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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 24 The Female Cook (24)

The dish in front of the marquis is in a semicircle and is upside down in the bowl. It is steaming continuously. There is a faint sweet smell of rice wine, but it is not strong. It is because the sticky rice flour wrapped in the outer layer has been fermented in the jar and has a higher viscosity, so it tightly locks the aroma of the inner layer.

The Weiyuan Marquis uses chopsticks to pull the sticky rice flour out of the outer layer, and a unique smell rushes out. Not only does he freeze, but also the crowd of onlookers causes an intolerable commotion. Because the aroma is too strong and thick, it combines aromas of bouquet, vegetation, marinade, meat, and a very light soy aroma. The aroma is superimposed layer upon layer, but it doesn’t appear messy at all. On the contrary, it deepens people's desire for food.

What are delicacies? Dishes with good color, smell and taste are called delicacies. This dish made by Lin Dan doesn’t look delicious and it smells ordinary. However, when one opens the sticky rice outside and exposes the tightly locked aroma, this dish seems to have a soul instantly.

Jade green meat slices are slightly reddish because they are soaked with marinade. They look like delicate petals. The grease in the meat is forced out bit by bit by the heat and seeps into bright brown sticky rice flour. The two ingredients are tightly adhered together, with meat in the flour and flour in the meat, which is very tasty.

The Weiyuan Marquis picks up a slice of jade meat wrapped in sticky rice flour and opens his eyes in astonishment after only one bite. The reason is simple, this slice of meat is indeed like what Lin Dan says, it has already absorbed enough liquor, and it is like drinking a glass of wine when one bites it, full of mellow bouquet. This piece of meat is better called a container for wine rather than a kind of food material, but it is full of tender meat, and has a pickled smell of soy sauce and fermented soybeans, which is extremely rich in taste. The sticky rice flour wrapped in the outer layer is also unique in taste. It is originally used for making Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup, and it is semi-fermented, so it is softer and sweeter than ordinary sticky rice flour.

The taste can be sweet, salty, pickled, brewed, all kinds of tastes blend together, but none of them can hide the bouquet which is stronger when being more chewed, there is no feeling of wine burning in the throat, but one can feel a warm feeling in the stomach...Such a bizarre request, Lin Dan actually makes it, she makes wine into a dish with a pair of skillful hands, and the taste is very wonderful. The Weiyuan Marquis gives her an involuntary look and goes to pick up bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts are also grown from Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup, which are mixed with a little Chinese prickly ash and sesame oil. What flows out is wine with plant aroma when one bites them, which is very fresh and refreshing.

The Weiyuan Marquis drinks for every meal, his stomach will be filled with wine after eating little food and then he sleeps soundly. The emperor asks him to go back to the capital to recuperate, but he becomes thinner and thinner, drinking is the reason. Now, his subordinates can't help but look delighted to see that he is willing to sit down and firmly eat a meal, and his appetite seems very good.

He eats delicately without stopping his chopsticks in a fast speed. In a few moments he has already finished half a plate of steamed pork with wine and flour and only a little juice left in the plate of bean sprouts. The rest of the diners stare at him with burning eyes and keep swallowing saliva. Fuck, Shopkeeper Lin’s cooking skill is too good, they once thought the marinated meat she made was the best, and they have never thought this steamed pork is better than the marinated meat. But they can only smell, can't eat into mouths; this is the world's most cruel torture.

Loud noises of a spate of swallowing saliva can be heard in the hall. Others couldn’t hear it, but the Weiyuan Marquis could hear it clearly. He looks up at the guards he has brought; they are trying to pretend to be serious. He can't help turning to Lin Dan, "Bring a plate of steamed pork with flour to each one of my subordinates."

"I'm sorry, your highness. I only brewed one jar of Fat Wine of Yanglin and made only one piece of meat. You have eaten it up." Lin Dan motions with her hand helplessly.

"Wine should be brewed in a big amount, but you only brew one jar at a time. Why are you so stingy?" The Weiyuan Marquis is salty, but his tone is much milder.

"Your highness, I am a cook, not a brewer. I make wine only for my interest, not for sale." Lin Dan replied, be neither humble nor pushy.

The Weiyuan Marquis squints at her and sees that she is not worried at all. He is somehow helpless. This meal is too delicious and to his liking. Once he eats it, he wants to eat it again, and again...for countless times, so he dares not to offend the cook.

"Okay, forget it, give each of them a catty of marinated meat, at least you can serve this, right?"

"Yes, what do you want to eat, brothers, I have here marinated pig trotters, marinated pig ears, marinated pork, marinated chicken, marinated duck...or vegetarian choices like marinated tofu, marinated lotus root slices, hairy beans...there are many tastes like spiced, spicy, sour, sweet..." Lin Dan patiently greets the group of guards. Those were fierce and aggressive just now, but now they all show shimmering smiles and swarm to the door to look into the crock. One can tell from heir expressions that they are coveting the food.

Brother Tang leaves Lin Dan's side, walks to the opposite of the Weiyuan Marquis and sits down, and simply picks up the dish with chopsticks.

The Weiyuan Marquis quickly grabs his chopsticks and sneers, "Please order your own dish if you want to eat."

Brother Tang ignores his words, changes the way to continue to pick up the dish, the Weiyuan Marquis continues to stop him, the two people use chopsticks as swords, keep fighting for the dish, unexpectedly their fight becomes real, and they almost roll up their sleeves and directly do a fight.

Lin Dan takes time out of her busy schedule and shouts, "Sticky rice is glutinous and not easy to digest. Don’t eat too much in the morning. Your highness, half a plate is enough for you. If you eat too much, there will be an ache in your stomach later. "

The stomach of the marquis has been eroded by alcohol for a long time. It looks normal when it doesn't hurt. When it hurts, his belly will hurt like it is cut with a knife, he will be in a cold sweat and it is extremely painful. Hearing this, he can't help being slightly distracted, when he concentrates again, Brother Tang has taken the rest of the steamed pork.

"Son of..." He puts his chopsticks on the table with big strength and rolls up his sleeves slowly. But at this moment, Lin Dan comes up with a bowl of porridge and a plate of small red and white squares. She says gently, "Drink some porridge before you eat enough. Drinking porridge in the morning is the best."

This porridge is not ordinary; it is cooked with the milky soup that has been made with a small fire for one night. It contains stewed crisp chicken and upper part of a pig leg, and finely cut shepherd's purse leaves. The white inside contains a little bit green. It looks very good and smells very aromatic.

Brother Tang's exultant mood disappears in an instant. He says with a deep voice, "Eat quickly. This is thick pheasant soup. It is said to be made by Peng Zu (Chinese first professional chef). It is claimed to be the best soup in the world and very nourishing for your stomach."

The ugly face of the Weiyuan Marquis eases slightly. He takes a sip of porridge while it is hot, and his eyes become bright immediately. He has to admit that getting up in the morning to drink a bowl of hot porridge is like a baptism for an ailing body.

"What is this? The wine smell is very strong." He points to the small dish beside him with chopsticks. Family members of the Yongding Marquis are all gluttons. It’s right to ask them about food that one doesn't know.

As expected, Brother Tang knows, "This is fermented bean curd, which is also made of wine."

The Weiyuan Marquis tastes a small piece and is immediately conquered by the unique taste. He finishes the bowl of porridge with fermented bean curd like wind puffs clouds away. His expression tells that he is indescribably satisfied. With their mouths full of oil, his guards keeps giving thumbs-up to praise Shopkeeper Lin for her good cooking.

Three quarters of an hour later, the Weiyuan Marquis puts a pure gold ingot on the table and leads his guards away contentedly. On the way, he seems to think of something and comes back. He orders his guards to catch those gangsters who have fled quietly, press them in front of the gate of the restaurant of Lin Dan and severely break their legs.

"Shopkeeper Lin, you see, I have helped you solve these small flies, the jar of Fat Wine of Yanglin..."

Before the Weiyuan Marquis could finish speaking, Lin Dan spreads out her hands regretfully, "The jar of wine will need at least another six months to be served. Now it has been destroyed by taking it out in less than three months. If your highness wants to drink, you will have to wait another six months. "

His gentle and kind expression freezes slightly. He stares at Lin Dan and grinds his teeth. There is nothing he can do about her. He has to shout at the guards, "Go, and follow me to suppress bandits!" If it were not for the bandits who squandered things indiscriminately, how could he be refused by a little girl?

Lin Dan shakes her head, finding the situation both funny and annoying, then walks into the shop to continue cooking noodles, turning a blind eye to the gangsters lying on the ground. She seems to have a mild temper, but actually she has been lacking some worldly desires, so she’ll never pity these people. Brother Tang asks several people to carry away the gangsters so as not to affect the business in the store.

"Lin Dan, this is the thing your father left." He takes out a yellowed book from his arms and explains, "Even if the Weiyuan Marquis didn’t say it, I was intended to tell you the truth today. I recognized you the first time I saw you." It was Lin Dan who taught him that a person's moral character was far more important than his ability, and this made him fall into deep regret and remorse. So even in the past ten years, he has never forgotten this little stubborn girl. He has always wanted to know how well she is doing. She refused everyone's help and how far she could go.

Facts have proved that Lin Dan can go far, farther than he imagined.

"Thank you, your highness." Lin Dan takes the book and reads it and finds it is a recipe book, the second half of Yans’ recipe book added by her father.

Brother Tang explains, "Yan Langqing asked me to hand it over to you. She took the first 60 pages of it; she has not made the dishes developed by your father for those years. This is your father's legacy and belongs to you. "

"She has never made a dish developed by my father?" Lin Dan repeats, smiling coldly.

Brother Tang feels that this smile is a bit odd, and he is about to explore it, but Madam Qin Er comes and stammers, "Shopkeeper Lin, you just said you would mix me marinated meat with Guizhou flavor, did you mean it?" Others are all scared away by the Weiyuan Marquis, but she stays firmly for her meal.

"Yes, please wait a moment." Once there are diners, Lin Dan will immediately stop her fake smile and turn back to the gentle and patient Shopkeeper Lin.

Madam Qin Er takes a sneak glance at Brother Tang and is slightly timid. She also knows this person, who is the son of the Yongding Marquis. He just won a battle and was transferred back to the Ministry of War by the emperor. His elder sister is also the most favored highest-ranking imperial concubine (next to the empress) in the palace, and there is no empress on top of her, which can be said to be monstrous in power.

This restaurant is really amazing. It is full of important persons coming and going. Fortunately, she didn't offend Shopkeeper Lin completely. As soon as she thinks of this, she sees a man and a woman coming in at the door. They have similar facial features. They should be brother and sister. They are followed by several servants. Coincidentally, Madam Qin Er knows the man and gives a shiver involuntarily.

The shop of Shopkeeper Lin can really attract individuals in concealed talent and power. See, another noble who can't be provoked is here!

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