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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 42 Second to None (4)

There are hundreds of super-first-rate masters who fight against Lin Dan. At first, they have scruples about losing their face. So they take turns to go up and fight with her. Later, they find out that she is so powerful that each one can’t bear more than one chop. They completely abandon the so-called noble-sect demeanor and rush at her all together.

Lin Dan is worrying about that there is no place to release the Qi of death in the body. Now she can chop one at a time and wield a broadsword shadow to a group of people. The oppressive violent Qi is transformed into broadsword Qi, which will hit them like high winds and strong rain. Then thunderstorms will form in their wounds and blow them to pieces. If someone else cuts a man with a broadsword, it will at most cause a deep bone wound. If she cuts, people with poor level of martial arts will be crushed into minced meat. Even if they have powerful internal force to protect their bodies, they will not be able to resist the attack of the death Qi.

When she stops killing, those masters who retreat outside the cordon are already scarred. And several of them fail to stand on their feet. Their bodies then explode with a lot of blood holes and they fall down instantly. But no one finds that Lin Dan's steel broadsword is sucking the blood on the surface bit by bit, gradually changing from silvery white to light red.

This broadsword has been also given to Lin Dan by the old leader, named Asura Broadsword, which was originally an integral part of the practicing method. The method is evil skill, so it is also evil weapon. However, the original owner had never been able to advance her martial arts, so he failed to find the singularity of it.

Lin Dan clenches the hilt, but her bloodied face doesn’t show any crazy color of killing without control. She steps forward with her toes firmly against the line.

Only then does the fourth elder of Lianyun City jump down from a high spot and he snaps, "The method you practice is so violent. If you are spared today, you will surely become a remained threat of Jianghu in the future! Today I will kill you for the noble sects!" He attacks with a palm when he doesn’t finish saying.

Lin Dan splits open the palm strength and says with a low voice, "I have not killed anyone on my own initiative. Am I a threat? I have already told you. Today, if you keep your promise and withdraw voluntarily, we will be at peace. If you come here to die, don't blame me for being ruthless. "

The fourth elder doesn’t talk any more. After a snort, he repeatedly uses his palms to attack Lin Dan. He has remained in the level of half-step master for many years. So his breath is more stable than Lin Dan's. He also has more experience in fighting than Lin Dan. He soon scatters Lin Dan's fierce Qi of broadsword and slaps her with palm attacking.

Lin Dan is beaten to step back. Blood gushes from her mouth, but her eyes shows no sign of being afraid. Instead, she shouts, "Good attack!" Then she attacks with her broadsword. Even though the fourth elder has successfully avoided her attacking again and again, she still does not quit attacking.

The stronger the enemy is, the harder she has to fight. And the Qi of death she uses has to be multiplied. At the same time, the Qi of life in her body keeps circulating in her limbs and bones, keeping her entirely free from pain. The internal injuries caused by being attacked by the palm strength are really nothing compared with the pain of being hacked.

Then she is even more dismayed to find that because the dead Qi is used to fight, the body is filled with anger. The sword wounds that have been caused by those masters are healing rapidly, leaving no scar. Even if the internal organs are smashed, they can recover quickly. The fiercer the fight is, the faster the wound will recover.

That is to say, when she practices Asura Blade to the extreme, she will become a monster that will never die.

This amazing discovery does not shake Lin Dan's mind, but only makes her more brave and fearless. She has been beaten into the ground by the strength of the fourth elder several times, smashing a deep pit. But she keeps rushing up to attack. In a short time, the ground is smashed into more than a dozen large pits by her awkward shape. However, at the same time, the Qi of her broadsword is stronger and stronger than before.

At first, the fourth elder is able to fight against her with ease, but later he has to dodge. And then he is cut several times and covered in blood. Since he was promoted to half-step master, he has not been injured for a long time, and he has not been forced into such a mess. He begins to realize that Lin Dan is a fighter of crazy style, getting promoted in battles is countless times more effective than practicing.

In other words, he has become Lin Dan's whetstone. If he goes on fighting, he won't get any advantage. On the contrary, he will promote Lin Dan's breakthrough. Even he has already stood at the top of the Eastern Tang Mainland and seen all kinds of peerless masters, the fourth elder still believes that this evil girl in her early twenties, who has not even gotten her name known, is the most terrible opponent he has ever met. He has already showed faint signs of defeat. There is not much internal force left. So he won't insist for half an hour. However, Lin Dan becomes stronger and stronger. Her originally pale face is stained with red healthily. Her dark eyes are shining with burning light. Even fighting for another three days and three nights will not bother her.

Obviously, her internal force is stronger than that of the fourth elder, as if the desperate struggle just now was just a warm-up. At first sight, she seemed to have just advanced and her breath was still very unstable. But now, she is full of harmony Qi and she can master vigorous moves. Even the peerless masters like the fourth elder have been forced to retreat by her.

Seeing Lin Dan wielding the fierce broadsword to attack him, the fourth elder hurriedly takes a palm to slow down its strength, and then steps back quickly with the help of the palm strength. Coincidentally and unexpectedly he retreats outside the cordon. Lin Dan has already wielded a fatal movement with the broadsword. Seeing this situation, she wields another sharper one. The latter is faster than the first and makes the first miss a bit and land on the rock beside the fourth elder. The high cliff is instantly cut into two and blown up a huge cave.

The flying debris will not cause any damage to the top masters. Others dodge the debris quickly. The fourth elder steps back for a long distance and his face is full of indecision and uncertainty. He knows that Lin Dan could have killed him just now. The first movement was aimed at his neck. He didn't stand firm. How can he avoid it? If Lin Dan hadn't wielded the second one, he would surely have died completely with his head and neck separated.

"Why did you let me go?" Losing is a fact. There is nothing unacceptable for the fourth elder. He has reached a high level. If he cannot even see through the normal state of victory and defeat, he will not go any further. But he wants to know why Lin Dan let him go at the critical moment. Here is the thing, he is one of the few half-step masters in the Eastern Tang Mainland, and he is also the four elders of Lianyun City, so he is renowned for his prestige in Jianghu. If Lin Dan kills him today, Lin Dan will become famous all over the world in an instant. And in recent years, the Eastern Sacred Religion has become more rampant and expanded rapidly. Isn't that what it wants? There is no sect that does not want to be a king, or any fighters who do not want to be respected by the world.

The fourth elder’s thoughts are complicated; Lin Dan is completely unable to understand. She walks slowly to the line and stands upright with her weapon, repeating every word, "If you cross the line, there is no mercy." She keeps saying that there is no mercy, but what she has done is to give them a chance to live. The fourth elder feels harder to fathom her mind.

Lin Dan's idea is very simple. Her words of "no mercy" include not only others but also herself. If she crosses this basic bottom line, she does not need these so-called noble sects to fight against her, she will get herself killed. She can live as if she was dead, or she can live alone, but she cannot live in a daze and madness. If she can't live out herself, what is the point to live?

The fourth elder catches a glimpse of the line she has drawn before, and only then does he understand why he could escape. Lin Dan is really uncompromising. As long as they do not cross the line, she will not kill them. She is more determined to keep her promise than those of the noble and decent sects.

By thinking of this, the fourth elder blushes. He is very ashamed by himself. He raises his head and looks at the opposite crowd furtively. Bai Yan, who is hidden behind the crowd, nods to him. So he immediately cups his hands and says, "You are so chivalrous, thanks for your mercy. Please forgive my rudeness." He goes away after speaking.

Lin Dan is capable of beating the fourth elder to repeatedly vomit blood, so she must be a half-step master. The rest of these decent sects all together will not be her opponent, let alone kill her. So they soon disperse.

The gate of the Eastern Sacred Religion, which was originally towering at the top of all the mountains, has been destroyed by most this time. There are still many scattered corpses lying on the ground. Blood has spread layer after layer and there is not even room for feet. Lin Dan inserts the Asura Broadsword into the pool of blood and lets it suck blood. She sits cross-legged and begins to practice.

When the Qi of death returns to her body and collides with the Qi of life, the familiar sharp pain begins to wreak havoc in Lin Dan's body, tearing her blood vessels and flesh inch by inch and then mending them inch by inch. This process is naturally extremely painful, but she doesn't even knit her brows, only the blush on her cheeks is slowly fading and she becomes as pale as snow again.

The followers dare not to disturb her and quietly clean up the mess.

He Yufei hesitates and stands not far away. She wants to come forward but does not dare to. Her expression is very complicated. She betrayed Lin Dan, also took away her most beloved person, so it is reasonable for her to worry about Lin Dan will retaliate.

He Yufei never thought Lin Dan would become so powerful before. Lin Dan is now a half-step master, second only to a great master. If she tries, the already precarious Eastern Sacred Religion will have a very high position in Jianghu immediately. In a few years, it may become a monster like the Qingcheng Sect and the Heavenly Sword Sect. If she is clinging to the past, He Yufei will only be able to flee to nowhere from now on.

"Master, before she recovers, we should leave now." He Yufei is worried more about her master Bai Yan than herself, fearing Bai Yan will be recaptured by Lin Dan.

"Wait." Bai Yan walks slowly towards Lin Dan in the pool of blood. Before he comes near, she opens her eyes and says without sorrow or joy, "You wanted to kill me just now." She does not forget that before He Chongling was killed, someone had assassinated her with Qi. And only Bai Yan was the most suspicious person standing in that direction at that time.

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