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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-18 14:24:23
Chapter 13

Chen Boqiao left from Zhang Jue's body and took the condom off. 

Zhang Jue looked extremely tired. His legs seemingly were unable to close, slightly being opened. Chen Boqiao  drew some papers and wanted to clean for Zhang Jue. 

But he just wiped for two seconds, Zhang Jue raised his hand, putting on the back of Chen Boqiao's hand, slightly pushing him. 

“Stop,” he said raucously. 

Thus leaving some delicate heat in Zhang Jue’s hand, his fingers were very long, but seemed to hardly make any strength, and he tried several times and finally held Chen Boqiao's hand. Zhang Jue pulled him, and tried to get his legs to shut together, pulling the quilt, covering his body and his face. 

Chen Boqiao did not force him,  throwing the paper out, and walked back, gently shaking Zhang Jue in the quilt, and asked, "Can you go to the bathroom by yourself?" 

“Uh... Ah...” Zhang Jue in the quilt, uttered a few words which Chen Boqiao could hardly understand. Then Zhang Jue became quietly.

Chen Boqiao pulled the quilt lightly again, and did not pull down. Zhang Jue did not make any response. Chen Boqiao went to the bathroom to take a bath, and then come out to put his clothes on, coming back to the bed, slowly pulling the quilt, letting Zhang's face show.

Zhang Jue fell asleep motionlessly, with tiredness on his face. 

Chen Boqiao slightly recalled the whole process. He thought he should not let Zhang Jue use his force, and he didn’t know why Zhang Jue fell sleep so fast. 

He had thought Zhang Jue would cry for a while. 

Chen Boqiao opened quilt again, revealing the upper body of Zhang Jue, and clasped the wrist of Zhang Jue, pulling his wrist up, checking his wound which was made last night. 

A angle of the band-aid was rubbed off in the chaos and hung it on the skin of Zhang Jue. Chen Boqiao tore it off directly. The wound still had inflammation, and the edge were red and swell. Chen Boqiao touched it slightly. Perhaps Zhang Jue in the dream was still feel itchy, and his right hand moved over, wanting to scratch the wound, but Chen Boqiao sensitively stopped him. 

With frown, Zhang Jue tried several times, wanting to close to the itchy place, yet did not succeed.

Chen Boqiao thought Zhang's expression was very interesting. He  used his thumb to Zhang Jue’s eyebrow soft, and softly said, "What a bad temper when falling asleep." 

Suddenly, Chen Boqiao saw something bright under the pillow, and then he raised the pillow a little, only to find it was the phone of Zhang Jue. The new call was Ai Jiaxi. Chen Boqiao did not answer, and after a few seconds, Ai Jiaxi hung up the phone. The screen showed that there were four unanswered calls. 

The phone should be pressed under the pillow when Chen Boqiao entered the door the second time. Probably when he just made sex with Zhang Jue, Ai Jiaxi called Zhang. At that time the screen lit up, but he had no time to care and find it. 

Chen Boqiao put the phone on the nightstand, and the glass of the  phone approached the nightstand, making a very light crash-sound. When Chen looked back again, Zhang had opened his eyes. 

He looked blankly at Chen Boqiao, as if he were not aware where he was. 

They looked at each other. Zhang Jue slowly blinked his eyes, and closed his eyes for seconds, then opening, again closing, then opening. Much like using his own stupid and metaphysical tactics to find out whether Chen Boqiao really existed. 

“Zhang Jue,” Chen Boqiao called him.

Zhang Jue opened his mouth and uttered stupidly, "Ah."

"You are uncomfortable with your eyes?” Chen Boqiao asked in purpose.

Zhang Jue no longer blinked immediately, and he seemed to wake up. For a while he replied, "Not  really." He sat up with his dark hair in a state of disarray, with some hanging against his shoulders. 

The white sheet was piled between Zhang's legs and abdomen. Zhang's hand on the sheet, lifted up and grabbed his hair again, then asking Chen Boqiao, "Have I slept for long?"

"Not very long," Chen Boqiao told him, "half an hour."  

Looking closely at Zhang Jue, Chen Boqiao found a small wound on the lower lip of Zhang Jue, then calling his name. He got a little closer and said to him,"How did you hurt your lip?" 

“What?” Zhang Jue was not fully awake. He was stunned, and said to himself, "Did I bite myself?" 

Chen Boqiao did not keep distance with Zhang Jue as he thought last night, and he said, "Either you or I bit it." 

Chen Boqiao would be delight when he saw the surprised or dazed appearance of Zhang Jue. Therefore, Chen Boqiao would never regret. 

Chen Boqiao felt that before returning to the Asian Union, he should refer to the standard of Zhang Jue, to treated him better.

If treating him better, when Zhang Jue was in estrus, Chen Boqiao made sex with him, Zhang Jue would not bury himself in the quilt and cry. 

Half a minute later, Zhang Jue said vaguely, "It’s you?" 

He touched his lips with his fingers, moving them from the left to the right, and finally touched the little wound in the middle of his lower lip, pressing it and frowned. 

“Is it serious?” Zhang Jue asked Chen Boqiao, and then sipped his lips, licking it. He might want to feel the size of the wound, but did not find the right position. 

Chen Boqiao watched him finding the position at random, then telling him,  "To the right again." 

Under the guidance of Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue found the small wound. 

The wound wasn’t very big. It was more like a crack than a bite. 

But whatever, it mustn’t be made by Chen Boqiao. But Chen Boqiao was very clear, he was not so fierce. 

After sitting for a short time, Zhang Jue felt sober and said he wanted to take shower. 

Chen Boqiao asked him, "Being alone is okay?" 

Zhang Jue nodded and slowly moved to the bed. He turned his back to Chen Boqiao, unsteadily walking towards the bathroom. His pace was quick, Chen Boqiao was not very assured. 

Sure enough, it wasn't long before there was a noise in the bathroom. 

Chen Boqiao hurried forward, opening the door of the bathroom, seeing Zhang Jue kneeling on the ground. His hands on the washing table, wanting to stand up. Chen Boqiao then steps forward, bending over and took him. Zhang Jue was naked to Chen Boqiao, with a  frustrated look. 

The Lover's Hotel was poorly equipped and didn't have a bathtub, even if they had, yet Zhang Jue  wouldn't even use it. Zhang Jue planted firmly, and said "thank you" to Chen Boqiao, grabbing the armrest of the bathroom and entered in. 

Chen Boqiao opened the shower-head for him, and Zhang Jue said "thank you" again. He said he could  wash himself, and Chen Boqiao went out. 

Zhang Jue washed very slowly. Chen Boqiao turned on the TV and skipped many adult channels to find a news- station that no one would watch at the Lover's Hotel. 

The News-station happened to broadcast a political analysis program, and the host and experts were discussing the relation between the Asian Union and Thailand. Chen Boqiao watched it for a moment, and Pei Shu called him. 

Pei Shu said he would go to Thailand tomorrow. They faked evidence that Chen Boqiao had entered the neighbor country, and the president's search targets had shifted. Yet Pei Shu happened to have some new investments in Thailand, and he had not attracted the president's attention. for the time being. Pei Shu told  Chen Boqiao about some new developments, and Chen Boqiao pondered for a moment, saying,     "Come tomorrow and bring me some medicine." 

Pei Shu paused and asked Chen Boqiao doubtfully, “What medicine? Are you ill?” 

The door of the bathroom was opened, and Zhang Jue was wrapped in a bath towel, slowly out. 

His hair wasn't well wiped, with water dripping down his chest. He was tired, walking towards the bed and sat down, looking hesitantly at the pillow, as if he wanted to sleep again. 

Chen Boqiao let Pei Shu wait for a moment, and went to the bathroom to get a bigger towel. He let the towel cover on the head of Zhang Jue, and whispered to Zhang Jue, "Let your hair dry and go to sleep." 

Zhang Jue looked unhappy, but dared not refusing. He showed half a chin  from the towel, wiping his hair perfunctorily. 

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao put the mobile phone aside, and asked, "Pei Shu will come there the day after tomorrow, and what is the name of the medicine that were broken by me? I asked him to take when he come.” 

Zhang Jue pulled the towel back a little, so that the towel no longer covered his face. He looked at Chen Boqiao, and said, "It’s difficult to find. I do not know if it would be found in the Asian Union." 

Then he said the name of the medicine. Chen Boqiao repeated to Pei Shu, and hung up the phone. 

Thinking that Zhang Jue knelt on the bathroom floor just now, Chen Boqiao wanted to see if Zhang Jue got any injury, and then he faced Zhang Jue, slightly kneeling down, making Zhang’s towel on. 

Zhang Jue’s knees were slightly bruised, and there was no obvious bruising on the shin of his leg. Chen Boqiao at first did not know what it was, and then realized that it might be the stamp that he grasped just now for out of control.

“Please don't look at it,” Zhang Jue pressed his knees and said to Chen Boqiao. The towel fell off from his head and his hair was wet against his face. 

Zhang Jue was very confused, which let Chen Boqiao remember the appearance of Zhang Jue to cry. 

Chen Boqiao pulled the towel down and covered the bruise on Zhang's leg. He thought about it and smiled at Zhang Jue, saying, “I haven't slept with anyone else. You might not trust me.”

Seeing Zhang Jue's surprised look, Chen Boqiao added, "The army is full of alpha, and I have no chance to contact with the outside world. My stepmother has introduced me someone, but we didn’t develop more. The person that elder introduces, if I don’t want to get married with him,  would be unsuitable to make sex with him. But the main reason is that I have little interest in it.”

“Really?” Zhang Jue asked.

“Yes,” Chen Boqiao made the towel cover on his head and wiped his head, "so don't cry. I'll let Pei Shu find the medicine, and the prototype-machine will be opened for you.” 

Strictly speaking, after everything had been solved, Chen Boqiao intended to help Zhang Jue to open the prototype-machine, so he thought it was right. 

“Em.” Zhang Jue smiled slightly and soon stopped to smile. 

Chen Boqiao found that Zhang Jue always smiled very briefly. In fact Zhang Jue’s laugh was not ugly, but even if Zhang Jue laughed, he looked unhappy. 

"Chen Boqiao," Zhang Jue lowered his head to wipe his head for a while, suddenly raising his head, and looked at Chen Boqiao, asking him, “Why are you …” 

Chen Boqiao knew what Zhang Jue wanted to ask, then adding, "Why did we develop more?" 

Zhang Jue paused and nodded lightly. 

Chen Boqiao was unwilling to cheat Zhang Jue, and did not want to give Zhang Jue too much hope, after all, too much hope, when crossing the reasonable line; once it lost, one would become more painful. Chen Boqiao confirmed to Zhang Jue, "Do you want to know the truth?"

Zhang Jue nodded again.  

Chen Boqiao told Zhang Jue, "Because I want to find someone I like." 

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