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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-18 14:21:42
Chapter 10

Out of the club, Zhang Jue was absent-minded.

Chen Boqiao should be able to see it, so he said he drove the car. Zhang Jue agreed and handed the keys to Chen Boqiao, and sat on the co-pilot.

They left Club Street. Chen Boqiao did not go to the direction of the safe house, he opened the navigation and headed for the city center.

"It's still early," Chen Boqiao said, "Let's look at Bangkok." He put on the old sunglasses again and opened the broadcast song. The two were like a regular passenger who rented a car, and toured aimlessly in Bangkok. 

After driving to a fork in the road, Zhang Jue remembered the situation when he came last time, and said to Chen Boqiao, "Don't follow the navigation, there is a road ahead, the car can't get through, turn right."

Chen Boqiao turned right and asked Zhang Jue: "How often do you come to Bangkok?"

Zhang Jue said, "I have been here for a few years."

He came many times the year before last year. Harrison introduced him to a clinic. He came to see the doctor, but suffered a lot, and the disease was still not cured.

"Look for him?" Chen Boqiao asked, "Or looking an adult show?"

Zhang Jue took a look at Chen Boqiao and said, "I don't watch adult shows."

"Really," Chen Boqiao smiled. "Give tips so skillfully. I thought you watched many times."

Zhang Jue always felt that Chen Boqiao seemed to have something to say in his words, but because Zhang Jue was never good at communication, and couldn't think of any way to think about it, he had to reiterate honestly: "I haven't seen it. There are several times when I'm looking for Harrison, and it’s performing there. I’m afraid Harrison would kick me again without a tip, I can only give it a little bit every time."

"So you come to Bangkok, just to see him?" Chen Boqiao asked.

Zhang Jue found out that Chen Boqiao didn't want to get out of Harrison's topic today, so he answered, "Not exactly." He was not waiting for Chen Boqiao to follow up, but added: "last month I came to touch the central disk and drove around Bangkok three days, I met with Zong La. I just drove the road when I touched the central disk, and found that it couldn't go halfway. At that time, I could only fall back. I also ruined a bicycle on the side of the road and lost money. "

Chen Boqiao was silent. After a while, he said, "What will we do for the next eight days?"

"Do you want to watch a full adult show?" Chen Boqiao asked again.

Zhang Jue watched Chen Boqiao who was dedicated to driving for a moment, and reluctantly compromised: "If you really want to see, I can buy a ticket for you."

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue's expression and suddenly smiled, he looked that Zhang Jue pleased him.

Zhang Jue looked silently at Chen Boqiao's embarrassment, unable to get angry. When Chen Boqiao didn't smile, Zhang Jue racked his brains and said a few places around Bangkok he had visited before, and asked Chen Boqiao if he was interested.

"Let's talk about it later," Chen Boqiao said, "eat first."

Navigation re-planned the route. Chen Boqiao entered the downtown business district, got information nearby restaurants from the map, and asked Zhang Jue, "What do you want to eat?"

Zhang Jue was the kind of person who eats everything same. He feels that he must not pick well, and he says, "You choose."

Chen Boqiao picked one at random, Zhang Jue said yes, and they went to that restaurant.

When they saw the restaurant, Chen Boqiao suddenly said, "I used to go out to eat with people, and I paid for all."

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao without a word.

"If I still have the opportunity to return to the Asian Union, I can entertain you to dine at the top floor of the building of Union Capital," said Chen Boqiao. "Or do you want to return to Europe to see your school? I can go with you."

The sun was about to set, and the shadows of street buildings were sometimes in front of them, sometimes covered them.

Chen Boqiao was so arbitrarily said what Zhang Jue dreamed of that Zhang Jue felt that he was being polite to himself.

"Shouldn't you want to be with me?" Chen Boqiao couldn't hear Zhang Jue's answer, so he continued to say easily and happily. He parked on the street where the restaurant was located, and he leaned back and poured into the parking space. He turned off the fire and pulled out the car key, but did not get out of the car.

He turned to Zhang Jue, took off his sunglasses, and stared intently at Zhang Jue. The sunset covered his dark brown pupil with an orange-gold halo.

As if he was really preparing to date with Zhang Jue, Chen Boqiao confirmed to Zhang Jue: "Zhang Jue, Asian Union or Europe?"

"If you don't say, I will pick again," he said with a smile, "I don't necessarily pick what you want."

Zhang Jue's mind turned strangely slow. He could not remove his eyes from Chen Boqiao's face. He had no clever thoughts and no quality answers. He only looked at Chen Boqiao with a sneer and said, "You pick."

"Okay," Chen Boqiao said, "I'll go if I choose."

He got out of the car, bypassed the front of the car, and opened the door for Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue felt that he was a laggard who was given a chance to be tutored by a top student. He was also happy and thought that he was so lucky.

Zhang Jue followed Chen Boqiao and walked into the restaurant. There happened to be a double seat, and the waiter led them into the seat.

Chen Boqiao looked at the menu for a while and chose a set meal. After Zhang Jue had exactly ordered the same, he couldn't withstand the enthusiastic recommendation of the waiter, ordered a bottle of the restaurant's signature white wine. While they were eating, they talked sometimes.

Most of the time, the top student Chen Boqiao was responsible for asking questions, and the poor student Zhang Jue gave a bad answer.

On this day, Chen Boqiao had a good time for a dinner.

After Chen Boqiao's enlistment, Chen Boqiao’s life changed completely. Except for meeting with Omega arranged by his stepmother on vacation, he had hardly ever eaten on such occasions.

One was that Chen Boqiao has no pursuit of food taste, and the other one was because he has been fighting in the wilderness for a long time, and he did not like a place that was too stable and will let him relax his vigilance.

Compared with the perfunctory social behaviors performed by the blind date in the high-end restaurant, it seemed a lot of fun to have meal with Zhang Jue who had become dull after drinking.

Chen Boqiao does not drink, but when he smells the aroma of the wine, he knows that it must be sweet.

Zhang Jue probably did not look at the alcohol content on the bottle, not eat much dishes, but drank a glass of wine. Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue's eyes gradually confused, but Chen Boqiao was not a kind person, so he didn't stop.

After drinking a whole bottle of wine, Zhang Jue began to think for a long time before he could say a word. On several occasions, his lips were opened and closed, as if talking, but there was no sound.

Chen Boqiao wanted to know what content Zhang Jue was drunk. After thinking about it, he lied to Zhang Jue and said, "Zhang Jue, we're done, we're going to say goodbye, and let’s shake the hands."

Zhang Jue said "ah", repeated Chen Boqiao's words "Goodbye," and then reached out his hand honestly, grabbed Chen Boqiao across the table, and slowly shook up and down. Zhang Jue's hands were soft, and palms were hot, and his eyes were almost out of focus.

"Let’s go home," Zhang Jue stared at the front in confusion, and said, "Oh, okay, okay."

Then he stood up, even remembering to pay the bill with the waiter who handed over the bill, and slowly went out.

Zhang Jue can't go too far, just very slowly. Chen Boqiao followed for a while and found that Zhang Jue never had the intention of looking for their car. Then he stepped forward and took Zhang Jue's arm and pushed him into the car.

Chen Boqiao opened the navigation in the car and drove to the safe house. Zhang Jue didn’t sleep but opened his eyes, and he looked outside the car, and gave a few blind instructions sometimes. Chen Boqiao did not go according to Zhang Jue, and Zhang Jue was still angry.

After drove halfway, Zhang Jue forgot his anger again. He opened his hand, muttered something in his mouth, and groped up and down in the car to find something. Chen Boqiao listened for a while before hearing Zhang Jue said, "Medicine."

He said, "Where is the medicine?" After a few seconds, he repeated, "Where is the medicine."

At the beginning, Chen Boqiao didn't know what medicine Zhang Jue was looking for and thought that it was not a good idea to keep fumbling around in the car, so he just took the debris bag behind the gear lever and put it in Zhang Jue's arms told Zhang Jue: "Here is the medicine, take it first, go home and eat it."

Zhang Jue clung to the sundries bag. "I found it." Zhang Jue said, and pulled away from the sundries bag, groping for a while, and took out a metallic propelling pencil.

"I found it." Zhang Jue said happily again, and he held the pencil and slowly rubbing the inside of his elbow with the pencil nib.

Chen Boqiao saw Zhang Jue's action and was shocked. He stepped on the brakes and tried to grab Zhang Jue's pen, but it was too late.

Zhang Jue pierced the steel-nib of the mechanical pencil into the flesh inside the arm, and let the steel-nib stop in the arm for a few seconds.

"It is so hurt," Zhang said sadly.

He didn't notice Chen Boqiao took his pencil, and ignored Chen Boqiao shook his shoulder to call his name, but frowned and looked forward, constantly touched his wound with his fingers, with blood on the wound. He scattered the blood, and the red bloodstain covered most of his arms.

After a while, Zhang Jue never said  pain, and he sobbed on the chair sobbing.

Probably because of the alcohol, his cheeks were hot, and then he raised his hands again, as if he wanted to cover his cheeks with bloody hands to cool down.

Chen Boqiao quickly clasped his wrist, and prevented the spread of the disaster.

Zhang Jue’s wound was still bleeding outside. Chen Boqiao saw a convenience store not far away in front of him. He was afraid that Zhang Jue would make himself worse if he stayed alone, so he used the rope in the storage box to break Zhang Jue’s hand, then went to the convenience store to buy sterilized medicine.

When Chen Boqiao returned to the car, Zhang Jue was almost asleep.

Zhang Jue was lying on her waist, with his eyes half-open and half-closed. He bitterly frowned and the tied hands struggled slightly. He was tall and thin, and his shape had nothing to do with cute characters, but Chen Boqiao felt that Zhang Jue didn't look weird or stupid but a little cute when he did such moves and expressions.

Chen Boqiao loosened the rope a bit and took apart the iodine stick to disinfect.

When the cotton swab touched Zhang Jue's skin, Zhang Jue shrank a bit, but did not resist, and docilely asked Chen Boqiao to clean his wound.

Chen Boqiao helped him put on a band-aid, wiped the blood on Zhang Jue’s hand and arm with a wet wipe, and untied the rope.

Zhang Jue's eyes widened and he stared at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao did not drive and looked at him patiently. After a long while, Zhang Jue said, "Chen Boqiao."

Then Zhang Jue did nothing and said nothing. He just looked at Chen Boqiao a half-meter away. After watching for a while, Zhang Jue slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Chen Boqiao suddenly found himself doing a lot of incorrect things these days.

He should keep a distance from Zhang Jue, just as he treated everyone who had shown him goodwill.

But it was too late, he missed the best time to correct.

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