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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-24 10:14:59
Chapter 27

Zhang Jue went into the bathroom, and opened the shower head. The water temperature rosed rapidly, and the small bathroom was heated by the steam. Zhang Jue slowly took off the cold and wet clothes. He looked like he was exuding cold air from the inside out, and stood for a long time under the shower head, and got a little temperature.

After familiarizing with the way to the dock during the day, he went to find Harrison again. Harrison has been on this cruise, and he could ask some details, and Pei Shu was here, Zhang Jue did not want to go back to disturb them too soon.

When he arrived at the club, soon after the adult show was gone, everyone was gone. The sensual pheromone smell in the air had not disappeared. There was only a floor of litter on the stage. There was some cleaners cleaning.

Harrison stood at the entrance leading to the backstage and waited for him. He was dressed in a black suit and said there was a party in the evening. He skillfully gave cigarettes to Zhang Jue, and Zhang Jue refused.

After learning that Zhang Jue decided to quit smoking completely, he really laughed at Zhang Jue and then he lit a cigarette for himself. The smell of tobacco floated between Zhang Jue's nose, and Zhang Jue was silent away.

"Did he let you quit?" Harrison asked Zhang Jue along the way.

Zhang Jue denied it and said, "But he doesn't like it."

Harrison took the cigarette, and looked back at Zhang Jue, and said pityingly, "So you gave up smoking actively."

Zhang Jue had a higher tolerance for his friends, and Harrison was telling the truth, so he was not angry, but just politely asked: "Is there a problem?"

"No, no." Harrison smiled and waved, and took Zhang Jue upstairs to talk about business.

Zhang Jue sat down for a while, and the questions were almost the same. Harrison also had other things. He wanted to confirm that Pei Shu was still there, and then called Chen Boqiao.

The phone hadn't been connected yet, and the show stared downstairs again. Harrison's office was not so soundproof, and the entire floor seemed to be shaking. Originally, Zhang Jue wanted to wait for the music to be quieter, but Chen Boqiao picked up the phone and soon guessed that he was in Harrison's club.

Chen Boqiao said that Pei Shu hadn't left yet, and Zhang Jue asked him that if he would go back two hours later, Chen Boqiao said yes.

" He's in charge of so much," Harrison said when Zhang Jue put his phone up. " You give my actors a tip, what's it got to him?"

Zhang  Jue responded and got up to leave.

In fact, Zhang Jue cheated Chen Boqiao, and the flower shop opened on the way back from the club, on a very wide street.

He came out of the club and he had nowhere to go. He drove past the flower shop and saw someone coming out with a bouquet in his hand. He felt very enchanted.

When he was absent-minded, he was very indecisive, and he hesitated in his heart repeatedly. When he decided to buy flowers, the car was far away from that street.

In order to delay time, people can do a lot of strange things. Zhang Jue parked his car and walked slowly to the flower shop.

From the safe house to the flower shop, walking back and forth for about forty minutes. Zhang Jue did not go far, it rained, and there was no umbrella in the car, and no place to sell umbrellas was found all the way.

He had been in the rain for a long time and only picked five minutes. He didn't know flowers well. He asked for the kind recommended by the boss. He thought that there was only a small bottle in the safe house to put flowers, and he chose eight flowers that he liked.

The florist owner picked the rose thorns for him and simply wrapped them.

When he walked in the rain for a moment, Zhang Jue was afraid to take flowers upstairs, and he comforted himself in the next second: it was just flowers.

Maybe he likes it.

Even if Chen Boqiao said to Zhang Jue that I don't like roses, and you bought a new flower for me, and Zhang Jue can immediately change it for him.

However, Chen Boqiao would not do so. He was very polite and never asked for Zhang Jue.

Out of the shower room, Zhang Jue found that he had forgotten to take his clothes, so he wiped the water on his body, and wrapped his waist in a bath towel, and wanted to go to the bedroom.

He went out, and Chen Boqiao read a book on the sofa.

The bouquet was laid on the coffee table, and Chen Boqiao untied the wrapping paper tape, as if there was no intention to deal with it. Zhang Jue thought it was normal and didn't say anything. He planned to pick the leaves and insert them.

As he passed the sofa, Chen Boqiao suddenly called him and asked him, "Where is the vase?"

Zhang Jue paused for a while and pointed to the porch: "In the cabinet."

Chen Boqiao closed the book and walked to the porch.

When Zhang Jue put on his clothes and go out, Chen Boqiao had repaired the flowers and inserted them in a vase. He threw a bunch of leaves and flower branches he cut out in the trash near the table, and the paper wrapped with flowers was flattened and set into squares and set aside.

Chen Boqiao went to wash his hands, and Zhang Jue walked to the kitchen door. He wanted to say praise to Chen Boqiao, but his language was poor and he only knew to stand still. Chen Boqiao washed his hands and wiped them dry. Waiting patiently for a long time, Zhang Jue did not say anything.

In the end, Chen Boqiao said to Zhang Jue: "The flowers are beautiful."

Zhang Jue said immediately, "Thank you."

Chen Boqiao smiled. He approached Zhang Jue and said, "However, why you not hold an umbrella."

"I failed to buy it," Zhang said.

Zhang Jue watched Chen Boqiao walk in front of himself, only to realize that he was blocking Chen Boqiao's way out. As soon as he wanted to get away, and Chen Boqiao pressed Zhang Jue’s shoulder and kissed Zhang Jue ’s lips. 

He pulled Zhang Jue closer again, intersecting his lips and teeth gently, and left a few moments later and said, "Well, you don’t smoke in the adult show."

Zhang Jue looked up and looked at Chen Boqiao's face. Chen Boqiao's expression was very gentle, but it seemed a little different from the previous gentleness. Zhang Jue could not tell what was the difference. He tried to hug Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao let him hug, holding his hand lightly on his back. Zhang Jue leaned his face on Chen Boqiao's shoulder. He didn’t think that he could hug Chen Boqiao for one minute, and felt that every second was as precious as dreaming.

"Zhang Jue." Chen Boqiao's voice was very low and ringed lightly in his ear.

Zhang Jue said "um",and Chen Boqiao said, "The next time you can send flowers, don't get wet in the rain."

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