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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 16

Back to the safe house, Chen Boqiao originally thought Zhang Jue was going to rest, but Zhang Jue sat down in the living room and set his phone aside.

Zhang Jue said that he had received an electronic ferry ticket from Harrison. He had to talk about something before going to bed, and would bring a wireless headset. He turned on the tablet, and check arrangements about boarding with Harrison.

Chen Boqiao sat on a narrow single sofa and looked through the Bangkok Sightseeing Manual, the only book stored in a safe house. Chen Boqiao's original intention was not to overhear, nor could he hear Harrison's words, but because he happened to expand the detailed map of Bangkok in the manual, and Zhang Jue didn't want to avoid Chen Boqiao, Chen Boqiao knew about  Zhang Jue' plan. 

For example, a large cruise ship to North America stops at the outer port of Bangkok. From the safe house to the port, it takes about an hour and a half to drive.

Moreover, they will leave in the early morning one week later, board the ship at noon, and live in the cheapest inner cabin.

And Harrison has sent the cruise design plan and the crew to Zhang Jue, as well as the information of the passengers who have boarded the ship so far. In the next week, Zhang Jue will find a way to screen all the people on board.

Zhang Jue's brows were slightly locked, his hair was tied behind his neck as usual. He was tall and thin.  His skeleton was thin, and his clothes were soft. The round neck was against the collarbone, and the arcs of the shoulder blades and arms were obvious. He was sitting on the sofa, with his hands and computer on his knees, and he had a light smell of cheap bath lotion in couple hotel the same as Chen Boqiao.

He stroked the screen with a capacitive pen and asked Harrison questions from time to time to confirm the details of the cruise ship's drawings. Sometimes the pen tip touched the glass screen and made a very light collision sound.

Chen Boqiao found that Zhang Jue's tone of speaking with Harrison was far away from that of himself.

Zhang Jue and Harrison spoke less politely and were familiar with each other.

When Harrison and Zhang Jue made some harmless jokes, Chen Boqiao could find a few traces on Zhang Jue's face.

Zhang Jue will never be angry directly, and hardly ever counterattack. He will drop his eyes, then pout. And his lips slightly moved. He tapped on the screen with a pen, and sighed a short breath slightly.

In addition, the communication between the two was very efficient, Zhang Jue hardly said nonsense, and after half an hour, the call came to an end.

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao were definitely different when they talk. Otherwise, they were just staying a long time before they can say a few words. Or they had a lot of words and talked a lot.

Zhang Jue hung up the phone, looked at his watch, and looked at Chen Boqiao and asked, "Are you and Pei Shu, set the time and place tomorrow?"

"Not yet, we will decide after he arrives in the independent state of Thailand," Chen Boqiao thought when Zhang Jue said Pei Shu's name, his expression was full of reluctance, and there were some struggles, so he added one more sentence, "Do you have any problems with Pei Shu?"

Zhang Jue shook his head and said no.

"Pei Shu is not bad." Chen Boqiao spoke for his friend.

But ZhangJue nodded slightly as if he had something in mind.

He was silent for a few seconds, and asked Chen Boqiao: "Pei Shu is looking for you, is there anything wrong?"

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue's unstoppable expression, his heart moved, but what he said was still not true: "Some things related to my father's group."

"Um." Zhang Jue bowed his head.

After a while, Chen Boqiao flipped through the entire manual and wanted to stand up, Zhang Jue to speak before he had any action.

Zhang Jue didn't look at Chen Boqiao. He held the computer on the screen and said slowly, "I thought Pei Shu's father had been away from Zhaohua Energy for a long time."

Chen Boqiao didn't answer. Zhang Jue said, "I thought you and Pei Shu hadn't contacted each other for a long time."

He looked up and looked at Chen Boqiao, with a lot of hesitation in his eyes.

The air remained still for half a minute, and Chen Boqiao first said, "What do you want to say?"

Perhaps Chen Boqiao's defense became obvious. Zhang Jue spoke a little more carefully. He first said "nothing" and then said, " it just seems like there's so much that Pei Shu can do for you."

Zhang Jue's voice was very light and full of prudence. Chen Boqiao also felt that Zhang Jue did his best to choose euphemism, although this euphemism was only for himself.

If Chen Boqiao scores Zhang Jue's speaking and negotiation skills, Chen Boqiao will score five points.

Half point was for hard work, and the remaining four-and-a-half points were emotional points.

"For example?" Chen Boqiao asked back.

The lamp in the living room flickered several times due to the unstable voltage, and a small bug hit the lamp. Zhang Jue paused and looked at Chen Boqiao silently.

Even Chen baqiao felt the silence was too long, and Zhang Jue said, "There is no example. What I want to ask is if I don't show up, do you have other plans?"

"Pei Shu can come and go freely in the independent state of Thailand, and there should be resources to save you," Zhang Jue observed Chen Boqiao, saying his inference, "You must report to him as soon as you come out, and want to meet. I thought, did I move earlier than him and undermine your plans? "

Perhaps Zhang Jue seemed to be too fooled along the way, so that Chen Boqiao relaxed his vigilance and felt that there was no need to cover up much. Therefore, when Zhang Jue said it out, Chen Boqiao suddenly realized that Zhang Jue was not as slow and deceived as he thought.

The expressions on Chen Boqiao's were convergent, and the spirit changed from sloppy to concentrated, quickly thinking about how to lie.

After a second, Chen Boqiao found that he didn't need to lie.

Because Zhang Jue saw that Chen Boqiao didn't answer immediately, he said, "I don't want you to be frank. If you don't want to say anything, I won't ask."

As if afraid that Chen Boqiao was unhappy with what he said, Zhang Jue frowned and tried to explain: "I want to tell you what you want me to do, just tell me. I will cooperate."

"You know me very well," he said, and then paused, and slowly blinked twice before saying, "I won't be angry with you."

Zhang Jue's lips were slightly open, light in color, and no blood. Like him, most of the time, others can't feel his presence, but he was honest enough to make Chen Boqiao feel he was pitiful again.

Zhang Jue couldn't wait for Chen Boqiao's answer, he became frustrated again: "You're right, I'm sometimes stupid."

When Chen Boqiao first came into contact with Zhang Jue, he knew Zhang Jue had inferiority and liked self-denial.

But it seemed like only a dull moment sitting in the living room tonight, Zhang Jue lowered his head, and his unsure self-confidence even began to make Chen Boqiao feel torment.

Zhang Jue's computer screen suddenly turned on, which seemed to be a major news push. Zhang Jue glanced down and frowned.

Chen Boqiao found out, so he asked, "What's the news?"

There was some hesitation on the Zhang Jue's face, Chen Boqiao reminded Zhang Jue: "Cooperate."

Zhang Jue had no choice but to pass the computer to Chen Boqiao.

"I didn't show you the news before, I want you to feel better," Zhang Jue explained in a low voice, "... because it's all bad."

He put the computer on Chen Boqiao's hand, and accidentally touched Chen Boqiao's finger, and left quickly.

Chen Boqiao opened the news video clip. On the screen, diplomats from the Asian Union were answering questions from reporters.

"There is new evidence that when Chen Boqiao went to the Philippine Independent State on January 15 last year to carry out his mission, he once brought the secret documents of cooperation between Zhaohua Energy and the military into the Philippines, and has since transferred them to North America..."

The video was not long and broadcasted to the end quickly. After watching Chen Boqiao, he returned the computer to Zhang Jue. He was not surprised, this was part of his and Pei Shu's plan. But Zhang Jue was very mindful.

Zhang Jue took the computer back, turned off the screen, and held it in his arms. He said to Chen Boqiao anxiously: "There was always this kind of news in the past two days.

His face was filled with pure dissatisfaction with such news, as if the previous topic had never started.

Chen Boqiao was a little more relaxed. He said, "Zhang Jue." Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao.

He murmured in confusion, his eyebrows twisted slightly, and a few hairs ran from behind his ears to his cheeks. He raised his hand and put it back.

Chen Boqiao asked him,"If it was all true in the news, I did collude with North America?"

Zhang Jue finally decided, his expression was slightly changeable.

Chen Boqiao smiled and asked, "If I was truly treasonous with the enemy, can you accept it?"

"There was no such thing," Zhang Jue  couldn't help but speak. He glanced at Chen Boqiao for the first time and said to Chen Boqiao, "Don't frame yourself."

Zhang Jue set the computer aside, looked at his watch, and began to shift the topic: "It was half past eleven, let's sleep."

He got up, and put the quilt on the cabinet that Chen Boqiao folded in the morning. He put it on the sofa, and said to Chen Boqiao, "The bed was for you today."

Zhang Jue leaned down, and paved the quilt. He passed Chen Boqiao, and went to the bathroom. He took a few steps and Chen Boqiao opened his mouth.

Chen Boqiao said: "Zhang Jue." Chen Boqiao couldn't see Zhang Jue's expression, but he felt that Zhang Jue should stop and turned back.

Because Zhang Jue was not far behind him, he made a very light nasal sound.

Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue a very immature question. He asked: "If I am not a hero, not a soldier of the Asian Union Chen Boqiao, I just got a degree in Europe after graduating from Roche, and started my career. "

"Would you like me?" Chen Boqiao felt so stupid and didn't ask.

But Zhang Jue became clever. He stood still for a while, and answered vaguely, "... I still like you."

"Really?" Chen Boqiao looked back at him with interest.

Zhang Jue didn't seem to dare to look at Chen Boqiao, his eyes were placed elsewhere, and he said "um".

Chen Boqiao followed asked, "Will you come to Europe and pursue me?"

Zhang Jue was taken aback. He looked at Chen Boqiao, his ears were faintly red, he thought for a while, and whispered, " Probably not."

Chen Boqiao was keen to make Zhang Jue feel overwhelmed. He deliberately asked Zhang Jue: "Why not?"

Zhang Jue opened his mouth without talking, and Chen Boqiao began to urge him very casually: "Catch it."

Zhang Jue looked hesitantly at Chen Boqiao. He seemed to know nothing about love. After a while, he said, "OK."

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