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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 21

The porridge was cold, but Zhang Jue had finished drinking. Chen Boqiao sat beside him and said nothing.

Chen Boqiao waited for Zhang Jue to set down his bowl and then he said, " I'll get you another bowl."

Zhang Jue looked at the empty bowl, and he was inappetent, and he shook his head and said, "I can't drink anymore."

"It is not enough," Chen Boqiao's attitude became very good. He looked at Zhang Jue mildly, and  took the porridge bowl, "you sleep for a day."

However, Zhang Jue didn't want to eat, and refused again. Chen Boqiao no longer forced him, and said, "I cook again when you want to eat", and then he packed up the rest of the utensils on the table and went to the kitchen washed them.

The sound of water in the kitchen kept on and off. From the perspective of Zhang Jue, he could see Chen Boqiao's back and his elbows moving slightly. He didn't expect Chen Boqiao to wash the dishes. Later, he thought that Chen Boqiao had been in the army for so long that there was probably no work he would not do.

Zhang Jue looked at him for a while, and remembered that when he returned to the safe house yesterday, he said that he would not smoke afterwards. But he was in such a strange mood that he got up and found in the house for a long time, and finally found the smoke and match from the bottom of the luggage. He was going to smoke on the balcony 

When he walked to the balcony. Chen Boqiao just washed the dishes and came out. Zhang Jue saw Chen Boqiao stop and looked at himself, but Chen Boqiao didn't call him, so he pretended not to know, and hurriedly opened the glass door of the balcony, and closed it gently.

The balcony of the safe house was not large and very simple. Only a layer of rough gray cement was brushed on the outside of the brick. The height of the outer edge reaches some positions above Zhang Jue’s waist. Standing out from the balcony, he can see a large area of Bangkok buildings.

Zhang Jue checked the weather yesterday. It was overcast and light rain. He stood on the balcony for a few seconds and there was rain on his face.

The air was humid and sweltering, and the turquoise sky mist was mixed with rain, covering the distant buildings and temples.

Zhang Jue ignited the smoke with a match, and took a breath, and then blew out the match. Let the tar and nicotine circulate into the lungs, and watched the city in the rain daze.

He slept for nine hours, but couldn’t sleep well. He had been dreaming with no specific picture. After waking up, his spirit was poor, and countless things flashed in his head, and those things eventually pointed to one. The one was Chen Boqiao.

He just kissed when he was very awake. He was in the rain, and exhaled a cigarette. He thought slowly, and should be satisfied.

Zhang Jue smoked a whole stick, and annihilated the cigarette butts on the limestone terrace of the balcony, and arranged next to the match just burned. His brain was still hesitating that shouldn't he go into the house, and don't smoke too much. But his right hand was very loyal to desire. The tip of his thumb opened the lid of the cigarette case and smoked another cigarette.

This time, Zhang Jue only made two breath.

Because the door behind him was opened, Zhang Jue turned back subconsciously and saw Chen Boqiao, then he extinguished the smoke and hid behind him.

Chen Boqiao supported the door frame with his hands, and slightly lowered his eyes. He looked at Zhang Jue with no expression on his face, and said, "Don't you say you don't smoke?"

Zhang Jue did not speak. The rain seemed to be a little heavier. Zhang Jue felt that his hair and clothes were wet, but Chen Boqiao was blocked and Zhang Jue could not return to the house.

"Put your hands out," Chen Boqiao said to Zhang Jue, "spread out."

He said the order, but his tone and expression were not tough, but rather bland.

Zhang Jue raised his left hand honestly and spread it out to Chen Boqiao with a box of matches in his palm.

"Right hand," Chen Boqiao said.

Zhang Jue spread out his right hand, and there was a broken cigarette in his palm.

"I will not smoke after I finish this." Zhang Jue explained in vain.

Chen Boqiao took a step and walked onto the balcony. The originally narrow space became more crowded. Zhang Jue gave way, and Chen Boqiao stood close to Zhang Jue. He looked down at Zhang Jue's eyes and asked Zhang Jue: "Did I make you feel worse?"

"I'm sorry," he apologized naturally, and said sorry so sincerely, as if no one in Bangkok could be more sincere than him.

He didn't get an answer, and Chen Boqiao said, "I won't do it next time."

Zhang Jue put his matches and cigarettes on the lime table before he said, "No, it has nothing to do with you."

Chen Boqiao didn't say a word, and couldn't see whether he believed Zhang Jue.

He lowered his head and saw the pack of cigarettes placed on the lime board by Zhang Jue. He picked it up and choked it, and opened the box, and also took one.  Learn how to use the forefinger and middle finger, and asked without raising his head. "Is smoking so interesting? "

Zhang Jue definitely wanted to take down the smoke between Chen Boqiao's fingers, because he felt that Chen Boqiao actually hated this thing very much, but it was too abrupt. He just shook his head and told Chen Boqiao: "It doesn't make much sense."

"Why do you like it so much?" Chen Boqiao looked up at Zhang Jue and asked.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao's hand and said dumbly, "If I have something to do, and I don't think too much."

"I also try it," Chen Boqiao put a cigarette on his lips, said to Zhang Jue, "give me match."

Zhang Jue touched his matchbox with his hand and retracted.

"Chen Boqiao." Zhang Jue called him.

This should be the first time Zhang Jue did not follow Chen Boqiao's intentions, but he did not want Chen Boqiao to regret it, so he continued to persuade him, "Don't do what you don't want to do."

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue for a long time, and returned the cigarette in his hand to Zhang Jue. Zhang Jue took over, and Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue to smoke it for him.

"You don't like the smell of smoke." Zhang Jue looked at the cigarette paper that had become slightly tide by the rain and whispered.

Chen Boqiao didn't say a word, and a match was highlighted. Zhang Jue had no choice but got close to it. He lowered his head and took a breath, and he and Chen Boqiao were separated by the smog.

One was Colonel Chen, a tall and handsome Asian Union officer, and the other one with bad health and bad habits.

Colonel Chen was looming in the rain and smoke, and Zhang Jue seems to have given birth to some quirky courage by nicotine or smoke. His called Chen Boqiao’s name, and Chen Boqiao responded patiently as usual, and he looked up, and looked at Chen Boqiao's eyes, and asked, "What kind of person do you like?"

Chen Boqiao did not evade Zhang Jue's eyes, and thought about and answered, "I haven't thought about it yet." He asked Zhang Jue: "What do you think?"

He asked questions that even the parties could not answer. However, Zhang Jue also once described in his heart the appearance of a person standing with Chen Boqiao to receive blessings, and said vaguely: "It should be excellent. If it is to be with you, it is worthy of you."

"Really?" Chen Boqiao smiled, and  he turned his head and looked at the distance. Zhang Jue followed his eyes, looking at the horizon formed by the gray building and the cloudy sky, and the rain clouds of different shades above.

Chen Boqiao propped his hand on the lime board on the balcony, and ridiculed, "Why are you so clear?"

The two of them were silent for a while, and Chen Boqiao said, "I really don't know. I have no time to think about these."

Zhang Jue turned to look at Chen Boqiao's side face, and the cigarette in his hand burned half without taking a breath. Chen Boqiao who was standing next to Zhang Jue. He was more perfect than Zhang Jue who has seen all the photos.

He looks like a gentle wax figure with no faults.

Maybe he felt that he will never have the opportunity to chat with Chen Boqiao, or maybe he just wanted to chat with Chen Boqiao. Zhang Jue worked hard to delay the conversation: " Now think about it? "

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue with a smile, "What do you want to do?"

His eyes seemed to be saying, if he saying what kind of person, Zhang Jue will have to be transformed according to this standard.

Zhang Jue immediately clarified, "I don't mean that."

"Well," Chen Boqiao reached out and took out the smoke in Zhang Jue's hand, and said, "Zhang Jue, the smoke is almost burning to your hand."

Zhang Jue's face was a little hot, but he couldn't remove his eyes from Chen Boqiao's face. And Chen Boqiao always seems to be amused by such Zhang Jue, he said, "I don't mean that."

Zhang Jue was embarrassed, and Chen Boqiao asked him again: "So how do you think weather it is worthy of me or what's it like with me."

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao for a few seconds, and said, "As perfect as you are."

Chen Boqiao smiled again, and nodded slightly, "Huh", and then asked Zhang Jue: "What else?"

Zhang Jue continued to say, "Smart Omega."

"You will like him very much."

"Meeting with him many times."

He spoke intermittently without any logic at all. Chen Boqiao seemed willing to listen, so Zhang Jue said what he thought.

Zhang Jue found out that he didn't feel very hurt when he said these words. Only he couldn't stop when he said it, as if he wanted to give Chen Boqiao all his thoughts. He used to feel uncomfortable when he thought about it.

Of course, he wanted to be such a person. He wanted to enter Chen Boqiao's spouse selection area. How can he not want to? He was going crazy, but there was no way, he just was Zhang Jue.

"Zhang Jue." Chen Boqiao's hand shook in front of Zhang Jue, and Zhang Jue found himself he distracted.

"Your demand more higher than my parents," Chen Boqiao said.

He approached Zhang Jue a little, and leaned down, and held Zhang Jue's shoulder.

Zhang Jue felt his shoulder a little heavy and watched Chen Boqiao lean over. When Chen Boqiao was about to touch him, and Zhang Jue closed his eyes. But Chen Boqiao just touched his forehead lightly.

But in the second that Zhang Jue closed his eyes, he really thought that Chen Boqiao would kiss him.

Zhang Jue opened his eyes, and Chen Boqiao's face moved back a little, but his hand was still on Zhang Jue's shoulder.

"Come with me to see the Erawan shrine tomorrow," said Chen Boqiao. "There are only a few days before we get on the boat. Let's walk in Bangkok."

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