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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 40 Second to None (2)

In the Eastern Tang Mainland, one great master is able to build an empire by virtue of his unparalleled strength. Although a half-step master is not as strong as a great master, he is able to set up a sect and dominate somewhere. There are only five great masters, which is very rare. There are also not many half-step masters. Searching across the whole continent, there are only a dozen of them. This one today is Lianyun City's fourth elder. Lianyun City has also recruited six masters of equal strength, thus showing how powerful Lianyun City is in the East Tang Mainland.

A folk saying goes like this--Lianyun City in the sky and Forbidden City on the ground. Compared with Lianyun City, the powerful imperial family is not so noble. It is no wonder that the imperial family's children secretly fight to death for the qualification to practice in Lianyun City.

It is said that Lianyun City has sent a half-step master to destroy him; He Chongling doesn’t panic at all. With a wave of his hand, says coldly, "Let's go check out!"

When they get to the outside of the hall, they see that the foot of the mountain has already been crowded with people and it is not long before they will attack.

"Leader, there are too many people and too many top masters to help. What should we do?" Although the other one custodian tries his best to keep calm, his voice still trembles. According to the current situation, they are not worthy foes. It is better to run away earlier. Fortunately, there are many secret passages under the ground, and most of the congregation can follow the passages to escape.

"What are you talking about? Fighters, change into a certain battle formation and go out with me to fight." He Chongling, gnashing his teeth, shouts.

The followers draw out their swords with determination in their eyes. At this moment, a deep voice resounds in mid-air, "Followers of the Eastern Sacred Religion, all of you listen to the order. If you present He Chongling's head, I will spare your lives. If not, you will be definitely killed!"

The voice comes from far away at the foot of the mountain, but it seems to reverberate in the ear. It also brings with it a powerful internal force. It made people feel painful when it is heard, membrane swelling with pain, Qi and blood churning. What's more, the followers with low-level martial arts actually bleed from the seven apertures in the head and die on the spot. Even masters such as He Chongling and the other custodian couldn't help showing a look of pain.

He Yufei suddenly spits out one mouthful of blood, but she has no time to resist it with her inner power. She quickly runs to the Bai Yan’s side, puts her hands over his ears. Bai Yan's calm eyes without emotions show intention to smile, and he slightly and invisibly touches her body with his fingertip. He Yufei's billowing Qi and blood die down instantly. She can’t help being surprised. But she doesn’t think too much, only thinks that it is the half-step master who removes the internal force, so that she is not so uncomfortable.

Everyone is busy to take care of themselves, so they don't notice that when everyone is struggling to resist pain, Lin Dan is the only one who stands in the corner with a broadsword and looks on coldly, with no trace of pain on her face. The half-step master's coercion is fatal to others. But to her, it is just an ordinary voice, making no difference.

She has to fight the vigorous Qi in her body all the time and endure unimaginable pain that ordinary people can’t imagine. The external pressure is naturally insignificant.

The strength of the half-step master is horrible. It is hard to imagine before, but today the followers finally experience it. He hasn't started fighting; just a casual word can instantly kill so many fighters, what will happen when he really fights? It is no exaggeration to say that even he comes alone today, it is absolutely enough to wipe out the Eastern Sacred Religion.

The congregation is scared and frightened, and turns to see He Chongling one after another. Some people even have their eyes rolling around and flashing, and they come up with an idea of running away. A voice comes out nowhere, "Run!" So the battle formation formed just now disperses, everyone runs away, leaving a mess there.

The half-step master jumps onto the top of the mountain gate and makes a loud bang by sending power through his palm at a distance. The fleeing followers immediately turn into a mist of blood. Palm prints of dozens of zhangs' width (zhang, a unit of length = 3.13 meters) appear on the ground, even the hard granite is smashed into pieces and plunged into the ground.

A word kills hundreds of people, a palm down takes away dozens of lives, even damages more than half of the hall. The half-step master's strength makes everyone scared. The congregation, who has intended to flee in all directions, stand stiffly in place with their clothes soaked in cold sweat.

"Kill the leader and we won't have to die!" He Yufei, who is hidden behind the crowd, cries out in a voice, immediately arousing the desire of the congregation to survive. They look at He Chongling with their scarlet eyes full of murder intention.

"Yes, kill the leader, cut off his head, our Eastern Sacred Religion can keep safe!" Followers who have been very dissatisfied with He Chongling's arbitrariness shout and rush up. Without outsiders to fight, they start to kill each other.

He Yufei takes Bai Yan to hide behind a pillar, covering her mouth and tittering for a while. Bai Yan looks at her with a gentle expression.

He Chongling is just a first-rate master, while the followers including the other custodian who are besieging him are all first-class masters, almost the same as his strength. So he is able to cope with the five at a time, but he can’t support if several more come and soon he becomes bloody. But there is no panic in his eyes. Instead, he shows a crazy look and throws away the sharp sword with turned blade. He laughs loudly, "Good good, I have raised you for a long time, and it is time to harvest!" When he finishes his words, He Chongling grasps through air with five fingers from a distance, the custodian is pulled to his palm and soon becomes a charred body squeezed out all his energy.

The charred body of the custodian falls to the ground and breaks into dust, which disappears when the wind blows. His death appearance is very strange. The crowd looks at the ground and then at He Chongling, who is laughing wildly. They can’t help shivering by looking at him. But they have done everything bad, and it is too late to call it a day. They set off and continue the siege. He Chongling, who is dwarfed by them, fights with a god's help this time. He pushes the crowd open with palms and grabs an elder by the neck. As soon as the elder struggles for two times, his skin shrinks rapidly and he changes into a mummy.

He Chongling throws away the charred bones and attacks the next person. The ground where he passes is covered with dust. No one is his enemy. His uncanny palm technique subdues all the people, making them retreat in succession and dare not come forward. Every time He Chongling dries up a person, his momentum will soar by a level and his clothes swell up with the internal force rising rapidly.

Now he is not besieged by followers, it’s him who is eager to kill people, and his eyes are full of murder intention.

He Yufei says with horror, "Master, what is happening?"

Bai Yan says slowly, "He should be practicing the Sucking Technique. As the name implies, he is sucking the internal forces of others for his own use. If he continues to kill, he will soon be promoted from a super-first rate master to a half-step master. "

He Yufei's eyes are red with anxiety. He grabs Bai Yan by the sleeve and says, "Master, let's run! He Chongling has practiced such evil technique. I'm afraid even the half-step master can't beat him! "

"Run?" Bai Yan bends down to pick up a sword and smiles softly. "Before he breaks through, you go fight him. You will become rusty without a day's practice. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to practice."

He Yufei's face turns pale with fear, but she dares not to disobey Bai Yan. So she has to hold her sword tightly and says, "Master, stay away so as not to hurt you. If I lose, you get away by taking the secret road I told you last time."

Although Bai Yan doesn’t know martial arts, he knows all kinds of top-level techniques very well. Under his guidance, He Yufei's skill has improved by leaps and bounds, and she has been unwilling to leave Bai Yan ever since, calling him master shamelessly. Bai Yan saw that she was simple and lovely, with excellent qualifications, so let her be with him, and so they set the relationship of teacher and pupil.

Although knowing her level of martial arts should not be low, He Yufei almost has no actual fighting experience, so she unavoidably panics when rushing out. But she soon finds that compared with the rest of the congregation who are unable to fight back, she is able to use her sword fighting He Chongling with ease and she almost hits He Chongling in the key.

"Yufei, even you betray me!" He Chongling has already been crazily infuriated and breaks He Yufei's sword with his fingers. He pushes her open with his palms again, and then wantonly absorbs the power of the people around him. After all, he can’t bear to hurt the one he loves most.

He Yufei picks up another sword and resolutely pursues him. She fights with He Chongling with her sword. At first, her tricks are still very crude, but slowly she melts together with sword and swings it straight into a fog shadow. The sharp dazzling sword wave draws traces on the ground.

"Saint Girl’s fighting skill is so unexpectedly superb!" Being amazed by her sharp sword wave, the congregation can’t help but exclaim. The fact is that before becoming a saint girl, He Yufei was just a maid, although knowing martial arts, but even was not a lowest fighter. But now, she can even match the leader, which shows that she is already a super-first-rate player.

Bai Yan stands with his hands behind with his eyes showing relief. He Chongling is not in such a good mood as he is. He Yufei is reluctant to hurt her, but he also loses patience under her pressure. He says bitterly, "Yufei, I really adore you, but you don't care about the affection between us."

"I only hate you and have no affection!" He Yufei's sword pierces through He Chongling's right palm.

"Good, good for you not to have any affection!" He Chongling draws back his bloody palm and steps back at top speed. In a twinkling, he absorbs the power of several members of the congregation. Out of the corner of his eyes, he catches a glimpse of something and suddenly calls out, "Lin Dan, come here!"

In the past, Lin Dan always stood by him silently. Even if she lost her life, she wouldn't let him suffer any injuries. Therefore, he couldn't remember the dog called Lin Dan at all, and he wouldn't even realize her existence. But at the moment, he has He Yufei to deal with, more powerful enemies waiting in the front, and Lin Dan is a first-rate master second only to him, if he can suck her power, he may be promoted to half-step master immediately.

Lin Dan, who has almost no sense of presence, finally steps forward.

He Yufei manipulates the vertical and horizontal sword wave and shouts loudly, "Lin Dan, don't listen to him, he wants your life!"

Lin Dan, however, turns a deaf ear and still walks at a steady pace towards He Chongling.

Bai Yan sighs slightly. His hands behind finally lift. He points in the air far away...

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