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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 17

At noon, after Pei Shu arrived in Bangkok, he hurried to a villa area in the southwest of Bangkok.

His father bought a property here many years ago, and hired people to take care of it regularly, but remained idle. He thought it was a house he had never had a chance to live in his life, but now it is of great use.

During this trip to Bangkok, Pei Shu was still low-key. He said that he had negotiated projects and inspected the market. He had brought more than ten people and was filled with a business jet.

When he reached the house, Pei Shu first kept guards on all sides of the small building, and then contacted Chen Boqiao and sent the location.

After an hour, an off-road vehicle approached the door of Pei Shu's house. The front windshield of the off-road vehicle has the function of anti-sight. According to the infrared thermal imager installed on the iron door of the villa, there are two people in the vehicle.

As soon as his subordinates came to report to Pei Shu, Chen Boqiao's phone number also called: "Open the door."

Pei Shu ordered subordinate open the iron door and looked down at the image of the subordinate's hand before going downstairs. According to his understanding of Chen Boqiao's body shape and habits, the person on the co-driver was Chen Boqiao, so the driver should be Zhang Jue.

The off-road vehicle slowly entered the main road, and finally stopped on the left side of the house under a few leafy tall trees.

Pei Shu walked quickly and saw the co-driver's door open, and Chen Boqiao got out of the car. He was wearing a light-colored thin linen shirt, and his hair was slightly longer than in the video record on the day of his appearance in court. He also wore old-fashioned sunglasses, and he was refreshing. He doesn't look like a wanted criminal, like tourists of all kinds in Bangkok.

"Pei Shu." Chen Boqiao took off his sunglasses and nodded at Pei Shu.

Pei Shu found that Chen Boqiao seemed to have been quite moist these days, totally different from the gray-faced looked of his imagination.

Chen Boqiao came to Pei Shu firstly. After two steps, he suddenly stopped, and looked back as if he remembered something.

"Wait a minute." Chen Boqiao turned around and said, he walked back, and bypassed the car head to the driver's seat. Then he leaned down slightly, and knocked on the window.

Pei Shu followed Chen Boqiao to get closer, watching the car window fall, Zhang Jue's face emerged from the window.

Zhang Jue also looked a little confused. He looked at Chen Boqiao confusedly and asked, "What's wrong?" He was as pale as in the impression of Pei Shu, but his hair was long and he hung it behind his neck. Pei Shu almost can't hear.

"Don't get out of the car?" Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue, paused, and said, "It's thirty-two degrees  centigrade today. Isn't it hot to stay in the car?"

Chen Boqiao turned his back on Pei Shu. Pei Shu couldn't see his face and expression, but after listening to him and Zhang Jue, the speed of speech seemed to be slower than usual. It sounds like cheating Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue was completely unaware of Pei Shu behind Chen Boqiao and only looked at Chen Boqiao intently, showing a little hesitation: "Am I going in?"

Pei Shu cleared his throat later and opened his mouth: "Come in and wait, and there isn't only one room."

Chen Boqiao looked back at Pei Shu, and then turned back to open the door for Zhang Jue. Zhang Jue got out of the car. He nodded to Pei Shu and said hello. This made Pei Shu never thinks that he had been prepared to turn blind eyes to himself.

After entering the room, Pei Shu asked his subordinates to take Zhang Jue to the reception room by the pool, and took Chen Boqiao to the study on the second floor. The private doctor he brought from the Asian Union waited in the study to perform a physical examination for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao entered the door, and saw the doctor and instruments in the room, and turned to Pei Shu: "Such a big scene, is it necessary?"

"Of course." Pei Shu said concisely. Chen Boqiao stayed in the prison for half a year. Although not to the point that he could not pass the news at all, it's better to get a medical examination earlier.

Chen Boqiao must be more aware of the stakes, walk in coordination, and  reach out and let the doctor collect blood for him.

The inspection lasted more than half an hour. After the doctor went out, Pei Shu said, "We are going to send a few more people to the cruise you are on."

Chen Boqiao took a sip of tea and nodded, and asked Pei Shu: "Zhang Jue mentioned to me that after the demonstrations at the gate of the presidential palace. The fifth prison changed its guard."

"Yes, we noticed," Pei Shu paused and raised an eyebrow at Chen Boqiao. "Zhang Jue's news is well informed."

Chen Boqiao put down the tea cup and said nothing.

Pei Shu’s bad habits are coming, and he ridiculed Chen Boqiao: "Is it so hard to stay with an extreme admirer like Zhang Jue for so long?

But beyond Pei Shu's expectations, Chen Boqiao did not remain silent as usual. He paused for a few seconds and said, "He is not extreme."

Pei Shu paused and always felt that there was something wrong, but he couldn't tell anything specific. The two looked at each other for a while, and Pei Shu remembered something, and then became a little heavy: "You asked about the comrades-in-arms yesterday, I've inquired about it for you."

He handed the thin paper bag on the table to Chen Boqiao, Chen Boqiao took it, and pulled out the paper inside to see.

The paper bag was thin because the exact information was not much.

Some of Chen Boqiao's closest subordinates had no news at all, and a small number was transferred to the army where it was difficult to get information. Most of the family members were also implicated. Some people lost their jobs overnight and their lives were difficult to maintain. Some disappeared.

When Chen Boqiao was in prison, Pei Shu had already contacted their family members, but because of fear of acting with high profile, he could only protect them secretly, and these protections seemed too weak in front of the president.

Chen Boqiao bowed his head and looked back and forth over a few pages of paper.

After the unbearably long silence, Chen Boqiao folded the paper rules neatly.

"They followed me for half a year in the war zone," Chen Boqiao said, "we got the honor together."

Pei Shu looked at him, but could not see his great sorrow and anger, as if he had only stated his ordinary past a year ago. Pei Shu never joined the army and lived with his father in the north. I only remember many times I received news of Chen Boqiao. He was in the hospital. The rest was in the news related to the memorial service for soldiers and saw Chen Boqiao in plaster to present a bouquet.

Chen Boqiao was a topic figure and a star in the military. The media prefers him, and was willing to give him close-ups. Thinking of this, Pei Shu remembered that every time Chen Boqiao presented flowers for his comrades-in-arms, it seemed that he was no different from what he was now. He tried to suppress the pain and make himself look casual.

The room seemed to be shrouded in shadows for a while.

Pei Shu wanted to change the topic,  and looked around. He saw a weird white stain on the edge of Chen Boqiao's shirt, like dried paint, and pointed to: "Boqiao, what's on your clothes?"


Chen Boqiao came to his sense and looked down. He thought for a moment. His brows stretched a little. He smiled slightly and said, "Is it made by Zhang Jue."

  "How did you make it?"

"I ran into him in the bathroom to brush his teeth in the morning," Chen Boqiao said with a lighter tone, recalling in detail. "It seemed to be scared. He knocked the toothbrush cup over and the toothbrush fell off. It was probably get it when he picked up his toothbrush. "

"..." Pei Shu didn't know how to evaluate for a while, and then said after a while, "I said he had confessed to you when he was remarried. Are you remembered it."

He remembered Zhang Jue's gender, and said, "But what does Zhang Jue wants to do with a sedative inhibitor? Wasn't he differentiated into alpha, which was so much higher than when he was in school?"

The kind of potion that Chen Boqiao asked for Zhang Jue, Pei Shu has known it clearly. The military medicines in North America and the newly independent countries and these were very effective. These were used for people with abnormal pheromone. The demand was very small and they have never flowed into the Asian Union Territory.

Chen Boqiao didn't answer directly. He shook his head, and said, "It's complicated."

"How complicated can it be," Pei Shu said, and suddenly came up with a very ridiculous idea, and immediately shared it with Chen Boqiao. "Is Zhang Jue actually an Omega? The only requirement to save you is to make love with him--"

"Pei Shu," Chen Boqiao also seemed to think that Pei Shu's idea was ridiculous. He cocked the corners of his mouth, and calmly stopped Pei Shu's wild imagination, "Are you have a lot of time today."

After the two talked about the details of Chen Boqiao's plan after boarding the cruise ship, it was almost the time.

In order to make the trip look more realistic, Pei Shu had to have dinner with the director of the hospital he bought for a while. Pei Shu sent Chen Boqiao out and just pressed his hand on the doorknob. Chen Boqiao suddenly asked behind him: "Pei Shu, what is the name of the chain hospital you bought?"

Pei Shu told Chen Boqiao the original name of the hospital, and proudly introduced: "This Bangkok is the headquarters, and the idea is advanced, and the business is also good. I just changed the brand in these days."

“I know this hospital,” Chen Boqiao frowned slightly without looking at Pei Shu, "Can you help me--" Chen Boqiao stopped before saying the whole words. A few seconds later, and he said again "Forget it."

Pei Shu has never seen Chen Boqiao so indecisive, but Chen Boqiao seemed unwilling to mention it again. Pei Shu did not follow up. The two went downstairs and went to the meeting room.

Zhang Jue was never in the reception room.

Chen Boqiao's footsteps paused, and he walked directly to the open door leading to the pool, and Pei Shu kept up.

As soon as he went out, Pei Shu smelled a faint smell of smoke in the air, and looked up and sa expected. Zhang Jue stood by the pool smoking a cigarette. He stood next to a marble column with an ashtray at the top, and rolled up his sleeves, and put a conspicuous bandage on his left arm, and looking boring and sleepy.

When he saw Chen Boqiao and Pei Shu, Zhang Jue had any extra actions, but he stood up a bit and his expression was not so loose.

"You had finished talking." Zhang Jue said. The smoke was still in his hands, and the fine smoke was floating upwards.

Seeing seven or eight cigarette ends in the ashtray. Pei Shu couldn't help but said, "Zhang Jue, you haven't done your homework well. You don't know that Chen Boqiao is the most annoying to others to smoke."

Obviously, Zhang Jue really didn't know. He paused, and quickly pressed the remaining half of the cigarette into the ashtray at hand, then tilted his head, looked nervously at Chen Boqiao, and verified silently.

Pei Shu swears that Chen Boqiao's aversion to tobacco and alcohol is definitely not news in the Asian Union. Although Chen Boqiao does not say, everyone who can have a relationship with Chen Boqiao knows that as long as he comes out to entertain. If someone smokes or is drunk in the same field with Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao will definitely leave the field in the shortest time.

But Chen Boqiao moved out another set of rhetoric: "Not to the point of annoyance."

"But smoking in the army, contempt of discipline is not good," Chen Boqiao said.

Zhang Jue undoubtedly let out a sigh of relief, and nodded in agreement. Then he washed his hands by the pool, and walked back to Chen Boqiao. He was not much shorter than Chen Boqiao, but he was much thinner. The sun was gradually sinking through the clouds and trees in the afternoon. The sun shone on Zhang Jue's lower face. Zhang Jue ’s original pale skin and lips were also plated light honey like gold.

Pei Shu looked at him for a few seconds and looked away, and found that Chen Boqiao was also watching.

"Let's go, we're finished." Chen Boqiao raised his hand and lightly took Zhang Jue's shoulder.

After Zhang Jue turned around, Chen Boqiao turned his face to the side, and looked at Pei Shu straightly across the hot and humid air mixed with insects chirping for three or four meters.

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