The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

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Hearing roaring thunder with a scene of purple fleet lightning, a long-haired female Taoist stabs a male Taoist in the stomach with a sword. The latter seems unbelievable with his mouth full of blood and his eyes open wide. The female Taoist just looks at him with downcast eyes and indifferent expression, then slowly pulls out the sword.

Lightning turns the deep night to one invigorating day, the male Taoist looks very pale with his face blurring in the flashing, and he says, "Lin Dan, it's me..."

The female Taoist’s calm eyes flicker slightly, then she murmurs in a low voice: "You... are supposed to be my illusion."

Actually, the female Taoist has been in the process to survive in all doom and gloom. Thinking that the male Taoist is only an illusion born of demons, she never expects he is true. The female Taoist, Lin Dan, finally raises her head to look at the thunderous sky and the Taoists not far away from practicing levitation or swords. She begins to realize that today is her partnering ceremony. The male Taoist in front of her is just the practicing couple of Taoism she has pursued and accompanied for thousands of years.

But so what? The persistent waiting or crazy chasing even the longest stay can’t beat that siren's unwitting glance back. Even if a pact is imminent, the siren can immediately make the man in front of her lose his mind by spitting out a sob-like syllable of coquetry from thin lips with deep red as soon as she appears.  

Two hours ago:

Seeing that her Taoist couple had been reluctant to pierce his fingertip to pledge himself with her, what else did Lin Dan not understand? At that moment, looking deeply into the eyes of her couple who were struggling and regretting, Lin Dan suddenly saw everything clear. She tore off the red gauze she had worn on her body, took off her gorgeous but heavy headdress, and turned to leave without hesitation.  

The guests who came to the ceremony did not have time to burst into an uproar and the elders of both sides did not have time to reprimand them. The sky originally covered with stars was suddenly engulfed by layers of dark clouds, thunder, and lightning. The wild wind roared, in which, the shrouded illustrious pressure from Gods could be felt, scraping on the Taoists' faces like steel knives making them shiver. These were doom clouds and thunder. At this moment, on such a special occasion, someone dared to practice and survive in the doom test.

Someone is none other than Lin Dan. She has been practicing the Infinite Tao of the infinite immortal master. As the saying goes, there are 3,000 ways to practice Taoism and each has its own secrets. This infinite Tao is just one of the most difficult paths to take, stressing that "Taoism is infinite, the mind of Taoists must be free from dirt, the body must be free from desire." Only by following these rules can a Taoist touch the real truth.  

Lin Dan has always been missing a person who seems to linger in her mind forever. She can’t be free from desire. Therefore, even she holds the body of Nine Yin, and a pure practicing aptitude blessed by Gods, even she is reputed to be a rare genius in the world of practicing Taoism, but she has been stuck in the doom test for more than 600 years.

But she is in no hurry. The ascending ladder in this world has somehow been destroyed. Even if her test goes smoothly, it would be her destiny to eventually dissipate in the air. So the ascension after the practicing can almost be equated with death. That she is not in a hurry is not because she is afraid of death, but because she is afraid that she could no longer accompany the man.  

She knows that the man is still deeply concerned about another person, but it doesn't matter. When he is in trouble, she will always be with him. When he is at a low ebb, she is always with him. Even If his heart is frozen by thick ice lasting for a thousand years, she will warm him with her pure fire from the heart.

She has always believed that she can finally get his attention and love, until this moment ...  

Thereupon, everything begins to change and everything fades.

If one lets go of what one holds tightly in one’s hands but cannot grasp firmly with all strength, what one loses are only the obsession and monsters inside, and what one gains is a world with the vast expanse of sea and sky. Lin Dan returned her Taoist couple to the risen woman who came in a hurry, then stepped out of the hall and walked into the dark doom cloud. The love hindrance that has lasted for hundreds of years was suddenly broken. She began to take the doom test and to soar.  

The monsters inside were still struggling, conjuring up a lot of sweet but poison-coated scenes, trying to hinder Lin Dan, all of which were cut off with her sword. With the ascension ladder has been destroyed, she would die as her only end whether passing the test or not. But so fucking what? She no longer wanted to tangle with these people. The world was too muddy and the heaven above was spacious. Death could be the only way for her to be free at last.  

But she does not understand what the male Taoist is thinking. He dared to rush into the doom test of thunder, enter into the illusion and bring himself to her sword. It is known that he is also a Mighty coming to the level of the doom test, and the No.1 Taoist specializing in the sword in the mainland of Southern China, thus he could have dodged her attacks.

"Lin Dan," Leaving his bleeding stomach behind, gripping her sword, the male Taoist begs imploringly, "don't go please."

"Don't go," Lin Dan slowly draws the sword from his palm with her erratic tone, "where can I go?" This is the case, where else can she go without leaving? Still chasing his footsteps and his trail as hard as ever? She followed him through thousands of years, only to find that she should follow her own way.

Thinking of these, Lin Dan even doesn't want the sword in her hand, casually throws it to the side and then flies to the broken ladder. The Male hurries to chase, but his injury is too serious to do that. Only a big hole in the sky can be seen, Lin Dan and the doom thunder are swallowed by the hole. When he chases to arrive, there is nothing left, the doom cloud, lightning and her, all dissipate like foam.

"Lin Dan!" His hoarse cries echoed in the boundless darkness for a long time...

"Congratulations on the return of the host." Just as Lin Dan opens her eyes, she hears an unfeeling voice, "The host entered the S-class world and successfully obtained the special item--Infinite Heart of Taoism. Will you exchange it for cumulative points immediately?"

"Yes, then open my personal space." Lin Dan says slowly.

In no time, she has been in a pure white space, surrounded by smooth metal walls, with nothing but a bed in the center.

"Dear Host, you have earned a total of 9,990,000 points on this mission. I am very honored to inform you that your points have reached the upper limit. The system has two options for you to choose from: First, return to the original world after unbinding; Second, emigrate to the higher planes after the unbinding. What is your wish? " The robotic voice lingers in Lin Dan's mind.

Lin Dan has been inexplicably bound with the auxiliary system after her death and forced to travel through numerous small worlds to do tasks. She could not be unbound unless she obtained a certain amount of points, and then she could freely choose where to go. Lin Dan has made a plan earlier, but at this time she hesitates. She frowns and ponders for a while, then mutters, "If I emigrate..."

"Sorry, Dear Host," the system interrupted her. "Your referee withdrew the recommendation in the last mission world. If you want to emigrate, please find another referee as soon as possible."

Sure enough... Lin Dan shakes her head with a self-mocking smile.

If she wants to emigrate to the higher planes, system approval alone is not enough. She has to find a referee from the higher planes. Lin Dan's referee is none other than the male Taoist who was stabbed through the stomach by her. Lin Dan knows nothing about his name and background, but only knows that he comes from a higher plane and has far higher authority than the system, even the main system.

It may be a great fortune for others to keep shuttling back and forth between small worlds, but only Lin Dan knows what a painful and desperate process it is. The more she experiences, the deeper she is dragged into the tremendous abyss shaped by the memories in her mind. Too much emotion, love or hate, too many separations, and too much more helplessness, anger, pain, despair… All fill her heart and she gradually loses herself.

For a long time, she has no idea who she is or where she comes from. When she is on the verge of collapse, she meets the man in one of the mission worlds. He rescues her from the dark prison and teaches her how to get out of trouble, how to defeat enemies and how to gain points. With his help, Lin Dan gradually recovers herself, and then willingly becomes his supporting role, following his lead in every small world.

Lin Dan once thought that meeting the man would be redemption, but in the end, she found that this was just another futile struggle. Fortunately, the man's teaching is not all useless, because she has learned to be strong, independent, self-respecting and taking everything easy.

It is said that if one falls in love with an excellent person, even if one cannot get him or her, one will eventually get a better self. This is true for Lin Dan. She does not regret her efforts and patience, because without the pursuit for thousands of years, she would not be enlightened after those experiences.

Although the Infinite Heart of Taoism has been converted into points, those inspirations still remain in her mind. She smiles with relief and shakes her head, says, "He probably wants to be the referee for that siren."

The siren is not a role in doing tasks, but she is also charismatic. A man meets her in a certain task world and has been chasing her in several different worlds, just like Lin Dan once chased him. The siren who practices cultivation is one of the reincarnations of a woman who the man will be worried about, completely obsessed with, even at the expense of fighting against the whole group practicing cultivation.

No matter where the woman’s reincarnation goes, the man can always find her with his miraculous power and then protect her. After all, the man, like Lin Dan, is just a humble follower. Even if the woman has no previous memories after the reincarnation, he is willing to give everything to her and take her to his own world.

Lin Dan envies the woman very much, even with some jealousy, but now she feels nothing when memories ring.

The tone of the system is half a sone lower, and it sounds unexpectedly a little saddened: "If the host wants to know why, I can help the host check, but the opposite side holds higher authority than me, I may not be able to find out what you need. Sorry, Dear Host, for all the auxiliary tasks I as an auxiliary system have issued that make you suffer over the years. "

Auxiliary systems are only responsible for promoting the development of the small worlds and fixing bugs, and the host they choose is just a tool that can be expendable at critical moments. To draw a cruel analogy, if a pot has a hole and needs to be repaired with a piece of scrap metal, Lin Dan is the scrap metal and has no use other than burning herself in flames.

Most of her tasks require her to seek benefits for others at the expense of herself, which are unreasonable. But so fucking what? Once the task fails, she will be obliterated by the system. As a result, most of the guys who are accepting the tasks and being bound with auxiliary systems will not be able to survive, either committing suicide halfway or falling into madness. It is rare for Lin Dan to successfully complete every task and get high points, thanks for the help of the man, and of course Lin Dan's strong and tenacious mind.

Now Lin Dan cares nothing, desires nothing, so where to go is no longer a problem for her. She opens the task panel and says decisively, "No need to check, cancel the emigration application and send me back to the original world."

"Okay. There is also good news to inform the host. As you are the first auxiliary role accepting tasks to get the highest points, the main system decides to reward you with 100 million points which can be converted into the currency of your original world at the ratio of 1:1. Does the host need to exchange it? "

"Exchange." Lin Dan nods without hesitation but with a self-mocking smile. What the "auxiliary role" is, it is nothing but a dispensable supporting role. However, she will never be the same again. She shall live a wonderful life if she sticks to her own color.

"Good, my Dear Host, the system will execute the exchange. Please wait for a moment."

It takes about a minute to get ready for the host's points and deposit. After unbinding the system, Lin Dan is waiting for the initiated transmission device to send her back to the original world. Thinking she could retire peacefully this time, Lin Dan never expects that the time flow will be disrupted by an enormous wave of energy suddenly hitting the transmission belt...

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