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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 8

Chen Boqiao slept very lightly, and he woke up as soon as Zhang Jue turned over and sat up.

The room was gray, and Zhang Jue never turned on the light. He stood by the bed, changing his clothes back to Chen Boqiao. He looked down and pulled the T-shirt off revealing his thin back. Then he changed into a jacket for going out, then leaned over and took the tablet. He stood at the end of the bed like a penalty and looked at something.

Chen Boqiao looked for a while, and suddenly thought that Zhang Jue was probably just because he was afraid that the mattress would collapse when he sat down, and would wake himself up, so he stood there blankly.

Zhang Jue watched for half a minute, and suddenly put the tablet computer aside again. He took the rubber band from the low cabinet and raised his arm, and then fiddled with the hair trapped in the collar. He tied it low, and then picked up the tablet to continue. The black hair draped behind Zhang Jue's fair neck and appeared submissive.

Chen Boqiao remembered Zhang Jue ’s hair, which was very soft, just like Zhang Jue himself, who was harmless to Chen Boqiao.

After arrived in the Thai independent country, when Chen Boqiao contacted Pei Shu for the first time, Pei Shu evaluated Zhang Jue as "stubborn" and asked Chen Boqiao away from Zhang Jue.

Whether Chen Boqiao should be far away from Zhang Jue or not, he will consider it. But he thought the word stubbornness that Pei Shu was used correctly.

There was a contradictory temperament in Zhang Jue, which was both stubborn and timid. He was sometimes reliable and meticulous, cautious, and he arranged things to prevent leaks, as if the map of Thailand’s independent country was implanted in his mind; sometimes he was stupid, such as seeing the social news of animal abuse in hospitals, so he left such a large deposit for pet hospitals, which seemed that the lame cat that Chen Boqiao had just picked up was a purebred race-level baby.

Chen Boqiao teased at will, and he would show a tense expression, like a cat with his tail pinched by an invisible hand, trying to pretend calm.

However, Chen Boqiao thought that about Zhang Jue there was one point that Pei Shu said wrong.

Even if they attended the dinner together, the most unpopular alpha in the audience should still be Pei Shu. At least the pet hospital's reception quite liked Zhang Jue.

Chen Boqiao was thinking about the message sent by Wen receptionist, and Zhang Jue looked back.

He noticed Chen Boqiao opened his eyes, Zhang Jue hesitated and turned on the wall light, and asked softly, "Are you awake?"

"Woke up." Chen Boqiao sat up and said.

"Did I wake you up?" Zhang Jue opened his eyes wide and confirmed to Chen Boqiao.

If Chen Boqiao was honest, Zhang Jue would probably put on the frustrated face that made Chen Boqiao feel funny. However, in the morning, Chen Boqiao felt that it was unnecessary, and he denied: "No, wake up naturally."

"Well, I'm watching the news. An important media of the Asian Union released a questionable book last night," Zhang  Jue said. And he handed the tablet to Chen Boqiao and said, "Jointly signed by several experts of the institute for the relations of neighboring states.

Chen Boqiao discovered early that the news that Zhang Jue showed him must be of the kind that was absolutely beneficial to Chen Boqiao and will not adversely affect his mood.

As in the old pickup truck last time, Chen Boqiao heard the international news with great interest, and Zhang Jue had to change it if he couldn't hear half of it.

Chen Boqiao took over the tablet and read the text on the screen roughly.

At first glance, this suspicious book was written by Pei Shu and his consultants, and the text eloquently stated the irrationality of Chen Boqiao's escape from prison at this time. From the chance of successful appeal, to announce the huge demand of the entire league the demonstrations of Chen Boqiao's original crime documents were forced to cool down, and interspersed with the possibility of the president's self-directed performance.

There was writing in the news that half an hour after the publication of the questionable book, the presidential office urgently held a press conference and responded to several points in the questionable book. It was announced three days later that the president would give a public speech on the matter.

However, everyone was not satisfied with the response from the Presidential Palace. After the press conference, the questioning voice became more and more intense, asked the president why it took three days to show up. Was it because no one had written the speech, or was he eager to move to a more secret place...

If it wasn't for Chen Boqiao's own idea, he would have believed that he was now imprisoned by the president in a secret prison and awaiting execution.

"Imagination is very rich." Chen Boqiao sighed and returned the tablet to Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue took it over and set aside, and then walked to the end of the bed, and pulled out the wallet and key from his carry bag.

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue's movement and asked, "You're going out now?"

Zhang Jue nodded decisively: "To buy breakfast. I contacted a friend and went to find him in the afternoon." He asked Chen Boqiao again, "What do you want to eat?"

"At will." Chen Boqiao said.

Zhang Jue never reluctantly answered Chen Boqiao. He said "OK" and then went out.

There was no TV in this safe house. Chen Boqiao changed his clothes and went to the small living room to listen to the radio for a while. Zhang Jue returned.

He took the bread and coffee, and put it on the coffee table in the living room, and unpacked for Chen Boqiao.

He took a sip of coffee, and Chen Boqiao observed Zhang Jue and said, "Will you take me this afternoon?"

Zhang Jue took a look at Chen Boqiao and asked, "Do you want to go with me?" He was afraid that Chen Boqiao felt that he had reluctant suspicion of his cross-examination, and added a sentence: "If I want to go, I will help you disguise like yesterday. "

"OK." Chen Boqiao nodded to Zhang Jue and smiled again, and then Zhang Jue lowered his head and took another bite of bread.

Zhang Jue ate very little, and after eating most of the bread, he never put it up again. He sat there for a while and suddenly said to Chen Boqiao, "I'm looking for that friend, I don't know if you have heard him. He also attended school in Roche, a grade higher than us."

"Really?" Chen Boqiao was interested, and asked, "What's his name?"

"Harrison, Harrison? R? Owen," Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao with some expectations in his eyes.

As Chen Boqiao's thinking time increased, Zhang Jue's expectations gradually disappeared.

After waited for a while, Zhang Jue said, "Don't think about it, you should not know him."

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue and said nothing. Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao stared at each other for a few seconds, his eyes widened. Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue: "He is an independent Thai national?"

"No," Zhang Jue shook his head and said, "He came a few years ago to open an adult show club and a security company in Bangkok."

Chen Boqiao heard the adult show club and raised his eyebrows subconsciously. Zhang Jue saw Chen Boqiao's expression and immediately explained for Harrison: "The one with a business license."

"Well," Chen Boqiao nodded with a smile and asked, "Are we going to the security company or the club in a while?"

"..." Zhang Jue said, "In the office above the club."

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue's  embarrassed face, and could not help wanting to understand the relationship between Zhang Jue and the adult show club owner: "He is one grade higher than us, how do you know each other?"

Zhang Jue thought for a while then said, "I can't remember it."

"But Harrison and I are the same categories, in Roche," he recalled.

Zhang Jue described himself as "the less popular category."

Zhang Jue seems negative on his own definition, but Chen Boqiao knew that Zhang Jue was telling the truth.

All Roche students had a good background and were most ambitious. They were keen on socializing and various competitions. The background of Zhang Jue was not bad, but he can only be said to be ordinary. He was introverted and lonely, according to Pei Shu. Chen Boqiao and he had been trained with the rowing team for several years, and he was not impressed by Zhang Jue.

"After we meet, we sometimes eat together," Zhang Jue said, "unless we are all alone."

At that time, about the environment and atmosphere of the school, Chen Boqiao was also very clear that it should not be that anyone deliberately ignored or isolated, but that everyone was busy doing their own topics and busy with rich resumes, so no one had taken the time to pay attention to the unsocial Zhang Jue, and care about why Zhang Jue was always alone.

"After Harrison dropped out of school, no one was with me."

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue indifferently and continued to talk, some strange uncomfortable feelings appeared in his heart, but he couldn't refute Zhang Jue.

Because of going back to a long time ago, Zhang Jue said intermittently. His tone was bland without any unhappiness. He purely narrated: "Before Harrison came to the independent country of Thailand, something happened and I helped him. He came to the Independent country of Thailand and I met him a few times. He was very reliable, and Zongla was also introduced to me by him. "

Zhang Jue said, "But, his club is very noisy, you definitely don't like it."

Chen Boqiao smiled: "Really?"

"Yes," Zhang Jue nodded and promised, "if you don't like it, we'll leave when we're done."

This morning Zhang Jue changed another outfit for Chen Boqiao. Doing this for the second time, Zhang Jue's movement was faster. Chen Boqiao stared at Zhang Jue while Zhang Jue was applying bionic skin, and saw Zhang Jue's ears turn flush.

Zhang Jue's fingertips were very soft, and there were no cocoons that Chen Boqiao has that year-round gun. As long as Chen Boqiao did not speak to Zhang Jue something out of bounds, Zhang Jue's hand would be very stable.

But Chen Boqiao sat bored, so he couldn't help wanting to tease Zhang Jue.

It was stumbled like this, and Chen Boqiao regained the beard and high cheekbones.

Zhang Jue took Chen Boqiao out for a simple lunch and changed a new car. He passed through Bangkok's slums and dense houses and high-rises and stopped on a crowded club street.

Most of the shops on the street were shining with colorful lights, and Omega dressed as a bunny girl at the entrance of each shop was attracting customers. Zhang Jue parked his car on the side of the road and took Chen Boqiao in, and stopped at the entrance of the largest furniture club in the entire street.

"Sir, our first show in the afternoon in the store has already begun, and it is temporarily unavailable for now," said a bunny girl at the door and squeezed her eyes gently. He raised her hands on Zhang Jue's shoulders, Chen Boqiao felt that the posture that should be corrected was close to Zhang Jue, and he licked his lips and said, "The next time is two hours later. You can register your contact information and goes around. When the time is up, I will inform you. "

After listening to her, Zhang Jue took out a business card and glanced at her: "I'm looking for him."

The bunny girl's complexion changed, and her hand rested on Zhang Jue's shoulder immediately retracted. She nodded slightly to Zhang Jue and opened the door with her hips, and said to Zhang Jue: "Sir, please follow me."

As soon as the door was opened, psychedelic electronic music rang with people's applause.

Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue followed the bunny girl and just happened to see four or five Omegas jumping from the platform. While twisting their waists and waving cash, Omegas opened their palms to touch the Beta and Alpha.

The bunny girl did not immediately take them upstairs. She stepped aside and spoke a few words with a tall security chief, and walked to Zhang Jue again and said, "The boss seems to be in the background, and  I will take you there."

Suddenly, the crowd looked at them. One of the Omegas who jumped off the stage squeezed out of the crowd.

The Omegas’ edge of G-Strings  were full of cash. When he saw Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao, an omega swayed over to here. He glanced quickly at Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue. He chose Zhang Jue first, danced beside Zhang Jue and impliedly shake the hips, and the bells tied on his legs made a clear sound. Which was also heard clearly in electronic music.

He probably smelled pheromone of Zhang Jue, hooked Zhang Jue's neck indulgently and pulled Zhang Jue down. He moaned and brought the neck to Zhang Jue's mouth.

Zhang Jue was half-a-head taller than the Omega who was dancing. Omega was a bit laborious. Zhang Jue stood for a few seconds, and lowered his eyes expressionlessly and lowered his head. He held the Omega's waist and whispered to the Omega that Chen Boqiao did not hear clearly.

From the perspective of Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue's lips almost touched the position of the Omega's gland. And Zhang Jue's hand was very slender, with his thumb against Omega's waist, which a kind of desire of rejecting but attracting.

When Chen Boqiao felt that Zhang Jue's set of moves was surprisingly proficient, Zhang Jue took out his wallet skillfully and withdrew a stack of cash, and stuffed it into a bag that shaking against the Omega's thigh. Zhang Jue's knuckles touched Omega's cheekbones. The other one may have misunderstood Zhang Jue's meaning, he slightly tilted his head and stuck his face to the past, which seems to be tried to kiss Zhang Jue.

But this time, Zhang Jue reacted quickly and withdrew his hand and took a step back, and blocked it invisibly.

Omega was stunned and showed a very sweet smile. He said to Zhang Jue, "Sir, you have given so many tips, and the club can have two additional services for you"

"Zhang Jue." Chen Boqiao did something he didn't do often, to interrupt the Omega’s word.

Zhang Jue raised his eyes and turned his eyes back to Chen Boqiao, asked with a little doubt: "What's wrong?"

Chen Boqiao looked straight at Zhang Jue, politely and clearly asking, "Can we go now."

"Yes," Zhang Jue took a look at the bunny girl and said, "Let's go."

The Bunny Girl nodded suddenly and took them backstage.

Zhang Jue walked beside Chen Boqiao. On the way to the backstage, he looked at Chen Boqiao a lot and finally hesitated to say, "The first time I didn't give money, Harrison said I broke his rules and wanted to drive me out."

Chen Boqiao said, "I know."

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