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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 43 Second to None (5)

Lin Dan is not the original owner, so she will not be blinded by love. If Bai Yan was really just a weak scholar, he would not be able to settle down in the religion and would not transfer He Yufei to a first-rate master in a short time. Since he keeps his own counsel, then he must have planned something else.

Bai Yan slowly nods without showing any panic on his face, "Yes."

Lin Dan immediately stands up and draws out the blood-soaking Asura Broadsword and says with low voice, "Why?" She can't sense his breath. He is completely like an ordinary person, but the more so, the more frightening he is. With Lin Dan's current level, she can see through a person's details at a glance. But she can't see through him, which indicates that his state is higher than hers by more than one level.

What is the state above the half-step master...he is a great master!

Lin Dan clenches the hilt tightly and takes a step forward. Her posture is like she is facing tremendous threats, but her expression remains calm.

Bai Yan stands still holding his hands behind his back and says slowly, "Asura Blade originally belonged to our sect, but it was stolen by your Eastern Sacred Religion. At the end of his life, my master left words--if Asura come down to the world, we need to kill the evil with all efforts. "

It explains the matter. Lin Dan nods slightly to show she understands. She is not interested in Bai Yan's sect and origin, but she understands why his master left such words. Once a man successfully practice Asura Blade, it is easy for him to fall into crazy killing and lose his mind. What is more terrible is that the Qi of life in the practitioner will firmly protect his heart and pulse, so that he can’t be killed in any way.

What kind of influence will a monster that knows only crazy killing but will never die have on the outside world? Lin Dan closes her eyes as if she had foreseen the tragic sight of rivers of blood and corpses. She doesn’t defend herself, but raises her broadsword and says calmly, "Come and fight."

Bai Yan doesn’t move for a long time. His eyes observe back and forth in her face, and then he looks at the line at her feet.

He Yufei is completely confused about the situation. She looks at Lin Dan and Bai Yan one after another. She says with consternation, "Master, do you know martial arts?" He Chongling once explored the vein of Bai Yan’s. He was clearly an ordinary person without internal force.

Bai Yan and Lin Dan ignore her. They just stand with eyes fixed on each other.

After a long time, Bai Yan steps back and says lightly, "I won't kill you today, you go."

Lin Dan soon understands what he means. Although he lets her go, it doesn’t mean that he won’t pursue her from now on. He just doesn’t kill her today, but tomorrow and the day after tomorrow may be uncertain. And when he mentions the words "kill you", his tone is assured, as if killing a half-step master is an easy thing for him. This shows that this man must be one of the five great masters, and his level is far from what Lin Dan can match now.

If one can live well, why does he want to die? Lin Dan is not a fool. She immediately retracts her broadsword, flies away. Bai Yan also flies after his tiptoe touching the ground, following her up.

The two seems dimly slow, but they actually go thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye. He Yufei can’t understand for a long time. She once thought Lin Dan was a poor and sad woman, but she didn't expect she could kill He Chongling with one strike, and she was more determined than anyone else. She thought Bai Yan was a weak scholar, but she didn't expect he could be well-matched with a half-step master.

Does this not mean that Bai Yan is a great master? He Yufei, who finally regains her thinking ability, immediately catches up with them and shouts, "Master, wait for me!" She just found a master casually, but never expected him to be one of the five great masters. Her luck is too fucking good! ——

Lin Dan sprints all the way, trying to get rid of Bai Yan. However, no matter how fast she is, Bai Yan can always keep a close distance with her. She keeps fast and he will be fast too. She slows down and he too. He is like a cat catching a mouse. If it was a different person, he would have been driven to fidgety and panic. But Lin Dan is not angered at all. She slows down completely and heads for the nearest city. The original owner has no feelings for the Eastern Scared Religion, so she is not going back.

The Eastern Tang Mainland advocates martial arts and has many sects. Jianghu is far more powerful than the imperial court. Many cities are owned by various major sects and do not belong to the imperial family. Lin Dan walks to the gate of the city, looks up at the plaque hanging on the gate beam, only to see a few big words written on it--Young Forever City.

This is an interesting name. Lin Dan looks at it carefully and pays the entrance fee. Only then does she find an inn and prepare to settle down. "Bartender, serve some special dishes and a pot of liquor. If you have a VIP room, please reserve me one." She puts a piece of silver on the counter.

"Okay, my guest, please have a sit, our specialties include stewed frog, boiled beef. I will immediately let the cook to prepare for you. This is the key to the room. Please keep it. The first room on the left on the second floor is your room. Thanks for your three Qians (Qian, means money, it was also a unit for ancient money like silver) of silver, and let me weigh it for you." The bartender puts the silver on a steelyard to measure.

Lin Dan says, "Keep the change. Fetch me a bucket of hot water. I want to take a bath." The black dress on her body is soaked with blood and it is heavy.

Only then does the bartender find out that her precious broadsword and clothes are dripping blood, staining a large area of the floor red, and a fishy smell that can’t be dissolved is spreading at the inn. It has no doubt that she must have been killing people before, and she killed quite a lot!

"Okay, thank you for your kindness. I will boil water for you." The bartender stops looking, continues to weigh the silver, cuts off the surplus and puts it in his pocket. He happily runs to the kitchen to boil water without showing any fear.

The guests here also turn a blind eye to Lin Dan, as if they hadn't seen the blood on the ground and the shocking bloody footprints.

The strange reaction makes Lin Dan alert. She slowly walks to the window and sits down, thinking--these people have such strange attitudes, either they are accustomed to blood or their brains are not normal. However, it is obviously impossible for all people to be abnormal, so there is only one answer--for these people, killing and dyeing blood are already common things. But this has nothing to do with her, so she doesn't have to delve into.

Thinking of this, Lin Dan draws a pair of chopsticks from the bamboo tube and pulls out a handkerchief from her arms to wipe the tableware. However, she sees that the handkerchief has been stained with black and red blood spots, which is even dirtier than chopsticks. She frowns slightly and stares at the chopsticks and the handkerchief.

Bai Yan stands at the door and watches for a long time. Seeing that she has been staring blankly without noticing his arrival, he walks slowly to her. He bends over and looks at her with extremely complicated gaze, like studying a difficult puzzle or watching a beast.

"Are you going to eat?" He asks in a low voice.

Lin Dan now returns to absolute being, taking a slight glance at him--I order all the dishes and take the chopsticks. What else will I do except eating?

Bai Yan realizes the taste of being despised for the first time. Although Lin Dan doesn't say anything, her eyes clearly send message--Your question is just nonsense. But he never expects that Lin Dan sprints thousands of miles, coming to the city, what she wants is just to sit down and have a good meal.

Asura Blade belonged to his sect, so he knows the consequences of practicing it better than anyone else. It is extremely difficult to cut affections. The piercing pain in the heart can completely destroy a strong man with firm will. In order to alleviate that kind of pain, the practitioners will all fall into the abyss of killing, and eventually die of accidental madness. The bloodied scenes have been recorded in the code of his sect.

However, at present, Lin Dan has clearly achieved great success, so her face is completely free from pain and her eyes show no sign of being crazy. Apart from being paler than ordinary people, she has no abnormal appearance. She sprinted to this place, paid the entrance fee, ordered two dishes, booked a room, and called for a bucket of water. Her moves are normal, and she is completely a woman being busy with traveling. If it weren't for what he saw, Bai Yan wouldn't believe that she was practicing Asura Blade, nor would he believe that she was suffering from the pain like being cut to pieces all the time.

"What will you do?" Bai Yan, who has always been indifferent, can’t help asking one more question. He had originally planned to kill Lin Dan, but when he saw that she had always kept the bottom line and had not killed anyone, he hesitated. This is the first time he has shown compassion for the enemy of his sect. He should not do that.

"We shall see." Lin Dan folds the bloody handkerchief neatly and tucks it back into her arms.

Bai Yan hands over his handkerchief and declares, "I will follow you."

Lin Dan takes the handkerchief and wipes two pairs of chopsticks, hands one pair to Bai Yan, takes the other pair herself, then nods and says, "Okay." She knows why Bai Yan follows closely. That is to prevent her from killing innocent people. Once she loses control, Bai Yan will erase her immediately. Letting him follow is tantamount to hanging a sword on her head. She will face death at any time. But Lin Dan is not afraid; she even has some peace in her mind. If she really loses control and can't even cut herself off, she also hopes that someone strong enough can kill her immediately.

Bai Yan frowns slightly. He never expects that she will promise so easily, so he can't help but look at her carefully.

Lin Dan, however, doesn’t care at all about his inspection. When the dishes are served, she gets busy eating the meal. Since the day Bai Yan and He Yufei couldn’t elope and were imprisoned in the dungeon, the original owner has not eaten enough. The original owner can be emaciated for love, but Lin Dan can't stand hunger. However, as soon as she takes one bite, her brows wrinkle up deeply. Because the cook's skill is so poor, the frog is not pickled to remove the fishy smell, and the boiled beef is too chewy to eat, which has to be stewed for half an hour before it can be tasteful.

With only one bite, the correct way to cook these two dishes inexplicably appears in her mind. Although she has never taken a kitchen knife or been on a stove after she came to this world, she is sure she can make the most authentic delicious food.

Was I a cook in my last life? She puts down the bowl and chopsticks with complex thinking.

Bai Yan looks straight at her and says, "What's wrong with you?" In his eyes, Lin Dan is a wild animal on the verge of madness, and will kill people anytime and anywhere.

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