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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 29 The Female Cook (29)

Although Lin Dan left hastily, all the things that should be handled were handled properly. She not only sold the shop to Madam Qin Er, but also sent a letter to the little cook Qiu to explain the situation. After reading the letter, Qiu is so angry that his fingertips are shaking. He doesn't expect the Yans to be so nasty that they even bully Lin Dan and her mother, a widow, and set the shop on fire. They are absolutely lawless!

Seeing that he looks angry, the old shopkeeper asks him what has happened. He shakes his head and doesn’t want to elaborate. After all, this is Lin Dan's private affair and should not be publicized. As if remembering something, he frowns and says, "Are there any guests in the front hall? Go out and have a look."

Later on, the old shopkeeper comes back and tells him, "There have been five or six tables with guests, all waiting for Shopkeeper Lin." The Qiaoyuan Restaurant now has an unwritten rule that whoever comes first inserts a serial number card on his or her desk and then waits quietly. Diners with the first five numbers will definitely be able to eat the food cooked by the mysterious chef, while diners with the second five numbers will be able to eat it occasionally with good luck. Even so, those diners who fail to get the top ten orders are reluctant to leave. They just order some other dishes and sit in the shop, by sniffing and seeing the dishes at those tables, they could also enjoy themselves, right?

As a result, a large group of people will come to the shop early, all of them snatching seats and sticking their buttocks on stools when they grab them. No one could be able to ask them to leave.

The little cook Qiu lowers his voice and asks, "Has Lord Cheng come?"

"Yes. He has been sitting in our shop from the morning. I asked some singers for him." In fact, it will be a rare miracle that Lord Cheng does not come. Since eating Lin Dan's food, he comes to the Qiaoyuan Restaurant on time every day. Later, he finds that the restaurant is getting more and more popular, being afraid of he can't eat Lin Dan's food by coming on time, so he sends a servant to live in the inn opposite the restaurant. As soon as the door is opened, the servant rushes in and takes the serial number card first, then firmly occupies the position, waiting for his master to come to dinner.

These gourmets in the capital city are with absolute personalities. It is not easy to please them, but if their appetite can be fulfilled, they will protect the one like a treasure. Like the Yongding Marquis, it is said that he used to have a favorite cook whom he took everywhere. Later, the cook died. He had no appetite for several months and became severely thin. Now he is no longer in the capital city and has gone to the border to fight.

The little cook Qiu used to think this rumor is exaggerated, but now, knowing that the cook was Lin Dan's father, he suddenly understands the Yongding Marquis. Lin Dan's cooking is already so extraordinary. As Lin Dan’s father and master, how superb is Lin Putin’s cooking?

But Lin Putin has been dead, and it is futile for Qiu to yearn for the wonder again. It is urgent to seek justice for Lin Dan now. Considering this, the little cook Qiu whispers, "Go tell the diners that the chef has left and will not cook in our restaurant any more. Let them all go."

The old shopkeeper is immediately scared pale. Without Lin Dan, how can the business of this restaurant continue?

Qiu pushes the old shopkeeper and sighs, "Go, go, tell everyone not to wait."

The old shopkeeper goes off in a daze. All the diners complain before he can finish his talking. The most violent reaction is naturally made by Lord Cheng, who shakes not only his hands but also his beard. His face is wrinkled as if he had eaten poison. Despite the obstruction of the old shopkeeper and the waiter, he strides into the kitchen, which he would never set foot on before. He catches the little cook Qiu and asks, "Is the chef really not here? Where does the chef live? Tell me, I will invite her in person!"

In the past, he also had the idea of asking Lin Dan to go his mansion to work as a private chef and asked the butler to lobby, who did not even see Lin Dan's face. He had a special respect for people who cook well. He won't force her if she didn't want to. He would eat wherever she cooks. Was this all right? But it turned out that this was not all right, she came and left without informing! Had he known this, he should have taken her away by force!

Lord Cheng is filled with remorse and seizes Qiu and insists on finding out the chef's whereabouts. Only now, Qiu pretends to be unwilling, tells him exactly about the entanglements between Lin Dan and the Yans.

However, he doesn’t expect Lord Cheng to have his eyes wide open, his mouth wide open, his expression bereaved, and even his voice with an overburdened tremolo, "Do you mean that the chef cooking here is Shopkeeper Lin from the hometown restaurant in the south district? They, they are the same person? "

Qiu thinks Lord Cheng's reaction is a little bit strange, but still nods.

"Since they are the same person, she has left, so the hometown restaurant will not be able to open?" Lord Cheng gradually reveals a painful expression. As luck would have it, Lord Cheng is such a distinguished person that he usually does not go to the south district to hang out. However, his servants often go to the south district's docks to pick up goods. They always bring back some marinated food made by Lin Dan. Occasionally, they met Lord Cheng at the door. The overbearing aroma captured Lord Cheng on the spot, and after tasting it, he became even crazier. Every night, he would let his servants buy some for snacks. He couldn't sleep until he had a midnight snack, like an addict.

After hearing the chef of the Qiaoyuan Restaurant is not coming, he originally thought that there was still some marinated food in the south district. Shopkeeper Lin was also very skilled, no worse than the chef. But what happened? Both of them turned out to be the same person, which meant, the only two cooks who could satisfy Lord Cheng's tricky appetite had all left and he would never eat the delicacies again!

As a gourmet who would rather starve to death without good food, it is conceivable that the Lord’s heart is full of surprise, rage.

He gnashes his teeth and says, "Chef Yan is so imposing. It’s the first time I heard of the food presented to the emperor, others could not eat it. Then I have been not disrespectful every day; why not drag me out to punish my ancestors and families? Deceiving teachers, destroying ancestors? Shit! In those disputes, I saw them from the beginning to the end. The Yans turned right and wrong upside down and twisted bad to right. There was no one good in their family!" He left angrily after saying.

The Immortal Boneless Fish, he has not eaten enough yet. He waited expectantly all morning for such a bad news. Naturally, he is very grumpy. On second thought, he will not be able to eat the dishes cooked by Lin Dan in the future. Wouldn't it be tough for him? Then he becomes even angrier and raises his voice and shouts, "Come, follow me to the Yans’ Restaurant."

The accompanying bodyguards think he is going to eat at the Yans’ Restaurant, but see him walk a few steps to the door without looking at the second brother of Lin Dan’s father, who is squatting on the steps. Pointing at the plaque on the beam, the Lord says, "Smash this plaque for me!"

A few bodyguards don’t understand, and then return to absolute being in a moment, holding a bamboo stick to poke down the sign which crushes into pieces. The second brother of Lin Dan’s father doesn’t understand the situation, but he dares not to stop them. He can only cry piteously, "Lord, why do you smash our plaque? We have done nothing wrong to you! I kowtow to you to make amends. Please let them stop."

The Weiyuan Marquis came, and then the Duke of Yunnan and Guizhou came. Now there is Lord Cheng. Each of them is with high titles and wide connections. Who did the Yans’ Restaurant provoke? He is confused and agitated, and his whole heart feels like frying in hot oil.

"Hum, if Shopkeeper Lin doesn't return to the capital city for a day, I won't let you hang a plaque for a day. If you don't believe, you can have a try!" Lord Cheng points to the fragmentary plaque on the ground, with a very cruel tone. He helped the former emperor as his brother win the throne, and now helps the emperor as his uncle get the throne too. In his hand, he grasps the power of the Foreign Ministry and the Imperial Clan Department, he has power and prestige. A small imperial chef dares to provoke him? He personally asks for justice for Lin Dan. Even if the emperor comes, he dares not to let the Yans’ Restaurant hang the plaque back. This loss, the Yans’ Restaurant has to suffer.

The people of the west district are the most self-interested. Seeing those big figures stepping in the Yans’ Restaurant one after another and making a scandal of fake wine and poisoned soup, they have completely denied the restaurant's reputation in their hearts. They stand on the street for a while to watch the excitement, and then gradually disperse, as they walk, someone whispers, “Nobody knows exactly what Yan Shouye did to cause widespread indignation and discontent, and cause those noble figures to personally punish him. This shop will not be a choice any more, and if we come again, it will offend these three. It is not good, not good!"

To hear more this kind of words, the second brother of Lin Dan’s father loses more hope. He never expects these people to stand up for Lin Dan. She has been only here in the capital city for two or three months, how can she get these connections?

On the other side, Yan Shouye is dragged into the yamen by the butler of the Duke of Yunnan and Guizhou. Although only a dog dies, the dog dies for the daughter of the Duke who will enter the palace to be a concubine within another two months. The imperial edict has been delivered, and the authorities and officials naturally dare not neglect it. Yan Shouye who has never stopped complaining that he has been wronged is held firmly and beaten fiercely.

Although Yan Shouye is usually very imposing, he is nobody in front of the nobles like the Duke of Yunnan and Guizhou. He is beaten and cries for mercy and almost dies. In the end he compensates the daughter with a hundred thousand taels of silver and is dragged to the front of the Mansion to kowtow to the daughter to admit his mistake. This case is just ended.

When he gets home half-dead and learns that the plaque of the Yan's Restaurant has been smashed by Lord Cheng, who also says--Lin Dan will not return for a day, and they will not be allowed to open for a day. Yan Shouye finally can’t bear it and vomits a mouthful of blood from his heart.

Yesterday, the wife of Yan Shouye ran triumphantly to the hometown restaurant to make trouble. Today, she is like an eggplant frozen by frost, asking anxiously, "What can I do? After all these troubles, can our restaurant continue its business?” The days of riches and honor last too long, and she is more afraid than anyone of being drawn back to her original poor life.

"Of course it can, why not? Langqing still works as an imperial chef in the palace, so she can ask the emperor for a favor. The emperor is a little interested in her. If she asks for it, she can even be a concubine, let alone an imperial cook." Yan Shouye gnashes his teeth and says, "Boy, go and send a message to Langqing, saying that our family is in trouble. Let her come back."

The servant dares not to delay and immediately gets to the palace gate to deliver the message with silver notes. It's a pity that the Yans still underestimate Lin Dan's connections. She will not be in dispute with others, but it doesn't mean that those who care about her won't fight for her.

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