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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 18

Despite Chen Boqiao's explanation, Zhang Jue still concerned about the phrase “Chen Boqiao is the most annoying to smoke.” On the way back to the safe house, he kept the windows open, and fear that the smell of smoke on his body was too strong. Chen Boqiao was not used to it.

In the afternoon, he was bored and uncomfortable in Pei Shu's reception room. He saw an ashtray outside the floor-to-ceiling window, and went to the car to get cigarettes and a lighter, and goes outside to smoke.

His tobacco was the first time when he was in estrus and had no medicine. At that time, he would try anything as long as he could divert even the slightest attention, and among the things he tried, only smoking was addictive.

However, Ai Jiaxi has a lot of opinions on this thing. So after found a sedative inhibitor, Zhang Jue deliberately abstained, and would not remember to smoke until a special moment.

Stood in Pei Shu's villa and waited for Chen Boqiao to go downstairs was one of Zhang Jue's special moments.

Chen Boqiao knocked on the car window. Zhang Jue's split vision crossed the Chen Boqiao to see Pei Shu, and he was absent-minded a moment, then involuntarily recalled the evening when he confessed to Chen Boqiao.

In the locker room of rowing meeting.

Chen Boqiao skillfully said some euphemisms perfunctory. Zhang Jue had to go out muddleheadedly.

As he walked past the other row of lockers, he looked at Pei Shu, who was leaning over to change shoes.

Immediately Pei Shu's expression became subtle, with a little surprise. It's probably he did not expect that a lonely and out-of-group person like Zhang Jue would also say some sour words to Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue never stayed long, and walked quickly, and when he opened the locker room door, he heard Pei Shu jokingly relaxed at Chen Boqiao behind him.

Pei Shu said, "Isn't that Zhang Jue... You're fine. Boqiao."

Zhang Jue pushed the door and went out, but he did not hear Chen Boqiao's answer.

The memories of seventeen-year-old often become the cause of Zhang Jue's inexplicable anxiety. Zhang Jue conceived many expressions of Chen Boqiao that he did not see and responded to Pei Shu in the locker room. Helpless, slightly disdainful, mocking, perhaps Chen Boqiao was simply expressionless.

It’s because that Zhang Jue was nothing to Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue stood by the shore, watching the wind in the pool, smoking one by one. He wanted to finish the rest of his cigarette and go back to the meeting room, but did not expect that Chen Boqiao came downstairs so quickly and saw him.

Pei Shu did not pretend to have amnesia, and did not hide his understanding of Zhang Jue, and said that Zhang Jue's homework was not enough.

Zhang Jue retorted in his heart. Did he do enough homework and not smokes or drinks, and Chen Boqiao would not refuse Zhang Jue. But now that Pei Shu said it, Chen Boqiao may be really hating other people smoking, at least once.

After all, Pei Shu must know more than Zhang Jue.

He thought it and lowered the window again.

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao said suddenly. He reminded Zhang Jue, "I haven't changed my appearance. The window is so wide that I may be photographed."

Zhang Jue immediately raised the window, and left only a small seam.

"There is not cigarette smoke on your body," Chen Boqiao seemed to understand all the confusion of Zhang Jue. He said, "Don't be so nervous, how unreliable Pei Shu is, don't you know?"

Zhang Jue said "um." Chen Boqiao said, "Close the seam of the car window." Zhang Jue closed the window obediently.

After a short driving, Zhang Jue always felt that the smell of tobacco in the car was getting heavy, and he could not help asking Chen Boqiao: "Did you smell it?"

With a smile in his eyes, Chen Boqiao reiterated Zhang Jue: "Zhang Jue, I really doesn't hate the smoke so much."

"I won't smoke anymore." Zhang Jue said firmly.

They traveled on the expressway, and passed a huge LED billboard, and took a picture of the night news. There was a picture of the president of the Asian Union, Zhao Yan, with a few lines of characters that the president of the Asian Union, Zhao Yan would make a speech at 9 o 'clock.

Zhang Jue took a peek at Chen Boqiao, found that Chen Boqiao was also looking at the billboard, and asked Chen Boqiao: "Do you want to watch it?"

Chen Boqiao slanted his face, looked at Zhang Jue for a while, and smiled, "Yes."

After returning to the safe house, Zhang Jue found a small projector in the house and nailed it to the ceiling. The bed in bedroom was directly opposite a white wall, which can be projected. Zhang Jue casts the live broadcast screen on the bedroom wall, and sits beside the bed waiting for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao took a bath not long before the live broadcast began.

The conference compere came to the stage, saying that according to the president's intention, before the president's speech, an officer named Fang Hong should be made to speak first.

Zhang Jue noticed that when Chen Boqiao heard Fang Hong's name, Chen Boqiao froze, and then immediately got right. When Major Fang Hong limped to the stage, Chen Boqiao's look no longer changed.

"The criminal Chen Boqiao is my comrade in arms." Fang Hong said.

He lowered his head to read the manuscript, and clasped his hands on the desk of the lecture table. Zhang Jue felt that his shoulder was shaking slightly, subconsciously glanced at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao noticed, smiled at Zhang Jue, and introduced: "It is my old subordinate."

Fang Hong spoke very steadily, but his voice was not loud. He said that in his opinion, Chen Boqiao was a ruthless and undisciplined officer. He only wanted to increase his rank, and never considered his subordinates.

For example, Chen Boqiao had proposed that a team of young soldiers to attract firepower when the breakout in the war zone broke into a deadlock. The main force went around from the flank. With the persuasion of Fang Hong and his comrades in arms, the plan was not formed.

Fang Hong not looked up and read the manuscript. Zhang Jue felt uncomfortable after listening to half, and wanted to turn off the live broadcast, but Chen Boqiao held his hand.

"Nothing worth listening to." Zhang Jue persuaded Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao clutched Zhang Jue's hand. He didn't use too much strength, as if he knew Zhang Jue could not resist.

"It's been a long time since I saw Fang Hong," Chen Boqiao shrugged indifferently, and watched the picture projected on the white wall. "It's good to watch him on TV."

Then Fang Hong continued to read word by word at the top of the screen: "I think that the success of the team's breakout is due to the vows of the frontline soldiers and a little luck, which has nothing to do with the criminal Chen Boqiao's leadership.

The sound came from Zhang Jue's loudspeaker in the corner, with a little distortion.

Chen Boqiao didn't laugh anymore. He didn't look at Zhang Jue, but let Zhang Jue suffer.

Zhang Jue's eyes stared firmly at Chen Boqiao's gentle side face, and remembered the memorial services that Chen Boqiao had attended repeatedly.

He remembered that when he was twenty years old, he first saw the news of Chen Boqiao's rescue of the hostages. He tried to find a way from the new independent country to the Asian union, and far away saw the hospital where Chen Boqiao lives through a street. The visitor's car went in and out, but it could never be approached.

Zhang Jue did not pay attention to what Fang Hong said again. He thought that Chen Boqiao was an innocent idealist, although Chen Boqiao would never admit it. And he was not qualified to see Chen Boqiao. He just was unfamiliar old classmate.

Even if they never meet and never chat. Zhang Jue will not be remembered. Zhang Jue also hopes that Chen Boqiao will have a good life.

Chen Boqiao finally moved his eyes from the wall to Zhang Jue's face, and there was a smile on his face, and he said to Zhang Jue, "What’s the expression on your face. I'm still alive."

Zhang Jue not spoke anything. Chen Boqiao said, "Fang Hong's wife works at the Central Bank of the Union and has three children."

As if he explained something for his subordinates, and also explained why he doesn't care.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao without saying a word, and Chen Boqiao called him: "Zhang Jue."

"Come here." Chen Boqiao took Zhang Jue's wrist and pulled Zhang Jue into his arms.

Zhang Jue leaned on Chen Poqiao stiffly half-lying. The sound of the picture entered Zhang Je's eyes and ears, but did not enter the brain. Chen Boqiao's pheromone temperature wrapped around him. It both stimulated zhang Jue's alpha gland, made him slightly uncomfortable, and secretly eroded his consciousness, made him enchanted.

Zhang Jue's forehead was against Chen Boqiao's chin. He watched Fang Hong bow down from the live broadcast and walked off the stage, and after a while, the president of the Asian Union, Zhao Yan came up.

President's speech was as fierce as ever, with a strong drama. He rebuked Chen Boqiao, and described Chen Boqiao as an outrageous murderer and short-sighted traitor.

After a while, Chen Boqiao moved. He raised his hand to pinch Zhang Jue ’s shoulder and said, “Zhang Jue, you are so nervous watching TV.”

Chen Boqiao’s hand bypassed Zhang Jue’s chest, hugging him, and looked down at Zhang Jue, and showed his ridicule as usual.

But Zhang Jue thought that Chen Boqiao was actually absent-minded.

They looked at each other and couldn't know who came first. Zhang Jue thought it should be himself.

It should be that Chen Boqiao gave Zhang Jue a chance, so Zhang Jue seized it. Zhang Jue looked up and touched Chen Boqiao's cheek, chin, and the lip corner with his lips. He knew he was shaking visibly, and he did not know if Chen Boqiao found it. Chen Boqiao let him approached himself in a crappy and poor way.

Zhang Jue couldn't know whether he liked or endured, so he finally rubbed slowly and pressed his lips against Chen Boqiao's lips.

Chen Boqiao was like a person who needs to vent, so he has not refused to comfort him. He was what Zhang Jue dreams of. If Chen Boqiao's mood can be improved, no matter how difficult. Zhang Jue will try first.

He kissed Chen Boqiao. And another gland of Zhang Jue gradually showed the momentum of suppression. It was not as lost as when in estrus, but it was also difficult to restrain.

He made Chen Boqiao's lips very moist. Chen Boqiao pressed his arm like speechless encouragement.

When Zhang Jue sat on Chen Boqiao, Chen Boqiao turned down the volume of the live broadcast and asked Zhang Jue: "Is the estrus still over?"

Chen Boqiao didn't ask sincerely. Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao knew that he was not in estrus, but he still said what Chen Boqiao wanted to hear: "It seems to be."

Zhang Jue pulled Chen Poqiao's bathrobe apart, and kissed Chen Boqiao's throat knot, and passed through the chest and strong abdominal muscles, and came to the half uplift part. He raised his hand and pulled down the edge of Chen Boqiao's panties, and kept it in his mouth.

Chen Boqiao’s penis was very large, even if it is half-soft. Zhang Jue is very reluctant to keep in mouth.

The smell of pheromone fluttered on Zhang Jue's face, Zhang Jue closed his eyes, and laboriously opened his mouth, and swallowed and sucked. Slowly, the penis of Zhang Jue's mouth became harder and bigger, squeezed his tongue and pushed into his deep throat.

Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao's hand gently touched his cheek and hair, and then clasped his chin.

Zhang Jue wonder if it was his illusion, Chen Boqiao became less polite, and he pinched Zhang Jue's jaw and pressed his penis deeper. Zhang Jue's mouth hurts. He looked at Chen Boqiao with his eyes half open, and tried to make his expression look enjoyable, but he knew that he was sucking.

Chen Boqiao also stared down at Zhang Jue, and pulled the hair out of Zhang Jue ’s face. The joints of his fingers slowly slid up and down on Zhang Jue ’s cheek. It was as if what was pleasing him in fact was patience and pain of Zhang Jue.

After a short while, he let go, and pressed Zhang Jue's shoulder, and retreated from Zhang Jue's mouth.

"I'm sorry," Chen Boqiao said, "you're not comfortable if it is deep."

His tone sounded a little sorry. But he pulled Zhang Jue's arm up. Chen Boqiao took Zhang Jue's clothes off and let Zhang Jue sit on him again.

Before entering, Chen Boqiao hesitated briefly. Chen Boqiao reached Zhang Jue and suddenly asked Zhang Jue: "Is there a condom?"

Zhang Jue paused and stared blankly at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao's hand touched Zhang Jue's thigh root. Their genitals bump into each other. But Zhang Jue found that Chen Boqiao's expression was still very sane.

"Placed in the hotel," Zhang Jue said slowly, "I didn't get it back."

"Um." Chen Boqiao didn't move.

Zhang Jue waited for a moment, but was a little helpless. He looked at Chen Boqiao and stuttered, "Otherwise I would use my mouth..."

Chen Boqiao interrupted Zhang Jue and said in a low voice, "Forget it." Almost next second, he squeezed into Zhang Jue's body.

Zhang Jue has sex with Chen Boqiao for the second time, but it was still not very intense. He thought that maybe Chen Boqiao did not want to knock his genital cavity open, so the range of movement was not acute. But it takes a lot of time. On the bed, Chen Boqiao changed his posture, and lifted up Chen Boqiao to against the wall 

Zhang Jue's legs were wrapped around Chen Boqiao's waist, and body fluid was dripping down his hips. No one listened to what the Asian Union live broadcast was saying.

Chen Boqiao occasionally pecked Zhang Jue, but when Zhang Jue raised his head to deepen the kiss. Chen Boqiao turned his face unfriendly, and then looked at Zhang Jue's face. Like a very ruthless owner teased the most unloved pet in the house. After a few seconds, when Zhang Jue reacted, and when he felt a little uncomfortable. Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue's chin and kissed him deeply.

Before the ejaculation, Chen Boqiao retreated.

Zhang Jue kneeled and leaned forward. But Chen Boqiao rejected Zhang Jue's offer to help him with mouth again. He just touched Zhang Jue's lips with the top of Zhang Jue and his own body fluid, and held Zhang Jue's hand to move. He finally shot on Zhang Jue's face. Zhang Jue closed his eyes reflectively.

Chen Boqiao did not form a knot, but also shot a lot. The warm semen with a strong smell of pheromone that belongs to Chen Boqiao, and slid along Zhang Jue ’s face to the corner of his mouth, and then to his chin. It landed on his knees and thighs, and flowed down the sides of his legs.

Chen Boqiao wiped some semen under Zhang Jue's eyes with his fingers and said, "Open your eyes."

Zhang Jue opened his eyes. Chen Boqiao looked at him, and pulled him up a bit, and kissed Zhang Jue's lips like a reward, and said, "You had made progress today without crying."

Zhang Jue definitely felt that his face was very hot, and said neatly that he wanted to take a bath. Chen Boqiao let him go.

The bathroom was very small. There were no shower room, and only a shower head and a thin layer of shower curtain. Zhang Jue washed his body. His legs were soft and closed the water, but he heard the sound of the door being opened behind him. The shower curtain was pulled open a few. He felt a hand pressed on the waist of Zhang Jue.

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