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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 38 The Female Cook (38)

Lin Dan is awakened by severe angina. As soon as she opens her eyes, she finds herself standing in a very cramped and dark place. There are two iron gates ten paces away. A man and a woman are locked inside. The woman is dressed in a red suit and has a beautiful appearance. Her eyes staring at Lin Dan are full of anger, indicating she is on full alert.

The man's appearance is more gorgeous than the woman's. A thin white robe spreads out like flowers in the dark. The long black hair falls all over the floor. The wind sways his hair and there is faint fragrance. The extremely colorful face is as bright as white jade. He sits quietly behind an iron gate with his eyes slightly closed, thin lips pursed. And his expression is neither happy nor sad. Were it not for the ups and downs of his chest, Lin Dan would really have thought it was just a lifelike carved Buddha with holy light all over his body.

However, Lin Dan has no time to care about them. She gives them a slight leer and looks at the surrounding environment. She leaves without saying a word. This is obviously a dungeon, surrounded by many guards, which is not a good place to sort out memories.

After Lin Dan leaves, the woman in red relaxes and says angrily, "Master, she wanted to kill me just now!"

The man doesn't even open his eyes and says slowly, "Don't worry, she is going to die."

The woman in red rushes to the door and asks in a low voice, "Master, how do you know she is dying?"

The man's mind is united and his breathing gradually stops, which indicates that he has been already in a state of deep meditation. The woman knows that no matter what she says, the master can’t hear her, so she has to stop. Through the prison door, she carefully looks at master's gorgeous and peerless face, and her eyes flash with feelings of admiration, struggle, awe, and …--

Lin Dan has lost her memory again. She doesn’t remember anything except her name Lin Dan. Why use "again"? It may because she seems to be very familiar with this kind of situation, so she is extremely good at dealing with it. She adjusts her mood immediately, doesn't let outsiders see any clue, and then finds a quiet place to sort out the memory in her brain.

The original body owner, also known as Lin Dan, is one of the two custodians of the Eastern Sacred Religion. This is the general altar of the Eastern Sacred Religion, located in the hinterland of Longyin Mountain. The Eastern Sacred Religion is biased and expanding rapidly. In recent years, it has been denounced as an evil religion by decent factions that tend to get rid of it quickly. As a custodian of the religion, Lin Dan is naturally regarded as a demon woman.

In the memory of the original owner, she naturally did many bad things, but who knows, she was forced. The original owner was an orphan girl who was adopted and taught martial arts by the old leader of the Eastern Sacred Religion when she was young. In order to thank the old leader for his kindness, the original owner vowed to take good care of the young leader, He Chongling, the son of the old leader. When she was 12 or 13 years old and had good level in martial arts, the old leader asked her if she wanted to go further. She didn’t hesitate to say “yes”, so the old leader asked her to take a pill of poison and put her life into the hands of the young leader. Only then did he pass on a book of top-level practicing method to her.

The original owner was loyal to the old leader and deeply loved the young leader in her daily life. Naturally, she was willing to work, even die for them. A few years later, the old leader died, the new leader ascended the throne. The original owner also gradually grew up. She had her own thoughts, so she began to know that the thing she swallowed was not a kind of poison, but a poisonous insect. This kind of insect was a parasitic one living in man’s heart vein, couldn’t be eliminated. If there was any infidelity, she would suffer the pain of being hacked. If she had any intention to kill He Chongling, she would die of heart burst before she could kill him.

When Lin Dan took over the body, the original owner was already dead with pain. Fortunately, the violently churning poisonous insect was appeased by Lin Dan in time; otherwise she would be really powerless. Now, Lin Dan's heart is still aching. The reason is that her ventricle has been gnawed by the poisonous insect. There are not many days for her to be alive.

However, Lin Dan has no other memory but a strong obsession with the word "alive". She had a hard time owning this body, so she doesn’t want to die for nothing. She desperately searches her mind for all useful clues. The wry smile on her face deepens gradually.

The original owner's life experience can only be described in one word--miserable. She was trained as a wild animal by the old leader When she was young, living no good life even for a day. And she fell in love with a man who had no feelings when she grew up. He Chongling used obsessions and the poisonous insect to put her completely under control, but didn't treat her as a person. There were countless times, the original owner was cut all over and almost killed by enemies to protect He Chongling who just casually discarded her in the corpse heap like throwing away a piece of garbage without a spare look at her.

In his view, the original owner was a knife, and it wasn’t a pity to throw it away when its blade was turned.

Fortunately, the original owner had extremely strong vitality. She nearly died for several times. However, she woke up in time, pushed away corpses, wiped the blood from her face, and staggered back to the Eastern Sacred Religion. She was abandoned again and again, but again and again she went back to He Chongling’s side. She didn’t feel despair or tired, only in deep nights she felt stuffy pain in her heart.

One day, when she was passing the Clean River, she met a man with gorgeous face and temperament who floated down the river on a bamboo raft. He inadvertently aligned his eyes with her numb ones and slightly smiled. This subtle and unusual expression planted a seed called happiness in the heart of the original owner and then it grew into a beautiful flower.

She couldn't control her unutterable desire and followed the man all the way south to escort him. She silently looked at him playing a Qin (a seven-stringed plucked instrument), drinking wine and enjoying flowers. If he smiled, she would laugh too. If he frowned, she would feel bored. Only then did she know that her love for He Chongling was not love, but obedience and awe. If the man didn’t appear, she would be stuck in the quagmire of He Chongling until she was drowned.

At that moment, she did not hesitate to kidnap the man and bring him back to the Eastern Sacred Religion for the followers to take good care of him. She didn’t dare to profane the man, and she would be satisfied by only looking at him from a distance. But gradually, she found that the man and her maid were getting closer. They often got together to chat, with cheerful smiles on their faces, as if there were endless topics. This was not over. He Chongling who was originally heartless unexpectedly also treated the maid differently, directly promoted her as a saint girl. Her status suddenly overshadowed the original owner’s.

The original owner had been enduring jealousy and resentment in her heart. She knew that He Chongling, who had a crush on the maid, would definitely get her by hook or by crook. So the maid and the man would be separated without her taking actions. She was right. He Chongling soon forced the maid to marry him and quickly prepared for the wedding. The maid went on hunger strike and knocked against the pillar. The means of resistance were very fierce. There was an old saying--beware of damages when pelting rats. He Chongling was worried that the maid might hurt herself, so he had to lock her up and threaten her with the man's life. It turned out that he has also discovered the special relationship between the two and took advantage of it, so the maid had to submit.

The two most important people in her life were taken away by the maid one after another. The original owner finally stopped succumbing and ran to the dungeon to kill the maid. However, she didn’t expect that the poisonous insect was enhanced by He Chongling. Killing the maid would also cause riots of the insect. He had long regarded the maid as a part of his body and protected her impenetrably.

The original owner was willing to go through fire and water for He Chongling. Her blood was almost drained, but she couldn’t get a straight look. The maid could get everything without any effort. Before she died, the original owner, who suffered from heart-digging pain, left only the last obsession--if she could, she wanted to get rid of all these and be herself and never be trampled by anyone again.

It is easy to say this but difficult to do it. Lin Dan shakes her head with a wry smile, thinks by herself that since life is lost, how can you choose to be yourself? However, she instantly catches a clue that has been already vague in her mind. So she hurriedly takes out the book of top-level practicing method passed by the old leader to the original owner.

This book is called "Asura Blade". The first sentence at the beginning is--being heartless and merciless is called Asura. To be or not to be, it will never perish. It is followed by a pithy formula and a blade formula. Following the formulas, the original owner stopped after reaching the state of being a first-class master and never advanced any more. Over the years she has been looking for a breakthrough, but she has always understood no more, so she has to give up.

But in Lin Dan's view, the most important part of this book is just the opening words. What does it mean by saying “being heartless and merciless is called Shura? To be or not to be, it will never perish”? The original owner has fallen in a pool of blood countless times as the inevitable outcome, but often miraculously survived. In Lin Dan's view, for this extremely tenacious vitality, she can be called a monster.

Anyone can be killed, but the original owner seems to be the one who can't be killed. Is this related to her constitution or to the practicing method she practiced? Lin Dan flicks through the book, and then tells herself with certainty--to practice the Asura Blade to the extreme; the answer will be naturally known.

To be or not to be, it will never perish. This is obviously Lin Dan's only chance. To be heartless, it may be difficult for others, but it is very simple for Lin Dan. She seems to have been born without worldly desires and completely cut off from the feelings of the original owner. So her mood immediately begins to improve. At the same time, a sharp vigorous Qi ( a magic and invisible power raised in a guy who practices martial arts or in Taoists) suddenly appears in her abdomen, wandering through the veins to the bones of her limbs, smashing her blood vessels, bones and flesh one by one, causing a flood of severe pain like a tsunami.

Lin Dan suddenly spits out one mouthful blood, but still maintains the posture of meditation. She dares not to move. No one knows how much the pain she suffers at the moment is stronger than the pain she suffered before. The vigorous Qi is like a steel knife, vowing to stir her into a mass of blood. But in addition, there is another lively Qi in the abdomen to quickly repair her body. Her bones become more and more firm, her flesh and blood become more and more tough, and her vessels become wider and wider ...

She seems to have died thousands of times, but she becomes indestructible in death after death. In the torture beyond ordinary people's imagination, she never faints. She vaguely realizes that only by discarding those unnecessary emotions can she gain real strength and only those who are really strong will not be trampled. What kind of pain and choices must she go through before a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment like this can be realized?

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