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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 24

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao’s seats were not very well. They were in a corner where the scenery could not be seen.

The decoration and cutlery of the entire restaurant were a bit old. The white porcelain plate in front of Zhang Jue was missing a small corner, and there were a lot of scratches on the porcelain surface, and the knife was a bit blunt, which caused the meat was crocked when he cut it. The meat almost got off the plate.

Chen Boqiao didn't say anything, and quietly took Zhang Jue's plate. He cut it for him, and put it back in front of him.

The two talked about the topic that day, and whether the taste of the meal was good or not. Zhang Jue couldn't remember it. He always felt that it was not long after the seat was taken, and a meal was over.

It was like taking a very unsure test while in school. The feeling of doing the question was not very good. As soon as you leave the test field, you forget the questions.

Zhang Jue had almost used up his cash and needed to pick it up in another safe house. Chen Boqiao drove because Zhang Jue was already drunk.

The driver's seat was on the left in Asian Union, but Chen Boqiao's right rudder car also drove very well. He took Zhang Jue across the streets of Bangkok in mid-december.

When passing the signboard of a large supermarket built on the street corner not far away. Zhang Jue had a very practical idea, but before he said that, the car drove past the parking lot.

There seemed to be an accident near the safe house, and the entire road was jammed.

They waited for a while, and the road was always closed. Zhang Jue asked Chen Boqiao to pull over and walk by himself. Going upstairs and taking the cash down, Zhang Jue passed by a small pharmacy. He paused for a few seconds and thought for a few seconds. He pushed in the door and walked in.

A clerk sat at the glass counter and looked at the mobile phone. When Zhang Jue walked to the counter and tapped on the glass counter. The clerk took off a headset and raised his face. Seeing Zhang Jue, the clerk froze for a moment, then took off the other headset, and smiled softly, and asked Zhang Jue in Thai.

Zhang Jue didn’t understand, but guessed that he should ask himself what he wanted, and then asked in English, "Are there any contraceptives?"

The clerk was stunned, and Zhang Jue repeated it slowly, and the clerk responded and said yes. He asked Zhang Jue which one he wanted, long-acting or short-acting, expensive or cheap.

"Short-acting," Zhang Jue answered concisely, "expensive."

"Imported medicine, North America," the clerk took the most expensive box for Zhang Jue, "but short-acting, greater side effects than long-acting."

The medicine box was very exaggerated in design. It was marked with "freedom" and "passion" in huge blue English, and the small word introduces "this product can minimize the probability of marking and knotting pregnancy".

"What are the side effects?" Zhang Jue’s first 28 years did not think that he would come to a pharmacy to buy contraceptives, nor did he conduct any research. He didn't even know if he could be pregnant. The doctor also told him when he was examined a few years ago that his genital cavity was affected by the alpha gland pheromone and did not develop well.

But Chen Boqiao cared more.

"Nausea," the clerk pointed to the stomach and patted his head and said, "dizziness."

Zhang Jue nodded indifferently, and bought the order. He didn’t ask for a bag, and disassembled the box on the counter. He grasped the aluminum foil containing the medicine, and looked down and thought for a while, and asked the clerk for a glass of warm water and swallowed a medicine before putting the foil was tucked into the pants pocket.

He thought that Chen Boqiao didn't have to see him took medicine.

Zhang Jue left the pharmacy, and the road in front of the bank was opened to traffic. He walked to the car, and  pulled the car door. Chen Boqiao did not turn on the air conditioner, and opened the sunroof of the off-road vehicle. He adjusted the back of the chair, and lay in the sun with his head on his arms.

"Aren't you hot." Zhang Jue closed the door and asked.

Chen Boqiao straightened the back of the chair, and started the engine, and answered, "What do you want to do in the afternoon?"

The day they boarding the ship was not far. Without accidents, after three days, they will be able to board a cruise to North America and then drift on the Pacific Ocean for more than half a month before arriving at the next stop. Zhang Jue also knew that he should seize the opportunity and do something that he had never dared to think about before. But he couldn't think of it for a while and finally saw Chen Boqiao for a while and tentatively said, "What do you think?"

Chen Boqiao sighed lightly, and looked at Zhang Jue with a smile, and said, "Let me take you for a ride." He took off the sunglasses worn, and set them aside, and drove forward.

Chen Boqiao didn't drive fast, and walked along a river at will.

After opening for a while, Zhang Jue saw a familiar Teddy sculpture and pointed to Chen Boqiao: "The cat was sent to this hospital."

Chen Boqiao slowed down. "It's nothing to do," he asked Zhang Jue, "Would you like to see it?" Zhang Jue said OK, he turned around, and stopped at the entrance of the pet hospital, and said thoughtfully, "I don't know if the receptionist is here or not."

Zhang Jue remembered that Chen Boqiao had praised the Wen receptionist was lovely, and his mood was a bit up and down. He knew that he was purely jealous, but he didn't know how to maintain peace, so he didn't speak, and went in silently with Chen Boqiao.

As they passed the doll wall, and he said to Chen Boqiao, "I bought the doll for you here."

Harrison often says Zhang Jue. He said that he didn't know how to choose gifts. And he always buys things that are expensive but useless.

The doll that looked similar to Chen Boqiao’s cat was cheap, but Chen Boqiao still feels good. He took off the dust bag and touched it several times, and looked at Zhang Jue ’s eyes and said he liked it.

Zhang Jue hoped that Chen Boqiao can never throw it away.


"I saw it at a glance," Zhang Jue said, telling the fate of himself and the doll, "I feel it is similar."

Chen Boqiao watched the doll wall and nodded.

Wen receptionist was taking other guests that day. His colleague a beautiful female beta named May hosted Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao. May took them to see the kitten, and the kitten also took the Elizabethan circle, and nestled in her own cubicle with one paw sticking out and playing with the toy ball.

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao stood in front of it, and it looked up, called "Mi", and continued to play the ball wearily.

"Have you thought of a name?" Zhang Jue approached Chen Boqiao and asked him.

Chen Boqiao held his arm, and looked at the kitten for a few seconds, and said, "No."

"Wen likes it very much," May said with a smile, "Privately called her An Qi, because it behaves like a little angel."

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue and asked Zhang Jue: "How?"

Zhang Jue couldn't figure out what Chen Boqiao meant. Whether he thought that An Qi was good. But from the bottom of his heart, he felt that the name An Qi was very suitable, so he admitted: "Good."

"Call it An Qi if you like." Chen Boqiao shrugged.

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao came out after watching the cats, and Wen receptionist overed his job, and stood in the corridor waiting for them.

The receptionist was wearing loose pet hospital uniforms, and his hair was brown and softly attached his face. When he saw Zhang Jue, and he beckoned happily. His voice was sweet and he said softly, "I thought you had left Bangkok."

Zhang Jue introduced Chen Boqiao, and Wen receptionist said hello to Chen Boqiao, and said a bit shyly to Zhang Jue: "Listen to May, you still use my name."

Seeing Zhang Jue nodded, Wen receptionist laughed and said, "Thank you." He said that the doctor was just free and could meet with them to understand An Qi's physical condition and take them to the doctor's office.

Zhang Jue didn’t want Chen Boqiao to know that he was going to bring the cat to home, so he took Wen's shoulder lightly and wanted to make Wen's walk slower, so he could say a few words. Unexpectedly, Chen Boqiao seemed to notice his gestures immediately and looked back at him. Zhang Jue had to let go of his hand again.

The doctors at Pet Hospital were extremely enthusiastic and took out the operation records to share with Zhang Jue.

Chen Boqiao sat and listened for a while, and glanced at the wall clock on the office wall, and said he was going to the bathroom.

The receptionist took Chen Boqiao out, and Zhang Jue talked to the doctor a few more times, and finished the list, and somehow got the ink. He asked the direction of the bathroom and went out.

When he passed an intersection, and he went the wrong way. When he found it and went back to find the way, he happened to meet Chen Boqiao and Wen receptionist and walked back.

The two of them faced Zhang Jue with their backs, but didn't see each other.

Wen receptionist was chatting with Chen Boqiao: "That doll is very similar to An Qi, I don't know he give it to whom."

Chen Boqiao said, "Give it to me."

"Ah," Wen receptionist was a little surprised, and asked Chen Boqiao, "Do you like dolls?"

Chen Boqiao paused before answering a sentence.

They had gone a little far, and at the end of the corridor. Zhang Jue has never been able to hear the specific sentences that Chen Boqiao said, but just listening to Chen Boqiao's epilogue and tone, which was clearly the meaning of denial.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao's back, and he moved his footing for a while. He wasn't too sad. He thought for a few seconds that how to avoid misunderstanding later. Then he went to the bathroom and washed his hands, without looking up at himself in the mirror, and wiped his hands with a paper towel, and slowly walked back to the office.

Zhang Jue entered the door and saw Chen Boqiao glanced at the wall clock again, and then said in cooperation that he was ready to go back.

Wen receptionist sent them out, and passed the pet hospital's reception corridor, and passed the front hall and the small pool, and walked to the doll wall.

Chen Boqiao turned around with Zhang Jue politely and said goodbye to Wen receptionist, and he half-pushing Zhang Jue forward, and crossed the doll wall without squinting.

When they got to the car, Chen Boqiao drove for a while and suddenly asked Zhang Jue: "What did you want to say to him just now?"

Zhang Jue didn’t think that Chen Boqiao was still remembering, so he avoided the problem and said, " ask if the cost is enough."

Chen Boqiao didn't say anything. He couldn't tell if he believes it or not.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao for a few times, and said a little bit hesitantly, " do you think he is cute?"

Chen Boqiao glanced at him and asked, "What do you think?"

Zhang Jue rarely and boldly pointed out, "I asked first."

Chen Boqiao smiled suddenly, and raised his hand and rubbed him against the top of Zhang Jue's head, said, "Normal." Then he retracted his hand and looked ahead.

After turned a corner, and not far away was the safe house. Chen Boqiao passed his left hand to front of Zhang Jue's eyes and asked him, "Do you want it now?"

Zhang Jue turned to look at Chen Boqiao, and Chen Boqiao drove the car in a serious manner, as if he had just obtained an apple for Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue accepted it, and Chen Boqiao held his fingers.

He has mixed with happiness and unhappiness, but now he feels very happy, but still can't believe that the goddess of luck suddenly came to his side. So he bowed his head slightly, and grasped Chen Boqiao's hand, and kissed Chen Boqiao's hand.

Chen Boqiao didn't respond, and let Zhang Jue touch him with his lips, without talking, without force, and not taking away his hands. He did not know if it is Zhang Jue's illusion, the scent of pine in the compartment thickened.

They went upstairs and entered the room. As soon as the door was closed, Chen Boqiao pressed Zhang Jue's shoulders, and pressed him against the door, and kissed him.

They went to the narrow aisle of the living room, and Zhang Jue's clothes were lost sloppily.

The screen window was closed, and the curtains were half open, and the room was still bright.

Chen Boqiao sat on the sofa with his shirt off, but his pants were still on.

And Zhang Jue was naked. He knelt his legs apart and knelt on the side of Chen Boqiao. He unfastened Chen Boqiao's belt, and tore off the cold iron zipper, and hold the part that Chen Boqiao had prepared. Slowly stuffed into yourself.

Chen Boqiao’s penis was very hard and very big. Zhang Jue couldn’t get in all at once, but could only move up and down slowly. When he sat down and bowed his waist to kiss Chen Boqiao's throat. He remembered it and forgot to tell Chen Boqiao about the medicine he had taken.

He recovered a little, breathing smoothly, and said to Chen Boqiao, "No condom."

"It doesn't matter." Chen Boqiao said, pressing him down, and plugging the second half of the phrase "but I took the medicine" back into his mouth.

Zhang Jue acted for a while, panting against Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue: "Are you tired?"

They did it in a hurry. Chen Boqiao didn't take off his dress, and his beard was on Zhang Jue’s chest and clavicle, and his right hand was on Zhang Jue ’s ribs, and his left hand was on Zhang Jue ’s hip.

Zhang Jue looked down at Chen Boqiao, and gently shook his head. Chen Boqiao raised his hand, and clutched Zhang Jue’s chin, and caressed Zhang Jue ’s cheek.

"Zhang Jue, your face blushed," he said.

Chen Boqiao pressed Zhang Jue ’s lower lip and pulled Zhang Jue closer, biting Zhang Jue’s chin and lips. Soon after, Chen Boqiao changed his posture, pressing Zhang Jue on the sofa, holding Zhang Jue’s knees went in and out, squeezing the reproductive cavity straight. He was no longer so tepid, but he didn't seem to be trying hard to make a knot.

Zhang Jue's leg hurts, and he doesn't want to have sex in a place that is too bright. He put up with Chen Boqiao's arm for a while, and whispered "Chen Boqiao."

Chen Boqiao's hand pressing Zhang Jue’s waist seemed to tighten a bit, and he answered a single tone, and stopped.

Zhang Jue said, "I want to go back to the room."

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue for a few seconds, and hugged Zhang Jue, and walked towards the bedroom. He walked very stably and easily, and put Zhang Jue on the bed, and pressed it smoothly.

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