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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 25

Chen Boqiao's hair color was the same as Zhang Jue's. They were all black, but the length was much shorter than Zhang Jue's, and ChenBoqiao’s hair quality was also stiffer than Zhang Jue's. Chen Boqiao’s face was almost barely of scars, except for a small shrapnel wound on the side of his right ear.

If Chen Boqiao was neatly dressed, no one would think of so many scars on him.

They were lying in bed, and Zhang Jue facing Chen Boqiao.

I thought maybe the room was too dark, and Chen Boqiao turned over and turned on the bedside lamp. Zhang Jue raised his eyes and saw the burn on Chen Poqiao's back.

When Zhang Jue took the locator for Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue also saw it. But at that time, he had no time to look carefully, and only touched it slightly, and he was euphemistically stopped by Chen Boqiao.

The bedside lamp was dim, and the palm-sized burn was a bit horrifying. Zhang Jue reached out and touched, and feeling Chen Boqiao shiver reflectively, and quickly relaxed again.

Chen Boqiao didn't say a word, breathing quietly. The lines on his back were obvious and he had a strong sense of power. In the dim light, he looked like a recruiting poster. The slightly raised muscles symbolized the battlefield, and the scars were medals.

Zhang Jue's fingertips were stagnant for a while, and he pushed down the edge of the wound and gently pressed the small piece of skin that was not so good-looking and flat. Chen Boqiao was silent. He did not resist Zhang Jue's touch. Zhang Jue touched for a while, and approached with restraint, and touched it with his cheeks and lips. 

The burned skin was as warm as the other parts of Chen Boqiao, but it was  uneven, and wrinkled like the feet of a newborn, and the color was different from the surrounding skin and not so uniform.

Zhang Jue did not feel scared or disgusted. After watching it for a long time, he felt a little sad. He didn't know why, and he felt more uncomfortable when kissing Chen Boqiao's burn scar than when Chen Boqiao refused his kisses.

He couldn't help asking Chen Boqiao: "It must be hurt."

After asking, he felt that he had said another nonsense that would lead to cold talk.

Fortunately, Chen Boqiao didn't mind. Chen Boqiao paused, and calmly answered, "Forget."

"It's been a long time," he added, "It should be fine."

Zhang Jue let go of Chen Boqiao and moved his lips slightly. Chen Boqiao sat up, and turned his head, and looked down at Zhang Jue who was lying down, and asked Zhang Jue: "Why, do you feel bad for me?"

Zhang Jue stared at him for a few seconds before saying "um". Chen Boqiao took Zhang Jue's hand on the quilt and said deceitfully, "Forgetting means not hurting."

The palm of Chen Boqiao was hot, and rougher than Zhang Jue, and he held Zhang Jue's hand and did not loosen it again.

Zhang Jue definitely wanted to sit up and was pressed down by Chen Boqiao.

" Aren't you suffering from backache," Chen Boqiao said, "lie down."

Zhang Jue's face became hot. He felt backache was because he couldn't take it just now. He said very lightly. He thought Chen Boqiao didn't hear it, because Chen Boqiao didn't care about his backache.

Chen Boqiao turned his back on him, and kept motionless. Zhang Jue did not know he was thinking about something or whether he was in a trance.

Zhang Jue looked for a while, and asked a question he hadn't figured out for a long time: "Why did you join the army?"

Because Chen Boqiao seemed to have nothing to do with the army when he was in school. Everyone thought that Chen Boqiao would go to business school step by step, and inherit his father's business and become a successful businessman.

Chen Boqiao looked down at Zhang Jue and whispered: "I can't remember."

He couldn't remember clearly, and Zhang Jue knew that he didn't want to say, so he didn't ask any more, echoed: "It's been many years."

But after a short period of time, Chen Boqiao spoke again, and he suddenly told Zhang Jue: "My grandfather is a soldier. But he died very early."

Chen Boqiao sat upright, and looked up, and looked at the white wall. Zhang Jue can only see his small half of his face and can't see his expression clearly.

After he finished speaking, and he paused for a long time, and Zhang Jue waited quietly until he spoke again.

"I grew up with my mother in Europe to recuperate," Chen Boqiao whispered. "She's in poor health and won't go out. She wiped the grandfather's military medals and counted his achievements in study. So I was very annoyed at home, but prefer to be at school. "

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao spoke sharply, and asked, "How old did you go to school in Roche?"

Zhang Jue paused for a while and replied, "I was ten years old and I was admitted to school in the fourth grade."

Chen Boqiao's hand that he shook with him suddenly moved.

"Ten years old," Chen Boqiao repeated thoughtfully.

Zhang Jue did not know why Chen Boqiao repeated his age at school, so he asked Chen Boqiao: "What's wrong?"

Chen Boqiao shook his head and leaned his back backwards.

Zhang Jue felt that the mattress under him shook slightly, and saw Chen Boqiao lie down again.

The dim light made Chen Boqiao's features more deeper. He leaned over his face and looked at Zhang Jue. His lips were slightly thin, and the corners of the lips hooked slightly, and his eyes were bright and focused.

Chen Boqiao leaned too close, and his expression was too ambiguous, but it seemed that he was not going to do anything, and Zhang Jue was at a loss and his mouth was dry.

"Zhang Jue." His called Zhang Jue.

"Huh?" Zhang Jue knew that he looked dumb, but had poor control.

"Have you heard of rumors about my parents' bad feelings," Chen Boqiao said.

Zhang Jue did hear something and nodded hesitantly. Anyone who knows Chen Boqiao a bit should know that Chen Zhaoyan sent his wife and Chen Boqiao to Europe not long after Chen Boqiao was born, and he didn't meet them a few times a year.

"It's really not good," Chen Boqiao said.

He lowered his eyes and played Zhang Jue’s hand, narrating his private affairs at home without emotion: "It is noisy when they meet."

Speaking of this, Chen Boqiao smiled suddenly, and he raised his hand, and touched Zhang Jue's face, and said, "The reason I joined the army will disappoint you."

"Because…" His eyes looked far away without focus, as if remembering, "I spend more time with my mother than with my father.

"I was nineteen years old when my mother left and just graduated from Roche.

"I saw an advertisement for the recruitment of the Asian Union. I didn't really want to go there. But when I mentioned it to my father, he opposed it fiercely.

"So I went back to the Asian Union to take the military school."

He asked Zhang Jue: "Is it stupid?"

"But after joining the army," he added, "I haven't regretted it."

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao and slowly blinked a few times, commenting: "A little rebellious."

Chen Boqiao smiled again and said, "Zhang Jue, you really can't chat well."

But Zhang Jue knew that Chen Boqiao was not angry.

Zhang Jue looked at him for a long time, and asked without a thought: "Chen Boqiao, does Pei Shu knows this?"

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue, and grasped Zhang Jue's hand tightly, and pulled Zhang Jue into his arms.

His palms seemed to have a thin layer of sweat, no longer dry. He closed to Zhang Jue's ears, and said viciously, "Pei Shu knows or not and what matters to you."

Zhang Jue listened to him asking, and he didn't know how to return.

But not long after, Chen Boqiao said in Zhang Jue's ear: "Of course he doesn’t know."

" Why did I tell him this." He said.

His arms crossed Zhang Jue's chest, and Zhang Jue hugged him.

Quiet for a moment, Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue: "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Familiar with the route to the dock where the cruise ship will stop," Zhang Jue said, "Do you want to go together?"

"No," Chen Boqiao said, "I'll stay in the safe house."

Zhang Jue has a faint speculation that Chen Boqiao will contact Pei Shu tomorrow to discuss what is not convenient for him to listen to. Since Pei Shu contacted Chen Boqiao, everything has gone smoothly. As if arriving in North America and the newly independent state has become a simple matter. And Zhang Jue's plan was irrelevant.

Zhang Jue did not  know the exact time. It should be night to see the color between the curtains. Unconsciously, the day in Bangkok passed another day. It seemed that a lot of things had been done, but none of the important things had been done.

Zhang Jue did not even check any news from the Asian Union and did not understand the search trend of Chen Boqiao, but simply made an appointment with Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao’s hand moved, and across the quilt, and placed on Zhang Jue's waist. Looking at Zhang Jue's eyes, and Zhang Jue kissed him intentionally.

After a briefly and lingeringly kisses, but Zhang Jue was still unreliable, so he confirmed with Chen Boqiao: "If you have any changes, let me know."

Chen Boqiao said "Okay", and then pressed Zhang Jue, and his back supported a small space.

Zhang Jue put his hand on Chen Boqiao's shoulder. He and Chen Boqiao were not too different in height, but their body shape and the skin color was very different. Chen Boqiao's legs were intertwined with him, and the heat was passed onto his skin.

"Zhang Jue." Chen Boqiao called his name.

Zhang Jue looked up at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao touched the corners of his eyes with his fingers, and his cheeks and slid to his chin. He treated his hair scattered on the pillow very lightly, and then said, "Whatever I promise you, I will do. "

"Give me some time," he said.

Zhang Jue was not sure what time refers to.

But time was exactly the thing that Zhang Jue had most. Zhang Jue was especially patient. How long to wait and how slim the hope was, Zhang Jue can say okay without hesitation.

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