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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 12

Zhang Jue's sights wandered for a long time and finally focused on Chen Boqiao.His mind seemed to come back, and he stared at Chen Boqiao without saying a word.They looked at each other, and before the ash fell, Zhang Jue's hand shuddered and extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray.

"What are you doing here?" Zhang Jue asked Chen Boqiao with the volume of self talk.

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue, and after a while, he said, "I'm afraid your high fever hasn't returned, so I come to see you."

Zhang Jue's face was a little pale. His eyes deviated from Chen Boqiao and asked Chen Boqiao, "have you finished now?".

"If you're finished, can you go out?" Zhang Jue added.

Chen Boqiao nodded and then turned back and got back.

After closing the door, Zhang Jue was still lying in front of him.Chen Boqiao felt embarrassed and felt that Zhang Jue was very poor. He had  seen Omega who couldn't control himself after estrus, but none of those who struggle in desire and beg to be entered is more pitiful than Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue was like a survivor who has no desire to survive. He just wanted to have a intact body and a decent face, but he was dragged by his desire to have drip with blood.

---It would not have been so bad if they hadn't broken Zhang Jue's inhibitor.

Chen Boqiao planed to wait for Zhang Jue at the Lover's Hotel, and then he

went to his room. Without taking a few steps, his blue screen mobile phone vibrated.

Zhang Jue called Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao looked at the name flashing on the screen, stopped and picked it up.

Chen Boqiao was silent and waited for Zhang Jue to say something. Zhang Jue's breathing was very disordered and waited for a while before calming down.

"When I was 17, I was not divided," Zhang Jue said. "My mother was worried. She took me to the hospital for examination.

"The president of the national hospital told us that according to the examination report, I was born without glands--"

Zhang Jue's voice suddenly broke. Chen Boqiao did not ask, standing still and waiting for a long time before Zhang Jue continued to speak. Zhang Jue's voice was very low. Chen Boqiao thought Zhang Jue didn't want to be recognized by Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue said: "after the inspection report came out, it was not long before Jiaxi differentiated into Omega. Our parents have always wanted us to get married. I also considered a lot, and finally decided to do the differentiation promoting surgery of the implanted glands.

"At that time, because of many reasons, the τ differentiation promoting agent needed for surgery had been recalled by Zhaohua medical, but the president assured my father that the τ differentiation promoting agent retained in them was absolutely perfect, and I had no gland, which was the real rescue population for τ differentiation promoting agent."

"He said there was no risk of surgery, and the success rate was 99 percent."

At this point, Zhang Jue stopped again. His breath became short and painful.

Chen Boqiao held his cell phone to his ear and stood upright in the empty corridor.

The carpet in the corridor was made of brown parquet, and the wallpaper was made of meter white lattice. The wooden doors on the wall were painted with peach red paint. Each door was hung with a copper metal plate.

On the left of Chen Boqiao, it was 201, and 204 on the right.

Zhang Jue was in 207.

"Are you the one percent?" Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue.

"No. I have glands, "Zhang Jue said very slowly, as if spitting out every word, very laborious," I am not without them. It's the wrong inspection report."

"After the gland was implanted, it differentiated well. I was engaged to Ai Jiaxi. We all thought the operation had been successful."

"Three months later,another gland, also naturally differentiated."

"And then, as you just saw, I became..." Zhang Jue paused for a few seconds to find his own adjective, "inhuman."

Both ends of the cell phone were very quiet,.Chen Boqiao was waiting, but Zhang Jue thought that he had finished speaking, so he didn't continue to talk.

Zhang Jue might have taken his cell phone far away. Chen Boqiao couldn't hear his breathing, so he called out his name: "Zhang Jue?"

After another ten seconds, Zhang Jue was bored and said, "I'm here."

Chen Boqiao asked him, "Do you need my help?"

Zhang Jue was quiet for a while. Chen Boqiao waited for another time. He changed his way and asked Zhang Jue once: "Can I come in?"

After a while, Zhang Jue said "OK".

So Chen Boqiao went back and reopened the door of room 207.

Zhang Jue covered his body with a quilt.

He was not sure what Chen Boqiao is going to do for him, and he doubted whether Chen Boqiao can help him, but the first choice of Zhang Jue's answer to Chen Boqiao's proposal was always "OK" or "yes".

The door was opened and closed again. Chen Boqiao took off his mask and sunglasses and put them on the glass cabinet in the porch.

He was not the same as that in the morning. He changed his shirt. If Zhang Jue was not so dizzy, he might praise Chen Boqiao's strong anti-reconnaissance ability in his heart.

Looking at Chen Boqiao from the perspective of half lying down, Chen Boqiao appeared to be taller. He came to Zhang Jue in a calm and gentle way and asks, "is it hard?"

The fact was that once Chen Boqiao entered the room, Zhang Jue would never be more comfortable. But Zhang Jue never wanted to mention it, so he said nothing.

Chen Boqiao sat unconscious beside the bed, very close to Zhang Jue. He reached out his hand and put it on Zhang Jue's forehead. "It's still hot," he said Add another sentence,"the high temperature in estrus period, will it last for a long time?"

Zhang Jue had no strength to answer. He turned his head away slightly to make Chen Boqiao's back of hand no longer cling to him. Chen Boqiao found out Zhang Jue's action and lifted his hand up. Zhang Jue thought he wanted to take his hand back, but he pinched Zhang Jue's chin down and looked down at him. His hand gradually dropped down and held down Zhang Jue's gland.

Chen Boqiao looked down and asked Zhang Jue, "how long have you been in a good mood before?"

"If there is a relief tool," Zhang Jue felt badly pressed. He raised his hand to push Chen Boqiao's hand away, but he didn't push it, so he said intermittently, "more than ten hours, or one day."

"Let me help you." Chen said. He dimmed the light a little more, and the cheap dark orange light in the room dimmed people and things. Zhang Jue half opened his eyes and looked at it blankly.

Chen Boqiao opened Zhang Jue's quilt and let the air conditioner in the room cling to Zhang Jue's exposed skin. He lowered his head, broke Zhang Jue's knee and reached out his hand. From Zhang Jue's thigh, he pulles out what Zhang Jue used to comfort him, turns off the power supply and threw it at the end of the bed.

Zhang Jue was afraid that Chen Boqiao would laugh at himself, but Chen Boqiao didn't, he just slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and casually asked Zhang Jue, "where did you buy it?" It was like this is just a normal conversation that can relax Zhang Jue.

"Downstairs." Zhang Chao said.

Zhang Jue smelled the strong smell of alpha pheromone and saw Chen Boqiao close to him. Zhang Jue wanted to tell Chen Boqiao that he had just removed a box of condoms and put them on the bedside table. If necessary, he could use them.

But Chen Boqiao's speed is faster than Zhang Jue's. He seemed to have seen the condom placed there for a long time. He took a condom off himself and put it on with his back to Zhang Jue. In the dark room, in the beautiful light, Chen Boqiao pressed Zhang Jue down.

Slowly, he entered Zhang Jue's body, pressed the ear root of Zhang Jue, and told Zhang Jue, "the condom is small."

Chen Boqiao had sex with Zhang Jue in a very traditional way. He had a lot of strength. He separated Zhang Jue's legs, pressed Zhang Jue's hip bone, and walked in and out unhurriedly. Zhang Jue's body fluid, which was produced by his excitement, was pushed out from the intersection and dripped on the bed sheet. There was no sound in the room except for the sound of body collision and the short moan that Zhang Jue couldn't held back.

Chen Boqiao made love holy, and didn't touch Zhang Jue's body too much. He supported Zhang Jue's waist with one hand.

In a trance, Zhang Jue looked at the person above him and feels that he should not have been moved.

Chen Boqiao said that helping Zhang Jue is really just helping Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue was soon held to the climax. Maybe he was not clear-minded. He caught Chen Boqiao's neck and wanted to kiss him, but his hand was not strong enough, so he was pressed down by Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue's arm and paused. After a while, he lowered his head and kissed Zhang Jue. Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue's lips and received a wet kiss that was neither long nor short.

Zhang Jue ejaculated intermittently, his body was easily satisfied, the heat seemed to be falling, and his spirit was no longer trance, because Chen Boqiao helped.

But Zhang Jue's eyes hurt and his throat was like being scratched by a blade.

He didn't feel any pain. Chen Boqiao didn't mean anything to him. He told him ten years ago.

Zhang Jue had made a lot of stupid decisions and was unlucky. He had suffered many crimes for this. He knew better than anyone that he was a person who had no merit, no attraction and was dull.

It should be because of shame and guilt that Zhang Jue's tear gland would continuously secrete warm liquid.

Chen Boqiao stopped, as if he touched his face lightly, but it didn't seem to be.

Zhang Jue turned his head and buried half of his face in the bedding. Tears came out of his closed eyes, flowed through the bridge of his nose, and then quickly seeped into the dry quilt.

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