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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 11

During the night, Zhang Jue had a high fever.

Chen Boqiao didn't know when Zhang Jue had a fever because they didn't sleep in the same room.

A few hours ago, when the car stopped downstairs in the safe house, Zhang Jue opened his eyes, but still drunk.

Chen Boqiao stretched out and shook his hand in front of Zhang Jue. When he saw that Zhang Jue was motionless with eyes without focus, he asked, "Can you go upstairs by yourself?"

After hearing it, Zhang Jue thought for a while, nodded, and got off the car obediently, followed Chen Boqiao slowly upstairs, went into the bedroom and lay on the bed, and went to sleep quietly. Zhang Jue slept very well. He lay sideways on the side of the bed, his injured left arm resting on the quilt, his forearm flexed, and half of bandage was exposed.

The light of the bedroom ceiling lamp was cold color, and because Zhang Jue was drunk, finally a little blood appeared on his white skin. Even if he didn't move, he no longer looked like a plaster.

Zhang Jue ’s body was perfect and complete. The wound that was visible was the only one where he took a pen and stabbed to himself. Unlike Chen Boqiao, he had been in the army for so many years and was hurt everywhere.

Chen Boqiao held his arm and looked at Zhang Jue near the end of the bed. He thought that Zhang Jue was probably not enlisted or injured, otherwise he wouldn't stab it like this, and frowned and began to cry.

He also thought that Zhang Jue should be a quiet boy when he was young, and he was well protected. The most outrageous thing he had done in this life might be to cross the ocean to come to the Asian Union to find a prisoner who he loved.

Senna Snow Mountain, Ai Jiaxi, Harrison, and a disease that required injectable medicine to be carried around.

Chen Boqiao wanted to know more clearly, but felt that he didn't seem to have to listen to Zhang Jue himself. After all, he had never been missed by the word dullness. He knew how to see and think.

The electronic clock on the bed gave a "dipping" reminder on the hour. Chen Boqiao was no longer standing. He rummaged in the bedroom for a while, found a thin quilt from the cabinet, and spread it on the living room sofa. The bedroom bed was for unconscious Zhang Jue.

Chen Boqiao went to the bathroom to undress. He called Pei Shu and informed Pei Shu that Zhang Jue and he would set off eight days later.

Pei Shu left Bangkok in the morning and hurried back to the north of the Asian Union to meet with an important person in secret. He gave Chen Boqiao an overview of the content of the meeting and the new plan.

The two talked for a long time, and finally decided to disclose the whereabouts of Chen Boqiao to the president when the cruise sailed more than halfway, making an artificial hunt together. They desperately needed the chance to impeach the president, and Chen Boqiao would not arrive in North America with Zhang Jue.

Hanging up the phone, just as he was about to rest, Chen Boqiao heard Zhang Jue's slang from the bedroom.

At the beginning, Chen Boqiao thought that Zhang Jue was talking in a dream, but after a few minutes, Zhang Jue moaned intermittently. It sounded very uncomfortable. Chen Boqiao stood up, went into the bedroom, and turned on the lights.

Zhang Jue lay in the middle of the bed.

As soon as the light on the ceiling turned on, Zhang made a move, raised his right hand, and covered his eyes with the back of his hand. Chen Boqiao approached again, seeing Zhang Jue's dry lips open, vomiting incomprehensible and fragmented sentences in a vaguely mute voice.

"Medicine." Zhang Ding suddenly said a familiar word of Chen Boqiao, then removed his hand covering his eyes.

Zhang Jue opened his eyes halfway, with an unusual flush on her cheek, and said, "Cold." He fumbled, grabbed the quilt, wrapped it around him, and repeated, "too cold."

Chen Baiqiao looked at Zhang Jue and felt very wrong, so he leaned over and touched Zhang Jue's forehead, feeling a hot heat.

"Zhang Jue?" Chen Boqiao called him, "Can you hear me?"

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao, as if he was carefully identifying who was opposite. When Chen Boqiao thought he was about to speak, he slowly closed his eyes, pulled the quilt a little, covered his head, and the whole person hid in quilt.

Chen Baiqiao was confound a moment, looking at the quilt that was bulging, and felt that there was no way to start. He first looked around inside and outside the house, found an emergency medicine bag, and turned out an ear thermometer and a box of antipyretic.

He held the ear thermometer and took Zhang Jue out of the quilt to take his temperature. It was 39.1 centigrade.

Zhang Jue was forced to re-expose to the light and air outside the quilt. His complexion did not look good, and he looked unhappy. And he looked as if he was steamed through the high fever, and he was staring dully.

Chen Boqiao supported Zhang Jue and asked him to lean on the pillow. The two were close, and Chen Boqiao always felt that there was something wrong. When he went out and poured water for Zhang Jue, he realized that the average person would have a high fever and the pheromone taste would become very strong, but somehow, Zhang Jue had almost no smell.

However, people are different from each other. Chen Boqiao poured water and did not think about it.

Antipyretics are capsules that need to be swallowed. Chen Boqiao pulled Zhang Jue's shoulders and asked Zhang Jue to sit up a bit. Then he put the cup next to Zhang Jue's mouth and followed the temptation, "Drink some water first."

Zhang Jue opened his mouth, and Chen Boqiao's hand tilted slightly, pouring water into Zhang Jue's mouth. Zhang Jue's eyes widened, but was very uncooperative and didn't cover the water. The water slid down the corner of Zhang Jue's mouth, and all of it fell on his clothes and quilt.

In the past on the battlefield, the soldiers who were lightly injured couldn't ask for a leave. Chen Boqiao's experience in dealing with this minor illness and pain was almost zero. He reluctantly put the cup on the bedside table and wiped the water stains with a paper towel. For another method, first feed capsules to Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue was wet, and so awake. He sat upright and looked down at the capsule in Chen Boqiao's hand. It seemed to think for a while before he said, "Chen Boqiao, not this one, you got it wrong."

Zhang Jue was no longer as cautious and dreadful as before. He called Chen Boqiao, frowned, and was not really angry. It seemed that just because Chen Boqiao was a bit stupid to get the wrong medicine, he had a little bit of confidence.

Chen Boqiao said immediately, "The new one has the same effect."

Zhang Jue with a high fever was easier to be deceived than a normal one. He looked at the capsule suspiciously , and said, "Is it?" Then he looked at Chen Boqiao who was steadfast for two seconds, said, "All right," And then he took the medicine.

But Zhang Jue closed his mouth tightly and then stopped. No matter what Chen Boqiao said, he was unwilling to open it, not to mention drinking water to swallow the capsule.

Just so deadlocked for a while, Zhang Jue suddenly collapsed his face.

"A bit bitter," Zhang Jue said. He stuck out his tongue and licked his upper lip.

There was some white semi-powdered powder on the tip of his tongue, which was probably bitter because the antipyretic medicine was contained. When Chen Boqiao saw this, he passed the water cup again. Zhang Jue took it this time, swallowed a few mouthfuls of water, drank all the water in the glass, set it aside, then closed his eyes and lay back on the pillow.

No matter how the medicine was taken, it was still taken.

Chen Boqiao kept Zhang Jue for a while, and when Zhang Jue's fever subsided for the most part, and stopped talking nonsense, he went to sleep outside.

When Chen Boqiao opened his eyes and sat up the next morning, looking up to the bedroom, Zhang Jue was standing at the door. Zhang Jue had changed into a loose dark suit, his skin had turned pale and lacks blood, and his expression had returned to normal. He looked at Chen Boqiao: "You are awake."

Zhang Jue's voice was still a little mute, as if he didn't wake up.

Before Chen Boqiao spoke, he said, "Did I have a fever last night?"

Chen Boqiao said yes, Zhang Jue paused and asked, "Is it high?"

"It's 39.1," Chen Boqiao said. "I've given you antipyretic."

"Thanks," Zhang Jue said.

Zhang Jue's Sight stayed elsewhere. He didn't look at Chen Boqiao, nor asked where his injuries came from. He went to the coffee table, poured two glasses of water, and handed a cup for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao took it, and their fingers briefly touched for a second. Chen Boqiao felt that Zhang Jue’s temperature was still abnormal, so he took the ear thermometer aside and wanted Zhang Jue to take another test.

Seeing this, Zhang Jue took a step back and looked at the thermometer with a look of caution.

"I'm fine now, put away this." He said to Chen Boqiao, as if the thermometer was such a beast.

Chen Boqiao did not force him and put the thermometer back.

Zhang Jue did not sit down. He stood beside the sofa holding a cup, always a distance from Chen Boqiao. He seemed cramped, and still seemed uncomfortable.

"Why not sit?" Chen Boqiao asked him.

Zhang Jue shook his head, and seemed to be thinking about something. After a while, he said, "I have something today, and I want to go out."

Chen Boqiao observed Zhang Jue's look and asked,"Can't you take me?"

"It's a private matter, and maybe I can come back tomorrow morning," Zhang Jue's voice became lower and lower, as if suppressing something uncomfortable, and said to Chen Boqiao, "I have some frozen food in the refrigerator. Do you know how to do it?"

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue's face and said slowly, "Not very clear."

"It's all written on the package," Zhang Jue said, leaning over, picking up Chen Boqiao's mobile phone on the table, entering a number, "If you still can't do, just call me, my phone is on."

After inputting the number, Zhang Jue wanted to put Chen Boqiao's mobile phone back. Maybe it was not clenched, the cell phone fell on the carpet halfway.

Zhang Jue did not pick it up. He stood upright and said to Chen Boqiao, "The gun and the car were here, and money."

After speaking, he turned and went out.

Zhang Jue walked very fast. Chen Boqiao walked to the window to see, and soon saw Zhang Jue walked into the alley across the street.

Chen Boqiao picked up his cell phone, and sat for a few seconds, returned to the room, changed his clothes, put on a sunglasses mask and hat, took a self-defense gun and followed.

Zhang Jue might indeed be uncomfortable. He walked very slowly, and Chen Boqiao soon caught up with Zhang Jue. Zhang Jue never navigated or walked far, crossed a street, and turned into a weird alley.

Chen Boqiao remembered which door Zhang Jue entered at the alley, and after ten minutes, he entered the alley.

On the two sides of the alley were hotels with very small doors. The store were pink, written in Thai and English. Most of the hotel's glass doors had some vulgar patterns; some had large room prices, and several package prices. There was a thick curtain behind the glass door, and the scene in the hotel could not be seen clearly.

Chen Boqiao walked a few steps, and someone behind him also entered the alley. He glanced back. They were a pair of lovers who were almost together. He gave way to the side, then the little couple passed by him and entered one of them.

Chen Boqiao walked to the door of Zhang Jue's house, pushed the glass door, opened the curtain, and walked in. There was a vending machine with a large LCD screen in the spacious room. On the LCD screen, pictures of the interior decoration of the room were played in turn.

This was a self-catering hotel without a reception.

Chen Boqiao approached the vending machine and operated it at will. It was found that only three rooms of the hotel were locked, and one of them had the longest countdown.

He also picked a room, bought it for four hours, paid the bill, and dropped a key into the slot of the vending machine. After taking out the key, Chen Boqiao took a closer look. The key was very thin, the tooth marks were single, and it was the easiest type of lock to open.

At the entrance of the corridor where the longest countdown room was located, Chen Boqiao called Zhang Jue.

The sound insulation of Lover Hotel was so poor that Chen Boqiao heard the phone ring. After a while, Zhang Jue answered Chen Boqiao's phone.

"What's wrong?" Zhang whispered.

Zhang Jue's voice was weak, but the background sound was quiet. Chen Boqiao couldn't tell if there was anyone else in Zhang Jue's room.

"Are you busy?" Chen Boqiao held the mobile phone in one hand and straightened the steel ring with the key in one hand, "I can't fire."

"What are you going to do?" Zhang Jue asked.

"I want to heat a bread," Chen Boqiao casually said, pressing the steel bar on the right corner of the wall, and snapped it into two sections."I'm hungry."

Zhang Jue breathed quietly twice, and taught Chen Boqiao: "You can use the oven, warm up first."

"What is the warm-up?" Chen Boqiao asked again.

"... You set the temperature to 180 degrees," Zhang Jue said slowly, "then turn on the oven and wait ten minutes."

"I see," Chen Boqiao said, "thank you."

"Is there anything else?" Zhang Jue asked again.

"No, are you still busy?" Chen Boqiao lowered his head, put his hands up and asked Zhang Jue, "Is it work?"

Zhang paused for a while, and said "um" lightly. Chen Boqiao said, "Not bother you," and hung up.

Chen Boqiao stood at the corner for a while and slowly walked to the door of the room. He easily opened the door with steel bars. There was a narrow entrance behind the door, and a sweet smell that can't be ignored emerges from it.

It was the rutting omega's pheromone smell.

Chen Boqiao had received special training and had strong resistance to omega's pheromone, but this time the taste was a bit special, including the bitter apricot smell he had smelled on an alpha body, and the smoke.

He closed the door lightly, walked forward, and entered the room.

There was no one else in the bed, only Zhang Jue.

There was a slight vibration in the air, and Zhang Jue was lying on his back with a soft-looking blanket between his legs. His face was light red, his legs curled up, and his knees and ankles were crimson.

Zhang Jue ’s right hand was lifted, his wrist was pressed against the cheek, a cigarette was stuck between the index finger and middle finger, the soot accumulated for a long period, quiveringly attached to the unfinished cigarette, the mobile phone dropped by the pillow, and the screen was dark.

Seeing Chen Boqiao coming in, Zhang Jue did not get it at the moment. He stared intently at Chen Boqiao's direction, had a few cigarettes, and the smoke drifted out of his red lips, and soon dissipated.

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