like hers with three or four young women inside each of them. They have empty eyes, soft hands and feet. Some cry in a low voice, some groan in pain, and some are with huge bellies without knowing they are alive or dead.

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