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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 28

That night, Zhang Jue cooked a meal for Chen Boqiao.

In fact, he just cooked the rice and the cooking bag and then mixed them together, but Chen Boqiao also said it was delicious.

Formerly Ai Jiaxi praised Zhang Jue so blindly. Zhang Jue heard that it was okay. After all, Ai Jiaxi was the kind of person who couldn't even cook a cooking bag. This time it was replaced with Chen Boqiao's praise, Zhang Jue felt embarrassed.

After eating, Zhang Jue founded the information of the ship that they are going to board the day after tomorrow, and introduced precautions after boarding for Chen Boqiao.

The cruise they took was very large, carrying nearly 3,000 passengers and more than 1,000 staff members. After entering the high seas, the casino opened and the cameras in the area near the casino were dense, so they had to stay as far away as possible. Zhang Jue used the handheld computer to open a simple ship map, introducing the location of public facilities on each floor, and the distribution of guest rooms and restaurants, and so on. Chen Boqiao's memory was as good as ever. After reading the picture, he remembered it, and even corrected one or two Zhang Jue’s errors.

He glanced over the drawing of the whole ship, and Chen Boqiao went to take a bath first.

Zhang Jue sat on the sofa for a while, and decided to reorganize the things to be brought on boarding the day after tomorrow.

He dismantled the gun, and put it in a flat shielded box, and put it in the mezzanine of the special suitcase, and went back to the bedroom. He brought the bag from the town of frontier town to Bangkok to the living room, and put the necessary clothes in the box.

There was also a doll cat that looked like An Qi under the bag. It was brought here from another house in Bangkok.

At that time, Chen Boqiao put it in the bag by himself.

The fluff of the doll was very soft. Although it was a chemical fiber product, it had a fine workmanship and a smooth and delicate feel.

Zhang Jue sat on the carpet, holding the doll cat with one hand, and looking at its crystal clear eyes.

He had no resentment, but just felt that Chen Boqiao's heart was really hard to guess. He said''thank you", and his expression was very sincere. In fact, he didn't like anything. Zhang Jue tightened his hands, and clutched the doll's soft stomach, and frowned slightly for a while, then silently put the doll back into the dust bag, and put it into the carrying bag, and took the carrying bag to the bedroom and put it in the cabinet.

In theory, this was not right. The thing you gave away shouldn’t bring back. But Zhang Jue thinks so. Chen Boqiao may forget it, or accidentally throw it in any corner, but Zhang Jue can take care of it for him. He kept it well for him. Whenever he took it out, the doll will be brand new.

It's like a very safe doll safe box.

He just closed the door of the cabinet and Chen Boqiao came out after taking a shower.

Zhang Jue stepped out and saw Chen Boqiao standing next to the box he had taken care of most, and looked down.

Chen Boqiao leaned over, and pressed the position of the mezzanine, and smiled at Zhang Jue: ''The box is good."

Zhang Jue approached and told him: ''At the dock, we have to go through security, so we can't carry the bag."

Zhang Jue saw Chen Boqiao nodded, and said,''But the shield box can only hold three guns and dozens of bullets, and two knives."

Chen Boqiao sat easily on the sofa, and drank water, and said to Zhang Jue: ''Enough."

Because Zhang Jue didn’t have much spare crossdressing supplies for Chen Boqiao. After boarding the ship, they must try to avoid going out, but if they keep swiping to ask food, it was easy to cause suspicion. So Zhang Jue intended to take all the leftover food bags in the kitchen and heat them in public areas.

In order to take care of Chen Boqiao's taste, Zhang Jue also called Chen Boqiao into the kitchen to pick together.

The kitchen space was very small, the two people standing were a little crowded. Chen Boqiao was tall, and he was standing very close to Zhang Jue. The pheromone affects Zhang Jue, and Zhang Jue felt a little bit out of his mind, and he can not do the action for a long time.

Chen Boqiao stood aside dutifully, and saw Zhang Jue didn’t move. He opened a drawer quietly, as if he was going to search for his favorite cooking bag. However, he was unfortunate.  It happened to be the drawer where zhang Jue put the condom.

Zhang Jue saw it and stunned him. He stared motionlessly at the drawer, always feeling something seemed wrong. After a few seconds, he remembered that the box was in the wrong position.

It was originally placed on the tissue box at will, but now it was stuck in the gap on the edge of the tissue box drawer.

"This...''Zhang Jue thinking hard to word, and asked Chen Boqiao: ''Have you ever moved this?"

"No,''Chen Boqiao took the box out, and buckled it on the table, and looked at Zhang Jue, and said,''Pei Shu came in to find water and saw it."

Zhang Jue originally thought it was nothing. When he heard Pei Shu moved, and he was dissatisfied and frowned,''How did he rummage?"

Chen Boqiao smiled and lightly held the surface of the condom box with his fingers, and looked at Zhang Jue for a while, and said,''It's my fault, let him come in to get the water,''and pushed the box towards Zhang Jue again:  ''I explained it for you, it’s a supermarket volunteer tacked it for you.''

"Hmm.''Zhang Jue dropped his head, and paused, and couldn't help asking a very realistic question: ''Did he believe it?"

Chen Boqiao's silence represented his answer.

Zhang Jue was a little irritable. He bowed his head and said to Chen Boqiao,''I didn't lie to you."

"It was really that they stuffed it to me.''Zhang Jue said again.

He actually wanted to say that he was taking medicine, and there was no need to use a condom that may not be the right size to give Chen Boqiao a sexual hint. He liked Chen Boqiao, but he was not so hungry.

Zhang Jue was timid. After all, he didn't say anything.

Chen Boqiao also remained silent for a few seconds before saying''um, I know.''He raised his hand and pressed Zhang Jue’s waist to make Zhang Jue lean to him.''But...''Chen Boqiao paused, and affixed to Zhang Jue's ear, and said a few words lightly.

The light was on in the bedroom.

Zhang Jue tore the edges of the plastic bag and took out the condom with the lubricant. His hands were a little soft, and his fingertips inevitably touched the hot and hard part of Chen Boqiao's erection.

He stuck the small circle on the top and pushed forward, but because of the inappropriate size, he didn't dare to force, so he pushed it up slowly.

Chen Boqiao waited patiently for a while, stroking Zhang Jue's cheek, and asked softly,''Can't you wear a condom?"

Zhang Jue raised his head and looked at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao's hand pressed his wrist and said,''Push."

Zhang Jue tried a few more times, but he really didn't want to get it anymore, so he took the case down, and raised his head and said to Chen Boqiao,''don't wear it."

He pressed his hand next to Chen Boqiao and crawled forward slowly. Chen Boqiao's part was against his lower abdomen. As he crawled, the top rubbed his lower abdomen and touched his hardened part. Zhang Jue felt his legs were soft, and sat on his knees, and leaned over to kiss Chen Boqiao.

"Are you ready?''He asked Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao didn't say a word, and squeezed in, while moving lightly, he asked Zhang Jue: ''Without a condom,

what to do if you are pregnant?"

He took Zhang Jue's shoulders, and held Zhang Jue’s sideways, and pressed Zhang Jue under his body. He didn't go in and out very quickly. He pressed the position of Zhang Jue’s gonocoel and asked again casually: ''Zhang Jue, what should I do?"

Zhang Jue was numbed by his pressing, and he screamed lightly and boringly. Chen Boqiao paused and wanted to press again, and Zhang Jue stopped him in time.

"Stop.''Zhang Jue said uncomfortably.

Chen Boqiao buttoned Zhang Jue ’s cheekbones in silence. The range of entering and exiting was much greater. His leg root was pain, and Chen Boqiao hit more and more deep. Every time he went to the end, Zhang Jue ’s entire abdominal cavity seemed to be soft. The ceiling lights shook into a shadow.

Chen Boqiao pressed down Zhang Jue’s knee, almost touched his shoulder bone, then he stopped suddenly, and looked down at the where futunio, and looked at it for a few seconds, and said to Zhang Jue, “You have wet the sheets .''

He took Zhang Jue's arm, and hugged Zhang Jue, and held him in his arms. His face was close to Zhang Jue's neck, and his warm breath fluttered on Zhang Jue's skin. He pressed Zhang Jue's back lightly with his lips against the glands, as if he didn't mean to open his mouth to bite. But Zhang Jue's glands were very sensitive. As soon as Chen Boqiao approached, his whole body became tense. Chen Boqiao seemed to notice it and moved away quickly.

Finally, of course, Chen Boqiao exited. He shot on Zhang Jue's lower abdomen, and the semen of the two was mixed together, giving out a weird smell.

This smell seemed to have a strong aphrodisiac effect, making Zhang Jue want to re-enter his body with Chen Boqiao. Zhang Jue even felt he was even in estrus. He wanted Chen Boqiao's body fluids and marks. He wanted more violent sexual intercourse. He wanted it, making him no sense, no desire to fill, and became a pheromone prisoner.

In confusion, he hooked Chen Boqiao's neck and found Chen Boqiao's lips. This time, Chen Boqiao gave him easily, leaning over and intertwined with his lips and teeth.

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