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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 9

Near the backstage, after passed through two heavy doors, and the sound of music in the venue was hardly heard. Adults showed staff hastily come and go.

When the bunny girl took them to find Harrison in the actor's dressing room, Harrison leaned against the dresser and talked to a beautiful actor.

Harrison was a tall beta, mixed with American and Asian, looked more like Asian.

When he first came to the independent country of Thailand, Harrison worked as a bodyguard for a few months and later got the help of nobles. He opened a security company in Bangkok and managed an adult show business after getting familiar with celebrities.

Zhang Jue met with him early last month and told Harrison of his plans in the independent country of Thailand. The two sat down and talked for a long time.

Harrison didn't agree with Zhang Jue's relationship with Chen Boqiao at this moment, but Zhang Jue insisted on his own way, Harrison still helps.

Seeing Zhang Jue came in, Harrison moved his mouth, and as soon as he talked, he saw Chen Boqiao standing behind Zhang Jue.

He froze and looked at Zhang Jue in amazement, his lips moved as if trying to say something and immediately held back. He applied a wink to the bunny girl and patted the actor's arm. "You go out first. "

After the door was closed, and there were only them in the locker room. Harrison raised his hand and clicked with a forefinger, "Brave enough."

He took a step forward and observed Chen Boqiao for a few seconds from a social distance, and suddenly said to Zhang Jue, "Zhang Jue, you are very gifted to help people with makeup. You can come to the club to work if you are in unemployment. I will give you a job including meals and lodging." he looked Zhang Jue up and down again and said, "it is not impossible to dance. "

As a friend for so many years, Zhang Jue has been used to Harrison's unreliable speech, and selectively ignored his joke and straight forward: "Are the ships connected?"

Harrison thought Zhang ZJue was boring and shrugged, and then he  said, "Come with me first."

He turned and walked outside the locker room. Zhang Jue turned his head to look at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao asked a little funny: "Do you still dance?"

"I won't," Zhang Jue denied immediately, and reluctantly gave Chen Boqiao a preventive injection " everything he said, don't believe it."

He said and followed Harrison.

Harrison took them to a sightseeing elevator and swiped the fingerprint machine, and the elevator door opened.

The three of them walked in, the elevator went up, and then they saw the whole picture of the performance.

The performance has reached its climax. The scene was strewn with gold paper. The audience waved their arms intoxicated and shouted the dirty words to Omega who danced in the iron cage hanging in the air. But soon, the elevator went up to the hotel floor.

Harrison's office was on the 16th floor. Watching the numbers on the screen slowly rise, Harrison suddenly said to Zhang Jue, "I went to the Senna Snow Mountain again last month."

Hearing the words "Sena Snow Mountain", Zhang Jue’s head suddenly gave a bad hunch, he felt that Harrison would say something without a brain in front of Chen Boqiao So in the next second, he immediately turned his head and looked at Harrison with a warning signal in his eyes.

However, Harrison didn't pay attention to Zhang Jue at all, and he said to himself: "Let me take a look at you, the lights are still on."

Zhang Jue's head was hurt, but Harrison kept on saying, "When are you freedom, why don't you check it out?"

At the time when they were studying in Roche, Zhang Jue and Harrison were dinner partners, not too close. Real familiarity was actually after Harrison dropped out.

Half a year after he dropped out of school, Harrison's father failed to do business, and his spirit collapsed, he shot and killed his wife, and wounded his son before committing suicide. Zhang Jue saw the news in the newspaper. He managed to contact Harrison, and asked for leave from the school, and flew to North America to see him. When they met, Harrison had been lying in the hospital for two weeks. He was very thin and he even couldn’t afford to pay for medical expenses.

Zhang Jue’s grandfather was a wealthy businessman named in the newly independent state. Most of his properties were left to Zhang Jue in his will. Zhang Jue usually had no extravagant hobbies. He always had plenty of money. He paid Harrison's bills and contacted a nursing home for rehabilitation.

Not long after that, the sequela of Zhang Jue's failed operation began to show up. He spent the most unbearable period of his time and had no time to take care of others' conditions. It was already two years after he received the news from Harrison again.

Harrison called Zhang Jue and said that he had settled in the independent country of Thailand where his mother was born. He also saved some money and wanted to pay back medical expenses and nursing expenses to Zhang Jue.

Coincidentally, when Harrison contacted Zhang Jue, Zhang Jue had just found a medicine that could regulate the pheromone disorder and was freed from the hopeless situation. He came to Bangkok to find Harrison, and the two played around in the independent country of Thailand. And they went to the plateau on the border between the independent country of Thailand and the Asian Union and climbed the Senna Snow Mountain.

A very famous temple was built between the mountainsides of the Mountain. There was a large chanting hall in the temple, and there was a pond with a lantern in it.

Zhang Jue looks like a firm atheist. In fact, he was a superstitious person who liked to find faith temporarily. He stood by the lamp pond and looked for a long time, and decided to find a supervisor in the temple for the lamp.

Harrison believed in Christianity and was not interested in Buddhism.

Zhang Jue offered four, one for father, one for mother, one for fiance Ai Jiaxi, and one for himself. When the light entered the pool, he saw Harrison seemed to be distracted away from the distance. Zhang Jue pulled the supervisor aside and added a lamp. Zhang Jue was very clear that he was not qualified to provide a lamp for this person. They have nothing to do with it, but for the deities and Buddhas, if people believe, they have. If they don't believe it, they don't have any. There was no harm in offering a fortune.

The moment Zhan Jue wrote the name of Chen Boqiao on the red paper, Zhang Jue felt that he was empty and did not pray or be touched by himself.

He not only thought it was boring to entertain himself, but also thought that if Chen Boqiao came to this temple someday and wanted to provide himself with a lamp, but found that someone had offered it, would he want to know who did the lamp for him?

Did Zhang Jue's name live in Chen Boqiao's mind even for a second? It's hard maybe.

The thin oxygen in the highland made it difficult for Zhang Jue to breathe. There were twenty-five strokes of Chen Boqiao's name, each of which was settled in the paper, and he would sore from fingertip to the wrist agian and again.

When he wrote one and thought to forget it, but when he wrote another, he thought to write it down.

After he finished writing, just before handing it to the supervisor, Harrison's voice rang in his ear: "Chen Boqiao?"

Zhang Jue felt that Harrison was really lacking of creativity sometimes, and one thing he can say from the age of twenty-one to the twenty-nine without being tired of it.

Fortunately, they arrived at the 16th floor. As soon as the elevator door was opened, Zhang Jue naturally said nothing.

Harrison walked ahead, Zhang Jue and Chen stepped out of the elevator one by one. But without taking a few steps, Zhang Jue was suddenly pulled slightly by Chen Boqiao.

"Zhang Jue."

Zhang Jue turned his face and watched Chen Boqiao was looking at himself across a small space: "You climbed through the Snow Mountain together?"

Maybe he missed Chen Boqiao too long, and it was too bitter. For a short moment, Zhang Jue felt it’s illusory that Chen Boqiao was talking to himself in front of him.

Because of how Chen Boqiao can always call Zhang Jue's name, Chen Boqiao should not speak to Zhang Jue this way.

But after a second, another question from Chen Boqiao brought Zhang Jue back to reality: "What lamp?"

Zhang Jue was a little embarrassed: "Don't listen to him talking nonsense."

"I'm talking nonsense?" Harrison turned back, looking back at the excitement, and pushed open the door of his office.

Harrison's office was large, with a sofa and a large work desk, and a whole wall of surveillance. Real-time surveillance of more than a hundred cameras installed throughout the club can be seen from the wall.

"I had asked for you," Harrison said. "The next ship I can take for you will take to leave after eight days. It is a passenger cruise ship to the newly independent country. It will stop at Bangkok Port for two days."

Zhang Jue frowned after he heard.

"Freighters are rare, and the goals are big," Harrison looked at Zhang Jue's expression, and said, "Now the ships are strictly inspected by the port. If you don't attract attention, you have to wait longer."

"Can it be faster," Zhang Jue was not very satisfied, "It's been too long for eight days, I'm not assured."

"What are you worried about," Harrison said, "you can ask Colonel Chen, eight days ago Colonel Chen led the team to wait sleeplessly on the edge of the battle zone for half a year before waiting for the opportunity to attack."

"Five months." Chen Boqiao gently corrected.

"The news said for six months," Harrison drew a smile towards Chen Boqiao, "Colonel Chen, then you said, eight days is a long time?"

Zhang Jue vaguely felt that Harrison's attitude towards Chen Boqiao was not good. He just wanted to mediate, and Chen Boqiao spoke again. His tone was a bit loose: "Eight days is not long, but if eight days pass, we still can't escape..."

"I say you can escape," Harrison said flatly.

There was absolutely no way for Zhang Jue, and finally agreed to the cruise ship eight days later.

After he and Harrison set the time and place, he took Chen Boqiao and Harrison to say goodbye.

Harrison took them to the door of the office and suddenly called Chen Boqiao: "Mr. Chen."

"I have a question," he held the door and looked at Chen Boqiao, "Zhang Jue was embarrassed to ask, I asked you for him."

Chen Boqiao looked at Harrison casually, waiting for his question.

Harrison narrowed his eyes and asked Chen Boqiao: "The day you were rescued, came out of the car and saw Zhang Jue, do you remember who he is?"

Zhang Jue looked at Harrison and felt the silence of Chen Boqiao beside him, and slowly felt a lot of sadness in his heart. He didn't understand why Harrison asked that, both embarrassing Chen Boqiao and embarrassing himself.

Chen Boqiao paused for a while, then suddenly said: "Of course I remember."

He lowered his head slightly and looked at Zhang Jue, and smiled calmly at him, then he raised his hand and put on Zhang Jue's shoulder, and lightly pressed him and let him in his arms. He asked Harrison: "How could I forget Zhang Jue?"

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