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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 23

Zhang Jue thought that he had phonism, because it was too hot in the car.

The weather in Bangkok city changed drastically. It was still rainy yesterday. Today it is cloudless. The sun came out very early. It rose from the eastern horizon all the way to the middle. There were more than two hours of Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue staying around the Erawan Shrine. The carriage was scalded by the sun..

The air conditioner's air was hot, and the wind has not turned cold. Zhang Jue stared at Chen Boqiao, who also looked at him.

Chen Boqiao's expression was calm, and he calmly asked Zhang Jue "how", so Zhang Jue realized that the phrase "I'll try it with you" was indeed spoken by Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue thought for a while and thought the word was strange. Chen Boqiao didn't say what to try with Zhang Jue, as if he couldn't pick a suitable word.

Try to fall in love with each other. Try together or try to be a couple. All similar words put on Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao. Even Zhang Jue felt funny.

Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue, the two were too far apart.

If Zhang Jue had never thought of being with Chen Boqiao, it was false. Zhang Jue had thought of it when he was 17. However, Zhang Jue has already passed his 28th birthday. He would never want to dream of falling in love with Chen Boqiao before going to bed.

Zhang Jue was never willing to think of Chen Boqiao so much, but he did not think that there would be a third person in the world who knew that Chen Boqiao had sex with him.

This can almost be included in the stain of Chen Boqiao's life.

Chen Boqiao should kiss and make love with better people.

However, Zhang Jue did not ask such a stupid question as "what to try". He asked Chen Boqiao: "Why."

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao smiled and asked, "What's your problem?"

Chen Boqiao always talked easily. As if in his eyes, no problem exists.

He stretched his hands around Zhang Jue's shoulders, and lazily leaned closer, and replied casually: " Because your love Buddha card has worked."

The air conditioner finally got colder, but Chen Boqiao was very hot.

The pleasant pheromone smell, and the temperature of hands of Zhang Jue's shoulders. Zhang Jue dared to look up, and saw Chen Boqiao's chin and lips, which made Zhang Jue feel thirsty.

Chen Boqiao waited for a few seconds and asked Zhang Jue: "Haven't you found the address yet?" He clenched Zhang Jue, and raised his hand to cover most of back of Zhang Jue's hand. He clicked address of the restaurant on the screen. Then he pressed start.

Navigation issued a prompt to turn left, and Zhang Jue was not responding.

Chen Boqiao did not express dissatisfaction. He took Zhang Jue ’s mobile phone, and Zhang Jue looked up at him. He and Zhang Jue looked at each other for two seconds. As if it was because Zhang Jue was so stupid, he couldn't help laughing. And then he leaned over and pressed Zhang Jue’s lips a bit, and said, "let me drive."

Chen Boqiao's taste was very refreshing, and Chen Boqiao's beard which Zhang Jue dressed up for him sticks to Zhang Jue's face. His lips were also hot. He kissed Zhang Jue and walked. His voice became unclear. His teeth touched Zhang Jue's upper lip, and he quickly moved away. He got out of the car and walked around from the front of the car. Appeared next to the door.

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao changed positions and all the way to the restaurant. Zhang Jue said nothing.

Chen Boqiao was downstairs in the restaurant. And parked in an underground garage that the sensor lights were broken a lot, but the car didn't go out. He called Zhang Jue, and when Zhang Jue turned his face, he said, "You don't seem very happy."

Zhang Jue expressed his position, and Chen Boqiao said, "What's wrong?"

He unfastened Zhang Jue's seat belt, and approached Zhang Jue, and looked at Zhang Jue's eyes closely.

The handsomeness of Chen Boqiao was the kind of handsome that can not be disguised. Even if Zhang Jue personally turns him into another person. His nose and eye sockets, and pupils, and smell were still Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue raised his hand and touched Chen Boqiao's cheek  carefully, and then he kissed Chen Boqiao's.

Chen Boqiao didn't avoid this time. His beard was very hard, scratching Zhang Jue's chin. His lips were thin, and he first choked for Zhang Jue's approach, then opened his mouth and kissed Zhang Jue wetly.

Zhang Jue closed his eyes, and licked Chen Boqiao's upper jaw with his tongue, and wrapped around the tip of his tongue and sucked. Their lower lips are rubbing against. Perhaps Zhang Jue could not kiss and their teeth collided, but Chen Boqiao did not laugh at Zhang Jue for this. He held Zhang Jue's back and stroked Zhang Jue's neck upward, and he inserted  his fingers into Zhang Jue's hair.

They kissed for a long time. Chen Boqiao stepped back a bit, and he pressed Zhang Jue's shoulder. His voice was a little low: "Do you still want to eat?"

The carriage was too small. The pheromone smell of Chen Boqiao was very strong, and it was much stronger than any time.

Zhang Jue looked at him decisively, and leaned again, and put his face on Chen Boqiao's chest. Chen Boqiao didn't urge any more, and hugged him without speaking.

"Chen Boqiao." Zhang Jue called him.

Chen Boqiao said "um", the sound sounded like near Zhang Jue's ear.

"How long do you want to try?" Zhang Jue asked him.

Chen Boqiao's hand was on the top of Zhang Jue's head, and he stroked it gently, asking, "How long do you think it is appropriate?"

"How long it will be okay," Zhang Jue said, "I just ask."

Chen Boqiao hugged Zhang Jue for a while, and said, "Let's talk then."

He didn't give Zhang Jue the exact time, but Zhang Jue didn't matter. Even if Chen Boqiao said that he would regret not trying now, it didn't matter. Zhang Jue didn't care at all.

Zhang Jue sat up, and looked up to see Chen Boqiao. He grabbed his hair, and felt like it was messy, so he asked Chen Boqiao embarrassedly: "Doesn't I look good?"

He tore off the hair rope, and grasped the hair with his hands, and wanted to get it up again, and asked Chen Boqiao: "Do you think I should have a haircut?"

Chen Boqiao raised his hand and dropped Zhang Jue’s broken hair clip on the cheek behind his ear.

"Your head is so low, how do I look at it?" Chen Boqiao said, and he held Zhang Jue's chin with his index finger and thumb. Let Zhang Jue raise his face, and looked at Zhang Jue's face carefully.

Zhang Jue dared to look at Chen Boqiao's eyes, and his eyes were confused.

"Ignore it," Chen Boqiao said, "That's good."

They got out of the car, and walked to the dark elevator room, and pushed the elevator button.

The door of the elevator was mirrored. Looking at Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao was very tall and straight, and Zhang Jue was too thin and too tall. There was no feeling of birds depending on others. He was clumsy and difficult to like at first. But Chen Boqiao was willing to try with him.

The elevator door opened. He and Chen Boqiao walked in. Chen Boqiao glanced at him and asked, "Zhang Jue, what are you happy about?"

Chen Boqiao looked very calm. He was the same as before. But Zhang Jue could not help but smile at Chen Boqiao. He knew his expression was dull, and also said a stupid thing that was very consistent with his emotional intelligence, he said "I feel like dreaming."

In fact, he also knew that Chen Boqiao left after the test. It may be because of sympathy and compassion, and a moment of brain heat, or both. Anyway, he will not stay here for a long time.

But Zhang Jue seemed to be back to the age of sixteen or seventeen, who likes Chen Boqiao and wanted to fall in love with Chen Boqiao, and became Zhang Jue who dared to dream of Chen Boqiao before bed.

Chen Boqiao's expression did not change. He looked at Zhang Jue, and raised his hand and touched Zhang Jue's cheek, and asked, "Is it?"

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao and said, "Yes."

He didn't know how to please a person. He may give all his best things to Chen Boqiao, but couldn’t make Chen Boqiao feel precious.

Chen Boqiao receives these every day.

Time, money, body and love. Nothing in Zhang Jue was special.

Zhang Jue read science magazines and saw a statistical article saying that if the pheromone taste of alpha was related to the ocean, he will be much lower in love and sexual desire than ordinary alpha, and he will not easily affected by Omega pheromone.

Chen Boqiao was this type. He was not easy restricted by desires, and he has farther goals to be achieved.

Zhang Jue was rejected by Chen Boqiao. He knew that Chen Boqiao's refusal was not tough, but it was very direct. Chen Boqiao was wearing rowing team training clothes. He was just Chen Zhaoyan's son. He had no scars on his body, and even the hairstyle was very expensive. Sitting on the wooden stool in the locker room, and he looked so perfect.

He looked up at the standing Zhang Jue, and patiently listened to Zhang Jue's confession, and then smiled softly.

With a smile that was helpless and not troubled by Zhang Jue, he said, "Thank you, but I'm not ready to fall in love."

Chen Boqiao called him: "Here it is."


When the restaurant floor arrived, Chen Boqiao hugged Zhang Jue's back. It was not too intimate,  and  not too separate. They arrived late with only one corner position left, and the waiter led them to sit over.

Zhang Jue followed Chen Boqiao, and looked at Chen Boqiao's hand. After took a few steps, he couldn't help but reach out to Chen Boqiao's hand, but Chen Boqiao walked fast, he didn't reach.

Zhang Jue's hand was very pale, and the blue blood vessels crawled along the back of the hand all the way up, even his nails were pale and bloodless. Chen Boqiao's hand had scars, and his skin color was much deeper than Zhang Jue's.

Zhang Jue touched the back of Chen Boqiao’s hand, and Chen Boqiao paused. He turned his head slightly and looked at Zhang Jue. He seemed to have some smiles in his eyes. He said, "Zhang Jue, this is just a few steps."

It seemed that Zhang Jue was asking too much and exaggerating.

But still in accordance with the meaning of Zhang Jue, he held Zhang Jue's hand.

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