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The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Chapter 22 The Female Cook (22)

Brother Tang doesn’t leave after eating noodles. He walks to Lin Dan's side with his bowl and whispers, "People in the south district are visitors from other places and love to unite together. People from a same place will have a clansmen association here. There are six associations with comparatively more members, including the Clansmen Association of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia provinces, the Clansmen Association of Sichuan Province, the Clansmen Association of Baiyue, the Clansmen Association of the South of the Yangtze River, the Clansmen Association of Hunan and Hubei Provinces and the Clansmen Association of Yunnan and Guizhou. When you stir-fry minced ingredients, just take out six pots and cook the six flavors. You don't have to worry about 900other flavors, it's too much trouble."

"This is a good idea too, when there are guests who want to eat a special flavor, I then to cook it. Brother Tang, thank you for your advice." Lin Dan smiles gratefully. She knows how to keep away from trouble, but she really doesn't know the demographic structure of the south district.

"You're welcome. Cook me another bowl of noodles, sour and spicy." Brother Tang knocks on the empty bowl.

Lin Dan shakes her head and laughs, then cooks a bowl of noodles neatly.

Madam Qin Er stays up very late every day to greet guests. Naturally, she also gets up late during the day. She can hardly open her eyes until late in the morning. But today is different, in the haze, she suddenly smells an unspeakable aroma, it is so strong and domineering, not only hooks her saliva to flow, but also makes it hard for her to sleep. After tossing about in bed for a long time, she finally has to muster strength, gets up, gets dressed and runs outside to check.

"Where does this smell of marinated meat come from? Go and look for it for me and buy me half a catty of it." Several pimps are directed to buy the marinated meat for her.

"Yes, Madam, we go and find it right away." A few pimps are just about to leave with their eyes not fully open on waking up. There is no doubt that they are also hooked by the aroma. After a while, the girls upstairs all get up and wave coyly leaning on the railing, "We also want to eat marinated meat and bring more back."

Those pimps promise literally, but after leaving, they don’t come back. However, the smell of marinated meat becomes stronger and stronger, and then becomes sour and spicy smell, smell of onion flavor and so on. All kinds of smells mix together, making people salivate and drool with envy. Madam Qin Er sits in the hall at first and waits. Then she runs to the door to look around. And then she can't wait. She waves her handkerchief at the girls and says, "I'll go out and have a look myself. You can go back to sleep."

"How can we sleep with such a sweet smell?" The girls rub their bellies and complain.

Madam Qin Er is also hooked. She follows the aroma and runs quickly into the alley at the fork of the road. After going around, she comes to the small restaurant that was bound to lose money badly yesterday. She can't help being dumbfounded. She thought originally it was the wrong place, but when she cranes her neck to see, she just finds that her pimps are just sitting in the hall eating noodles voraciously.

The big crock at the door is steaming noisily, and a smell making bones itchy is continuously coming out. Madam Qin Er, who is full of struggling, makes a complete compromise, half covering her face, and goes in covertly.

"Welcome, Madam." Xiao Zhu greets her with a smile, and then he is surprised and he says, "Hey, are you the one yesterday..."

"What this one or that one, go and fetch me half a catty of marinated meat and a bowl of noodles with minced ingredients." Madam Qin Er says with her face flushed.

Lin Dan looks up in spite of her busy cooking, although she has recognized Madam Qin Er, she greets her with her eyes with a gentle smile, "Okay, your accent, you are from Guizhou Province, right? How about I mix stir-fried chili, litsea oil and mashed garlic?" After years of traveling, she knows better than anyone the principle of that friendliness is conducive to business success.

Madam Qin Er is originally embarrassed, and afraid of that Lin Dan will satirize her for what happened yesterday, but she feels instantly at ease, she laughs like a flower. "Good good, you mix it for me, people in my hometown eat marinated meat like this, and otherwise it is not tasty! I haven't tasted this in more than ten years!" As she speaks, she wipes her mouth with her handkerchief for fear of drooling.

"Not only mix marinated meat with other ingredients there in your hometown, but also mix raw meat, pork liver, pig blood or chicken blood. In particular, mixed raw pork and raw pork liver are finely cut and mixed with rice wine, litsea cubeba, stir-fried chili, mashed garlic and aromatic vinegar to make them tasty and refreshing." Lin Dan casually replies, unexpectedly Madam Qin Er gets excited.

She stares straight at Lin Dan, wondering, "Yes, yes, that's what we do in my hometown. You know a lot, little boss. Can you do it?"

"Eating such a strong flavor in the morning is not good for your stomach. Why don't you come at noon and I'll make it for you. I have been in Guizhou for several months and I could make some local specialties." Lin Dan nods and says.

Madam Qin Er nods and agrees, then apologizes, "Little boss, I said something wrong yesterday. With your skill, your shop can't lose money even it is in a bad place!"

Lin Dan smiles and shakes her head, looks very gentle. Hearing the two talking, a diner comes and asks, "Boss, can you make rice noodles? People in my hometown are used to eating rice noodles in the morning and we seldom eat noodles. "

Lin Dan's expression suddenly changes, but she immediately remedies her reaction, "My bad memory, I surely can make rice noodles, but I just forget how. If you come back tomorrow, you will have rice noodles. By the way, there will also be rice bean curd. It is very exciting to eat it with sour and spicy mashed garlic."

Diners can’t be happier; they repeat that they will come, not only tomorrow, but every day in the future. They have never seen anyone better at cooking than this little boss. It seems that there is no food from all over the world that she can't cook.

Seeing Madam Qin Er and others have dishes of hometown to eat, the rest of the diners can’t sit still, they run to Lin Dan one after another to order, eyes full of hope. Fortunately, Lin Dan is well informed, and most dishes can be cooked, some of which have not been cooked, but she can restore the taste after diners describing them in detail.

The atmosphere in the shop is very lively. When people mention the delicious food in their hometown, they seem to become chatterboxes and they will talk for a long time. Lin Dan listens to them with a smile and a happy expression.

Brother Tang has been full for a long time, but he is in his chair, not willing to leave. He likes the atmosphere of this restaurant, which is as warm as home, just like the feeling of Lin Dan.

Just then, a group of people come in through the door, each of them is with fierce-looking facial muscles, looking very unruly. They push aside Xiao Zhu and the two runners and shout, "Where is your boss? Call him out!" People who set up shops in this area have to go to our big circle gang to fawn over us first. Don't you know this rule?" Obviously, they are here to collect the protection fee.

Brother Tang basically knows the powerful forces in the south district, and he can handle them, but he doesn’t even hear what this big circle gang is. It is said that "the king of hell is good to handle, but little devils are difficult to battle". These people seem to be little devils that have no shame, and they just oppress ordinary people who have no background.

Brother Tang is about to come forward when Madam Qin Er slams the bowl and scolds, "Where do you come from? How dare you to shout in my territory. Be careful or I will cut your tongue!"

These people don't know Madam Qin Er, so they just think she is a strong shrew, they are about to beat her with fists. The pimps throw chopsticks, get forward, they are ready to do a fight. When a fierce battle is about to begin, a group of people come in, headed by an eight-foot-long, emaciated man with extremely beautiful facial features and luxurious clothes. He is not an ordinary person at first sight. His lip color is very pale, but his cheeks are dyed with abnormal blushes. His clear and moist eyes seem drunk and he can be called charming.

"Where are the flies coming from? They are buzzing all the time. Get out of the way for me!" He only waves his hand at will, and then several guards behind him come out with swords and push the gangsters aside.

The noisy front hall is quiet for an instant. Everyone looks at each other, knowing that this man is probably a very rich and powerful man. He goes out with bodyguards. This kind of ostentation and extravagance, he must be a general.

"Everyone sits and continues to eat, I’m the marquis, please carry on regardless." The handsome man smiles modestly and turns to Lin Dan, says with hesitancy, "Are you Shopkeeper Lin?"

"Yes." Lin Dan cups her hands, being neither humble nor pushy.

"Is there any Thousand-Day Wine (wine name meaning one will be drunk for a thousand days after drinking this wine)? I want to buy several jars. No, no, no, not several jars. I'll buy as many as you have here and take them all away." As soon as the man speaks, Lin Dan knows his identity. Calling himself a marquis, he is drunk and takes a group of guards out to buy wine before dawn. He seems to be the Weiyuan Marquis who is addicted to alcohol.

Why the Weiyuan Marquis suddenly comes here should date back to two days ago. That day, the bearded general brought a jar of Thousand-Day Wine, which was put on the shelf by the butler of the mansion. Suddenly one day, when the Weiyuan Marquis was in a high mood, he took his guests to visit the wine warehouse and ordered his servants to take down the best jar of wine from the shelf and shared it with those guests. When the servant stepped down the ladder, he shook the lightest Thousand-Day Wine and it fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.

However, it was a nameless wine with no label and no enough luxury packaging. The Weiyuan Marquis didn't care and raised his foot and was about to leave. However, the extremely strong bouquet suddenly spread and covered other wine bouquet in the entire wine warehouse. One of the guests with the lightest capacity for liquor blushed before tasting it, and he staggers. Even though a thousand cups of wine couldn’t make him drunk, he was already swooned and infatuated.

"What kind of wine is this?" Despite the dirt on the floor, he dipped some wine with his finger and put it into his mouth to taste. His eyes become bright immediately. "Good wine, it is really the best wine I have ever drunk!" The words stopped, he realized what had happened before, hurriedly used cotton cloth to suck the wine. It was a pity that in order to keep warm, the wine warehouse was paved with wood floor with earthworms instead of marble. The wine quickly leaked out along the cracks in the floor and was completely lost.

A jar of fantastic wine was placed in front of his eyes, but he didn't find it. When he just found it, it was broken. He didn't even taste a sip. How could the Weiyuan Marquis accept this cruel reality? At present, he was in no mood for entertaining guests, ordered the careless servant to take the initiative to get 20 hits by a stick, and then let the butler hurriedly find out the person who offered the wine. After looking for two days, he finally found Lin Dan, so the marquis couldn't wait for the morning and came.

Lin Dan doesn’t know the twists and turns in it, but she can also see that the Weiyuan Marquis is worried. She looks at him carefully and shakes her head. "I don't have Thousand-Day Wine here. Even if I have it, I won't sell it to you."

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