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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 14

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao, and he was very calm. 

By rights Zhang Jue would be sad, but probably because Zhang Jue had conceived the different appearances about Chen Boqiao's engagement many times. He never dreamed that Chen Boqiao would like him one day. So when Chen Boqiao said he would find the person he liked, Zhang Jue would not be much injured. 

Of course, Zhang would never say that he wish Chen Boqiao find his right person early. He silently looked at Chen Boqiao for a moment, stood up and went to the bathroom to dry his half-dried hair. 

Turning off the hairdryer, Zhang Jue heard something strange outside. He went out and saw Chen Boqiao sitting on a chair by the curtain with a remote control in his hand, playing with the hotel's electric bed with great interests. 

Noticing Zhang Jue, Chen Boqiao felt calm, and shared with Zhang Jue,    "Do you know the bed could move when you put a coin in it ?" 

Zhang Jue went to see the remote control in the hands of Chen Boqiao. The remote control had many buttons, but these labels were Thai, and Zhang would not understand. 

“What is this?” Zhang Jue was curious about it, pressing the center of the remote control with different color. 

The original fluctuation of the bed stopped. Two seconds later, the bed suddenly began to shake intensively, and there were some indecent voice.

Zhang Jue was surprised, and Chen Boqiao was also stunned.  

Then Zhang Jue just wanted to turn off the mode, but Chen Boqiao took the remote control away, and did not let Zhang stop it. He said with smile, “Zhang Jue, do you like the type."

"No," Zhang Jue said, "I can't read Thai, so I press the color differently." Watching Chen Boqiao keeping laughing, Zhang Jue asked very seriously, "Don't laugh, turn it off, I want to sleep." 

He was so tired that he just wanted to lie down, but he didn't even want to get close when the bed shake like that. 

Zhang Jue found the power cord of the bed was connected to the socket under the beside tables. When he wanted to go over to pull the power, yet Chen Boqiao pulled him back. 

"I put the coin just now.” Chen Boqiao buckled Zhang’s wrist and said slowly.

Zhang Jue was helpless, and he did not understand whether the bed was so attractive, or the paying of it was so high that Chen Boqiao held him so hard. When Zhang Jue wanted to talk, the blue screen phone beside Chen Boqiao turned light. Chen Boqiao took a glance, and turn it off.  

“What's the matter?” Chen Boqiao loosened Zhang Jue and picked up the phone. 

To prevent Chen Boqiao continue after hanging up the phone, Zhang Jue went to pull out the power. 

“Zhang Jue?” Chen Boqiao called him in the back. 

Zhang Jue looked back at him, Chen Boqiao asked, "Pei Shu said that your medicine cannot be found. Is it produced in the newly independent country? The Asian Union has no sales permits and they have no smuggling channels.” 

“Yes,” Zhang Jue nodded, “ It’s hard to buy it.”

The medicine for the injection was specially needed by the new independent military and was not sold. 

Chen Boqiao listened to Pei Shu’s words, putting the mobile phone on the small tea table, opening the speaker, and said to Pei Sh, " You say it directly." 

There was a voice in the speaker that Zhang Jue never liked. 

“I have asked the drug is a tranquilizer, and can I inject  sedatives and inhibitors separately?”

Zhang Jue shook his head, "No, I tried, separate injection makes me allergic." 

"Single inhibitors are effective and insensitive," Zhang added, "but it hurts too much." 

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue, somehow, slightly frowned, said, " Forget it." 

Pei Shu kept quiet for a moment, and said,  “Is Zhang Jue speaking?" 

No one answered Pei Shu. Chen Boqiao picked up his phone, put speaker off and said to Pei Shu, "You look for other alternatives." 

Then he hung up the phone. 

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao, and hesitantly said, "Do not look for other alternatives. I dare not casually use it, cause I did not try them." 

On his first estrus, Zhang Jue was in agony. At that time he lived alone, being afraid of going out. He  purchased of over-the-counter  inhibitors on the line, and made a self-injection. 

After the injection, about ten minutes, Zhang Jue felt that his estrus had been successfully suppressed, but then he began to ache all over his body, even though eating painkillers cannot make him alleviated. In the evening, worker came to make supper, and found him shock in the room, and then informed his parents. After a full medical examination, he was diagnosed than he had another gland.

Before finding the potion, Zhang Jue had tried many other drugs, and ate many different kinds of bitter, which he did not want to remember, and did not want to start again. 

Chen Boqiao nodded and asked, " How often do you be sick?" 

Zhang Jue answered, "Irregular." 

Perhaps it was because there were two glands in his body that he had been estrusing for a short time and the time between them was uncertain. But during the estrus, he also had a worse time than others because of the pheromones of another gland. 

"If you don't want to inject, it’s ok."said Chen Boqiao, gently calming Zhang, "I will find another way." 

Zhang Jue agreed, and found that the mobile phone in the bed was light.  Ai Jiaxi called him, and then he got on the phone. 

Ai Jiaxi complained, "Why do you answer the phone by now?" 

Zhang Jue couldn't tell the truth to Ai Jiaxi, so he prevaricate," I was busy just now." 

"When are you going to leave? I'm going to leave tomorrow," said Ai Jiaxi, "I miss you."

Ai Jiaxi made coquetry, he said that he want to see Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue was subordinate to Ai Jiaxi, so he finally also failed to refuse him. When he agreed, Ai Jiaxi became happy. 

Zhang Jue put his cell phone aside and noticed Chen Boqiao looking at himself. 

“Are there plans for the evening?” Chen Boqiao seemed to ask casually. 

Zhang Jue nodded and said it truthfully. He would meet Ai Jiaxi at a small cafe in Harrison which was near to the hotel of Ai Jiaxi.

Chen Boqiao did not speak, Zhang Jue observed him and hesitated to asked, "Will you go with me?"  

In reality, Zhang Jue was not sure whether it was necessary to ask, because he was the kind of person who was not good at guessing people’s minds. 

At school, he always felt that wherever he went, whenever he spoke, it was easy to make people embarrassing, except where Chen Boqiao was. 

But Zhang Jue was patient and not afraid to be rejected. Zhang would always ask if he was not sure of Chen's idea. 

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue for a while and agreed. 

Since Chen Boqiao wanted to go, Zhang Jue had no time to sleep. They went back to the safe house first and then he dressed for Chen. 

When standing for pasting Chen Boqiao a imitation skin, Zhang Jue was very tired and  his waist couldn’t make any strength. Unconsciously he bent his body. He closed to Chen Boqiao. Once, Zhang's lips were almost attached to Chen's forehead. He reached for Chen's shoulder and did not kiss him. 

Chen Boqiao did not seem to be offended, and he just held Zhang Jue’s waist, letting him sit for a rest. 

Because Zhang’s body was not very comfortable, he was slow. Until six o'clock, he finished, and drove to the small cafe. 

Zhang called Harrison in advance to reserve a small private room. By the time he got to the coffee shop, Ai Jiaxi had been waiting a little while. 

As soon as the waiter had opened the door, Ai Jiaxi was shouting, “You are late again!” 

Ai Jiaxi wore a light-colored T-shirt and had some longer hair than last time he met. His eyes were large and he was small, with his ears bearing the earrings Zhang gave him on his birthday and his hands on his chin. 

He saw Zhang Jue coming in, extending his wrist, with a bunch of flowers, and proudly ordered Zhang Jue, "Say it’s beautiful!" 

But seeing Chen Boqiao following ZhangJue, Ai Jiaxi immediately kept silenced, wide-eyed and curious to watch, waiting for them to sit, ordering a simple meal, when no one else was in the room, and asked, "Mr. Chen?" 

“Chen Boqiao.” Chen introduced himself and extended his hand to Ai. 

"Hello," Ai Jiaxi hurriedly reached out, and shook hands with Chen, "I am Ai Jiaxi." 

Zhang sit opposite with Ai, so Ai Jiaxi might be a little dissatisfied, then whispering, "Jue, sit next to me." 

Zhang Jue reflexively looked at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao did not respond, and the he sit at opposite. 

As soon as he sat down, Ai Jiaxi was close to him and asked, " Jue, have you had enough  medicine?" 

“...Yes.” He said.

"You have said that, right?" Ai Jiaxi asked the root of the question, and innocently asked Chen Boqiao, " Mr. Chen will certainly help you."

Zhang felt impatient, but Chen Boqiao said,  " Yes."  

Soon, the meal came in. 

The large baked seafood platter Ai ordered came first. He leaned to Zhang Jue, and sweetly said, " Please help me ,Jue." 

Ai Jiaxi had been stuck in his throat when he was a child and almost had surgery, but he  liked to eat fish, so his family would help him to pick the bone out. He also could not peel shrimps, since the shrimp's thorns always put his hand through. Zhang was very habitual to take care of him. He prepared the food for Ai Jiaxi and put it on his plate.

Zhang Jue had no appetite, so he did not eat to much in the meal.

Perhaps the presence of Chen Boqiao, Ai Jiaxi dared not to talk more. Chen Boqiao somehow, also did not speak much, and they silently ate food. 

When Ai Jiaxi was full, he was very happy. He leaned on Zhang Jue’s shoulder, looked at the watch, said to Zhang, "The mango ice shop across the street is opening. I'm going to buy it. Would you like it?”

Zhang andChen were not interested. Ai Jiaxi said they have no taste in that, and hang the neck of hang, saying, "I didn't bring any cash but the store just ask for cash." 

Then he lovely put a hand in front of Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue took out his wallet somewhat amused and said, "When did you bring your cash?" 

He drew some paper money and put it in Ai's hand. Ai gave him a hug and went out happily.

When Ai Jiaxi closed the door, Chen Boqiao also called Zhang.  

Zhang Jue looked up at him and ask, "What's wrong?" 

He smiled and said, "You are so patient with everyone." 

Zhang wanted to say that it was because Chen couldn’t see his angry look. Later he felt unnecessary, so he did not speak out. He bowed down to tidy his wallet. 

But it was probably because the sandwich on the wallet was a little loose, and the small plastic bag in the sandwich fell out when he closed the wallet. 

Zhang Jue was nervous, when he wanted to pick up, and Chen Boqiao quickly reached for him to pick up. Zhang was chaotic. He stood up, and wanted grabbed to plastic bag back. But what Chen Poqiao didn't want to give him, he couldn't even touch. 

He looked at Chen Boqiao leaning back and carefully observing what was in the plastic bag. 

What in the the plastic bag was not a valuable thing; it was only a broken locator that Zhang Jue had washed and cleaned. 

Chen Boqiao saw what was in the bag, with a little surprise on his face. He paused and asked, " Are you really taking it?" 

Zhang answered nothing, and Chen Boqiao also kept quiet for a while. Then Zhang Jue broke the silence, "Return it to me." 

He stretched out his hand again to take it, and Chen Boqiao still didn't return it to him. Zhang Jue didn’t understand why Chen Boqiao uncovered his scar to let him embarrassed, and Zhang just preserved the thing. 

"Don't take this," he said gently, it's unlucky. I'll give it to you for what you want." 

After seeing Zhang keeping silent, Chen added, “Anything you want.”

“What do you want?” He said to Zhang.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao, after a while, with a very low voice, " I want something could keep." Then Zhang Jue felt that his answer was poor and said to Chen,  "Return it to me and leave me alone." 

ZhangJue lowered his head, waiting for a moment. He felt Chen Boqiao reached over, and then his hand was caught. Chen Boqiao put the plastic bag in his hand. 

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao said, "you are stupid." 

Zhang Jue closed his palms, and did not answer Chen Boqiao, tidying the plastic bag.

"All right, I have returned to you," Chen said to him, "You can peel a shrimp for me?"

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