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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 15
After a few minutes, Ai Jiaxi came back with an oversized cup of mango-ice.

He sat beside Zhang Jue, took a sip of the ice, waved his hand with changes, and said in a slurred voice, “Jue,here you are.”

Keep them in your pockets. Zhang Jue didn’t want a handful of coins.

“All right,” said Ai Jiaxi, and kept them into his pocket, delivering the glass of ice to Zhang’s lips, “taste it, it’s famous.”

As soon as the glass of sand ice came near him, the strong aroma of mangoes spilled over. Zhang Jue didn’t like mango, and he moved away, politely refusing, “You Eat.”

Ai Jiaxi shrugged his shoulders and obediently brought the cup back. He sucked on the straw, looked at the dishes on the table for a few seconds, suddenly put down his cup, and turned to ask Zhang Jue, “you don’t like shrimp, do you?”

He pointed to the plate and said, “Why did you eat my last shrimp?”

Zhang Jue didn’t know how to explain, Chen Boqiao honestly admitted t, “It’s ate by me.”

Ai Jiaxi glanced at Chen Boqiao’s plate, Zhang Jue fellow Chen’s sight, yet without shrimp shell in Chen Boqiao’s plate.

Then Ai Jiaxi turned his head and looked at Zhang Jue. He said slowly, “Oh!” He no longer took the ice-glass cup. He was close to Zhang Jue, with his head on Zhang’s shoulder, in bad mood.

Ai Jiaxi was spoiled by his family ,so he had a temper. Everything he liked that Zhang Jue always reserved for him. It was probably the first time that Zhang Jue didn’t leave what Ai Jiaxi liked.

But after all, It was Chen Boqiao that eating shrimp; hence Ai Jiaxi did not dare to show his unhappiness obviously, and he just with the eyes of condemnation glumly looked at Zhang Jue.

“I’m sorry,” Chen Boqiao should not have encountered such a thing,feeling embarrassed, “Plus one?”

“No,” said Ai Jiaxi, shaking his head,” Jue,Take me back.”

Ai said he had eaten too much and wanted to walk back to the hotel.

ZhangJue was familiar with there.Even though he did not need to look at the map, he still knew that the hotel was almost ten minutes from the coffee shop in walking, and asked Chen Boqiao, “Can you wait for me in the coffee shop half an hour?”

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue, and Ai Jiaxi whose hand hung on the shoulder of Zhang Jue, paused for a moment, and said, “I am not tired, let’s walk together.”

They three went out from the cafe and walked side by side along the sidewalk.

Zhang Jue held Ai Jiaxi’s smoothie cup in his hand, because Ai Jiaxi said that he felt it was ice, and had to let Zhang Jue hold it for him.

Chen Boqiao, as he did not notice it, walked quietly beside Zhang Jue. On the side of the road, he was farther away from Zhang Jue than Ai Jiaxi, but closer than ordinary friends.

Although Ai Jiaxi was greatly favored by Zhang Jue, he was generally not so coquettish. He walked next to Zhang Jue and whispered that only the people who only he and Zhang Jue were familiar with, which could make Zhang Jue feel that he did that in his purpose.

Zhang Jue thought that he was not very patient, and as many people had said, he was lonely and cold, neither being interested in nor good at communication. So he had never been welcomed.

However, like Zhang Jue ’s parents Ai Jiaxi blindly guarded their shortcomings. Even if Zhang Jue was not good, they had to say that Zhang Jue was the best. Ai Jiaxi was like a child. He was often angry about “why Chen Boqiao didn’t even like Zhang Jue”, and he would lose his temper because Zhang Jue paid too much attention to things related to Chen Boqiao.

A few years ago, Ai Jiaxi would also find someone to bring some tabloids with Chen Boqiao’s scandal from the Asian Union, pretending to be inadvertently presented to Zhang Jue, and showing to Zhang Jue.

In fact, those were just gossip tabloids. Some traces of photo editing were so obviously that Zhang didn’t want to take a closer look. But Ai Jiaxi would take it seriously and Zhang would have to coax him that he believed it.

It was only nearly two years ago that Ai Jiaxi gradually realized that Zhang Jue was so stubborn and finally stopped making useless attempts.

Ai Jiaxi took another sip of the smoothie in Zhang Jue’s hand. Zhang Jue’s right hand was cold a bit, so he changed his hand to hold the smoothie, lowering his right hand, and rubbed the back of Chen Boqiao’s hand.

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue, then quickly shook Zhang Jue’s palm. Zhang Jue was stunned for a moment and said lightly, “So cold.”

He pointed to Zhang Jue’s left hand, Zhang Jue understood, and in fact what Chen Boqiao have mentioned was the smoothie.

Zhang Jue nodded and Chen Boqiao asked, “May I help you?”

“No,” Ai Jiaxi said.

Zhang Jue looked down at Ai Jiaxi. Ai Jiaxi said with an unpleasant expression, and might feel that his tone was too strong, so he added to Chen Boqiao, “Thank you, Jue will help me.”

His voice was gradually lower, Zhang Jue felt funny, so he hummed and fed to Ai Jiaxi.

Chen Boqiao said nothing.

As he passed a crossroad, Zhang Jue saw the buildings he was familiar with.

Several workers were picking up metal signs at the entrance to the building and it looked like they changed it into a new one.

“This is …” Ai Jiaxi stopped, looked at the building, and looked up at Zhang Jue, and whispered, “Why do they change it?”

Zhang Jue glanced and said, “I don’t know.”

The last time he came there for a re-diagnose, there were many patients in this hospital. Seemingly, the hospital didn’t have any management issues. At that time, the doctor asked if he wanted to do another treatment. Yet he began to prepare for the Asian Union’s plan, he refused it.

Ai Jiaxi did not move. He turned his head, looked at Zhang Jue with wide eyes, and asked, “Are your treatments over?”

Zhang Jue understood that Ai Jiaxi asked it deliberately.

Chen Boqiao stood beside them, politely facing the street without interruption.

When Zhang Jian nodded, Ai Jiaxi asked again, “Does it work, does it hurt?” He rolled his eyes and said deliberately, “I have friends to do it, and I’m asking people everywhere.”

Zhang Jue raised his hand, touched Ai Jiaxi’s head, and said, “It’s useless.”

“Will it hurt?” Ai Jiaxi questioned stubbornly.

The eyes of Chen Boqiao stayed on Zhang Jue, and Zhang Ju could see clearly.

The sweltering evening wind from the coast slowly blew across the street, making Zhang Jue recall the road that he walked from the hotel where Ai Jiaxi lived, to the hospital.

He remembered Harrison calling him and asking him, “There is a famous emotional closed clinic in Bangkok. There are six chains in the world, and each of them is hard to order,about 6 months later. The dean sent me an appointment number. You can come and try.”

He remembered the first he saw the attending physician and was shown some successful cases.

Thinking of the doctor covering his face with an anesthesia mask, he began to wonder if he had made another redundant decision.

It turned out that it was indeed redundant.

“Jue!” Ai Jiaxi called him again.

When Zhang Ju was sober, he was most afraid of shouting his pain, so he closed his mouth tightly, and held Ai Jiaxi’s shoulder walking forward without a word.

The next journey, Ai Jiaxi became quiet. He asked Zhang Jue to return the cup and took it by himself.

They three walked with each other’s mind, walking the last half of the street, and walking to the hotel.

Zhang Jue was worried that Chen Boqiao was taken by the camera and wanted Chen Boqiao to wait. He sent Ai Jiaxi back himself, but Ai Jiaxi didn’t agree, and he thoughtfully told Zhang Jue “see you in China” and walked into the rotation door.

Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao had to go back to the cafe to pick up the car and walked back in the direction they were going. Passers-by hurriedly passed by them, Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao walked slowly.

They walked not very far, Chen Boqiao quickly pinched Zhang Jie’s palm , and then stood still, looking down at Zhang Jue, and said, “The smoothie is so cool, how could you hold it.”

“The smoothie shop was opposite the coffee shop,” he said casually, “I see the cups in other people’s hands with covers.”

“He didn’t do it on purpose,” Zhang Jue explained for Ai Jiaxi. “He was like a child and always loses something.”

“Really?” Chen Boqiao smiled slightly and loosed Zhang Jue’s hand, but still didn’t mean to stop.

Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao was a little weird tonight, but couldn’t tell where he was strange, and didn’t have the energy to think carefully. Soon after his estrus ended, he was easily exhausted. After walking for twenty minutes, his calf was almost numb.

Chen Boqiao pressed him when they was having sex. He used a lot of force a few minutes before the end, and Zhang Jue’s legs and back were still in pain. Just now he used his last energy when together with Ai Jiaxi. Watching Ai Jiaxi entering the door, his head seemed to stop, and his thoughts became slow.

“Will you talk about this after homing,” Zhang Jue dragged Chen Boqiao’s sleeve, and said in a low voice, “I’m really tired.”

The smile on Chen Boqiao’s face faded. He paused and asked Zhang Jue, “Uncomfortable?”

Zhang Jue nodded, “I’m Dizzy.”

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue for a while, and asked Zhang Jue to sit on a bench by the road, took Zhang Jue’s key, and went to the coffee shop in order to pick hi car.

When Zhang Jue sit and waited for a while, he felt that he must be very comfortable when lying on the bench. So he laid down, and did not expect that he would lose consciousness as soon as he was lying.

He had a half-gray dream. There was no one was in his dream. He was lying on the bed, wearing an anesthetic mask, and the voice of Chen Boqiao was in his ear.

Chen Boqiao asked him, “Zhang Jue, what disease did you have?”

Zhang Jue closed his eyes and didn’t speak, and the bed was shaken so hard that he opened his eyes and saw the real Chen Boqiao with brows frown.

They looked at each other, and Chen Boqiao’s expression was slightly relaxed. He said to Zhang Jue, “Are you tired?”

Chen Boqiao pulled Zhang Jue’s wrist,carrying Zhang Jue, and brought him to the co-driver, and fastened him with a seat belt before driving.

The car’s windows were opened a little, and the hot air outside and the cool air in the air-conditioner mixed together, making Zhang less confused, but not sober.

He sat with his head tilting, and looked carefully at Chen Boqiao’s side face. When he looked at him, he couldn’t help reaching out to touch the beard that he had affixed to Chen Boqiao, and whispered, “It’s tilted.”

Chen Boqiao quickly glanced at him with smile, raised his hand and pressed the back of Zhang Jie’s hand, and said, “Come to help me paste it.”

“How to paste it right no?” Zhang Jue asked in a low voice.

“You can get closer,” Chen Boqiao said.

Zhang Jue was lack of the ability to resist Chen Boqiao, so he laying on Chen Boqiao’s shoulder with one hand, tearing his beard a little with another hand, and pulling upwards.

He hadn’t completely pasted it yet. Chen Boqiao looked like he was distracted and didn’t look at the traffic lights. When he was about to reach the line, he suddenly stepped on the brake and stopped in front of the yellow light.

Zhang Zhang Jue’s entire body moved forward, and Chen Boqiao vacated an arm to grab Zhang Jue’s hand, allowing Zhang Jue to sit firmly.

Chen Boqiao cleared his throat and said, “Forget it, it’s almost there, don’t post it.”

The red light at the intersection was seventy-five seconds, and Zhang Jue watched Chen Boqiao’s idle hand on the gear lever for ten seconds.

Chen Boqiao opened his mouth and asked Zhang Jue, “What do you want to do?”

As if he was encouraging Zhang Jue, Chen Boqiao continued, “Tell me about it.”

Zhang Jue was deceived by Chen Boqiao and told the truth, “I want to hold hands with you.”

Chen Boqiao turned his head to look at Zhang Jue. His eyes were calm. Zhang Jue thought Chen Boqiao was going to decline, but Chen Boqiao didn’t say anything, and he just bent his mouth not obviously. Zhang never knew Chen Boqiao Laughing at him for his stupid, or just something else. Subsequently, Chen Boqiao raised his hand from the gear lever a bit.

Zhang Jue looked at it for five seconds before he figured it out. Perhaps Chen Boqiao had left a place for him to hold hands, so he slowly grasped it, with his fingers inserting the gap of Chen’s hand ,and held it gently. .

Then the red light left ten seconds off.

Zhang Jue read the seconds. When he read the red light turned green, he consciously released his hand and lowered his head and said to Chen Boqiao, “Thank you.”
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