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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 26

Pei Shu spent four days in the independent country of Thailand.

In the past four days, according to Chen Boqiao's meaning, he along with the consultants who left by Chen Zhaoyan. He contacted the Prime Minister and several important members of Parliament, and faked new identities for the four officers, and arranged to board the ship.

The registered cruise ship of Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao was in South Australia, sailing from the independent country of Thailand to North America, and will not pass through the waters of the Asian Union. According to international law, the Asian Union did not have the right to hunt Chen Boqiao.

However, the current president of the Asian Union, Zhao Kun, was very aggressive. His parents' families were deeply rooted. His father was a former Prime Minister of the Union, and he had many relatives who have held senior positions in the Alliance government. The matriarchal family was family business that lasted for generations. Since the beginning of his political life, Zhao Kun had gone smoothly and had encountered little obstacles.

In order to hunt Chen Boqiao this time. Zhao Kun almost ignored the consequences. As long as he had a clue, he would definitely act.

After the cruise ship sailed into the high seas, one evening near the waters of the Asian Union, Zhao Kun would get the location information of Chen Boqiao. And one of the four people who Pei Shu arranged to board the ship happened to take his girlfriend to North America. The mercenaries will be bribed by Zhao Kun's close relatives, and at midnight the captain was forced to turn the cruise ship so that the ship enters the territorial waters of the Asian Union in the early morning.

After Chen Boqiao was brought back to the Asian Union, the cruise ship that turned right at midnight, and the mercenaries that just disappeared, and the missed appeal period would make Chen Boqiao's defection and the Asian Union's hunting action, becoming Zhao Kun's Self Directed and Acted.

As soon as public opinion fermented, and the members of parliament will initiate a motion to impeach Zhao Kun. If nothing happens, Zhao Kun's proposal of the presidency will be temporarily frozen within three days.

In the afternoon two days before his departure, Pei Shu met with four people who were about to board the ship, and sent encrypted confirmation information to Chen Boqiao. He asked Chen Boqiao to meet again because it was about the plan’s details and some important matters. It was not easy to communicate with the communication tool.

After a few minutes, Chen Boqiao called him.

Chen Boqiao asked Pei Shu: "Are you still in Bangkok?"

Pei Shu said yes, and Chen Boqiao thought about it and said, "Come here, he's not there during the day."

He told Pei Shu the location of the safe house. Pei Shu entered the address into the navigation and drove to a densely populated area with complicated roads south of Bangkok.

Pei Shu changed two cars along the way, and traveled a few more circles, and drove for an hour before stopping at the alley.

He walked in the alley. According to the building number given by Chen Boqiao, and he finally found the residential building, and climbed the stairs to the third floor, and knocked on the door. Not long after, Chen Boqiao came to open the door.

Pei Shu followed him in and asked, "Where is Zhang Jue?"

"Familiar the line to the port." Chen Boqiao said, and went to the sofa, and leaned over and poured a cup of tea for Pei Shu.

The house was small, but it was still clean. The figures of the old floor tiles have the native style of the independent country of Thailand. Under the fluorescent light, there was a soft light.

Pei Shu looked around, and walked to the door on the right. He looked inward, and asked Chen Boqiao: "Single bedroom?"

Chen Boqiao nodded, and Pei Shu glanced at the sofa again.

The sofa was flat and there was no bedding. It's not like someone slept on it. Pei Shu was a little speechless. He paused and asked Chen Boqiao: "How do you sleep at night?" He suddenly thought of a possibility, and laughed: "Did he want to sleep in the bedroom even sleep on the floor. "

Chen Boqiao was silent for a moment before he said, "You have a misunderstanding of Zhang Jue."

"This is not a misunderstanding," Pei Shu said.

He liked to play more than Chen baiqiao, and had much more experience. When he saw Zhang Jue, such a crazy suitor, he wanted to persuade Chen Boqiao to stay away: "I have encountered such a person. "

Chen Boqiao looked up at him and said nothing. Pei Shu continued: "he  followed me everywhere I went, which was like nougat, and his skin was thick, so he can't scold him. He was taken away by his family to see a doctor. So he disappeared"

When thinking of Zhang Jue's medical records, he also said, "Zhang Jue is more serious"

"Pei Shu," Chen Boqiao suddenly interrupted him.

Chen Boqiao looked at Pei Shu flatly and said blandly, "Let's get down to business."

Pei Shu couldn't see that whether Chen Boqiao simply didn't want to talk about Zhang Jue, or still felt that he talked too much. He paused for a few seconds, and said uncertainly, "Okay." He took the mobile computer out and gave Chen Boqiao briefly introduced the information of the four people on board and the news trends of the Asian Union in the past few days.

Chen Boqiao asked questions occasionally, and the questions were a bit of complicated. Pei Shu and a few consultants discussed online, and time passed quickly.

On this day, there were showers in Bangkok. There was a patter from outside occasionally, and the wind blew the balcony glass.

When the consultant just wanted to tell them the result of a discussion. Chen Boqiao's cell phone rang. It should be Zhang Jue.

Chen Boqiao answered the phone and asked patiently: "What?"

"He's here. I've eaten it," said Chen Boqiao, "where are you."

He didn't know what did the opposite say. Chen Boqiao said, "No wonder it's so noisy." He asked, "Have you tipped today?" After a few seconds, he said, "Okay."

Pei Shu looked at Chen Boqiao and felt a little strange in his heart.

But the tone of Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue's conversation was very natural. Their attitude was between indifference and thoughtfulness, and it seemed that there was not much difference usually.

Chen Boqiao hung up the phone and looked at Pei Shu. Pei Shu paused for a while and continued to talk about the topic just now.

They talked for a while, and Pei Shu was thirsty, but the water in his glass had been consumed and the mineral water bottle was empty, so he asked Chen Boqiao: "Is there any water?"

Chen Boqiao looked down at the information and pointed to the kitchen without raising his head: "by yourself."

Pei Shu had to get up and walked into the kitchen.

Because of the limited area, and the layout of the kitchen was general. It was narrow and long, which can only be passed by an adult man.

There was no food on the dark marble counter. Chen Boqiao didn't say where the water was. Pei Shu opened the cabinet and looked for.

When she opened a deep drawer near the induction cooker, Pei Shu saw the box of condoms placed on a paper towel at a glance.

The box of the condom was purple, and probably a local brand of the independent country of Thailand, and the printing was a bit rough. He took it and looked closely, and felt that it was like a special offer for a cheap lover hotel, or it was a public welfare gift.

The were three condoms in the box but not opened. Pei Shu repeatedly manipulated the condom box and found it a little funny. Even Zhang Jue had a weird personality. He didn’t know what to buy.

"You can take it if you want."

Chen Boqiao's voice sounded from distance.

Pei Shu was a little surprised, and turned his head, and saw Chen Boqiao leaning against the door. His chin lifted slightly, and raised his arms to look at him: "The water is in the northernmost cabinet."

Pei Shu lowered the box a little awkwardly, and opened the cabinet of Chen Boqiao's finger, and found out that the water bottle had poured water.

He was about to go out, and Chen Boqiao stopped him, and explained for Zhang Jue without any fluctuations: "He went to the supermarket and some volunteers gave him it."

Pei Shu grasped the water cup and said bluntly, "Who knows if someone else gave it to him or he asked for it."

Chen Boqiao glanced at him and said gently, " Put away your prejudices

Pei Shu shrugged, and sat back on the sofa with Chen Boqiao, and talked about the things that after Chen Boqiao backed to Asia Union.

After Zhao Kun's subordinate detained Chen Boqiao, in order to ensure the safety of Chen Boqiao, the news of Chen Boqiao's arrest must be announced as soon as possible, so there was a reporter from the independent country of Thailand on the cruise. Chen Boqiao and the advisory group had different opinions on how reporters issued press releases. After a few minutes of discussion, they reached a consensus.

Pei Shu closed the reporter's information page, and raised his head, and a thunderous thunder burst suddenly in the sky. The rain crackled on the window.

"So heavy rain," Pei Shu said.

Chen Boqiao stood up, and  walked to the balcony, and opened the screens a little, as if observing the rain.

After all the things that Pei Shu was going to say. He put down his computer and followed, and half an arm away from Chen Boqiao, listening to the sound of rain through the rain curtain and looking out of the glass door.

The balcony of this safe house that Zhang Jue found was also very small. Something was left on the lime board of the railing. Pei Shu took a closer look. These were the matches and cigarette cases that had been soaked by rain.

He asked, "Has Zhang Jue given up smoking."

Chen Boqiao didn't look at him and stared at him outside: "He was scared to stop by you."

"Am I scaring him," Pei Shu said. He asked Chen Boqiao, "you hate this originally." He still remembered the big bunch of cigarette butts in the ashtray by the swimming pool. It's quite addictive.

"Quitting smoking is not so easy," Pei Shu said, "Just lie to you."

Chen Boqiao gave Pei Shu a look now, and just opened his mouth. The door opened behind them suddenly "clicked".

Pei Shu and Chen Boqiao turned around to see, and saw Zhang Jue grasping the doorknob and standing outside the door.

Zhang Jue's whole body was soaked, and  his black hair stuck to his face, and his hair dripped from his hair. The light-colored cotton T-shirt stuck to his body. His bare arms were as white as porcelain. His lips were pressed, and his chin was sharpened, and he clutched a bunch of flowers.

Seven or eight roses were tied together, and the beige wrapping paper was slightly wrinkled by the rain. The flowers were soaked in water, but they became more and more red and beautiful.

Seeing that there were others in the room, and he hesitated and asked Chen Boqiao in a low voice: "Are you still talking?" Then he said, " You want me to wait outside?"

"It's over," Chen Boqiao said. After a pause, and he asked Zhang Jue again, "Why did you be caught in the  rain?"

"I bought you flowers," Zhang Jue looked up slightly and raised his hand to Chen Boqiao to see the rose in his hand.

Pei Shu used to think that Zhang Jue's looks were very ordinary and could not be found in the crowd, but if looked closely today, and he didn't think so.

But Zhang Jue was definitely not good at making expressions, and even when he was giving gifts to others, he would not laugh, and a pair of hands and feet did not know where to put it, and said something insignificant: "The car can't go on that path, I parked my car and walked over, and it rained within a few steps. "

One of the roses in the bouquet was so large that it dropped a few petals as he moved, and fell to the ground, also on his shoe.

Chen Boqiao turned his back to Pei Shu, but did not approach Zhang Jue, but said something to Zhang Jue: "Thank you."

Zhang Jue didn’t ask Chen Boqiao whether he liked it or not, he said "um", then stood still, and didn't close the door.

"Come in." Chen Boqiao said to Zhang Jue again.

Zhang Jue moved, as if he woke up in a dream. When he passed Pei Shu, the water on his chin was still dripping.

Pei Shu couldn't help guessing that go to the flower shop he should have to go a not short distance.

"I'll take a shower first." Zhang Jue leaned on the coffee table and went into the bathroom.

Before long, and the sound of water was heard in the bathroom.

Chen Boqiao looked at the bathroom door, and stood for a few seconds, and asked Pei Shu, "Is there anything else?"

Pei Shu had to pack and go.

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