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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 39 Second to None (1)

The sharp vigorous Qi has been raging and so severe pain has always existed. Lin Dan is like lying on a scaffold all the time, suffering from the pain of being hacked. She loses her flesh, blood and hair. But soon, her new flesh, blood and hair are growing again, as if she has been reborn.

But only Lin Dan knows that she is not reborn, but is experiencing death all the time. Her body becomes a battlefield between death Qi and life Qi. The two kinds of Qi circulate back and forth in her body, fighting with each other. As long as she is alive, the sharp pain felt like being stirred by a knife will always exist.

Lin Dan clenches the book with a cold sneer on her face. It is no wonder that the old leader is willing to give up the most top practicing method of the Eastern Sacred Religion to a lonely girl. It is no wonder that He Chongling lets a lowly puppet have love for him. This "Asura Blade" is simply a self-destructive practicing method. If love cannot be abandoned, the original owner will stop moving forward for a lifetime and still has super vitality allowing the old leader and He Chongling to make full use of squeezing her. If she is lucky enough to practice well, she will also bear the pain of being hacked every day, being alive is worse than being dead.

Walking in pain, sleeping in pain, even breathing in pain...Who can survive in this endless pain? No one can bear this kind of pain for two or three years without killing himself. It is no wonder that this book is so miraculous that the original owner can be promoted to a first-rate master within a short period of five years, but no one in the religion practices it. The old leader and He Chongling are just studying her as a puppet. No matter if she can practice successfully or not, the original owner can be firmly squeezed in their palm and can't make any trouble for them.

What a calculation! A slight dark shows in Lin Dan’s eyes. She puts the book in ebony box properly collected. Her almost broken heart has been protected by the steady stream of the life Qi, but the poisonous insect cannot be pulled out. If it is hidden elsewhere, it must have been crushed by the sharp vigorous Qi. But it has hidden in the heart, and the life Qi firmly protects the heart and makes it survive safely.

In other words, Lin Dan is still the puppet of He Chongling. If he lets her live, she can live. If he lets her die, she must die. However, this level of control is not enough to threaten Lin Dan now. She can't crush the insect in her heart, but she can directly crush the mother insect in He Chongling’s heart. Once the mother insect dies, the son insect in her heart can't live.

She is careless and heartless, so when she is thinking about killing He Chongling, she has no waves in her heart, not to mention murderous look. So the son insect has no response. And He Chongling's mother insect almost won't take the initiative to response to the son insect, and it won’t be affected by the latter. The reason is so clear--He Chongling never treats the original owner as human, how can he allow the son insect in her body affect him? When the original owner dies, it is just only a small worm dies for him. It is no big deal.

Lin Dan avoids guards and comes to the back of the mountain to wash away the blood. She endures the pain of being cut to pieces all the time, but her face is calm as if nothing has happened. Although she has lost her memory, she has endured thousands of years of pain. So the pain now is nothing for her--

The next day is the wedding day of the leader and the saint girl. And the religion headquarter is full of lights and excitement. In order to prevent someone from harming the handsome man after she leaves, the saint girl brings the man to the auditorium together. He Chongling unexpectedly lets her do this. He thinks very well, lets the handsome man see himself and the saint girl marry. It can completely break the two people's thoughts, then what has been done cannot be undone, he will find a chance to kill the man.

A maid walks into a remote courtyard and cautiously calls out, "Custodian, it’s time. You should go to the auditorium."

Lin Dan wakes up from her concentration and says slowly, "Find me a black dress."

"Today is the big day for the leader. You'd better wear red." The maid lowers her head and dares not to look at her.

"A black dress resists dirt." Lin Dan’s tone is very indifferent. She is going to kill people, not to enjoy the wedding banquet.

The maid dares not to persuade her any more. She finds a black dress to put on for her and comforts her, "Custodian, don't blame Mr. Bai please. He gets in trouble because of He Yufei. You can bring him back after the wedding banquet this time, lest the leader be angry with him." Mr. Bai is the man the original owner brought back, whose full name is Bai Yan; He Yufei is a new saint girl. She didn't have a first name or last name, but only a serial number, and her current name came into being after she was liked by He Chongling. In the Eastern Sacred Religion, the surname "He" is a very sacred thing and a proof that the leader approves of this person.

The original owner fighting for He Chongling for so many years has not been given the surname. He Yufei could win everyone's love by just smiling or saying a few nifty words at random. He Yufei is sunshine, rain and dew. The original owner is just a worm or an ant living in the dark. Her fate is very different.

But from today on, everything will be different again. Lin Dan will break the imprison for the original owner, cut off the fetters, and go to the peak of martial arts, because she knows that only strong talents will not be trampled.

When Lin Dan arrives, all the members of the congregation are here. They look at her in a black dress, and their eyes show a look of contempt, clarity, or sympathy. She has had a deep affection for the leader. Almost everyone knows about this. Even if she later found Bai Yan as a toy-boy, it was only misunderstood as an act of provoking the leader. They think Lin Dan is stupid, disgraced, usually cold and quiet, no wonder the leader despises her, and even her toy-boy has been hooked away by a maid.

"Custodian, I advise you to hurry back to change a dress, or the leader will punish you. After all, today is a big day for the leader. You are dressed like a mourning woman. Don't you deliberately wish him bad luck?" The other one of the two custodians whispers exhortations.

Lin Dan just glances at him lightly and sits down straight and drinks some hard liquor. Her skin looks extremely pale with lips as red as blood, and her black eyes are covered with frost, which look very scary. The other custodian looks at her in the eyes. Somehow, he gives a shudder and immediately dares not speak.

Lin Dan puts down her glass and lowers her eyes to wait. Bai Yan is sitting right opposite her. If it had been her usual practice, she would have seen him straight away. But today she doesn't even give a glance out of the corner of her eyes, just like a stranger. Bai Yan just casts a light glance at her, and then looks at the door. His brows show he is relaxed.

Since he was captured to the Eastern Sacred Religion, he has still played a Qin and admired flowers, written and painted without any confusion. To him, being kidnapped seems to be just a change of place to live. It's not a big deal. He is holding a small wine cup in his hand, but he does not drink it. He just casually turns his wrist and taps the cup with his slender fingertip. His posture is very idle.

He is always calm and leisurely, which makes him more mysterious and charming. In the auditorium, there are people, men and women, looking at him constantly. It is easy to know that he only needs to show a light and gentle smile, countless people are willing to go through fire and water for him.

Some people walk towards him irrepressibly, want to fill him with a glass of wine, but they retreat at a faint glance and do not dare to be abrupt at that time. Even if he has not practiced martial arts and is physically weak, his natural noble spirit is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

While people are laughing and making noises, there is a sound of drum music outside the door. And the bride and the groom come. People making a living in Jianghu (literally rivers and lakes, it also refers to the environment where the martial artists live) are regardless of courtesy details. Naturally, the two newcomers walk in side by side without holding a red rope, getting on a sedan chair or covering the bride’s head. He Yufei looks at Bai Yan as soon as she enters the door. Seeing that he is well, she is relieved.

He Chongling, however, looks straight at Lin Dan and his eyes are dim. The auditorium is decorated with lights and red and green. Everyone is dressed in festive costumes, but Lin Dan is wearing a black dress with a cold face. What is she doing? Does she want to sabotage the wedding?

He Yufei also sees Lin Dan, and her eyes show quickly some intention to smile. When Lin Dan makes a scene, she can take advantage of the chaos to save her master.

The festive atmosphere is almost solidified because of Lin Dan. Just at this moment, a follower quickly runs in and shouts, "Leader, there is a bad news! The Qingcheng Sect, the Heavenly Sword Sect, the Jiuchong Mountain Sect, the Yin and Yang Pavilion Sect and other sects have gathered to fight at our door. They say they want to eradicate us! "

"There was no movement by these sects before. Why do they suddenly come up today?" He Chongling says with calm tone, calm demeanor, as if he isn't afraid of these sects.

"Leader, I also don't know!" The follower cups his hands.

"Hum, they can come if they want. Why should I fear?" He Chongling tears off his robe and strides towards the gate. However, he sees another follower rushing in. His face is full of panic, "Leader, bad news. There are thousands of troops besieging us this time. There are also half-step masters sent from Lianyun City, and there are more than 100 first-rate masters. We even can't resist!"

When this remark was made, the angry members of the congregation are frozen and their hearts are filled with fear. The so-called noble and decent sects always come to the front of the mountain from time to time to provoke them. They have never been afraid, but such a huge squad as today is unheard of and unseen.

The realm of martial arts is divided into five categories: last class, first rate, super-first rate, half-step master and great master. Each level of promotion increases the fighting force by tens of thousands of times. A first-rate master can wantonly kill tens of thousands of last-class fighters, while a half-step master can resist the siege of hundreds of super first-rate masters. As for a great master, that is the legendary realm. A real battle can make landslides, earthquakes and tsunamis. A great master is really a human killer.

In total, only five great masters have been showed in the Eastern Tang Mainland, of which the strongest is the host of the Lianyun City. He has been the last practitioner to enter the great master realm, but he challenged and defeated four predecessors one after another, ranking first in the world. Hence, people call him God Yun and the city under his administration the Lianyun City.

He Chongling is the strongest of the Eastern Sacred Religion, but he is also only super-first-rate. He is still far from being a half-step master. If it is just a siege by several major sects without the Lianyun City's intervention, he still has the power to fight. But even half-step masters are sent here at this time, and a monster like the Lianyun City stands behind him. The Eastern Sacred Religion has little power to fight back.

If they fight hard today, all members of the congregation will not escape the fate of "death"!

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